Clergy Can Be Fools Too


What do you think of when you think of “clergy,” my friends?  Do you think “professional religious person” or something to that effect?  I hope so, because one of my greatest successes on earth is in convincing people that the work of God belongs primarily to those with the label of “clergy” or an equivalent like “pastor,” “priest,” “preacher,” “evangelist,” or “rabbi.”  Through this great cunning of mine I have effectively fractionogrified the work of God, limiting to a small fraction of the Godpie any focused activity against my kingdom.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

But I’m not finished, my servants.

No, I can do better.

And I’ll tell you my latest movement among clergy, if you promise to keep it confidential.


OK, here it is: I’m successful almost the world over in demoralizing, tiring, overworking, and generally discouraging “clergy” to the point that many no longer even believe in God!

Don’t believe me?

Then consider this nice little article by Candace Chellew-Hodge in today’s Religion Dispatches, entitled, “Clergy Come Out as Atheists.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Yes, my faithful, as this article states, I have many “clergy” the world over who are either outright, professing atheists, or functional atheists.  I love the professing atheists most, but both kinds serve my kingdom well.  And all the while everyone thinks they are serving God’s kingdom!

I’m good.

I’m really good.

So Ms. Chellew-Hodge, who knows something about false theology from her own experiences, relates the plight of a Florida (U.S.A.) United Methodist Church pastor who recently “came out” as an atheist.  According to the article, Ms. Teresa MacBain lives a “double life” because, according to her,”I’m currently an active pastor and I’m also an atheist.”  You’ll have to read the article for the full scoop, but I just love the post-modern, mushy-gushy, jello-mindedness on display here.

I love it.

And I even love more that, according to the article, Ms. MacBain found a fool’s paradise:

MacBain recently attended the American Atheist’s convention in Maryland, where she came out as an Atheist pastor and has found a home in a new coalition helping such disbelieving clergy called “The Clergy Project: “a safe haven for active and former clergy who do not hold supernatural beliefs.”

Clergy who no longer hold supernatural beliefs?

Hey, my friends, what’s the point?  That’s like a gold miner who doesn’t believe in gold.  Or a pilot who doesn’t believe in flight.  Or a human being who doesn’t believe in God — fools all.

Fools’ fools, these clergy of mine are.

Even Ms. Chellew-Hodge recognizes a plain, undeniable truth of existence: “Specifically,” she says, “either you’re a Christian or you’re an Atheist.”

Right she is, but that doesn’t stop post-modern, mushy-gushy, jello-mindedness from providing succor to suckers.

Now, many of you may have a negative opinion of me, being that my main delight on earth is to roam about seeking whom I may devour.  Killing, stealing, and destroying is my game, after all.

But you must give me great credit for how I’m devouring “clergy” right before your eyes.

Let me impart some very sensitive kingdom knowledge to you, my good servants.

Can you keep a secret?  Look around you; do you see anyone who is untrustworthy?  Can any Godpunks see your screen?


OK, listen carefully and quietly.  Ms. MacBain is a perfect object lesson to show how I work.  I didn’t convince Ms. MacBain of the ultimate lie overnight.  No, first I turned her denomination into a demonination.

Get it?  I removed a correct theology from her denomination to make it a demonination, full of un-Biblical error.  The very fact that a “she” holds the position she does is the first clue of abject error that leads to ultimate faithlessness (in God).  But she goes further, according to the article, MacBain laments of her situation:

There are plenty of traditional Christian churches who would never have me as their pastor, because I don’t believe the majority of what orthodox Christianity says I must believe. For instance, I don’t believe in hell. I don’t believe Jesus died for anybody’s sins, but because of the sins committed against him by the powers that were in charge at the time. I don’t believe Jesus bodily rose from the dead.

Where did she learn to believe lies?  Who taught her this claptrap?

Little by little I’m turning entire denominations into demoninations, slowly but surely compromising truth, selectively applying scriptural mandates, and generally pridefying entire swaths of humans so that they create their “god” in the image of man.

