Celebrate with me!


As promised, my loyal readers (and I mean YOU), allow me to let you in on two significant milestones for Satan’s Blog.  At the 1-year anniversary in September I will provide a full State of the Blog address, but allow me to show you how important you are to me today . . .

First, Satan’s Blog is only about 10 months old, but today we hit our 50,000th visitor!  Woo hoo! 

Now, I know 50,000 is insignificant to some bloggers, and would be much higher if I could sustain our high point of over 1000 per day I had back in November.  But I’m grateful for every one of the 50,000, and I know that this total represents a fair number of faithful readers.  Thank you, and now let’s go for 100,000 before six months goes by!

Second, I’m proud to announce that after months of waiting, Satan’s Blog finally received a Google Page Rank.  Satan’s Blog’s first Google Page Rank is a 2!  Now, I fully expect to look back on these days as “back when I was only a 2,” but for now, again, I’m grateful.  YOU made it happen!


Now, the rest of this post is for LOYAL READERS only.  If you are not a LOYAL READER please STOP HERE.  Do not read any further.

Loyal readers, I’m coming up on my first full year of blogging and I’m contemplating how to take Satan’s Blog to the next level.  I want to make it better and get more readers.  To that end, I’m interested in my loyal reader’s thoughts on how to:

  • Make Satan’s Blog better (e.g., open to guest posts, incorporate more variety, different format, different platform)
  • Get more readers (SEO experts identify yourself clearly.)
  • Get higher Google Rank. (Ditto SEO experts.)
  • Be more relevant.
  • Sell more books.

If you have ideas, please submit them by email to devilbloggger at my gmail account.  

If you have skills, and want to use them for a higher purpose, are willing to work anonymously for free, and understand what Satan’s Blog is all about, then contact me at the same email as above.

I make no promises to ever respond, but to those who clearly understand Satan’s Blog’s purpose, have the talent or skills to take it to the next level, I look forward to a fruitful, anonymous exchange of ideas.

If you wish to remain totally anonymous, even to not disclosing your email, you may submit ideas via the comment section of this blog post.



Woo-hoo, again!


6 Responses to “Celebrate with me!”

  1. I visit here several times per week, and link you frequently on my FB page. Keep up the good work. I’ll be praying for you.

  2. Great Satan.

    Congratulations. You truly deserve it.

    I wish I could tell more tips, I am terrible with internet (I do not use tweet or facebook, for instance). But the only tip that came out it was the idea I use to my own blog: “do not focus on number of visitors, focus on quality”. You, as devil, know that satan is a “legion” (Luke 8, 26).

    I really enjoy your quality. I think it was because of that you reached 50 thousand visitors. Do not compromise your standard.

    Best always for you,
    Pedro Erik

  3. You might include a few guest posts by some of your imps. Surely Malfeasance or Animus or some other such demon have a few ungodly things on their minds.

  4. Mike N. Says:

    This blog is just too hellishly hot for some, but Satan , letting his hair down, is not to be missed!

  5. It might be a tough sell to get more readers…after all a lot of people want to believe you continue not to exist.

  6. Martin the Thaumaturge Says:

    America and the rest of the world should not have listened to Abbaddon by passing a law to insult men by calling saying, your breasts are lovely a “crime”. That was very inappropriate in 1976 the Sinister Six had to stir up trouble and make a problem where one did not exist. Telling lies about compliments because they love Lucifer.

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