Words. Just words.

Fetal homicide.

Words.  My servants, we must not lose control of words.  Because some words, like “fetal homicide” sound so terrible.  But consider “abortion.”  Now that’s a nice word.  Lots of people support “abortion.”  But who would want to be for “fetal homicide”??

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, my, good servants.  Sometimes I crack myself up.

Did you know, my friends, that in at least 36 states of the United States, a person who kills an unborn baby is guilty of murder?

How can that be, you ask?  After all, already-born people kill not-yet-born little folks by the thousands everyday in the United States.

Well, it is true because of my brilliant insertion of a little technicality in so-called “unborn victim” laws.  Do you know what it is?  I’ll tell you.

All across the fruity plains of the United States laws recognize the unlawful killing of an unborn child as homicide in at least some circumstances.

Get it?  The unlawful killing.

For example, one state, Alabama, has a law including as a “victim” of a crime:

“an unborn child in utero at any stage of development, regardless of viability” as a “person” and “human being” for purposes of the state laws dealing with murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and assault.

You see?  The little blob is a “person” only for a narrow set of killing acts.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Have people lost their minds?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

If a thug in a trench coat kills unborn Sally, it’s fetal homicide, the illegal kind of murder.  But if a thug in a lab coat kills unborn Sally, it’s abortion, the legal kind of murder.

Words, my servants.  Just words.

Oh, but sometimes human madness gets tied up in the words of the legal system.  I just read in today’s Philly.com an article entitled, “N.J. abortion doctor charged with murder of fetuses in Md.”

First let me translate for my non-American friends.  “N.J.” is the state of New Jersey.  “Md” is the state of Maryland.  And “doctor” is a person legally empowered to murder unborn babies if requested to do so.

So what happened here?  Well, it seems a good doctor-like person named Steven C. Brigham was a little too clever.  Trying to dodge murder laws in one state he accidentally caused a legal murder (abortion) to look like the illegal kind (fetal homicide).

New Jersey regulates “outpatient surgery centers” in a manner that prevented the good doctor from performing “surgery” on “patients” in New Jersey.  So the good doctor merely did what any good doctor would do.  According to Philly.com, he lethally injected fetuses in New Jersey, the headquarters of his five-state abortion business, and then surgically removing them in Maryland.

And for this, the good doctor is accused of murder.

Is this right, my friends?

Is it right that a good doctor just trying to doctor up a few already-born women can be accused of murder on a technicality like that?

I sure hope not.

Because it’s only a matter of time before people realize that abortion is just a sterile word for fetal homicide.

Hoo boy.


2 Responses to “Words. Just words.”

  1. You sure are smart and clever. Too bad you’re so evil, too.

  2. Yes, liberals must always control the language. That is why they always grab the levers of power in academia, the media, politics and the “Church”. They must control the language and they must write the rules. Lots of rules. So many rules that no one can read or understand them all. So many rules that congresspeople must first pass ObamaCare so they can then have several years to read (do they even care to understand?) the travesty they passed.
    And ObamaCare is a death sentence to unwanted, “unproductive” humans on both ends of life’s spectrum. Our most pro-death, most self-aware president ever does not love anyone but himself. He is God-less but self-full. He and those who voted for him will have much to answer for.

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