Obama for killing children (born or unborn, as long as it’s a private family matter)


Did you know that President Obama supports a father’s right to kill his unborn child?  Did you know that Obama believes the government has no business stopping a father or mother from killing any of their children, born or not?  Yes, he does, at least as long as Mommy and Daddy keep it a private family matter.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I love it!

Obama spouts my will on earth better than most.  He is my servant on earth, and I hope he remains so forever.  But I am concerned that if he keeps spewing my rotgut philosophy of life so explicitly that his chances of remaining US King will be diminished.  He needs to nuance his remarks.

Someone tell him, please.

His latest preaching of my gospel occurred on the 39th anniversary of one of my greatest achievements in the US: the US Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade.  As reported at cnsnews.com:

President Barack Obama says the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is the chance to recognize the “fundamental  constitutional right” to abortion and to “continue our efforts to ensure  that our daughters have the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities as  our sons to fulfill their dreams.”

You see?  My bud Obama wants already born boys and girls to have the same “rights, freedoms, and opportunities.”  Thus, if already born Suzy has the right, freedom, and opportunity to kill unborn Sally, already born Johnny has the same right.

Obama says so.

And he said more.

In fact, he channeled my obvious, abject lie that government has no place in regulating private behavior when I, I mean he, said:

“As we mark the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we must  remember that this Supreme Court decision not only protects a woman’s  health and reproductive freedom, but also affirms a broader principle:  that government should not intrude on private family matters.”

Hey, Obama says as long as it’s a private family matter, already born family members can whack any other member, including children, sending them to the grave, or the dust bin, or the toilet.  And government should not intrude on this private family matter.

Why not?

Obama says.

And I say.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

It’s a “broad principle” of America’s constitution, after all.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

And mine.

Notice how America’s “broad principles” are looking a lot like mine lately?

Ha ha ha ha ha.


10 Responses to “Obama for killing children (born or unborn, as long as it’s a private family matter)”

  1. Obama’s HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, has also just issued an edict by which Christian health care entities must provide free contraception agents UNDER PENALTY OF LAW! No allowances for conscience UNDER PENALTY OF LAW!
    Yes, America’s “broad principles” must now simply be whatever Barack Obama says they are UNDER PENALTY OF LAW! He has declared all-out war on Christianity. Even somnolent Christians must surely see what is going on here. They are coming for us people! Does this remind anybody of Bonhoeffer’s pre-war Germany? The German Lutherans thought it couldn’t happen there too!
    ObamaCare MUST be completely rescinded or get ready for even more abrogations of our freedom of conscience. This truly is satanic evil. This horrible man, with his despicable cronies, must and will go down in defeat in 2012 with their wholly evil Democratic Party. They have fully revealed themselves as unwaivering tyrants. No decent American who has the slightest love for this country as founded could ever vote for this man (or any Democrat for that matter).

  2. You shot, Devil. Great analysis!

    If girls have the right to kill, boys also have. Simple, destructive.

  3. And yet Obama wants the government to intrude on the private family matter of what doctor I see. Obama wants to dictate the health care I provide for my children, but doesn’t care if I were to end their lives. Oh, Lord; please remove this ungodly man from office!

  4. Frankly, much as I have enjoyed in this blog over recent months, this entry is a little disapointing. The arguments presented here mischaracterize Obama’s points in a manner reminiscent of Beavis and Butthead snickering at each other, and saying, “You said ‘buttocks’!”

    There are a plethora of reasons to despise Obama’s policies and politics, and it isn’t really useful to overstate the case by playing with his semantics. No one (sensible) really believes Obama wants young men to have the right to demand their female partners get an abortion. That would intrude on the feminist agenda of “empowering” young women. Their argument is “it’s a woman’s body, she can decide what to do with it,” and males having the right to demand termination of a pregnancy would undermine that argument, by admitting that other people are involved and invested in the outcome. It would be a very small step from there to acknowledging the interests of the unborn child. What Obama was saying (obviously) is that our boys are not adversely impacted by their girlfriend’s unintended pregnancy, that it doesn’t materially impact their lives the way it does for the young women. He’s wrong, of course… but not in the way that the author of this blogs relates in this post.

    Playing “gotcha!” by pointing out the logical extremes someone’s statement could be taken to can be entertaining, but it’s not useful in the larger debate. Does the author really believe Obama is supporting infanticide of the already born child? Or that Obama wants boys to be able to demand termination of pregnancies? Of course not. And this sort of argument devolves to the level of enviromentalists and Democrats who say “Republicans want dirty air!” It is nonsense.

