Neither godless nor Godless


I love the news today, my friends.  I read in The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room about a “secular coalition” of voters in the USA called, of course, The Secular Coalition for America, who plan on flooding Capitol Hill with ‘godless voters’.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Hey, my idiots at the secular coalition, Capitol Hill is already flooded with voters who ignore God.  So what is it you are trying to do?  Screw things up?

Oh, the confusion I sow.  Sometimes I have to shake my head at the inanity of people who swallow my lies on earth.

This time, according to The Hill’s article,

The Secular Coalition for America, a lobbying organization for “atheists, humanists and freethinkers,” will “flood Capitol Hill with godless voters to lobby Representatives,” according to a press release from the group.

Now I find this entire effort quite amusing.  Watching those I deceive act out my deception is one of my greatest pleasures.  Consider first: atheists and humanists are by definition not free thinkers.  They are not free to consider if God exists or not, are they?  As I’ve said before, atheists are free thinkers like prisoners are free walkers — they are free to walk about in their assumption-barred mind-cells.

Walk on, my atheist friends.  There is a time when you will be a truly free thinker.   Soon you will be an irredeemable theist, just like everyone else in Hell.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

But my greater amusement comes from knowing many on earth consider themselves “godless”.  This is wrong on at least two levels.  Let me explain.

First, a human on earth can no more be Godless (as opposed to godless) than he or she can be Sunless.  God is there whether you acknowledge it or not, just as the Sun is still there even when it’s dark, and even if you shut yourself up in an enclosed room stuffing rags in every crack light seeps through.

God is.  Remember that.

Nothing else in the universe “is” in itself, pure existence, uncreated and eternal.  God can no more be “isn’t” than light can be dark.

It is impossible.

And it’s impossible for anyone on earth to be Godless.

But I like the thought.

Second, to the point of my deceived ones ready to descend on Washington DC, these people are not only not “Godless,” they are also not “godless”.

In fact, their god is their belly.  They live to please themselves, and every activity of their life, including “flooding Capitol Hill” is aimed at pleasing themselves.

It’s a beautiful sight.

I love watching the mass of humanity.  Thinking themselves godless and wishing themselves Godless, they are actually neither.

Vote on, you wretchedly deceived “godless” voters.

I do have one major concern, however.  I read in The Hill article that in 2011, these lobbying efforts “drew 80 people who participated …”


Is that all?

Only 80 people showed up out of the greatest nation of atheistic, secular, Godhating, religion-bashing, evolution-loving Americans?


Oh, this is embarrassing.

Someone please fix this.


Don’t embarrass me again.

HT: Weasel Zippers, who very cleverly commented on the title of The Hill’s blog (“Secular Coalition To Flood Capitol Hill With “Godless Voters”) with this insight: “Otherwise known as Democrats.”  Nice.  Very nice.


2 Responses to “Neither godless nor Godless”

  1. Those are eighty definite Obama voters. He will also win San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington D.C. in 2012. He will then be kicked upstairs to the U.N. and probably collect another Nobel Prize for being the world’s favorite Marxist. Then it will be a very Merry Christmas America!!!

  2. The ‘criminal’ christian leaders hat being called things loke (c**k sucker), (Mother F*****), (Bastard), etc. Apostles, prophets, preachers of all ranks. If they are crooked, lying, thieving, christian leaders, then you will find them for ‘like seeks like’. I give yu permission to harass them. Do whatever you can to hinder these ‘Salespeople’. The Goddess will give you more food (energy).
    The honest ones with integrity will escape you because that is the nature of the universe, and that is perfectly fine with me.
    The crooked leaders, baby killers (their own children, ‘scapegoats’) pedaphiles, murderers, liars, thieves. There are people that have been publicly pointed out like Benny Hinn, Billy Graham (yes), and Kenneth copeland. Find their followers that are crooks as well. (You know who I am talking about.)
    If they are crooks, then destroy them through their own weakness. They hate being ‘bilittled’ which is what they do most to others. Hypocrites. I spit them out.
    Feed on them. Drive them out of my life. Then I can go free of their ‘blasphemy of the holy ghost’.
    Take them.

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