CNN Learns Atheists are Religious Jerks and Other Things


Did you know CNN has a blog like mine?  They call theirs the “CNN Belief Blog.”  Nice work they do there, for people who do not have a committment to the truth.  Merely observing, the good folks at CNN are.

That’s why it was fun to see some of the things CNN learned after one year of blogging.  Their latest blog entry entitled, “10 things the Belief Blog learned in its first year,” by Dan Gilgoff, proved entertaining, and in fact informative.  Let me give you my spin on a couple of things they learned.

CNNs first learning was something that I’ve been telling people for almost a year that I’ve been blogging: Every big news story has a faith angle.  In fact, every decision, every act, every thought, has a faith angle.  It’s called a world view, and everyone has one.  A world view framed by a true belief in God leads one to a certain set of decisions, actions, and thoughts.  A world view framed by a true unbelief in God leads to different decisions, acts, and thoughts.  And because decisions, acts, and thoughts have consequences, the news produced by the consequences of such decisions, acts, necessarily have a faith angle.

In fact, most people never see the faith angle in news stories because people in the modern world have been trained by moi to associate “faith” only with belief in God, and most of the news seemingly does not involve one’s belief in God.  In fact, atheists have faith as well, and their faith produces most of the news you hear.  Because their faith in action almost always produces bad news. 

But as long as the world does not recognize the life-destroying, society-damaging acts of atheists as being related to their religion, my ways are safe on earth.


And the faith of atheists brings CNN to their second realization: Atheists are the most fervent commenters on matters religious.

What CNN could say, based on the examples of comments provided, is that atheists are the biggest jerks on matters religious.  CNN makes the observation that atheists provide an “avalanche” of comments on virtually every blog entry of theirs. 

Atheists commenting on a “belief blog”? 

Ha ha ha ha ha. 

I told you so.

You see, atheists don’t believe in God so much that it seems that’s all they ever talk about.  In fact, God is on the average atheist’s mind more than he’s on the average Christian’s mind, I’m happy to report.

Every atheist prides himself on how smart he is, rejecting (theistic) religion and dissing God.  Atheists often join organizations called “free thinkers” or “skeptics” or “fools anonymous.”  As I’ve said before, it’s fair to say that if God did not exist, neither would these organizations.

Got it?  Atheists know God exists, they just don’t like him.  In fact they hate him.   Of course, I don’t like him either, so on that we are in agreement.

But the difference between me and atheists (aside from the fact that I’m not that kind of fool; I believe in God) is that I don’t spend all my time talking about how God doesn’t exist and vilifying those who do believe it.  I merely go about seeking whom I may destroy in spite of God. 

Atheists, unless they change, are all but destroyed already.  My job is to go after the rest.

And I’m doing that 24/7.  Except for the times I take a break to write this blog, I’m roaming about the earth seeking out whom I may devour.  And the pickings are easy in America for another reason which CNN discovered: Most Americans are religiously illiterate.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Most?  Like almost all?

And why wouldn’t they be, my servants?  Why is such a discovery surprising?  I’ve essentially removed all Godtalk from the public sphere.  It’s practically illegal to have a Bible in public, prayers are unconstitutional, and every public expression of God faith is met with a lawsuit from some poor offended soul.

I’m winning, my friends.  And to prove it, consider CNNs last learning:  Most Americans don’t know that President Barack Obama is a Christian.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Biblical illiteracy, indeed.

Is Barack Obama a Christian?

Ha ha ha ha ha.


One Response to “CNN Learns Atheists are Religious Jerks and Other Things”

  1. “…every decision, every act, every thought, has a faith angle….” This is why every time I hear a reporter or interviewer ask a Christian candidate if their religion or faith will impact their decisions, I want to say, “Yes! So does the faith of every person in every job.” That doesn’t mean, however, that one’s ‘professed’ faith impacts their decisions, etc. but that their true faith makes a difference.

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