Intolerance? Yes, there’s an app for that.


I love apples, you know.  Apples and I go together like Christians and rummage sales.   Ever since Eve believed my lie I’ve had a thing for juicy red fruit, especially with a bite taken out.  You might say apples and I make a devilish pear.  Get it?

Ha ha ha ha ha. 

Nothing like a little red-hot humor to lead into today’s good news, ironically coming from the Baptist Press in an article by Kelly Boggs entitled “Nope, there’s no app for that.” 

In the news is my very own Apple, quickly becoming the apple of my eye: Apple Computer.  I reported here a few months ago that my servants at Apple removed the Manhattan Declaration’s iPhone app from their app store. 

Remember the Manhattan Declaration folks?  They are pure Godpunks who snuck an app onto the sacred Apple iTunes App Store that sought to undermine my kingdom.  They deviously and with full intent supplied an app that advocated “the sanctity of life, the dignity of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and religious liberty,” according to their website.

Steve-doing-my-Jobs pulled that bad boy after a bunch of my bad boyboys (and girlgirls) complained.

Well, Steve-doing-my-Jobs has obeyed again.  This time he has ordered the removal of another previously approved app developed by Exodus International, that notoriously evil group that seeks to encourage, educate and equip the Body of Christ (Blechhh!) to address the issue of homosexuality with grace and truth. 

Good riddance.  Let’s make sure there is “no app for that!”

Now, to brag a bit, my servants. 

According to Mr. Boggs, Apple (of my eye) currently offers 134,000 apps for their (and my) iPhones.  For those 134,000 subjects, “there is an app for that.”

Among the 134,000 apps are many like one called  “Safe and Sound,” which is an app presented as “a collection of erotic stores with male on male action.” I like that one.  So does Steve.  And there are more like it.

What?  You don’t like it?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Too bad, because the only reason Apple has given for rejecting the previously approved Manhattan Declaration and Exodus International apps is they are “offensive to large groups of people.”  This means that you and the approximately 490,000 people who signed the Manhattan Declaration and the approximately 228 million Americans who find homosexuality morally wrong, unfortunately, do not count as “people”. 

That is the only explanation that makes sense; after all, you are part of a “large group” that finds male-on-male action “offensive.”  Therefore, you must not count as “people” to Apple, and apps such as the “Safe and Sound” app are just that: safe and sound in Steve-doing-my-Jobs’ bag of approved people tools.

You see, in today’s politically correct world, “people” for whom offense must be eliminated include only “people” who cannot tolerate another viewpoint that bears negatively on their God-dishonoring sexual mores.

Hey, remember that when it comes to offensive sexual content on television and elsewhere, Christians are alway chided to “just don’t watch” or “just turn it off” or “just change the channel.” 

I marvel at how Christians display such tolerance in the face of reciprocated intolerance.  Why?

Mr. Boggs comes dangerously close to spilling a kingdom secret when he observes:

“It seems that homosexual activists look for reasons to be offended. Additionally, many sympathetic to their cause seem to become offended because it is expected. In other words, they must be offended or they are not really committed to the cause.”

Yes, I must gloat a little here, my servants.  When it comes to committment to a cause, I’ve got bushels of core supporters willing to immediately bite on the offense-expectation-apple by loudly whining, moaning, complaining, marching, belittling, cursing, spitting upon, and otherwise abusing those of a different viewpoint.

And it seems that true Christians, like Christ, just won’t do this.

So I win.

Don’t I?


One Response to “Intolerance? Yes, there’s an app for that.”

  1. Homosexuality: the militant perversion. And they have already won…in the American military! The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” stuck a fork into what was left of “Christian” chaplaincy. They’re done.
    The gay agenda is to criminalize all dissent of agenda items like gay “marriage” everywhere for all time, including church pulpits. Like their Islamic counterparts, these bigots will not rest until we all bow the knee to the gay version of Shariah law. Both parties have a powerful ally in Barack Obama, but they know their window of opportunity is closing. 2012 will see Obama and most of what is left of the Democratic Party tossed into the dust bin of history. The American people may be stupid but they are not yet suicidal (see the 2010 election). As a result, as they see their agenda crumbling, we will likely see more violence from leftists and their Islamic allies before, during, and after the elections. Then again, should the leftists and Islam prevail, those who slander us as “homophobes” will soon learn real fear at the hands of Islam. Boycott Apple!

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