Promoting the wrong religion in Tennessee


I love the ACLU, my servants.  Although they are missing two letters in their initials, the Non-Christian American Civil Liberties Union comes to my rescue over and over again.  And they are doing my bidding once more to protect the civil liberties of only non-Christians. 

It is a beautiful thing.

Did you read, my servants, about the little Constitution-tramplers in little Sumner County, Tennessee, in the United States?  Of course not, because you are not paying attention.  But my NCACLU is.  You can read about in today’s AP article entitled, “ACLU [sic] complaint claims Sumner schools promote religion.”

According to the AP article:

A complaint made by American Civil Liberties Union [sic] of Tennessee on behalf of three Sumner County families accuses the county school board of promoting Christianity in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

What did the NCACLU find objectionable?  Again, according to the AP article:

The complaint cites several examples of the school system promoting Christianity, including the distribution of Bibles in at least two schools; a teacher who displayed a cross on a classroom wall; sectarian prayers over school loudspeakers and at school events; and holding graduation ceremonies for three high schools at Long Hollow Baptist Church.

Yes, my servants.  Such establishments of religion are clearly a violation of Constitutional rights to a Godless (but not godless) existence.  Go NCACLU!

But here is what I love about these issues, my servants: Sumner County schools already promotes religion–it’s just a different religion.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you understand?


Let me spell it out.  American schools everywhere, my servants, already promote atheistic religious concepts; in fact, they are the only concepts allowed to be taught.   Every subject of study, every notion of ethics or morality, every angle of every topic must be taught from a strictly atheistic perspective.

And make no mistake, atheism is the theology of many, many recognized religions.

The Sumner County educators, therefore, are merely promoting a different religion, one which all my servants, including the NCACLU despise.

And so the dispute.

Who will win?

I will, of course.  Only my religious concepts are allowed to be taught in American public schools under the doctrine of Separation of Christian Church and State.

Ha ha ha ha ha.




One Response to “Promoting the wrong religion in Tennessee”

  1. No devil in hell would be winning unless people were sinning by deluding themselves into thinking that not practicing Christianity in school is a “smart” idea which it is not. When that happens most people would have to go in the library to read a bible.

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