Your Glee is My (unstoppable) Glee


I knew it would come to this, my servants.  After all, what (or who) could stop it?  Yes, my friends, I’m bragging about the glorious boyboysex delivered into millions of households this week on Fox’s popular teen-targeted comedy “Glee”.


Maybe for you, but for me?  It’s pure glee!

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Boyboysex on prime time television.  According to Fox News’ article entitled “Straight, Gay Couples Lose Virginity on ‘Glee’ Episode, Spark Controversy,” my will on earth is hurtling along almost totally unimpeded.

Who can stop it?

According to the Fox News article, both a heterosexual couple and a homosexual couple will lose their respective virginities on this prime time fare.

And do you know what I like best?  It’s that the uproar is virtually solely over the boyboysex.  The world apparently yawns at two children of opposite sex “losing it” on television.  That is so yesterday.

But boyboysex?

Well, soon that, too, will be so yesterday.

You see, my servants, how far we have come. Today’s shock is tomorrow’s yawn.

And the beat goes on.

My Glee glee is particularly gleefulicious because it comes during the same week that the world is shocked at the allegations of boyboysex between a grown man and a 10-year old boy in the locker rooms of Penn State’s Happy Valley.

I love the hand-wringing over the fate of that poor little 10-year old (who was merely unlucky in time; within the next 50 years such behavior will be accepted as normal).  The popular press screams in high moral outrage about a grown man enjoying boyboysex with a 10-year old pinned to a shower wall.

You are all my 10-year olds, my friends.

While the world frets about that 10-year old on the receiving end of boyboysex in the locker room, do you know how many 10-year olds (or younger) watched boyboysex on Glee?

I’ll tell you.  I was gleefully counting: 2,744,992.

And do you know what else?  About 31% of those 10-year olds were watching with their parents in the room.

I’m not sure what I’m more proud of — the kids watching with their mind-numbed parents, or the kids watching without.  Both are huge victories for my kingdom.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Now, of course, there are those against my kingdom who try to sound the warning bell.    Melissa Henson, the director of communications and public education for the Parents Television Council, a nonpartisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment, was quick to weigh in by refuting the standard Hollywood line:

Hollywood loves to defend teen sex story lines by insisting, “Kids are having sex! We’re reflecting the real world!” But the truth is much more sobering and

Yes, of course it is.  Because as Henson states:

Teens are also aware that television influences their behavior. According to one survey, a third of youths age 12 and older say the media encourages them to have sex by making it seem like “everybody does it.” And why shouldn’t they get that impression?

You see, my friends.  I use television to continually push back the lines of morally acceptable behaviour for language, sexuality, and culture in general.  But my greatest achievements come among the little chillen’s of the world.

And I’m proud not only because of what I’ve accomplished, but also at how easy it is.

A few minutes of prime time comedy will prove to anyone how effective my strategy has been.  The airwaves shining into the minds of chillens the world over are full of vulgarity, sexual innuendo, sexual exuendo, glamorized casual sex, shameless gratuitous sex, and, of course sex-laced laugh lines to make you laugh your way to moral rot and decay.

You see, my friends, I have almost the whole world grinning with glee as they face the shower wall.

And, again, who can stop me?

Apparently no one.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

(PS: Don’t tell anyone, but television would hardly be my playground of evil if only Christians and those who call themselves Christians stopped watching.  Shhhhh!)


26 Responses to “Your Glee is My (unstoppable) Glee”

  1. SHOOT your television! SHARE the gospel!

  2. great article!

    It makes me wanna make sure I don’t own a television later, but I wonder if that is the right approach…

    I have had a friend who was raised in quite a strict Christian home, where they indeed had no tv, and he started to resist the faith and lost it after a while. I have always wondered if there is something like pushing your kid so much he will resist, or if it all comes down on the kids attitude to begin with… any thoughts on this, Satan?

