Atheist faith? Yes, and the most extreme kind


Do you have enough faith to be an atheist?  I don’t.  Of course I have an advantage because of my unique position in the universe.  Nevertheless, as I look at humans on earth I’m always amazed that so many won’t see God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature; after all, they can be clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

All those who won’t see are without excuse and they don’t even know it.

What do the willingly blind do?  Rather than open their eyes they live dark lives in a lighted world, claiming the darkness is the only reasonable way.

No wonder God and I call them fools.

But what surprises me even more is that atheists don’t even realize they possess a greater faith than Godpunks.  Consider: an atheist must believe that everything that exists sprung spontaneously out of nothing.   Nothing for an eternity, then poof! something for the rest of eternity!

Now that takes great faith.  It is an atheist’s necessary faith.

But all of science, philosophy, logic and plain ol’ common sense militate against the atheist’s ultimate necessary faith.

So you would think atheists would be leaders in an “interfaith” group, right? 


As Christopher Stedman chronicled recently over at Religion Dispatches in the “(A)theologies” blog, most atheists reject the “faith” label, and resist being lumped in with “religious” folks even if it is for interfaith good works among a hurting world.

So afraid are religious atheists of owning the label of religion (albeit a godless religion), they willingly choose to set themselves apart as an insular group of believers in nogodness.  They have their own societies, go to their own meetings, read their own newsletters written by those of their own beliefs, and refuse to associate with those of different beliefs so as not to be tainted with even the implicit identification with those whose beliefs about God are different.

Hey, isn’t that what religions do?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Those crazy atheists!  Full of faith and fury, they are.  Unfortunately theirs is an ill-gotten faith and a misplaced fury; a faith from a poisoned source and a fury directed at an immovable force.  But hey, they can’t help it. 

Can they?

Stedman, an atheist trying to change the minds of his fellow fools to become part of interfaith coalitions makes the following statement in reply to those concerned with “implicitly allowing atheism to be considered just another religion”:

I can only speak from my experience here, but I have been invited to address interfaith conferences and groups many times, and I often open with this line: “Let’s get one thing out of the way—atheism and humanism aren’t a religion.” Not once have I had anyone disagree with me.

Here’s one.  Here, Mr. Stedman, over here.  You, Mr. Stedman, must be talking only to deaf people or other atheists (which I realize is redundant).  Because your statement is flat-out untrue.

Consider, Mr. Stedman.  Your chosen faith was codified as Religious Humanism in the equivalent of your Old Testament, the Humanist Manifesto I. 

As legal expert on these issues, John Calvert, discussed in an article entitled, “A New Age of Religious Discrimination“:

Religious Humanism was proclaimed a religion in 1933 by John Dewey and others in the Humanist Manifesto. It denies God or the supernatural, claims that the universe is self-existing and that life has just arisen through unguided evolutionary processes.

Moreover, those Religious Humanists, having no moral compass other than their own self-interest had reason to change their label to “Secular”.  Calvert explains: 

After the Supreme Court ruled in 1949 that religion could not be taught in public schools, many of [Religious Humanism’s] leaders changed the “religious” modifier to “secular,” in an effort to remove the “new” religion from an unfavorable religious classification.

Do you see, my servants, what my apostles of religious Humanism did?  They just changed the words to suit their “irreligious” needs at the time. 

But, as Calvert exposes, this ruse has fooled only the fools, but not people who often have to make sense of deception: the courts.

Thus, Religious Humanism became “Secular” Humanism. However, the change of labels has not changed the minds of the Supreme Court and other federal courts that have found “Secular” Humanism to be a religion.

Here is some kingdom knowledge, my servants.  I’m always surprised to see that my tactics work, but you can use this one to great advantage for my kingdom. 

Here it is:  It’s all about words, my friends.  If “religion” is defined to mean “a belief system including a belief in God,” then, of course, atheism is not a religion.  However, if “religion” is defined (as the US courts do) to mean a belief system addressing matters of ultimate concern that function in the lives of its adherents in the same manner as a traditional theistic belief system functions in the lives of traditional theists, then it is a religion.

Does atheism concern itself with the cause of life (Where do we come from?) and the nature of life (Are we made for a purpose?) and where we go after death? 

Yes.  Yes.  And, yes.

That’s why, as Calvert recognizes:

Religious/”Secular” Humanism is an organized religion that welcomes atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, pantheists, deists and a variety of other liberal theistic and nontheistic religious worldviews. In the U.S. it is worshiped in a variety of “churches,” including particularly Unitarian Universalist Churches. It preaches a morality and set of ethics far different from that found in the Bible, the Torah and the Quran.

And, my real victory, my servants, is also stated by Calvert:

When we agree with the Atheist that religion is confined to God, we give him the key to our public schools, to science, to our universities, the media and even our legislative and political venues.

Too late!  The key already lies firmly in the hands of religious atheists.  That’s the real reason atheists have no motivation to be part of an “interfaith” group.  Does the king hobnob with peasants?

