Thank you to all my new email followers!

Just a quick note to say thanks to all of you who recently (and not so recently!) signed up for email delivery of posts.  (Right side bar, scroll down a bit).  I appreciate EVERY one of you and will try to never disappoint.

Coming up: I received another request for someone wanting to sell their soul.  So it appears that I will need to revisit my answer to this question on the “Ask Satan” page.  Some people apparently just don’t get it.

Hoo boy.


8 Responses to “Thank you to all my new email followers!”

  1. Dear Satan,

    It seems Paul Harvey had you pegged back in ’65. Too bad we had all but forgotten. That Glenn Beck who played it this morning, sure must be a thorn in your side.

    • Yes, Paul Harvey. I remember that, and, yes, I thought it was uncanny how accurate he was. Fortunately now, as then, no one listens. Ears to hear, but no hearing. It’s remarkable, really. Thanks, gryffn!

  2. Hey,

    I was on your ask Satan page and the comments there really disturbed me. Are you sure most of those people don’t believe you’re actually Satan?

    I mean, you are actually Satan, but in real life… You get what I’m saying.

  3. Hello. I need someone who can help me with money….please let me know

  4. Anyone on a computer can talk as if they are somebody else whether its God or some devils. Do not believe all the things you see on the non-primitive mechanism called the evil and stupid internet which is something superfluous that people really did not need.

  5. I think it was really stupid that anyone would speak of a soul being sold as a commodity. Even Yahweh’s Son saying that really is quite ridiculous.

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