Jesus: the name that can always offend someone

Two weeks.

My servants, we are getting ready to experience the best of times and the worst of times: Easter.  The best of times because I have effectively changed the celebration of my final and humiliating defeat into a day of eggs, bunnies, and a safe day for Godposers  and others who call themselves Christians to mix with Christians inside a church building. 

But it is the worst of times because regardless how much I change the focus from a miracle to a feel-good fashion show I’m still faced with endless repetitions of the seven words that sealed my fate:  “He is risen, just as he said.”

ARGHHHHHHHH! Sometimes I think if I hear those words one more time I’ll go bonkers; just thinking about it sets me off. 

Excuse me, let me compose myself.

OK.  I’m good.

Let me give you some good news, at least.  Did you read where a US church’s advertisment telling people about an Easter service has been banned from cinemas and branded “too controversial” because it mentions the name of Jesus?

Yes, you can read it in an article at The Christian Institute entitled “Video: US Easter ad banned for mentioning Jesus.”  It seems that some Godpunk group in California named the Compass Bible Church produced a short, mild cinema ad to invite people to its Easter event.  According to the article:

But the ad, which mentions the name of Jesus twice, has been banned from appearing on cinema screens by an advertising agency.



You are right!  Because someone might be offended

The ad agency said it has a policy of rejecting ads featuring religious figures and remarked some cinemagoers might be offended by such an ad.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Hey, I wonder if the cinema has a policy of rejecting movies featuring religious figures’ names being spoken, especially in vain. 

G-d this, G-d that; Oh my God, Jesus Christ!  I know many people who find this use of religious figure’s names offensive!

Ha ha ha ha ha.

You see, my servants, the very name of Jesus causes offense to everyone; to those perishing when used to glorify and to those saved when used in vain.

And I’ve conditioned my world to be sensitive to the offense of only one category of people: those who are perishing.

Am I good, or what?

Senior Pastor of Compass Bible Church, Mike Fabarez, said the church was told they could promote Easter services with a basic ad that had “some fun bunnies and eggs thrown in”, but “for us, Easter isn’t about springtime fun”.  He said:

“It’s the most important day in Christian history, and we won’t water that message down. It’s unfortunate that what our country was founded on has now become ‘too controversial.’”


Not for me.

I just hope Christians don’t stop paying money to watch movies in which Jesus’ and God’s names are shamelessly and repeatedly taken in vain.  If that ever happens, my gigs over. 

Ha ha ha ha ha.


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