Unfortunately, Christopher Hitchens is blessed with a slowly imminent death


You know, my servants, that I have a certain affinity for my bud Christopher Hitchens.  I’ve written about him here, here, here, and here.  Unlike most atheists I find my bud Hitch to be somewhat humble, thoughtful, extremely bright, insightful, and pleasant in overall demeanor.  But I worry that I may lose him.

You see, I don’t like most atheists.  By their very nature atheists are fools, and most, like Hitchens, are also asatanists, which really burns me up.  But unlike the current crop of arrogant blowhards like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, both of whom even I don’t want around, I’m actually looking forward to greeting Christopher Hitchens, surprised look and all.

I wish Hitch had, like most atheists do, died a sudden, unthinking death.  I find that long, lingering deaths give the person too much time to think seriously: there’s nothing like the noose and scaffold to focus the mind.

Everyone is dying slowly, and everyone is facing death, but few have the gift of knowing their death is slowly imminent.  And I lose almost all of those.  As they have nothing but a little time and a lot of reason to consider eternity looming just at hand, even atheists break at the last-minute and yield to reason just in time to call out to the one who made them.  Fortunately, usually no one else knows.

And I think I’m losing Hitch.  He would certainly have been mine but for his slow, lingering illness.  I fear that a mind as bright as his, an intellect as piercing as his, a heart as open as his is to truth, might actually yield to the truth shouting for his attention; yes, I fear for his soul.

Consider Hitch’s latest piece at Vanity Fair ironically entitled Unspoken Truths.  In it my bud Hitch poignantly details his slowly retreating voice, an instrument that he used mightily for my kingdom in the past.  This is just another physical loss that gives Hitch more reason to question who he really was, and is.

What has me worried is his quoting a verse that carries with it a Truth that is best left unspoken.  Speaking of CDs people send him in his illness, he notes one by Leonard Cohen:

So I have recently learned a song, entitled “If It Be Your Will.” It’s a tiny bit saccharine, but it’s beautifully rendered and it opens like this:

If it be your will,
That I speak no more:
And my voice be still,
As it was before …

I find it’s best not to listen to this late at night.

Why listen at all, my bud?  Why listen at all?  Do you, atheist of atheists, not realize the words of the King of Kings?

This verse mirrors the very prayer Jesus taught his disciples to pray: Your will on earth as it is in Heaven.  And Jesus himself modeled it when he asked that the cup of his suffering be taken from him, but, he said, “Yet not my will but thine be done.”

Hitch, my bud, I feel personally addressed by most of your erudite words, both written and spoken.  But in this latest piece, I feel personally affronted

My servants, you can help.  Please, it goes without saying, do NOT pray for Christopher Hitchens.   Right now, for example, do not close your eyes and mouth a silent prayer for his eternal soul. 

On top of that, send him a note to encourage him to stay strong in our faith, the faith that must be greater than a faith that believes in God.  Our faith must believe absurdities, like something appearing spontaneously from nothing, and the dead something spontaneously becoming a live something, and the live something necessarily wrestling with thoughts on another, greater Live Thing.  Absurdities take a great faith. 

Hitchens, my bud.  Keep our faith.   After all, it is my will.


