Celebrate! 100 Email Subscribers to Satan’s Blog


My friends and servants, we have reached a milestone in Satan’s Blog.  Some nice person yesterday became the 100th email subscriber to this blog.

Thank you all!  If you are not signed up to get the first posts, complete with occasional (OK, more than occasional) pre-corrected mistakes, you should do so now.  You know, the posts with mistakes are likely to be valuable in the future as collector’s items.  You should be getting them and keeping them.

Thanks again, to all 100 of you!



13 Responses to “Celebrate! 100 Email Subscribers to Satan’s Blog”

  1. You deserve! You make a fantastic blog.

    Keep the flame!

  2. JeanELane Says:

    I love you making me laugh!

  3. Don’t forget, some of us use the RSS feed.

  4. Congratulations! However, your loyal minions actually number only 99. Practicing what you preach, I lied, cheated and subscribed twice! But to make up for it, I am now extorting, blackmailing and bullying everyone I know to come to this Hell of a party.

  5. Congratulations Satan!

  6. mazsamem Says:

    Dear Satan~Thanks for the travel tips. I’ve already been using some of them–just for road trips. I don’t have vacation income…must be God’s fault. 😉 lol Anyway, when I have more time, I GOTTA tell you about some interesting email battles with my ISP regarding “God” being a censored word on sub accounts. That outta get your intertest sparked. Pun intended. Congrats on your 100 (or so) subscribers. You’d love the looks I get when people visit to use my PC and I tell them “Hold on–I’m reading my emails & blogs from Satan.”

  7. shalimamma Says:

    I implore the other 99 readers (or is it 98, JMJ? ;)) to keep in mind not to fall for the deceptions you see here. Just because blogging satan is amazingly witty and getting a ton of following and has written a refreshing blog that I deemed worthy to follow, doesn’t mean blogging satan has your best interests in mind. And, I also implore you to not listen to his constant pleas to not spread his kingdom tips around cyberspace. Spread it. We Christians must have an edge on the enemy.

    Oh badblogger himself, I am honored to count myself among the faithful followers… well, of this blog… not of you 😉

    Keep up the excellent authorship!

    Blessings of the most insulting kind 😉

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