    • It’s one thing for a Christian parent to eliminate the TV and the pollution it’s spews into the family room, and another to “raise a child up” in the ways of the Lord. A parent who is committed to the latter will be blessed with a child that shoots straight like an arrow. As Christian parents we can not assume that one or two hours every Sunday is enough to shape the hearts of our children. We must seek opportunities every day to raise them up. Deuteronomy 11:19 addresses this. Read it! Live it!

    • Andy makes a great point. Also, how often do you see a father who is strict with discipline, TV, music and other similar things and also see that same man loving and investing in his children. Often strict Fathers are strict because they do not want their children to be a bother to them or their image. It is pride. I see these same fathers neglect the emotional and spiritual upbringing of their children.

      If all we do is take, take, take and impart rules we steal their joy. I grew up in a home with a strict Father who did not love his children. That pushed me away from the church he forced me to go to and act right in. We show our children that the Christian life is not stressful or a burden to our happiness. Why would they want that for themselves?

      I am a Father of 2, soon to be 3, and I am strict. We train (discipline is different) our children at an early age before they can even speak. Once we see training has set in we begin to discipline. As they age, 99% of TV, movies and music will be off limits. As it will be for myself as well. Don’t take from them what you won’t sacrifice yourself, lead by example. I hate when parents say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” They will be homeschooled and raised in church. The problem is if we stop there. I spend time everyday investing in my children, playing with them, teaching them about things they are interested in (train tracks and cars at the moment) and having a time of family devotion and worship.

      I have to show my son that my joy comes from the Lord and my hope is not in this life and what it has to offer but in heaven and the blood of Christ. He will learn that my love for him and my family comes from Christ.

      There is to much more to say on this subject. I hope you can defer the full meaning of what I am trying to get across here.

      American standard for parenting and even Christian American standard for parenting is a slap to the face of God. Our Fathers will answer on judgment day for this rebellious generation we are in.

  3. now where did my reply go…

  4. watchingForLiberals Says:

    I agree with the premise of the article, but not with the delivery. The “against the shower wall” reference is beyond the pail imho.

    • Watching — I appreciate your comment, and your point is well taken. It’s interesting that you mentioned this; I also had some second and third thoughts on that phrase before posting, but decided to leave it in. Iagree the imagery is at least slightly beyond my usual good tact. In fact, the original version which email subscribers received included an even stronger reference at that point, but I changed it right away.

      I may take that phrase out, especially if I get a one or two more good faith objections like yours (in the mouth of two or three witnesses).

      Thanks again.

      • watchingForLiberals Says:

        Thanks, while I normally appreciate harsh imagery if the situation calls for it, in this case however, the face of the little kids that comes to mind is just too much. I do understand the point though its a well written blog, I love the Screwtape take. Thanks!

        • The face of that child should come to your mind. You should feel righteous anger for his sufering and pain. Young men were raped violently and against their will. You should feel sick and see their faces. This is the problem with American Christians, out of sight out of mind. God and his angels see his face and burdon the hearts of thier people to stand and take action.

        • watchingForLiberals Says:

          triple huh?

        • Are you not refering to the against the shower wall reference to do with the whole Penn State coach?
          The man who was caught raping the young men in the shower??

  5. Sonoma county California USA is one of the ‘hypocrite’ capitols of the world. Nazis, pedaphiles from Vietnam, perverts, faggots, etc, etc, etc. They are a great place to kidnap some punk count team members at the casino and sacrifice them to Satan. All of that negative energy would be food for the devil. A lot of these people call themselves ‘christians’. So, there it is. TAKE THEM !

  6. Yeah the writer of this blog is disgusting. Homosexuality will NOT lead to legalizing molestation. Just think of how RETARDED that sounds. OMG!! It is crazy, extremist like you that make people HATE Christians. How damaging YOU are to the American Society and to this world. I am disgusted and appalled by this. So I guess my mother in law is a horrible person for loving her gay daughter and can, in no way, be a real Christian? Ha what a joke!! Real Christians do not judge. He who has not sinned should cast the first stone. Ring a bell? Oh I am sure your followers are REAL Satanical followers and not true Christians.