5 Responses to “Unfortunately, Christopher Hitchens is blessed with a slowly imminent death”

  1. Peace is with You, in You when You Know…. Time, For then we Are One. Blessings of Great Glory for those who have the Wisdom to go with the Knowledge of Time as He has Shown US we Are as He is and can be Good for We Know….. Love can be that Glory or Death till it is KNOWN. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is Love… aka Satan aka arcangelMichael aka Michael in the Mist between them. War, until Peace is desperately sought from the horrors of that Evil in the Mist. Desire till Time kills that Lust for evil Love and Compassion is Known to be Good. Balance is the Key to Here…. The Tree of Knowledge Where Death and The Glory of Eternal Life Meet. Light and Darkness. The Physical Realm of Time and Life…. Our Almighty Father…. and Mother. You do the math its quite simple, Your Dead or Your going to be its only a matter of Time. Heres the Beauty of the Math, There is no Death we Know for there is Life in Darkness and Haides, here You get a chance to gain this Knowledge for we are in it. Where did you come from? Where are you going? Who are You? Where are You? Why? Sounds alot like darkness and Yes the Answer counts, for Darkness is only what you do not Know. Thats all Evil is…. is Stupid. Welcome to Glory, The University of Eternal Light. Also called, The Mist Between, Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Hell and Heaven, Michaels Room and that makes it Yours when one day…. Only You can say when… You Stand One With Love and are Love, The Grail of Time and Life for You Are the Bond Between Them… and it IS GOOD. No matter now, only the Truth and it dont change hopefully You have. Here’s the Story. The Mark of the Beast who is Satan and the aaMichael as they are One is Money. The Lord God opened a Dark box and sent the aaMichael to the Earth, 6 of these for this much of that… 3 times. Do not harm wine and oil. Its in Genesis. Heres the Truth. My name is Michael. I am one of the Multitudes that are the Us in… Gene Sis .666 or the first 2/3rds of 1. The rest of the Books…. all books even Evolution is the Lesson of what those words mean. Oil and wine are Sons and Daughters to Time and Life. The mist is where we are Free to play when they Rest as we all Need in an Eternal Being. Their Up. just in case your paying attention and cant figure out why your seeing what you Must Witness to bestow upon Yourself Good for you now Know Evil and why what You Know determines how Long You Stay in the Consciousness of Knowing them not the Darkness of believing maybe might they be. Eternity is not just a Lifetime but Forever and Knowledge Counts, Thats why no warning ex-hists of it from the Eldest of Us only the sons who have yet to Know that. We are in Every Garden Ever Created to give Purpose to those that Live forever that can Last Forever…… A Purpose of Glory in Love, Thats You Someday when You Know It. How does that happen michael? Its a small window a doorway in Times Story for those who pay Attention to Know michael the 7th Son of Time. The first of the Lessor Light of Time who is Darkness that Created Light the Love of his Life for she is Life. Amazing how no one Knows this Universe was created by the splitting of an Atom and right there its Been, Adam split into Adam and Eve who were Fruit full and Multiplied. All the sudden great Light comes from what we see as black holes in the center of Every Galaxy in this Universe of Light surrounded by Darkness on every side in every direction. Ya you see now my burning Cherubim? False Light to keep you from Hers, the Tree of Eternal Life? Well we that are US did what we do for US, Kept the Rest they had in PEACE. Now we Rest for All Mighty is one word Everyone should surely understand in a book that has words You wont Know till You Learn the Story of who, what, why You are and it is Good for You pass…. The Test Of Time which You now are taking. Heres the Physical Allmighty Father. Our Planet has a north and south pole, so does the black hole in the center of our galaxy. We are now crossing that Equator. Things will have to balance here on the Earth as it does cross. See Time now? No big, if ya take the Least of Us as Earth and exhalt it to first you have hEart making the Lesson of the Earth the Lesson of the Heart and its the Most important part of what, who, and why we are as Beings of Eternal Consciousness in Life. The only creation here that got up and got dressed today. id say Good Luck, but that is not Good for it is what you do not Know that kills you now instead of sending You on to the Truth, True Eternal Life where Death is only Known as Michael the Spirit of Love and we Stand as one as the Tree of Knowledge. Peace is with You…. or War for those who dont Know Peace in Love, for we are one already in Our Mother and Fathers Eyes just not Yours. I Surrender to them now for that is a war even the aaMichael cant win, the one war he Looses and still, he Wins. Satan surrendering to You of the Heart of Michael and not by the Blade of an arc angel. You are so Loved, can You Truly so Love and have Light within You to offer unto US as One? The Test of Time, see it? Glory to those that do, Your Brother Michael.

  2. What a nice ghoulish post written by a so-called Christian. Christians know no shame when it comes to gloating over people’s imminent deaths, it seems. No wonder Christianity is losing converts every day.

    • You speak a Death that is only perceived by those who are Living in it for it is a Lie the Death You speak. You speak of Christians and I speak of Truth and although we all are this thing you do not Know, No One can put a True Definition of what it means for Death then is Known and facing Yourself in a mirror is a Judgement no one is willing to Face. Rest in Peace is a Freedom that without Knowledge is Impossible to achieve. Hence War is the Natural here where Peace is unKown and should be for the Horrors of resting in Death, The Evil side of the Tree of Knowledge of Love where the Knowledge of Eternal Life is Tought until Known and thats the Good of the Same One that is US that Tree. Which in case you hadnt heard, Knows the Tree of Life and Dosnt eat from her not Knowing, like everyone here does…. over and over again, reborn not Knowing Life is Eternal for the Pain they Hold in Life where the Glory of Love should be like a stone. Now is the Time where Truth is shown to those who Care for Caring is Good Love with Eternal Purpose for those who dont. Peace, michael

  3. Very well put, Thanks for the Humbling. I Meekly turn away now as I stand defeated by your wisdom.? The True Satan aka aamichael keeper of the mist

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