The Devil is Dancing Tonight?


It’s finally over, my friends.  For reasons lost on me it seems the entire world was captured by what is otherwise a daily occurrence: the murder of a baby.  Of course I’m talking about the Casey Anthony trial, which ended today with Casey Anthony being found not guilty of murdering her baby girl, Caylee. 

Why all the fuss?

Well, yes, it did happen that this baby was already born.  And this baby had a name.  These are technifications that seem to matter only to men and women; otherwise the facts are identical: an unwanted baby is killed for, among other reasons, the convenience of some already-born people.

That’s why, my servants, I found Casey’s circus trial amusing.  If Casey had merely killed Caylee before Caylee was big enough to require duct tape over her little open mouth, she would have been free as, well, as she is now!  But without all the fuss.

But do I care about Casey, Caylee, or anyone else?  No, of course not.  I bring all this up only because something one of my servants read earlier today caught my ear.

It seems Nancy Grace, speaking on CNNs Headline News about Casey’s not-guilty verdict had this to say:

But I know one thing: As the defense sits by and has their champagne toast after that not guilty verdict. Somewhere out there, the devil is dancing tonight.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

How right she is!  But the irony is that her statement is true every night!

You see, my servants, we in Hell are not so different in this respect than the angels in Heaven.  Those Heavenly angels of God rejoice over every sinner who repents.

Guess who the angels of Hell get to rejoice over?

Ha ha ha ha ha. 

We rejoice over every sinner who doesn’t repent.


You see, my servants, just like Casey Anthony, everyone on earth will be judged one day.  But unlike Casey Anthony’s case, everyone will be judged according to God’s righteousness by an all-knowing, holy judge. 


Unfortunately, some will be judged according to the righteousness of Christ.  Those to whom the righteousness of Christ is imputed by faith will stand in his righteousness on that day.  That’s why God’s angels rejoice when sinners enter sinless into God’s kingdom through repentance of sins on earth.

But those who appropriate the blood of Christ for the forgiveness of sins are relatively very, very few.  So fortunately, that leaves relatively many on the wide path to my kingdom.

Of course, we in Hell cannot rejoice until those who fail to obey God’s grace finally breathe their last unrepentified breath on earth.  But the wait is worth it, as the numbers are so high we experience almost continuous, raucous,  hellish rejoicing over each wide-eyed, disoriented soul who stumbles terrified through our gates.

So, yes, Nancy, I’m dancing tonight.  But it’s not because of Casey Anthony.



5 Responses to “The Devil is Dancing Tonight?”

  1. michellefrommadison Says:

    Not so sure that Nancy Grace is dancing tonight after what was reported:

    BOMBSHELL: Nancy Grace allegedly hospitalized after the Casey Anthony verdicts because Nancy was wrong on each and every charge, again. There are reported attempts to remove Nancys foot from her own mouth. Please pray for her during this excruciating time please. Some reports have also been made indicating that the foot is not actually lodged in her mouth, but in a different more southwardly-directed location. Also reported is that all educated and informed viewers of the Nancy Grace television entertainment show now refuse to ever watch another show of hers from here to eternity claiming that they will no longer be willing to waste time seeing Nancy Grace speak on any time anymore. There are, however, still a limited amount of uninformed and ignorant viewers who will still waste their life listening to more nonsense from Nancys mouth until her show is finally cancelled. Perhaps when the money runs out after Baezs upcoming lawsuits against Nancy and others. Even her twins and her husband have allegedly run away from Nancys home as well as her husband may also be filing for a divorce according to several known sources.

  2. michellefrommadison Says:

    Any guesses on how many weeks before Casey gets pregnant again?

  3. Nevin Yildirin Says:

    Im going to hell for killing a man for having sexual intercourse with me. Two wrongs does not make what I did right. No kudos for the other female slayer of an innocent man, shes a coward.

  4. Martin the Thaumaturge Says:

    The Devil is always dancing everytime ladies dishonour men with lies about their compliments,whistling,etc. Women in Turkey are disgraces to women everywheres. Foemeanists love Lucifer thats why they have a pharisaical spirit where they “feel” the need to pass judgement on men and their compliments, criticizing the choice of words,context, sound of the voice, all kinds of excuses like these, including as well as if hes not handsome and not attracted to him. If hes not my type excuse. Belial wanted the sexual socalled harassment law passed. Sexual hassling is a doctrine of devils, a false teaching.

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