Thank you readers!

Thank you to all my faithful readers, including my newest email subscriber–thanks!  We are up to 46 email subscribers, let’s make 100 by September!

Of course I always want more daily readers 🙂 so let’s use a modified version of one of my greatest internet pranks, the “if you love Jesus you will send this to ten friends” email chain. 

Here it is: if you HATE Satan, send this email to ten friends.  Tell them about your favorite Satan’s Blog post.  I know, my servants, I know.  It’s hard to pick only one.  So pick a few of your favorites, but do it; don’t be ashamed of me.

PS: If you use the email sharing link at the bottom of your favorite post, CHECK TO SEE if your friend received the post.  Let me know if he/she received your email link because I don’t think the email sharing button works 😦 .

Seriously friends, thank you for reading, and pass it on!


email: devilbloggger (a t) gmail.c o m

(And if you’ve read my book, talk to me.  Did you like it?  Didn’t like it?)


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