Memories of 9/11


Yes, I have memories of 9/11 just like everyone else.  Fond memories, in fact.  It was one of my better days on earth. Killing, stealing, and destroying all in one big, burst of eye-riveting, televised extravaganza of devilish destruction.

Ah, yes, fond memories.  Rarely has my work on earth produced such lasting fruit for my kingdom.

Let me share a few with you, my servants, including the best memory, which I’ve saved for last.

I remember the terror imposed on an entire planet by a few of my handmaidens (they hate it when I refer to them as “my handmaidens”).

I remember with great satisfaction the desperate phone calls from the confused and terrified innocents inside the burning buildings and the doomed airplanes.

I remember basking in my success of the moral conundrums of the media and political elite as they strove to avoid using words like “evil” and “wrong,” except against “religion” in the abstract.

I remember provoking many to steer the collective conversation to one about “religious extremists” and how extremists can be found in “every religion,” and so “religion” must be suspect everywhere.

I remember my delight in seeing the dancing in the Arab streets in celebration of our common goal.

I remember, unfortunately, the seemingly unlimited number of men who fearlessly charged into the World Trade Center to rescue those inside.  I remember thinking to myself, who are these men among modern men?  I rarely see such selfless bravery in men anymore.  Same for those men among men who moved with “Let’s Roll” on Flight 93.  Of course, I got them all as well, although now that I think about it, I don’t recall ever seeing them down here.

I remember the short-lived attention of many to spiritual matters.   So many people began praying for the first time that for a moment I panicked, thinking that maybe my plan would ironically backfire.  Fortunately, in almost every case, people soon went back to their prayer-less lives.  The few that didn’t fail to outweigh my destructive success.

But here’s what I remember with the greatest delight: the surprised looks on the smirking faces of those 19 al-Queda badboywusses when they came tumbling into my eternal presence.   Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, Ziad Jarrah  Khalid al-Mihdhar Nawaf al-Hazmi, Hani Hanjour and all the others–smug smirks quickly turned to wide-eyed confusion.

I remember Mohamed Atta swaggering up first, looking around, as if he was expecting to find something else.

I remember to this day the shock in all their faces when I told them, “Sorry, little prettyboy pukes, but we’re clean out of virgins down here.  It’s just me.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.


4 Responses to “Memories of 9/11”

  1. And the vast majority of our political and religious leaders cannot find the stomach to call Islam the evil that it is. They are politically correct apostates who actually have more in common with Islam than with biblical Christianity because:
    -they hate Israel
    -they hate the (formerly) Christian West.
    That is especially true for our first truly and completely anti-American president, his lovely wife and pastor, and every friend and supporter with which he has chosen to surround himself for his entire life.

  2. Excellent…love the part about being “clean out of virgins down here”. Keep up the good….err…evil work, Ol’ Slew Foot!


    ASSHOLEEEE !!!!!

  4. AnnonGMasta Says:

    If there is one politician who got anything spot on correct that would be Geert Wilders. That guy has simply called Islam for what it is without any fear of consequences especially those consequences that threaten his life and livelihood. He is working against you Slew Foot.

    I’m an American. A Jesus-Fearing American. I honestly believe that the USA is the only nation that is a leading light in the world. BUT, I can’t help but feel that there is a whole lot of truth to the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War.” Why do we do everything with just half-an-ass? We had the chance to make Afghanistan our strongest ally in that region, when it was the easiest to do so, and we royally blew it. Of course this also is God’s plan.

    I love Israel for being the only nation who is simply NOT afraid of being politically incorrect. But then again I fear that they are ever in danger of being just like their Nazi persecutors when it comes to Palestine. No doubt this state of affairs is also part of God’s plan. There is no end for this problem nor will there ever be, until His Return.

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