Who’s more tolerant? Atheists or Theists?


I love tolerance misunderstood.  You see, when tolerance is practiced properly, I lose.  Because those to whom non-condemning love is shown almost always end up finding truth.  Unconditional love combined with speaking the truth is an irresistable combination.

And Christians are the only humans on earth who can speak truth in a spirit of love.

Of course, most Christians don’t, which is why I am so successful in driving wedges between groups, destroying friendships, shutting down communications, and generally causing everyone to be intolerant in the name of tolerance.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

That’s why I was intrigued by today’s article in Forbes as reported by Yahoo News.  The article is entitled, “Religion vs. Atheism: Which Side Can Rightly Lay Claim to Reason and Tolerance?”

The Forbes article starts out:

You may have noticed that the cold war between religious people and atheists has been seriously heating up the past few years.

Yes, I have noticed.  It’s a beautiful thing.

But let me clarify one thing for you, my servants.  The Forbes article makes the same mistake others do, which almost undermines the entire article’s usefulness — it assumes the “war” is between “atheists” and “religious” people.

But atheists are religious people.  Atheists make this fact clear by their vehement denials of “religion”, their denials being supported by purely religious language and assumptions.

Consider this: atheists are atheists because they have believed my lie about God.  They have a belief about God; they have a theology.  Their theology is entirely faith-based, even though they don’t know it.

My lie is that atheism relies on “science” and theism relies on “faith”.

But in reality, both positions are faith-based, and science is merely a vehicle for interpreting natural facts in light of one’s faith.

Does a scientist deny the existence of God?  Then that scientist’s faith will necessarily demand that all evidence be interpreted to conform to a Godless existence.  Thus, evolution must be true; there is no other alternative consistent with a Godless faith, regardless of the evidence.

Does a scientist believe in the existence of God?  Then that scientist’s faith will necessarily allow for evidence to be interpreted to conform to that possibility.  Thus, intelligent design can be true, and probably is true.

So the question is not whether atheists or religious people are the more tolerant; the question is whether atheists or theists are the more tolerant.

The Forbes article leaves the question open, asking readers to submit empirical evidence for either position.

I can help.  I can show indisputably that it is theists, particularly Christians, who are the more tolerant.

Want me to show you?

Answer this question: In public, e.g., the public schools, which group permits the other religion’s viewpoint to be expressed exclusively at the expense of their own religious viewpoint?  And what would happen if those of the unexpressed viewpoint tried to express their views?

Get it?

That answers it.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Picture used by permission, courtesy of Floyd Alsbach.


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