No aspirin for Suzie (unless she is also getting an abortion)

Common sense.

I hate common sense, you know.  That’s why it thrills my heartless being to know that most people don’t have much.  Most people, you say?  Yes, at least most people intent on doing my will.  Let me explain.

You want to hear something crazy?  I love crazy, and this I love:  in American public schools teachers and administrators can not give a student an aspirin without parental consent, but they can aid a pregnant girl in getting a secret abortion.

Mommy and daddy need never know.

Crazy, right?

Almost everyone thinks it’s crazy, but no one has the moral courage to stand up to me on this one.  Remember, I am Liberal One, and no liberal in his or her wrong mind will ever agree to buck me on this one.

You see, every teacher, every administrator, every state legislator, every who-knows-what who supports this craziness is my servant. 

And unlike God, I permit my servants very little leeway in service to my kingdom.

But it is crazy, right?

Consider a scene in a school administrator’s office:

Suzie: My head hurts, can I get an aspirin?
Admin:  No.  We need your parents permission first.
Suzie: But my parents are busy, and it really hurts; I think it’s because I’m pregnant.
Admin: Well, that we can help you with; no need to bother your parents.  Just step over here.

Crazy, crazy, right?

So crazy that one reporter recently challenged a state senator who made this very point in support of legislation intended to turn back the clock to more sane days. 

In a story reported here, it seems some Florida legismeddlers passed several bills back in May relating to abortion.  One of them went so far as to require young women who want a judge to waive the parental-notification requirement to obtain the waiver in a circuit court closer to their home rather than a wider-reaching appeals court.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Is that all?  (I can kill one and wound another without parental consent just as easily under the new rules.)

Nevertheless, this minor change brought out the worst in my servants, and in reply to them state senator Steve Oelrich said this:

 You can’t give a child an aspirin in school without permission.  You can’t do any kind of medication, but we can secretly take the child off and have an abortion. We should support it (HB 1247) with all our hearts and souls if parental responsibility means anything to us.

Doing some fact checking, a local reporter wrote:

Oelrich’s claim left us wondering: Is it really that hard for students to get over-the-counter medication at school?

And guess what?

Yes, you’re right!  Oelrich’s claim is true!

Crazy, right?

The article stated:

It took time to be sure, but Oelrich is right. Every district requires parental consent for non-prescription medication, sometimes in writing and sometimes by phone.

And some school districts require a doctor’s note, too.

And do you want to know the best part of this story?  As related in the article, what got a “shudder” from school nurses was that Sen. Oelrich invoked aspirin.

Did you know aspirin might hurt a child?  Did you know that aspirin is linked with some rare lethal diseases?

Yes, one good nurse stated:

We stay away from all aspirin products and stuff. You don’t know if a child has an allergy, so you need to have very specific instructions for each student.

It’s good to know she stays away from “stuff” without very specific instructions, right?

Yes, because some “stuff” is deadly, and we wouldn’t want to take a chance regardless how small that our actions might cause someone to end up dead, right?

Hey, did you know that abortion is always 100% lethal?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Crazy.  Just plain crazy.

And the beat goes on.


5 Responses to “No aspirin for Suzie (unless she is also getting an abortion)”

  1. Kill the evil arbortion industry and the murderous “Pro-Choice” lie by killing its taxpayer subsidies. Dry up the profits and the abortion mills will go away.
    Stop the evil teachers’ unions by giving “Pro-Choice” vouchers to parents. Then the parents can free their children from the atheist indoctrination of govenment schools and send them to schools where God and life are welcome.
    If the Obamas and the Kennedys think government schools are so great, let’s see them start sending their kids there! Come to think of it, let’s see these school administrators and union thugeroos do the same! What hypocrites!

  2. Hey Satan, have you seen this?

    Since you like abortion so much, I thought this might be of interest to you… good luck trying to stop Ray!

  3. I think what they fail here to mention is that this is killing a human being and that makes it a sin against God. That is what the atrocity of abortion is. It is evil in the eyes of the Lord. How many mass murdering soldiers around the world broke the commandment that said thou shalt not kill? Millions of them are in hell for disobeying Gods command not to kill. So there must be very large multitudes of soldiers who killed for devils and Satan that must be in hell right now that were Christians.

  4. Sometimes even the Devil can sound like a atheist when he does not mention that devils tempt people to slay people and babies so that they commit the sin of killing.

  5. Why don’t all cops wear pentagrams in North America? They never forgive anyone but are always obedient to Satan’s demons. They always hate and disrespect people because of their tyrannical leaders who love lies.

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