Liar, liar, pants on fire


Hey, if an atheist lies, does it count?  Does it matter?  Think about that a moment while I relate to you a funny story that says a lot about those who are so sure God doesn’t exist they can’t seem to stop talking about him.

I’m referring to a story at the Huffington Post entitled “Atheists’ Billboard Falsely Attributes Quote To Thomas Jefferson.”  Sure enough, those loveable little bitternics paid for a billboard to promote their religion by bashing Christianity.  So far, so good, of course, but those petty little religomeddlers showed themselves to be the fools they are (this is one thing on which God and I agree!) by failing to fact check their Christobashification!

According to the Huffington Post:

The billboard includes a picture of [American “Founding Father”] Jefferson with the quote: “I do not find in Christianity one redeeming feature. It is founded on fables and mythology.”

However, the article reports that “further research reveals there’s no solid evidence that Jefferson ever uttered or wrote the words.”

In fact, there is not even any flimsy evidence that Thomas Jefferson ever said such a thing.

I have an idea!  I’m going to have someone put up a billboard saying “Atheists are fools!” and attribute it to Thomas Jefferson.  Of course ol’ Tom never said that; God did.  But maybe if atheists thought Jefferson said it they would change.  Right?  Why not?

According to an Orange County Register article on the same billboard, Bruce Gleason, a member of the atheist group Backyard Skeptics, explained the purposes of the sign, one of which is, “To let other people, non-believers, know that there’s a place you can go and share the idea that you can be good and do good without a religion or god.”

Hmmm.  You can be good and do good without religion or god?


Are you and your Backyard Fools doing good, Mr. Gleason?

I take it from your exhibition of your religion, that lying is good and liars do good, right?

So you must want people to believe that one can lie without religion?  Is that what you are demonstrating, Mr. Gleason?  Or that you can bear false witness, or take liberties with facts, or use any means, regardless how vile and despicable, for selfish ends?

Is that what you are trying to teach people?

If so, your point is taken, and, frankly, I’m with you.  Lying, cheating, and stealing can be done without religion.  I should know, because I am the father of all liars.  And I have my people on earth, many of them thinking themselves very smart skeptics, who live out my lies daily.

Atheists on earth (the only place in the universe you will find them) disappoint me.  But lying atheists?

They make me a proud papa.

And Mr. Gleason, son, you make me proud.

PS: And as for “a place you can go and share the idea that you can be good and do good without a religion or god,” I’ve got just the place.  You’ll know when you get here because we’ll all shout “pants on fire!”

Ha ha ha ha ha.


2 Responses to “Liar, liar, pants on fire”

  1. In 1976 my American History prof. gave us the same ‘quote.’ As a freshman it was my first of very many exposures to Liberal Professors faith in nothingness. Being a Freshman… I believed her, and them… gradually I found their ideas and attitudes VAPID… It took some time to unlearn what I had been taught… Sometimes I still wonder at the power of bold lies, then I recall their source… Your Satanic Amazingness!

  2. vengeance Says:

    Oh Satan. Tell your servants to hurry and curse those worthless christian leaders that lie and steal ‘in the name of the lord’. Put hexes on those Mother F****** !
    The Goddess is rejecting you until you curse them liars and thieves. You want the glory of the Goddess? Then hurry up and destroy those lying, thieving Apostles and prophets. And that Faggot christian Teacher, the Cull that poses as an angel of light. Hides in the ranks as a lesser demon. Contradicts the ‘apparent leaders.
    Let them be accursed. TAKE THEM.

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