Many More Girl Babies Than Boy Babies — in Heaven

Unborn orphans.

Don’t you just love the word abortion?  Abortion to those who have bought my lie is synonymous with freedom, liberty, choice and All Things Good.  Of course, all those who have bought my lie are already born, so the data is slightly skewed.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Yes, abortion is the right of all already-born women in the world except for a few backwater holdouts still ruled by religious fanatics.  In countries where abortion is an already-born woman’s right, such as the United States where the country’s Founders had the foresight to engrave it in the Constitution, there is little resistance to my practice outside of religious circles. 

Who cares anymore?

But every once in a while, my servants, someone starts making noise about some of the unintended consequences of practicing this basic human right of the already born.  One consequence, for example, negative growth rates of some countries’ populations.  Another problem identified a few years ago is that already born Godless people, usually self-identified as “liberals,” abort large portions of their own offspring, so that their political views are less likely to be propagated.  The concern is that abortion rights supporters may be literally killing future supporters of their right.  (Did you ever wonder why so few religions demand celibacy as a practice for all believers?)

But today the Wall Street Journal exposes a related problem in an article entitled, “The War Against Girls.”

War Against Girls?


Yes, really.  And this is delicious, my servants.  I know you will want to congratulate me for my brilliance on this one, but if I might be slightly less proud than usual, I must admit that this consequence was unintended even by moi.

It seems that an already-born woman named Mara Hvistendahl has written a book called Unnatural Selection in which she chronicles the rise of the phenom of skewed ratios of boy babies to girl babies (on earth).

I’m worried about this book on at least two levels, my friends.  First, listen as Ms. Mara states a fact underlying her premises:

In nature, 105 boys are born for every 100 girls. This ratio is biologically ironclad. Between 104 and 106 is the normal range, and that’s as far as the natural window goes. Any other number is the result of unnatural events.

Unnatural events?  Wait a minute.  She’s getting ready to bash abortion!  And in the most dangerous way!  We may need to snip this baby before it reaches viability!

Think with me for a moment, my servants; follow closely:  if there is no God, then everything is natural!

Do you get it, my friends?  This is important.  In the absence of the supernatural, as in God, everything by definition is natural.  There is nothing unnatural in a world without God. 

As soon as some unwitting know-it-all starts talking about something unnatural, we are immediately into God territory.  And God territory and abortion don’t mix very well except to those having a thoroughly seared conscience.

Say it with me: abortion is natural, abortion is natural, abortion is natural.

My second reason for alarm is due to her research-based observations about this skew.  She concludes that because of societies where boy babies are valued more highly than are girl babies, girl babies are killed more than boy babies and the resulting imbalance in numbers “portents of Very Bad Things to come.”

She’s worried about very bad things “to come?”  What things and to whom, Ms. Mara?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

But as Ms. Mara notes, in some countries the ratio of boy babies to girl babies allowed to live can be as high as 209 to 100.  Twice as many boy babies to girl babies on earth.  She fears that some day grown up boys will dominate the earth, a very, very bad thing.  The full title of her book is “Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men.”

Now, what is to be done about this problem?  Fortunately, my Ms. Mara doesn’t betray me directly on this one.  She betrays me because she raised the issue, but she honors me in her response.  As the WSJ article states:

It is telling that Ms. Hvistendahl identifies a ban on abortion—and not the killing of tens of millions of unborn girls—as the “worst nightmare” of feminism. Even though 163 million girls have been denied life solely because of their gender, she can’t help seeing the problem through the lens of an American political issue.

One hundred sixty-three millions baby girls sent screaming to Heaven via the trash bin, and Ms. Hara is worried about the rights of feminists??

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I am good.  I am very good!  One less ‘o’ and I would be god.



My servant Ms. Mara comes full circle to the real threat to already-born feminists: those dang Christians.  As the WSJ reports:

Ms. Hvistendahl is particularly worried that the “right wing” or the “Christian right”—as she labels those whose politics differ from her own—will use sex-selective abortion as part of a wider war on abortion itself. She believes that something must be done about the purposeful aborting of female babies or it could lead to “feminists’ worst nightmare: a ban on all abortions.

Nightmare?  Worst nightmare?

Question, Ms. Mara: which do you think is a “worse nightmare”?  To be denied the right to kill what you voluntarily created or to have your mother pay to have you cut up alive and discarded in a trash heap.


Ha ha ha ha ha.

Let me impart some kingdom knowledge to you, my friends.  Ms. Mara has no idea what a nightmare awaits those who send children to Heaven before they even have a chance to cry out for help.

Fortunately for those little unborn orphans God is the father of the fatherless and motherless.

Guess who is the father of the fathers and mothers of the unborn orphans?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Nightmare indeed, Ms. Mara.

Sleep tight.


5 Responses to “Many More Girl Babies Than Boy Babies — in Heaven”

  1. Dear Satan,

    I considered the same article in my, I dare to say, Christian blog.

    I wrote but I should explicit the position of an Economics Nobel Prize, Gary Becker, who foresaw that less woman would be better for woman. I am economist, but this is so stupid. Don’t you think?

    Mara is right is her position saying the opposite, less woman is worst for everyone. But, she is even more stupid than Becker to consider ban abortion a nightmare.

    Pedro Erik

    • Yes, Pedro — I agree that “more women better” or “less women better” arguments are faulty when they rest on faulty premises. The most faulty premise: men (not God) can make the rules and not expect unintended (bad) consquences. Thanks for the comment!

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  3. In your face and to the point, as always. Excellent post.

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