Weekend Fun

Quick one that caught my eye today, my friends.

BTW– I know I’m getting lots of questions in “Ask Satan,” and I will get to them (new ones as well as old), but this is a very busy season for me and my kingdom servants, what with all the religious holidays coming up.  Stay tuned.

I saw this at the Washington Post’s On Faith blog today: “Why the world needs faith,” by Tony Blair.

Mr. Blair’s piece discusses the role of “faith” in the modern world, with a central premise that can be fairly summarized with this quote:

The challenges are thus made very clear. Religion matters. Faith motivates and compels. If democracy is to function effectively therefore, religion itself has to embrace the open mind not the closed mind.

Agree?  Disagree?

What is the correct way to think about what Mr. Blair’s central premise?

There is a correct way, and I know it.  Do you?

Comment below with your thoughts, and then I will educate you with kingdom insight later today or tomorrow.

Go, and do my will on earth as it is in Hell.


9 Responses to “Weekend Fun”

  1. I think he’s saying that religion (any religion) is useful to a republic. Blair is not concerned in this quote with whether the republic is useful to God.

    This is the “religion is a useful tool, whether true or not” viewpoint which has always struck me as silly. You can’t have a social order based on something you don’t believe is true… sooner or later it will fall apart (as in the French Revolution) or people will start actually behaving as if it were true (as in the the Islamic jihad).

  2. I am not quite sure but I think Father Barron answered that yesterday:

    Best regards,

    • Joe, Pedro, and Fr. Barron have nailed it.
      Tony Blair wants an “open minded” religion to “motivate and compel” a succesful democracy. What in God’s name can he mean by this claptrap? Truth is not arrived at by concensus. By the standards of a democracy, truth is whatever the majority says it is.
      Blair is talking about a global fusion of feel-good, ecumenical mish-mash. Ecumenists will be happy to vote on truth. It will be “hater”- free…no closed-minded Christians please. Only the “open-minded” who ultimately believe only in the state, a global democracy if you will, will be welcome.
      Mr. Blair’s utopian dream is nothing new and as Fr. barron points out, is ultimately about “cracking a few eggs” to whip up the totalitarian omelet. The “haters”…Christians, non-crony capitalists, non-sold-out educators, any media type not in the Chris Matthews mold…will have to go.
      In the history of both Israel and the Church, the apostates have been the most violent and persistent persecutors of the truth. Mr. Blair may be well-meaning in inviting apostates to help him form an “open-minded” global democracy. It just won’t be “open-minded” or a democracy for long. As Joe says, what will result will be a terrifying fusion of French Revolution and Islamic Jihad.

  3. Vincemt abbass Says:

    I dont know what you’ve asked just educate me on how i can join church of satan as soon as possible

  4. Faith in what, Mr. Blair? It ain’t the amount of faith you’ve got, but the object of that faith. You can have faith in Allah the size of Jupiter, but it ain’t gonna help you, but faith in Jesus Christ the size of a mustard seed will move mountains.

  5. Here is the problem: “religion itself has to embrace the open mind not the closed mind”

    Hmmm, sounds a lot like religion (and, by implication, beliefs) has to adapt itself to the ‘open mind’ rather than the other way round. So, if my religion causes me to believe abortion, homosexuality etc are wrong, it’s because I am not ’embracing the open mind’.

    Typical of Bliar.

  6. It seems that Mr. Blair is trying to degrade Christianity to:
    1. Any other relifion in the world
    2. Something that is not true
    3. Something that, even if untrue, with some minor (read: fundamental) adaptions, might be useful to support democracy ( = majority’s opinion.

  7. There is a remake to the book of Acts. The ‘prosperity’ preachers ask for money. They say that if you give us money, then God will bless you. It’s a scam.
    Well the apostle Peter asked Simon the sorcorer for money. Simon says to Peter, ‘To hell with you and your holy ghost sermon, because you thought that the holy ghosy could be use dto steal money from ”’stuped”’ people. ”
    Peter laughs, “we did’nt think, we knew.”
    St. Matthew’s seed faith, prayer by letter scam is such a thing. You can check them up on the internet. Their ”’mailing”’ address is in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    And their letters never reveal their names.
    Guess they are afraid of retaliation. Hmmmm.

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