Out of the “office” for a while.


Dear friends, and I mean YOU!  Pardon the possible delay, but I, moi, will be away from mission control for about 10 days.  But always fear, for I will be back.  And, if I can find internet connection in the nether parts of my kingdom, I just might be back before I’m back.

Be back.

Be sure.



4 Responses to “Out of the “office” for a while.”

  1. Have a devilish time, Your Evilness. In fact, take all the time away you like. With Obama at the helm, you are redundant anyhow.

  2. shalimamma Says:

    Oh, I meant to say… Happy Good Friday, Satan. Hahahahaha! Sorry, I guess I’m just rubbing it in.

    • You really know how to rub it in, too! This is the worst time of the year for me, of course. That’s one reason I’m on vacation. I can’t stand the joyous singing and rejoicing that goes on at Easter. Blechhhh!

  3. Jeff Chandler Says:

    I head that the demons and Lucifer who now is Abaddon do not go on vacation but are always working.

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