Botched abortion = murder? It’s a joke, right?

Keep your morals off my wallet.

That’s what I would say if I were a doctor facing jail time for merely performing my legally sanctioned duty of doctoring up a poor, inconvenienced already-born woman with an unwanted tumor that could turn dangerous if left to grow.  I would say the same thing if I were called on to remove a bothersome gall bladder, a painful kidney stone, or an annoying hangnail.  I’m a doctor; it’s my duty.

And if it were a fetus the poor, inconvenienced already-born woman wanted removed?  What’s the difference?

That’s the question I’m spittin’ mad about right now.  It seems some do-gooder in Philadelphia is charging a doctor, a licensed medical professional, with murder, simply because he waited until the tumor, er . . . the fetus, got too big before carefully removing it.  More on that later, my servants.  If I continue I will hyperventilate.  Give me a moment.

OK.  I’m, alright.  I’m steady now.

Lots of abortion in the news today, my servants.  Let’s work our way through the horror of pro-life activities.  The first story comes from today’s CBS Philly, entitled, “Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts of Murder.”  Apparently a good Dr. Kermit Gosnell faces charges of murder for the deaths of his patients, in some cases both of them, Mommy and it.  It seems that sometimes he just couldn’t get the little boogers killed inside Mommy, so he had to finish the doctoring after it was no longer part of Mommy.

And the problem is?  Well, according to do-gooder District Attorney Seth Williams:

“A doctor who cuts into the necks severing the spinal cords of living, breathing babies, who would survive with proper medical attention, is committing murder under the law.”

Dang.  It seems a little technicality like “breathing” is going to end Dr. Gosnell’s $1.8 million per year practice at the “Women’s Medical Society” office where he performed his professional medical duties.

Note to abortion-providing, licensed medical professionals: strangle the li’l rascals inside Mommy.

The CBS Philly article goes on to do more damage to my kingdom by stating:

“Dr. Gosnell is suspected of killing hundreds of living babies over the course of his 30-year practice.”

Hey, Philly, what other kinds of babies can be killed?  I suspect my friend the good doctor killed all the living babies he could get his hands on.

So what?

It gets worse, my friends.  I also read in the Daily Caller where pro-life activist Randall Terry announced he will challenge President Barack Obama in a Democratic primary for the sole purpose of running graphic pro-life advertisements.

Is this bad, or what?

Now I have effectively shielded my good bud Barack on this issue.  He, like me, has no real problem with people like Dr. Gosnell.  And the last thing we need, my servants, is for graphic images of bloody, dismembered products of abortion (the only kind there are) to be shown on television for all un-aborted people to see.  Can you imagine if images like this, or this, or these, get shown on TV?

I’m beginning to think some of my peeps are playing a little joke on me, my friends.  A licensed medical professional performing his legal and moral duty to an already-born woman is charged with murder because he “killed living babies” outside the womb instead of inside?  A pro-life activist running against my fellow abortion enabler Barack Obama for the sole purpose of abusing federally enacted statutes that require his campaign commercials be aired?

Yes, it must be a joke, but let’s say I am not amused, shall we?  After all, this story comes right before a low point of my year: Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  In fact, I’m going to issue a Level 3 devilblogger Alert for this, my servants.  A Level 3 alert is issued for threats of the highest order, threats to the very fabric of my kingdom.  You see, my servants, abortion is not just a sin.  It doesn’t merely break God’s heart.  Abortion has become the defining issue of all things ungodly in modern culture.  Abortion is the bellweather, the canary in the coal mine, the top of the slippery slope of all things cultural and political that define my kingdom.

But it seems that back in 1983 President Ronald Reagan, caving to the requests of a few radical Godpunks,  created a special day to focus on the intrinsic value of human life.  That year President Reagan issued a proclamation establishing a National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  And this year it is this Sunday, January 23.  I think I’m going to be sick.

My servants, when Reagan established Sanctity of Other People’s Morals Sunday, only 15 million babies had been legally killed (inside Mommy, not out).  Now, the number is over 50 million legally killed (most inside Mommy).

We can be proud.

But we can do better.

Just be glad there are no more Reagans around.


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