Not another dang statue of Jesus!


What is it with the statues of Jesus?  I thought the world was over statues of this guy. After all, aren’t big Jesus statues tacky?  Even God thinks so, I thought.  But first Brazil, then Peru, and now, London??  Yes, apparently so, according to today’s news story: 30ft Rio-style statue plan for Primrose Hill to mark end of Olympics.

Really?  Jesus looking over the Olympics?

This is no good, my servants.  In fact, I’m issuing a Level 3 devilbloggger Alert on this one.  A Level 3 devilbloggger Alert is issued for events that have the potential to greatly hinder my kingdom’s goals, events which must, therefore,  must be stopped.

According to the article:

The scheme, which is yet to go before the Town Hall’s planning department, is to be funded by the Brazilian government to celebrate the end of the London 2012 Olympics and mark the moment the city of Rio takes on the Olympic mantle for the 2016 Games.

Scheme is right; this is not good, my servants.

I’ll tell you why.

I’ve succeeded in making the Olympics one of the most carnal, sexualized events on earth.  During the day it’s all smiles and sports, lots of playing going on.  During the night it’s all sporting seductive smiles, and, lots more playing going on.

Do you know how many condoms were passed out in Vancouver in 2010?

No, more.

No, still more.

Right! 100,000.

One hundred thousand condoms stocked in Vancouver.  And they ran out.

Olympic Village has become a cesspool of sin, mirroring in compressed, micro form the macro-state of modern society.

I am winning.  According to ESPN, “sex and the olympics go hand in hand.”

So what’s the deal with a Big Jesus watching over the London Olympics?  What hand does he have in such a place?

Someone please stop this.

Because idols made of stone hold absolutely no power, but for some reason a statue of Jesus still irks the he… well, the heck out of me.

Why not a 30 foot statue of me?  That would be more appropriate for the Olympics.

Olympics and I are hand in hand, why not leave bad enough alone?


9 Responses to “Not another dang statue of Jesus!”

  1. Do not worry, Devil. I can guarantee you, as a Brazilian, that Brazilian government do not mean with Christ statute. Brazilian presidente could not say a simple passage of the Bible. During the election in 2010 she went to a mass and had extreme difficulty with the sign of the cross. The party in power today in Brazil is your side (Liberation Theology).

    By the way, in Rio, cariocas think that the Christ statue is beautiful but they do not know what it means.

    As John Paul II said once, Brazilians are only “culturally Catholics”, they cannot argue basic concepts.

    I am quite sure that in the Brazilian Olympics in Rio sex will be in every podium with gold medal. What means that you, Devil, will be around it.

  2. jeanelane Says:

    Pedro is so right. But the statue could cause some to think, even if most just go their own way. One more in heaven is one less in hell. I always like to think that God uses everything. Even you – devilblogger!

    • Yes, it does seem that God uses everything, even what I intend for evil. It’s almost like the Lord works out everything for his own ends — even the wicked for a day of disaster. I hate that! 🙂

  3. Athletics cannot save a man and athlete worship has always been misplaced.
    I’ve come to see most NFL and NBA athletes as over-payed, union goon-led, crybabies. They may refer to themselves as “warriors” but the real American warriors are in harms way in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. The real warriors are Christian missionaries who risk their lives and livelihoods to preach Christ all over the world. The real heroes are those who sacrifice their personal lives to care for the weak and helpless in their own families.
    There are exceptions to the athletic fakes out there. Pat Tillman comes to mind.

  4. Hey Satan,

    Look below, some “Christians” are excluding “Father” and “Son of God” of the Bibles to not offend Muslims. I know that many “Christians” do not even consider Christ a God. It will be much easier to say that He is not “Son of God”.

    For me, these people looking for “not offending” are just satanists. They simply hate Christ. Don´t you think? You must know.


  5. B. L. Zebub Says:

    But you are doing so well in other places – like in NM where your servant ACLU is trying to remove those pesky “commandments’

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