Why not just call them deviled eggs?

Easter Eggs Spring Spheres.

Ah, now this is delicious, my servants.  First I diluted Christmas by renaming Christmas trees “holiday trees,” and now I see my anti-Christian politically correct lunacy is swallowing Easter as well.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Have you read, my servants, where a Seattle, Washington, USA school renamed Easter eggs ‘Spring Spheres’?  I kid you not.  You can read it for yourself here in today’s news.

Sometimes my servants even amaze me.  I would never have thought of such a good idea.  I thought drawing attention away from a crucified and risen Christ by focusing on eggs and rabbits was quite a feat. 

But to go one step further, and distance the eggs from the word Easter?


Well, done, my servants.

When you get here we’ll have a spring sphere hunt.  For a long, long time.

Ha ha ha ha ha.


2 Responses to “Why not just call them deviled eggs?”

  1. “Spring Sphere” hunters:
    Here is the actual Easter challenge: hunt for “the gate that is small, and the way that is narrow. It leads to life. There are few who find it”.

  2. But… eggs arent spheres, they’re ovals.

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