Lurking about in the Personhood


Do you know what I fear most on earth, my servants?  No, not that.  There is something on earth that if allowed to advance freely among true free thinkers, it would spell the end of many of my major campaigns on earth.  Do you know what it is?


OK, I’ll tell you.  But you must agree to keep this quiet.  This is highly confidential, and I tell you only so that you can be proactive in turning this potential for kingdom harm into an engine for my kingdom’s growth.

Ready?  It’s science.

Yes: science!

Surprised?  Did you think that science plows ahead relentlessly rendering articles of religious faith into mere mindless myths?  Did you think that science was the “enemy of religion” and that only right-wing fanatics (in the US) are against “science”?

Think again, my servants.  In truth, every day scientific discovery and advances deal blows to the lies of my kingdom.  And, if truth were known, it is my servants who more often than not impede the free advance of science whenever the free advance would impinge on a politically correct sacred science cow.

Evolution?  It is only with great effort that I shield that lie from the onslaughts of modern science.  Only by overlaying a philosophy of materialism, which forces an atheistically constrained definition of “science” onto the evidence, can I successfully continue to divert the torrent of evidence of true agency in design.  The clear evidence of a designer in biological systems is overwhelming, but since I have convinced almost all scientists that “science” cannot legitimately consider a designer, the evidence is cast aside as belonging only to “religion”.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I’m good.  I’m really, really good.

But it’s not evolution that worries me today, my servants; evolution is safely ensconced in layer upon layer of cultural, legal, educational, professional and societal protections.

What is on my mind today?

I’ll tell you.  It’s the recent barrage of news articles pertaining to “personhood” (blechhhh!).  In fact, the epidemic of articles on personhood has prompted me to issue a Level 3 devilbloggger Alert, my servants.  A Level 3 Alert is issued for clear and present dangers to my kingdom.  You are alerted so as to take action to stop the threat.

Did you know, my friends, that in the USA there is an organization called “Personhood USA”?  Those Americans.  Ever since Thomas Jefferson polluted their minds and government with the notion of “unalienable rights” of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” there has been this strange notion that all persons are legally entitled to life.

The Personhood USA troublemeddlers have taken the USA’s constitutional protection of “life” to new extremes–they believe a fertilized human zygote possesses “life”.  And by doing so they threaten one of my favorite pastimes–watching little chillens killed by their own mothers will.  I’ve wrought the travesty of abortion on the Americans (and the rest of the world) in part by confusing the issue of when a fetus becomes a person.  Because, as the Personhood USA ne’er-do-wells say, “A person, simply put, is a human being.”


This thinking, my friend, must stop.  This thinking leads to states like Mississippi, where voters just last Tuesday (thankfully) defeated a ballot initiative that would’ve declared life begins at fertilization.  If this thinking gains hold, it will only feed the likes of Personhood USA, who believe know that “if we clearly define the preborn baby as a person, preborn babies will have the same right to life as all Americans do.”

Do you see my problem, my servants?  There is only one class of persons who can be legally killed by their mothers in America.  And if that class is suddenly deemed to be “life” then my gig’s over.  Mommies (and Daddies) will have to go back to loving the babies they helped create.

When my baby killing was legalized in the USA in 1973, scientists could argue the finer points of whether the fetus was “viable” or not, and, therefore whether it was a person.   But unfortunately for me, scientific advances now settle that debate; there is no longer any question that upon fertilization a new human being is created.  As Dr. Jerome Lejeune, the “Father of Modern Genetics” said,

After fertilization has taken place a new human being has come into being.  It is no longer a matter of taste or opinion…it is plain experimental evidence.  Each individual has a very neat beginning, at conception.

Hoo boy!  What to do.

I can only rely on my dupes like Jeffrey Weiss for so long, my friends.  Mr. Weiss, in a piece titled with great hope, “Science Can’t Settle Personhood Debate,” (Subtitled, “I hope, I hope, I hope”), tries to combat Personhood USA’s notion that life begins at fertilization.  Focusing on the DNA of a human zygote, he writes this brilliant piece of horsehockery to defeat the proposition that “life” begins at fertilization:

But that can’t be the case. Every cell in your body possesses the same DNA. But PersonhoodUSA would never argue that your finger is a person.

Oh, if only people would be convinced by such beautiful nonsense.  But no sooner did Weiss’ DNA-laden finger write his dullery than a brighter mind, Cathy Ruse, came back with a piece aptly titled, “Science Can Help Define Personhood“.

And the problem?  Ms. Ruse, unfortunately, makes sense.  She writes very simply about the difference between a zygote and Mr. Weiss’ finger:

At the moment when a human sperm penetrates a human ovum, or egg, a new entity comes into existence.


Hoo boy, again.

Ms. Ruse goes on putting nail after nail into Weiss’ argument’s coffin.

Where [Mr. Weiss] errs is in failing to address the question of whether the human zygote is merely a new kind of cell or a human organism, which would distinguish it entirely from reproductive cells like egg and sperm [and fingers].

A human organism?

We must fight this, my servants.  Science is against us, but I have legions of “pro-choice” advocates, an entire abortion industry including Unplanned Unparenthood organizations, and millions of selfish, unthinking couples to look after.

So we can’t let the truth win out on the issue of “personhood”.  Because as Ms. Ruse correctly points out: “[T]he more children in the womb are seen and spoken of as ‘people,’ the harder it will be to deny them legal acknowledgment and protection.”

Help me out here, folks.  Every chance you get, vote down or shut down all talk of personhood, viability, zygotic life, live fetuses, and every other of the linguistic gamesmanship truth tellers use.

Let’s keep those no-good truth-meddlers out of our personhood.


5 Responses to “Lurking about in the Personhood”

  1. The pro-abortion wormtongues would even leave unwanted children to die on some lonely hilltop as any barbarian would endorse. This happens to be the official wormtongue stand of Barack Hussein Obama. Death to the unwanted unborn. Death to the unwanted born. Death to burdensom elders. Death to…

  2. Science showed me all of the religious hysteria from ‘christianity’ was all a bunch of bulls***. But the leaders keep it all going for control of others and for the money. Let them be accursed. Because of them, , , God be cursed.
    And these religious leaders have children (scapegoats) because the parents are to afraid to pay the price and suffer for their crimes. Like their God. A coward.
    A prophet says, “I’m not a coward. I sent my son to die for you.”
    (Hang yourself ‘coward’.)
    Later on this same blond haired blue eyed prophet had his kid raped by a nigger. (Nothing against black people.)
    I Don’t need to say who what or where. Satan knows. God knows.
    Religion will do anything to cover up knowledge from whatever source. Science, Hindu yoga, ‘Ancient’ tantra, etc. These blasphemers of the holy ghost will hide all truth to serve their own agenda.
    Sounds like lots of negative energy. Satan. TAKE THEM !

  3. When are you thrown out of the spiritual world by Micheal to Earth? When is the ten kings reign?

  4. When are you thrown out of the spiritual world by Micheal?
    When is the 10 kings reign?

  5. sent answer to please

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