And a god in the image of man will always fail to the point of despair, which is what Ms. MacBain experiences daily.

Yes, I’m good.

Go ahead and say it: “You’re good!”

And do you want to know another little delight gleaned from the Religion Dispatch’s article?  According to Ms. Chellew, after Ms. MacBain came out, “[p]eople shunned her.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

And, “Only two of MacBain’s friends called her and took her to lunch.”

Where were the Christians to show God’s love?

Ha ha ha ha ha.



11 Responses to “Clergy Can Be Fools Too”

  1. Hey, Satan, we are not going to make me sad, today.

    Last Sunday, the Catholic Church anounced the first economist to be beatified since ever. Can you imagine a economist saint?

    I am an economist, and I guarantee you, since Adam Smith (who preached selfishness), it has been hard to find a economist thinking about moral issues.

    Viva Giuseppe Toniolo! Pray for me. He was a lay.

    About clergy, I think you are going to find a lot of atheists among Ctaholic priest, also. Tip: look in the liberation theology’s priests.

  2. mazsamem Says:

    After checking out the links you provided (and then multiple other links) and reading what these atheist clergy say, what I come away with is disgust. Some stay out of fear to change-and some stay for the money. One comment asked what the alternative would be, then answered with “WalMart?” EXACTLY! They’ve got to know what their love of lucre is. And if you lose faith, be honest and please get out of the pulpit. Jesus is not just a “good guy”. (Good guys don’t lie or put themselves right up there with the Father.) Scary to think that someone who’s hiding under such serious deception could/would dare continue to preach God’s word. What twists they make, what tangles they’re ensnared in. Just…like…snakes.

  3. Candace Chellow-Hodge is is the founder/editor of Whosoever: An Online Magazine for GLBT Christians.

    Welp! That tells me a thing or two.

  4. btw, why do these atheist clergy need a “safe haven’? Safe haven from what?

  5. The one thing I can really appreciate about Satan here is that he does not remove peoples comments when they speak their minds.

  6. I would have to pay the Devil his due. He is a brilliant genius. The devils even have to make sure that these computers in the libraries called the internet can never become obsolete which is unfortunate. Since everyone is letting their learning go to waste by looking at this thing all the time when they should have been learning about other countries and their governments leaders through the books they have in their libraries.

  7. Butch Reed Says:

    When are people going to stop advertising the internet on television? Its a pity that every other commercial has to be about the internet. Why must every other thing be sold on the internet for? That is really weird. Whatever happened to normal learning from books and T.V.? Why must it all be on this thing for? Why cant the internet be obsolete already this year instead of still being in use all the time while books are ignored in libraries all the time when they should be learning from that instead?

  8. Brooke Baldwin Says:

    Why do the devils and Lucifer want everyone to become over dependent on buying, selling and using things from the non-primitive mechanism known as the internet anyway? Why are people so addicted to selling and buying things through the internet anyway? Why do some people waste so much time working on the internet for money anyway?

  9. Nick Iamiceli Says:

    Why was it wrong for them to invent the evil and stupid internet if they knew it would take away all regularity of normal learning and business anyway? Why don’t people want to buy their juggling toys the old fashioned way anymore instead of doing it online anyway?

  10. Bill Gowans Says:

    Too many libraries have become over-dependent on the internet so people of all ages do not even bother to read books to learn things correctly instead of wasting time on this thing. Why cant anyone even watch the immoral and evil pornography normally anymore without it being relegated to the internet anyway?

  11. Satan's evil invention called the internet Says:

    I am the downfall of North America and the rest of the world. because everyone becomes addicted to me just like they do with the T.V. which is the Devils tool that he works through along with his demonic friends to get people to commit the sin of selfishness where that is all they care about and they don’t even get up off their asses and do something with the life God gave them like going next door and getting acquainted with their neighbors becoming actual friends instead of living and dying as perfect strangers which makes Belials devils very happy.

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