The Whole World Has Faith


Great answers.  Excellent comments.  I’m speaking of my last post in which many of you commented on Tony Blair’s Washington Post piece entitled, Why the world needs faith.  I should say “well done.”

Mr. Blair starts his article with this:

There will be no peace in our world without an understanding of the place of religion within it. The past decade has seen many convenient myths which disguised the importance of religion, stripped away. Many thought: as society progressed, religion would decline. It hasn’t happened.

And the quote from my last post:

Religion matters. Faith motivates and compels. If democracy is to function effectively therefore, religion itself has to embrace the open mind not the closed mind.

What is the proper way to think about such statements?  I’ll tell you (although many of you see the issue clearly.)

The truth I hide from the world, including the likes of Mr. Blair is two-fold: (1) everyone has faith; and, (2) religion is likely the problem, not the solution.

Let me explain.

Everyone has faith in something or someone.  This is an undeniable truth, denied only by those whom I’ve blinded beyond proper understanding.  And of course the faith of every person motivates them and compels them in their every daily decision.  Those who have a faith in the true God are motivated to do his will.  Those who have a faith in false gods or in men are motivated by moi to do my will.

Therefore, to say that “faith motivates and compels” is a non-sequitor.  What faith? and what does that faith compel its faithful to do?

You see, I have my faiths on earth, each of which compel people in various ways to do my will on earth.  I have many with Godless faith in “science” and who blindly follow absurd necessities required by atheistic science, like “something appeared uncaused from nothing.”  Other have faith in false gods, most have faith in men: humanity can save itself.

Likewise, one of my greatest achievement is the proliferation of various religions on earth, from religious atheism to misguided theism.  In every case I’ve convinced people to express devotion and modify behavior in ways that have absolutely no chance of their receiving eternal life; in fact, many religions reject the notion of eternal life altogether.  To believe all religions merit equal deference is to believe one of my greatest lies.

Only one religion is not of my making.  Only one faith is the faith that destroys my kingdom.  Only one God is the true God and enemy of my kingdom.

But fortunately there are thousands of other religions, hundreds of other faiths, and as many other gods as there are Godless people.

That’s why religion, unqualified as to the object of its faith or the beliefs of its adherents, is likely to be a false religion based on a misplaced faith.

So as long as people like Mr. Blair are happy to make all religions deserving of an “open mind”, with no distinction as to truth and error, my kingdom will thrive.

Because, as Mr. Blair correctly states: “religion matters.”

It matters very much to me.  I’m somewhat close minded on that, my friends.


5 Responses to “The Whole World Has Faith”

  1. Vincent abbass Says:

    As fo me i have faith in the most high satan

  2. Mike Neutzling Says:

    Orwell would appreciate all the liberal double-speak these days. We have leaders like Blair and Obama with nice smiles and high-sounding rhetoric who are simply being John the Baptists for the coming evil one.
    They are smoothing his way by:
    -collapsing the global economy
    -normalizing perversion such as sodomite “marriage”
    -criminalizing dissent
    -isolating Israel
    -cultivating truly evil and misguided people like Michael Moore, Geroge Soros, union thugs, the Democratic party in general, and the Maoist unwashed spoiled children at Occupy Wall Street to feel that they are entitled to steal the future from our children, and kill the Christian civilization goose that lays the golden eggs
    You get the picture (except perhaps for poor Vincent above).

  3. NIce post. I agree that true faith is a bedrock principle, or perhaps put another way, the first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And while true faith is a principle of power I think it has some (younger?) siblings too… like humility; and perhaps a cousin, gratitude.

    To me these become apparent when I think about their opposites, which satan must really like a lot..

    Pride, for instance, is a real quencher of faith. Pride of intellect is particulary faith eliminating. This can be a great snare even for those that want to be religious, even those that seem to be headed toward God. If someone is convinced he “knows” something how likely is he to still count himself a fool before God? How likely is he to be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit that will not only try to purge his character of flaws but will also try to lead him to a fuller understanding of the truth?

    One thing the evil one must also enjoy doing (and this is another faith quencher) is proffering up indirect arguments against the grace of God. For instance, suppose someone who is sincere about believing in and following God gets some incorrect or incomplete doctrine… Might not the grace of God eventually provide a way so that “they that erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine.”?

    Seems to me that humility fosters faith because we are more likely to trust God…and trust is a key element of faith..

    Likewise gratitude fosters trust and faith and positions us to be open to the influence of and direction from the Holy Ghost..

    So have a happy thanksgiving everyone. Hopefully one that will not let us be drawn away to the pursuit of the worldly and the quest for the materialistic.

    After all don’t we all know who it is that wants us to be ungrateful?

  4. Great answer, Satan.

    I liked two sentences most:

    “To believe all religions merit equal deference is to believe one of my greatest lies.”

    “Everyone has faith in something or someone. This is an undeniable truth, denied only by those whom I’ve blinded beyond proper understanding. ”

    Pedro Erik

  5. The christian apostles and prophets are coming for all of you. They want to make you conform to their agenda and belief system, or torture and destroy you. They will lie to you so they can get your hard earned money. While you are starving, they are dining, AND LAUGHING AT YOU !
    Time to respond to them with “Jesus we know, Paul we know. Who are you?” And abuse them.
    They have lots of negative energy, these religious ‘hypocrites’. The apostles and prophets are witches and warlocks with black magic of their own, So be careful.
    Lots of negative energy to feed on. Like the ‘Throne of David’. King David. A rapist, , , adulterer, , , (had sex with another man’s wife), traitor, , , murderer, (betrayed and murdered the lady’s husband), , , thief, (stole his wife), , , liar (covered it up), , , baby killer (“the child born to her shall die”).
    “By their fruit you will know them’.
    “Born in sin, come on in”.

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