My China Syndrome


What’s with those Chinese Christians, my servants?  They are a bunch of law breakers, apparently.  I thought Christians were supposed to obey authorities.  But those Chinese Christians seem bent on being spiritual scoflaws.

It’s all here, my servants, in a Baptist Press article with a thrilling title: “China places 500 under house arrest, blocks Easter service.”

Oh, why couldn’t it have been 5000?  or 50,000?  Well, 500 is a good start.

You see, I’ve rigged the system in China so that churches must register with the government, and those that don’t are considered illegal.  It’s my way of slowing the gospel message and making life miserable for believers.

The problem is that the more I try to hinder the gospel the faster it spreads!  Those darn illegal house churches keep popping up in China like fruit trees in a weed-filled, neglected garden.  (Who is planting the seeds??)

Even my ice-cold Chinese authorities can’t keep up with the red-hot devotion of Chinese Christians.  According to the Baptist Press article, Chinese Christians just don’t listen:

Church members say they are being obedient to Christ. Some have lost their jobs and even been evicted from their homes because of their stance, with the government pressuring employees and landlords.

With that kind of devotion I may have to go to plan B.   Do you know what plan B is?  I’ll tell you if you promise not to leak my secret ways.


OK, here it is.  If my harsh persecution fails to stunt the growth of the Chinese church I will switch to comfortable blessing.  I will let the Chinese flourish for a time in peace, and then wait for the peace to bring in complacency and dullness.  Soon the Chinese Christians will be like the Europeans and Americans saying “I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.”

And they, too, will turn lukewarm. 

Even God spits out the lukewarm.

Ha ha ha ha ha.


One Response to “My China Syndrome”

  1. …to any CHRISTIAN that reads this comment…get ready for Christmas NOW by planning on not buying Chinese Christmas goods until they stop persecuting Catholics and other Christians

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