    The author of this blog has done a great job previously, pointing out the moral implications of Obama’s actual agenda. Let’s get back to that, and leave aside the absurd arguments which amount to post-modern deconstruction of statements which, however wrong, obviously do not mean, or even imply, the silly extremes which no fair observer would draw from them. Those things do not advance the argument, and lend support to detractors calling folks like us “crazy.”

    • Mike:

      Overstatement might be the case if we were dealing with anybody but BHO. Let’s review:

      As a state senator, Barrack Hussein Obama repeatedly voted against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA), which was an attempt by legislators to protect children who had somehow survived an abortion attempt (horrors!). He based his votes on the following arguments:

      1. Not practicing infanticide on those babies would be a burden to “mothers”.
      2. Not practicing infanticide on those babies would be a burden to “doctors”.
      3. Not practicing infanticide on those babies would be giving them Constitutional protection they do not deserve.
      4. Not practicing infanticide on those babies smacks of “religion” (not HIS religion of self-worship).
      5. Not practicing infanticide on those babies might make people think that practicing infanticide on pre-born babies was somehow wrong, and we can’t even begin to go there!!!
      6. Not practicing infanticide on those babies might lead people to think that these abortionist “doctors” were not gods like himself.

      I look in the mirror and I see a man who loves sin but Christ has redeemed me to the point that I will at least try not to endorse murder in the public square. Our Christian duty is to first identify sin in our own lives, get the hypocritical logs out of our own eyes, and confess our sins to Christ. A second very important duty is to be preserving salt to a decaying world and speak the truth about the cliff the Obamas of the world are driving society over.
      Yes, we must not overstate the case. But the despot who was the only Illinois legislator to speak out against the BAIPA and who then, as president, rammed ObamaCare (yes, there ARE death panels) through the House and Senate without anyone being permitted to read the travesty, can be trusted to be an able and active endorser of everything and more our Satan-channelling blogger friend has said above.

      • Mike, good points. I was not aware of Obama’s voting record on “born alive” legislation. If those points had been made in the post, above, I would not have had any argument with the post. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Mike — thanks for your thoughtful response. I appreciate it much. You have touched on an important point, and in part I agree with you. If you were to ask Obama “Do you believe the government should not interfere with a private family matter involving killing a living child?” he would certainly deny this. But that’s exactly the point I am attempting to make by taking his words to their logical extreme. If abortion is not killing a living child, then Obama’s denial would be plausible, and the logical implications I make would be misplaced. By making my “overstatement” I want to force people to think. Words mean something, and people like Obama lie by their cleverness with words spoken in deceit. Someone needs to call him out on his duplicity.

      But thanks for the response, and keep reading :).

  5. vengeance Says:

    Sounds like the christians are at it again. The crusaders and conquistadors. Liars and thieves. Blasphemers of the holy ghost. Murders. Pedaphiles. Baby killers. Their own children. Little girls murdered. Little boys raped. Their little ‘scapegoats’. Hypocrites. I spit them out. The parents are as their God. Cowards. Their little children have to pay the price for the crimes of the parents. A prophet abandons her kids to serve God. “If they die. Then God still provided all of their needs.”
    How many of them are satanists. They have bad hearts. Sold out truth for dishonest gain and power over others. Sounds like king David. A baby killer.
    The old testament says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” The new testament says, “The truth is hidden to those that are perishing.” Hmmmmm.
    So the Satanists still the hearts of their little children.
    Their god of wrath, hatred, torture, jealously. Satanic energy. Left Hand Path. Negative energy.
    And misery loves company. Sheep lure you in. Wolves devour you. “By their fruit you will know them.” Christians. “Born in sin, come on in.”
    Which is why I left. Hopefully not too little too late.
    I fefuse to be my parents “scapegoats”. Let the universe punish them for their fornication, in lust by having me. I give them to you Satan. Take them. C*** suckers. Devour these M***** F******.

  6. Those of you that want out of religion can use whatever you read on this site to help you reject christianity. Hopefully for responsible reasons. Those of you that are wicked, , , well, you can take out the wicked christians. Make my life easier.

  7. Have you heard the good news? Kathleen Sebelius is giving Christian health care entities a ONE YEAR EXTENSION BEFORE THEY MUST VIOLATE THEIR CONSCIENCES AND DISPENSE FREE CONTRACEPTIVES THAT MAY ALSO ACT AS ABORTIFACIENTS!!! We have a whole year before Caesar will compel us to give to him our conscience (which belongs to God… Romans 13; Matthew 22:21)! These liberals are some big-hearted folks! The net is closing. Christ and Christian-haters rejoice!

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