    • Educat yourself please. Your ignorance can no longer be your excuse.

      Germany, a advanced civilized country has government agencies for family and health promoting the molestation of children 1-6 years of age. Read the following argument and see where the world is going.
      G.K. Chesterton: “When men cease to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing anything.”

      The argument for people who molest children of “This is how I was born, who are you to tell me my sexual orientation is wrong” is becoming common place and even being considered in the states. Sounds familiar to the argument Homosexuals use??

      • Oh you are so stupid it is amazing you can even spell. OBVIOUSLY you don’t know how to read or research otherwise you would know that it is a book/pamphlet about the sexuality of children themselves NOT a handbook explaining to pedophiles on how to molest children. WOW the ignorance of Christians!! Your god must be soooooo proud of you.

        It also notes that parents shouldn’t discourage young kids from masturbating because it is a natural thing to do. But of course someone with your perversion would take that the wrong way.

        And this pamphlet was discontinued over 10!!! years ago. Derrr. Shows how smart you REALLY are. Don’t you have a bible to go read or a daughter to control? Maybe a wife to beat? I am sure your bible justifies all that.

        • Careful now. I’m tempted to pull comments that involve name-calling and other juvenile attacks. I leave them on for the sole purpose of illustrating the intellectual capacity and strength of the arguments of the name-callers.

      • The pamphlet:

        The brochure describes the development of the child by way of exemplary situations in the different age stages. It contains information on how parents can respond to the questions of their children and promote it in his body sensation, his loyalty and ability to love and guide you. Important aspects such as feelings of shame and boundaries are addressed, as the role of the media and protection from sexual assault.

        So maybe next time get YOUR facts right dumb bible pusher. DUH!!


      Educate your self. The argument that they were born this way is being used in courts of Law even here in the states.

      .K. Chesterton: “When men cease to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing anything.”

  7. Anonymous, I must congratulate you and the entire Gay Nation for your single-minded devotion to normalizing the unspeakably perverse. You’ve won!
    Open homosexuals in the military? Unthinkable, but it’s here! Military chaplains thrown out of the service for preaching that homosexuality is as much a sin as adultery? Unthinkable, but it’s here! People losing jobs for saying something around the office water cooler that indicates they don’t condone gay behavior? Unthinkable but it’s here! The perversion that is homosexual behavior canonized in our laws as “marriage”? Unthinkable, but it’s here! Rush Limbaugh cowering behind his microphone, afraid to connect the homosexual dots to Mr. Sandusky’s child molestation? Unthinkable, but it’s here!
    Homosexuals are not being harassed in the workplace. In a Christian nation, homosexuals have absolutely nothing to fear. They know all this.
    Straights who do not toe their politically correct line have plenty to fear however. What everybody needs to understand is that Gays and their apologists will not rest until all dissent is criminalized. While screaming that they themselves are victims, they will happily march anyone who will not actively condone their perversion off to jail. That day is fast approaching if we keep backing down to them.
    Mr. Anonymous will continue to attempt to present as “scientific” his Goebbelesque rantings.
    In the Islamic world, this is called holy lying. We are not the Taliban, militant gays are.

    • Why don’t all religious extremists just go buy a private island and occupy it that way NORMAL people can move on with their lives!?

      Oh yes so THIS is all a lie:
      Studies show that anywhere from 15 percent to 43 percent of gay people have experienced some form of discrimination and harassment at the workplace. Eight percent to 17 percent of gay and transgender workers report being passed over
      for a job or fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
      • Ten percent to 28 percent received a negative performance evaluation or were passed
      over for a promotion because they were gay or transgender.
      • Seven percent to 41 percent of gay and transgender workers were verbally or
      physically abused or had their workplace vandalized.

