One Judge; My Will


I love America’s checks and balances.  Because as long as I have my peeps in the NCACLU doing the checking, I can assure you that I do the balancing through America’s judicial system.  Like a lead weight against a feather, when it comes to judges and my will, I’m heavy, man.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

My latest exploit?  Well, of course it involved my friends at the NCACLU, this time in North Carolina where some ne’er-do-wells used the legitimate legislative process to sneak through a license plate that disses my kingdom goals.

Yes, my servants, according to, a “federal judge blocked the Choose Life license plates in North Carolina on Monday after they became the subject of a lawsuit from the pro-abortion ACLU [sic].”

Awwwww. . .

According to the article,

The North Carolina affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) [sic] filed a lawsuit against the plates because it complains there is not a pro-abortion alternative available for drivers who want to purchase plates supporting abortion.

Oh my.  I didn’t think that silly argument would work!

In fact, this argument is risky.  I just hope no Godpunks figure out that the argument could work in reverse.  Why not force schools to teach a “pro-design” alternative to mindless evolution?  Why not force a “pro-abstenence” alternative to “pro-lasciviousness” sex education?  Why not force a “pro-marriage” alternative to public school’s pro-same sex marriage indoctrination?

Of course, the good news is that I’ve trained the minds of men to be “tolerant” and “fair” only for my perversions and societal aberrations.

So I think my strategy is safe for now.

But I’m still surprised it worked.

And the beat goes on.


5 Responses to “One Judge; My Will”

  1. May God’s people use this can of worms they’re opening against them!!!!!!!

  2. I’m sorry…my church is heavily into worship right now and I can’t hear a word you are saying. That bass has to be turned way up so people don’t notice our 7-11 format. You need a loud, driving beat to make up for the seven words repeated eleven times.
    You ought to see some of the acts… I mean shows… I mean worship productions my church has really worked hard on, I mean for days and weeks!!! If those don’t just blow your socks off with God’s emotional range and love for everybody, well, you just aren’t alive! We haven’t got nearly the number of swaying bodies or raised hands we need to see for what would be considered a completely successful and truly worshipping congregation yet, but we are getting there!
    Fortunately, many of the hymn-types have quit coming so we don’t have a lot of those negative vibes to deal with when we are doing our U2 or Coldplay sets. Those old geezers (for the most part) weren’t even grateful that we did some only sligthly rocked-out hymns to throw them a bone. Good riddance! People talk about some kind of war in churches about music and worship styles…if there was a war, it’s over. We won!
    Okay, I’m out in the narthex now so I can hear you a little bit better. Oh, you’re that Satan’s Blog guy! Somebody forwarded a few of your e-mails to me. Man, you need to tone down the political stuff! Obama is our president man, and we need to honor him. Remember, dude, we are children of the King, our job is to worship, not get all political! Haven’t you read Romans 13? I’m sure that says Caesar has unlimited authority. You know, that “Divine Right of Kings” thing.
    You need to tone down the hater attitude regarding the gay agenda and Islam and evolution and the public schools, and even this stuff about abortion too man! God is in control dude! You just make things worse by being all judgmental! People need to know that God loves them. That’s the good news! This other stuff is just a distraction.
    I’ve checked out your blog but, like I say, you are just way over the top with your political negativity. I’m going to reply to that guy who sends me your e-mails and tell him to stop being a hater too. Happy Holidays man!

  3. Devil does not exist its your mind which exist truly devil is nowhere

  4. Hey Devil,

    What is a Satan’s tree? I know, I know. It is a Holiday tree!!!

    Why don’t you talk about this or write a book? Need two hands? Take mine. After I decorate my Christmas tree.

    Pedro Erik

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