Theologians in support of Hawking?

Puffed up wisdom.

What’s better, my servants, than having atheist Stephen Hawking proclaim to the world that Heaven is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark?  How about a Reverend Doctor Professor theologian coming to his defense? 

Yes, my friends, the Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, Professor of Theology at Chicago Theological Seminary, states proudly today at the Washington Post’s On Faith blog that she rejects the belief in an omnicient creator whose hands guide the working of the cosmos.

Uh . . . Rev. Dr. Prof. Ms. Thistlethwaite, is there any other kind of omniscient creator? 

My servants, Ms. Thistlethwaite no doubt wishes to be taken seriously, and no doubt believes herself to be making coherent statements about God.  I urge you to read her piece yourself, but let me take you through the first paragraph just to show off how I use the wisdom of the world to turn smart people into spiritual train wrecks.

Ms. Thistlethwaite uses Stephen Hawking’s atheistic rantings to vent her own evident disdain for “intelligent design” and her apparent love of my Darwinist creation lie posing as science.  Let’s take the first paragraph sentence by sentence, and you decide who is my most worthy servant, Hawking or Thistlethwaite.  I will put her words in quote boxes, interspersed with my expert commentary:

The God Stephen Hawking rejects is the God of what is called “intelligent design.”

There is no God of intelligent design, my friend Thislethwaite.  This is a projection of your own rejection of the true creator God whom you refuse to take at his word because you believe the nonsensical lie of the creatorless creation of Darwinism.  But those who support the science of intelligent design make abundantly clear that the science of intelligent design cannot discover the designer; it can only detect design.  Which it does, unfortunately for me.

Of course, to the extent design points to a designer just as an anonymous masterpiece painting unequivocably points to a master painter, there can be no doubt that any God suggested by intelligent design, is, in fact, God. 

So your sentence above is no different from saying “The God Stephen Hawking rejects is the Creator God, whose creative work is evident in the design of life and the cosmos.”  Why didn’t you just say that?

In discussing his argument from his book, The Grand Design, he says he rejects “belief in an omniscient Creator whose hands guide the working of the cosmos.”

Do you not find it odd, Ms. Thislethwaite, that a person who rejects design would write a book entitled The Grand Design?  No.  Of course, not; that is part of my success on earth.

I reject that theological view as well.

Ha ha ha ha ha.  What can I say, my servants?  Am I good, or am I good?  Do you hear what this Rev. Dr. Professor of Theology said?  She said “I reject the theological view of an onmiscient Creator whose hands guide the working of the cosmos.”

This is the same as saying “I reject God.” Because there is no other kind of omniscient Creator known to man or revealed in any holy book, including the Bible.  To believe in any other kind of omniscient Creator is to believe in a fairy story for people afraid of the light.

It’s a finite theology of an infinite God.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Really, Ms. Thistlethwaite?  Isn’t all human theology by definition finite?   Or do I suppose your theology is an infinite theology?  Do you have an infinite theology of a limited Creator?  Or do you have an infinite theology of an omniscient Creator who does not guide the workings of the cosmos? 

Tell us, Ms. Thistlethwaite, your infinite theological musings. 

Oh, I really should not be so hard on one of my own.  But sometimes I just wish those of Hawking’s and Ms. Thistlethwaite’s persuasion would just save a lot of words and say straight up they reject the true God.

But, come to think of it.  They did!


One Response to “Theologians in support of Hawking?”

  1. Tarcizio F. Carvalho Says:

    I share the same feeling down here in Brazil. Why don’t they just show up?

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