The Body of Christ on Earth

Quote of the Day: But overall I love the mere confessors, because virtually all of them are lukewarm, just the way I like it.
Gays Kissin’ and Dissin’ (What’s Missin’?), November 7, 2010


Do you know, my servants, what we in Hell feared the most when Jesus Christ walked the earth?  Do you know what singular thing threatened our kingdom the greatest when Jesus Christ himself was on earth in bodily form?  You don’t?  I’ll tell you.

His body.

That’s right, my servants.  Wherever the body of Christ went, my kingdom fell helpless and impotent before it.  Wherever his feet went healing followed.  Wherever his hands went, good deeds followed.  And wherever his mouth went, the Good News followed. 

Restoration, redemption, healing.  Blechhh!

It’s enough to make a poor devil sick.

So we knew then, my friends, that to survive we must kill that body!  We must stop that body from moving about, from reaching out, from speaking out.

And we did.

We thought. 

Oh, the shrieks of victory that flew back and forth that day!  His body is dead!  We have stopped the body!

You can imagine our disappointment a few days later when we saw that same body up and around, once again doing good, speaking good news, and assaulting my kingdom.  Fortunately that destructive episode was short-lived, and once again we watched as Jesus’ body left the earth.


Jesus finally gone.

We thought.

Little did I know the mind of God, or his designs for continued restoration, redemption, and healing on Earth.  Blechhh!

Little did I know that he would leave behind his body, the Church, his visible presence on Earth.

I read horrified as Paul penned the mystery:

Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

And just to make it clear, even to me, Paul wrote to Godpunks in Corinth:

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

If we had only known! We may have spared Jesus the son of man.

Every believer now a part of an extended, non-location-limited body, of which Christ is the head!  Now there are many feet, many hands, and many mouths.  The Earth would soon be filled, covered, encompassed with his body. 

Where once the body of Christ was in one place at one time, now the body of Christ could operate in many places at any time.

So we knew again, my servants, that to survive we must again kill that body!  We must stop that body from moving about, from reaching out, from speaking out.

But how?  Though we tried, we could not arrange for every believer to be martyred!

My only option was to fracture the body.  Cause division so that the eye can say to the hand “I don’t need you!” And the head can say to the feet, “I don’t need you!”  And if one part suffers, other parts do not suffer with it.  And if one part is honored, the other parts do not.


I’ve been pretty successful, eh?

Unlike Christ himself, walking undivided among a hurting and lost people whom he loved in action, today’s Body of Christ walks largely divided, hurting and lost among a people whom few love, and with almost no action.

Many words with few deeds; many deeds with little love.  I have divided the body of Christ on Earth to the point where its members are largely occupied with mere self preservation, self affirmation, and self entertainment.

But don’t worry, my friends.  I have learned to not rest.  The body lives, kept alive by a Spirit I cannot stop and by a Word I cannot destroy.

I’ve learned it’s not the flashy, the wealthy, the mega-this, or mega-that, the wired, the online, the multi-media, the connected, the hip, the loud who are the most effective members of the body of Christ.

They are easy to keep self-absorbed.

No, it is the quiet, the meek, the forgotten of this world, the feeble, the weak, those who pray quietly and act diligently, behind the scenes, with no fanfare, and with no expectation of recognition on Earth.

It’s the widow, the shut-in, the poor of this world, the hurting helping the hurting, the hungry feeding the hungry.  The outcast giving a glass of water to a stranger.  The worldly unwise, the temporally treasureless, the obedient, the self-controlled, and the peacemakers, the gentle, the patient, the kind, the good–in short, those who have crucified their sinful selfish nature with its passions and desires–these are the effective body of Christ on Earth today.

These are hard to detect, hard to stop, and hard to discourage as they quietly go about destroying my kingdom one mouth, one mind, one heart at a time.

Fortunately these are few.



3 Responses to “The Body of Christ on Earth”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    You have done Christians a service by reminding us that our faith is based in an organic, living connection with the living Christ. We renew this relationship by dying to ourselves, “taking up our cross daily”, and then allowing Him to bear fruit in our lives. That alone pleases Him. That alone has eternal value. Everything else is building on shifting sand.

  2. Sometimes, I think, Satan, that you need another blog to write in another skin.

    Beautiful post. I loved it.

  3. What a simple, yet profound lesson you have taught here. Thank you.

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