      Right? Please your ignorance still mystifies me. Even when evidence is given you still snub your anti-love nose in the air. tsk tsk tsk. Shame on you. It shall be funny when YOU are the ones damned to Hell.

      Dear Satan: Are you a member of the WBC?

      • Excusez-moi, ma belle dame! You mistake Satan for one who “loves the sinner but hates the sin”. In fact, he loves the sin and hates the sinner. If you are looking for a sinner-lover, you must look to another. In the meantime, stick around. I think you and I will get along just fine. Vous faites battre mon cœur avec délice

  8. Don’t worry about your bogus statistics, Anonymous, Obama is right by your side. You don’t need truth anyway with his soaring rhetoric and barely-disguised hate for his own country there to lead the way. Like I said before, you have already won the culture war. The only goal you could possibly have left is prison sentences for those who would dare confront the Gay agenda. You’re the one who wants his own little island you hypocrite!
    You and the Occupy Wall Street Marxists are Obama’s storm troopers. You all full well know that if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. You, the actual haters, just have to keep calling the timid majority bigots and eventually Obama’s one-party press and entertainment industry will seal the deal for you (e.g. your favorite show, “Glee”).
    Remember, Anonymous, Goebbel’s golden rule, and those prison sentences for dissenting straights will be just around the corner:
    “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly-it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”

    • Actually I don’t even watch Glee. I think it is a stupid show and I hate the singing. Shows how much YOU know.

      Oh yes, I will make sure all the faggots, queers and dykes take over this country and how about….murder those against us? I shall PUSH for death penalty on those who oppose homosexuality. ::hint sarcasm but unheard off from the above so ACTUALLY taken seriously::

      Wow such ignorance in this country. You Mike are OBVIOUSLY part of the WBC. Do you attend there regularly? Do you LOVE listening to Fred Phelps discuss the fate of America and the world? Do you stand next to WBC to picket at Soldiers funerals? Those who have DIED for your FREEDOM to be anti-American?

      You know how we currently have “ex-gay” therapy? One day it’ll be “ex-straight” therapy. We will have converted ALL Americans to the “dark side” of the homosexual agenda.

      Seriously though, Mike, your ignorance astounds me. I really hope you do not breed for I would fear for your children to be raised in such a hurtful and unloving, dangerous and poisonous world you obviously live by.

    • ” timid majority” THAT is real funny. Ooooo I laughed so hard I almost died!! HAHAHA soooo FUNNYYYY!!! You are far from timid…the conservatives that you worship are far from timid. If we let people like you control the USA you would probably kill all the gays, jews, blacks, mexicans….of course everyone who isn’t white and kissing your nasty butt.
      Answer me truthfully Mike, are you German? How about a Nazi? Where you born too late and was actually meant to be born during WW2? I bet you were. But wait, you probably wouldn’t KILL those people I mentioned above. You would keep them in camps, yes? I think I saw you one time at a Pride Fest. Where you the CrAzY person holding the signs “God hates Fags” and “God hates America”?

      Remember you, poor, poor soul, are an American too.

      How about you get your fake proof that I am lying about my statistics? Oh wait yeah that is right you can’t because everything you say is BS. I just don’t understand why extremists like you are still alive. Why don’t you do us all a favor, including God, and just eleminate yourself. That way this lovely Satan can take you into a world where you REALLY belong.

      It is going to be funny when you find out that after death there is nothing but you…..dead….rotting…….the….ground. And this whole time you have been fighting for NOTHING and causing yourself so much internal pain and anguish, damaging children and raising even more bad, hurtful people in this world.

      Remember Mike, WE and our supporters are the majority and one day people like you and WBC followers and Fred Phelps will be gone and THAT is the day we will know that America is FINALLY the best place to live.


  9. @Anonymous

    funny how you describe everyone else who comments on this article as bad and hurtful, while you are the only one calling names, beïng agressive and molesting your capslock key.

  10. tea party…

    […]Your Glee is My (unstoppable) Glee « Satan's Blog[…]…

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