And think about how clever I am, my friends.  Atheists are not only faithful and religious, they represent an extreme on the spectrum of faith; if certain belief in God represents the far right there is no belief system to the left of atheists. 

Atheists are extremists, by definition.

No wonder atheists don’t want to associate with other religious faiths.

I don’t either.


9 Responses to “Atheist faith? Yes, and the most extreme kind”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    The only way to take back the key to the locked atheist door of our classrooms and culture is to get rid of our bloated and failed government school system. Christians must be on the cutting edge of some kind of voucher system. Of course Caesar and his minions will be outraged, but that has been overdue. We have been happy to be tasteless salt. That is the real scandal.
    “The philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next”.

    Abraham Lincoln

  2. Brilliant, Devil.

    History knows the results of the humanism propagated by great philosophers who despise theism (Marx, Nietzsche, Shaw, Voltaire): genocide.

  3. See Mike’s response, your Lowness? Some of these Godpunks are actually taking their cursed scriptures to heart. However the church in America will remain in captivity because of your excellent planning! Today a majority of students graduating from christian skools are just as saltless as their peers because you’ve convinced the parents to make their little skools have to “be like” their public school counterparts and delegate the responsibility of instruction in righteousness to the skool (or their wimpy pastor). Just pick up any skool newspaper or read the skool student blog and check out our handiwork: they think like their unchurched friends, follow the same cultural icons, consume the same media and entertainment without discernment. Thus the graduates are just like little M&M candies – a nice colorful outward appearance of a christian but on the inside a dark heart full of worldliness, hypocrisy, and self-righteousness. They differ little from their unchurched peers except they are with their families on Sunday morning. These tasty souls are easy pickings when they start their post-secondary education or enter the workforce, we usually snap them up within a year after they are “out on their own.” The best are those that feed on our lies so that they have a form righteousness that lacks holiness and is full of worldliness. Muh ha ha ha ha haaa!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Who is jesas ?created garbage,mobster or icon of human stupidity?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dear friend and believer,
    I always with YOU.
    Do not support christian sodom & homorra,everyone must eat his own bread.
    If you know any christian charlatans,prostitute and beggers,
    who want steal your blessing, just lazy parasites eating your hardworking money…., send them away .
    This tipe –christian garbage,they are do not believe in God, preaching for money only.
    Do not be foolish, God never ask for money,give them to house of the lorg if he gives his address!
    Your blessing is only yours, in name of God they ‘re must go to Hell.

    garbage says :follow me ,forget your mother and father and you will be my sheep…..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    People from beginning of creation lying.
    Charlatan jesas , with his false doctrine was deceiver– liar, no lie -no election, no marriage
    no love, no money.So who is who?We are all members of false thing…..Sundays
    christian haunts–celebration of past– choice of the
    darkness, of the fiction. Sundays hell from generation to generation.
    Lie & believe!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I always thinking &asking myself:Why in 21 century exist such ugly christian religion?Why?
    World has a lot of beautiful thing, literature, nature creations, but some tipe of human being
    preffer fiction, lie.FOUNDATION OF RELIGION ESTABLISHED ON LIE . LIE IS LIE! Charlatan jesas was a lyer!! No lie-no excitement, no power , no money,no submission,
    so lie sweet, better then truth.
    They are using product of atheists, progressive people,
    all electronic—Tv,radio,telephones,computers & so on…. for
    advertising of trush,book of devil — father of lie, without of punishment using money of others, who trust them.
    Dear friend and believer,
    I always with YOU.
    Do not support christian sodom & homorra,everyone must eat his own bread.
    Charlatans must work–money should go to poor & homeless, to those ,who are
    victim of nature distructions & not able support themselves!
    If you know any christian charlatans,prostitute and beggars,
    who want steal your blessing, just lazy parasites eating your hardworking money…., send them away .
    This tipe of creature –christian garbage: they are do not believe in God, preaching for money only,
    for own satisfaction.In name of hypocrite,mobster jesas they are stealing your money.Give–jesas gives you ten times more.
    book of devil clearly show, how god forsake charlatan, he got what deserve,what he has done for people.
    Mobster destroyed love,families,drove to darkness,stupidity those, who believed in him.We are have result….he got revenge!
    Wake up people!
    Do not be foolish, God never ask for money,give them to house of the lord, if he gives you his address!
    Your blessing are yours— only your. In name of God they ‘re– charlatans of lyer jesas must go to Hell .
    I hope that, power of Creation will bless all of you!!

    The Bible is filled with examples:Deuteronomy 28 and more of results from obedience and continuous prayer.Joshua(1: 8-9) Daniel prayed and fasted for twenty-one days before the angel appeared to him and said: “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them” (Daniel 10:12).

    Luke 18:1-8 tells the story of a persistent widow who repeatedly asked the godless judge for justice against her enemy. For some time he refused, but finally gave in to her because she kept asking. Charlatan said, “Will not God bring about justice for His chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and night? Will He keep putting them off? I tell you, He will see that they get justice, and quickly.”Maybe never,,,,

  8. Ugly religion of trush sould dye

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