Of course God is not a Christian


No one likes exclusivity, it seems, except for everyone.  Know what I mean?  Everyone hates it when others make exclusive truth claims, unless they happen to agree with the claimers.  Then it’s OK.

And here’s a secret, my friends: everyone makes absolute truth claims.    Atheists do it.  Agnostics do it.  Everyone does it.

But, you say, there is no absolute truth!

Ahem . . . is that an absolute truth claim?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

You see, my servants?

The fact is that truth is by definition exclusive.  Truth requires falsity.  And when it comes to claims on conscience, belief, or behavior, some claims stem from truth, and some from falsity.

To deny this is to deny everything.

Which is why, my servants, I delight in “all paths lead to God” mumbo-jumbo, especially when it comes from the mouth of a Nobel Prize winner via the ever-reliable Huffington Post.  Today’s piece by Desmond Tutu is entitled, “God is Not a Christian.”

Duh!  This is really a stupid title. 

Of course God is not a Christian.  Only a spiritually mental midget would even entertain such a thought for a moment.   God, as the Father and as the God Man Jesus and as the Holy Spirit, is the object of Christian’s faith.  Christians, by definition, are those who exercise the gift of faith in Jesus Christ as their personal savior. 

God, by definition, can not be a Christian.

Anyone knows this.

So what is Desmond Tutu’s point?  You have already sniffed it out, I’m sure.  Mr. Tutu is advancing my lie that Christianity is not the only path to God, and, by extension, Heaven.

Observing that most people’s faith is the result of “accidents of birth and geography,” Mr. Tutu swallows my lie completely by advancing directly from “accidents” to the conclusion:

. . . perhaps that we should not succumb too easily to the temptation to exclusiveness and dogmatic claims to a monopoly of the truth of our particular faith.

Really? Is succumbing to this temptation a sin, Mr. Tutu?  Because if so, Jesus is a sinner.  Because Jesus, Mr. Tutu, made egregious dogmatic claims to a monopoly of the truth and a particular faith.

I must say, however, that I like the concept of casting Jesus as a sinner for succumbing to such a temptation. 

Mr. Tutu continues in his effort at erasing boundary lines of truth and falsity.  Attempting to make all truth claims true by virtue of their sincere adherents, Mr. Tutu pleases me by saying:

Surely we can rejoice that the eternal word, the Logos of God, enlightens everyone — not just Christians, but everyone who comes into the world; that what we call the Spirit of God is not a Christian preserve, for the Spirit of God existed long before there were Christians, inspiring and nurturing women and men in the ways of holiness, bringing them to fruition, bringing to fruition what was best in all.

But God doesn’t enlighten everyone.  Jesus said “Let him who has ears to hear, hear.”  Of course, there are many who do not have ears to hear.  I welcome them into Hell every day. 

Mr. Tutu delights me further by saying, in essence, that because God is the “God of all” by implication all belief systems are pleasing to God:

We do scant justice and honor to our God if we want, for instance, to deny that Mahatma Gandhi was a truly great soul, a holy man who walked closely with God. Our God would be too small if he was not also the God of Gandhi: if God is one, as we believe, then he is the only God of all his people, whether they acknowledge him as such or not.

Yes, Mr. Tutu, God is the God of Gandhi just as he is the God of me.

Is my belief system OK, Mr. Tutu?


Do you see the absurdity in believing that all belief systems in “God” are somehow OK, and valid, and worthy of respect and honor?  I believe in God more than most; my belief makes me tremble.

But I can assure you, my servants, God is not pleased with my belief. 

God’s pleasure rests on those who seek his faith in truth, which means, by definition, an exclusive truth that rejects falsity as error and heresy.

Oh, I love the post-modern Christian mind that seeks to make peace with heresy in the misplaced name of loving toleration.  Rather than speak the truth in love, people like Mr. Tutu speak falsity with a false love.  False love exchanges the glory of God for the fairness of Man, seeking to make good what God calls evil.

So, while I agree that “God is not a Christian,” I must commend my servants for extending this self-evident truth into a subtle lie that God accepts all, whether Christian or not.

If that was true, I would be God’s favorite.

Ha ha ha ha ha.


3 Responses to “Of course God is not a Christian”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    The Most Reverend Anglican Archbishop Tutu, like all good Anglicans and anyone with a mind that is the least bit open, just wants us to “get over it” regarding exclusive truth claims. We need to “get over it” about same-sex-marriage, the right of the Jews to exist as a nation…has he been reading Rob Bell while lying on a bed of nails?

  2. Maybe, you do not want to remember, dear Satan, but Saint Paul said in 2 Thessalonians (2, 3-4):

    Let no one deceive you in any way. For unless the apostasy comes first and the lawless one is revealed, the one doomed to perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god and object of worship, so as to seat himself in the temple of God, claiming that he is a god.

    In other, this book is Tutu’s apostasy.

    • Anglican bishop Tutu is barbaric,heretic and is devil’s follower by uttering such unholy anti-christian statements.He won the noble prize reminds us that money corrupts and corrupts completely.He has drunk with world fame and is unable to understand simple truth that Jesus Christ is true God and Eternal Life. He has denied the true faith of holy prophets of New Testament therefore anti-christian.

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