Socialism IS my way. (Shhhh)


Very perceptive, you are, my friends.  I’m speaking of those who commented to my last post.  In so may words you captured much of what is true about the difference between true Christianity (the only religion I hate) and socialism (one of the religious systems I love!).  In short, one is about freely giving; the other is about freely taking.

Very perceptive indeed!

Hey, what is a person called who comes into your home (but not everyone’s) and, against your will, takes your property for his own use?

Right!  A thief!

Now, for extra credit — what do you call that person if he is a governmental official acting in his official capacity?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Seriously, now, my servants, what I’m getting ready to share with you is TOP SECRET.  Please, do not share this with anyone that you and I cannot trust to handle in the proper way.  I share this information with you only because I know you will use it to further my kingdom, and not double-cross me.  Right?

Look around.  Is anyone where they can see your screen?  I’ll wait a few minutes until I see you scroll down a bit.  That will be my sign that you are alone.

Hmm.  Hmmm. Hmmm.

OK.  Here it is, my servants.  The truth about socialism.  First, you must not get tripped up by technical definitions of words.  Socialism, whether by this or any other name, means economic control of the people by government for purposes beyond a government’s proper role of protecting private property.

And “economic control” is best facilitated by an all-powerful state that acts as the ultimate authority.

Another way to view socialism: Individual control of property usurped by government control for redistribution in a more fair way for the betterment of the masses.

Sound familiar?

Yes, it should.  This description describes most modern Western societies which view themselves as democracies.  Government has displaced God as the individual’s perceived provider and protector.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

How did I do it, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you.  But, again, this is highly confidential.  Do not print or copy this without my permission.

In a perfect world there would be no reason for a commandment that says “Thou shalt not steal.”  Yes, there was a perfect world once, a world in which innocent human beings lived free of a selfish desire to have the property of others.

And then I snaked my way in.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

And guess what?  One of the traits of a fallen human being is selfishness.


Mine, mine, mine, you say.

Yes, humans must now be commanded to not steal.  But they still want things they don’t have, and they still covet the property of others.  And it’s that human trait that I’ve capitalized upon to foist socialism upon unthinking people.

You see, there are two ways that greed can drive human behavior in societal relationships.  One way, broadly called capitalism, is a system where people choose whether or not to take personal responsibility for their lives, suffer the consequences, learn, and adapt. The process of learning brings out the best in men, and ultimately, leads to great civilizations led by great men.

Capitalism works where men are free to make their own choices in associations, free to make their own economic decisions, and free to fail.

Free? You see why I hate capitalism.

And here is where my genius will impress you, I’m sure.  I had to find a second way to govern societal relations among selfish people, a way that would surely destroy people using the very selfishness that serves to drive free societies to greatness.

What I did, very simply, is devise a system by which great masses of people are enabled to better themselves not by the selfish sweat of their brow for their own property, but by selfishly appropriating the sweat of others’ brows.

Mine, mine, mine, but not by my hard work, but by someone else’s hard work.

Here is the way one writer put it at the Rogue Operator blog:

The Socialist politician seeks to obliterate Self-interest by embedding institutions in Society that harness Self-interest and turn it against itself; he offers Welfare that comes from “The State” financed invisibly and without apparent opportunity cost to Society.

And then Rogue hits the nail on the head:

The politician’s proffering of Welfare ensnares dependents on the State, and enables a form of selfishness that is lain on a foundation of coercion.

Yes!  Does it get any better than this?  Coercion!  Lying, cheating, and stealing — all in the name of “fairness”!

Let me assure you, my servants, here is my greatest fear:  a human being who gives freely and cheerfully to those in need.  I hate a human being who conquers selfishness, works hard for property, and then voluntarily gives it to the poor and needy.

My worst nightmare.  Because this is God’s welfare plan.

And, believe me, nightmare-inducing people exist.

But fortunately, their days are numbered; every day I’m taking more and more of the nightmare-inducers’ property involuntarily in the form of taxes to fund my welfare rolls of selfish takers of the taken.

Taking all around.

It’s my way, after all.

Ha ha ha ha ha.


5 Responses to “Socialism IS my way. (Shhhh)”

  1. It seems to me, Devil, that you already dominated the UN.

    Coercion to provide abortions. It is your job, certainly.



  2. The crazy thing is that you destroy men’s lives with a warped notion of fairness.

  3. vengeance Says:

    Well Satan. You take those lying christian preachers to hell with you. Kill their ‘seed’, their little bastards, their nature. You kill off the lying, thieving apostles and prophets. Torture them, Humiliate them. Damn them. May the world curse God because of these Mother F****rs.
    Do your job you ‘Mother F****r’.

  4. vengeance Says:

    Destroy the christian apostles and prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, , , , Everyone.

  5. So you really expect me to believe Satan is behind a screen answering these questions? lol
    This is so dumb! Waisted 5 min of my life!!

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