If I had a daughter, she would look like Julia


By Jove, I think they’ve got it, those Americans.  That is, of course, if America’s own Julius Obama can successfully convince 1 or 2 more percent of the remaining 51% of free Americans of the benefits of Father Government.

Father Government, you ask?

Yes, as in Our Father, who art in Washington . . .

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, the Obama administration is so over the top that I’m concerned that at any time the 51% of holdouts to complete government dominance will finally wake up and shout STOP!

Oh, but they must be dulled to sleep by the complacency freedom breeds.

For those who are wondering what “Julia” has to do with any of this, let me enlighten you.

“The Life of Julia” is, as Rich Lowry states, “the Obama reelection team’s cartoon chronicle of a fictional woman who is dependent on government at every step of her life.”

And a beautiful thing it is.

Thy government come, thy will be done in my life as it is in Washington . . .

With Julia, Obama reveals a vision for a nation of helpless women who depend on a benevolent government for everything, literally from cradle-to-grave.  This woman Julia, incidentally, has no father, husband, or, apparently, any family, except for her fatherless child.

Give me this day my daily bread, as well as my daily birth control and lots of other free stuff . . .

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Dana Loesch, a writer over at Big Government, said it best after chronicling in detail why Julia is straight out of my kingdom dreams:

As a woman, the idea that I can’t accomplish anything in life unless a male in government plans it out for me is offensive. It’s amazing to me how progressives reject the oversight of the Divine and the gift of free will but embrace the oppressive oversight of flawed men who reject free will. Men, too, should be offended at their lack of representation in the life of Julia–the white, faceless female stereotype that the Obama administration sees as the average female voter.

And forgive my self-control as I forgive those who exercise self-control over me . . .

Ha ha ha ha ha.

How right Ms. Loesch is.

It’s a good thing the 51% are dulled.

And lead us not into the temptation of freedom, but deliver us to evil . . .

If I had a daughter, she would look just like Julia.  Faceless and dependent upon government for everything.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

For mine is the kingdom, the power, and the gory almost forever and ever . .



15 Responses to “If I had a daughter, she would look like Julia”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    Obama and the Democrats continue to expose their Marxist agenda. The scary thing is, even after he and they lose big in 2012 just like they did in 2010, their screams for “social justice” will likely turn into organized mayhem. The unions are there to help. Marxists, like their Moslem co-conspirators have no history of giving up territory. They will forever agitate. They will not go quietly. Our “community agitator” president has only just begun to fight. He despises this country and would gladly take it down when he loses the election.

    • Haerleus Deuteus Says:

      ouch! if only you had a false prophet in your hip pocket! he could have warned you against such arrogance.
      2016! 4 more years!
      poor mike.n, drowning in his tears!

  2. shalimamma Says:

    Julius Obama… I LOVE it! I think I will start referring to him that way.

    By the way, welcome to LifeVictorious.com, devilbloggger! We always love having the enemy drop in on us. Now we’re even 😉


  3. shalimamma Says:

    PS I thought your daughter would look more like a cross between Pelosi, Sebelius, and Hillary Clinton.

    Yikes. I just scared myself.

  4. mazsamem Says:

    DB, and others, check THIS out. Sadly, it’s not a parody. 😦

  5. sharelot Says:

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  6. heres the DEAL assuming that the bible is true and what satan says is true all of you are doomed for eternity i read that the reason for satanism is to gain your full human potiential, but what about your afterlife. The truth is that noone is immortal and everyone will die. So, when you die everything you have gained is gone all you have left is the eternal torture. There is a reason satan has hell, because he disobeyed GOD. He isnt living an enjoyable life in hell he is BURNING for all eternity. He may think he can destroy God, but noone is greater than their creator. What good have you done if you gain the whole wide world and lose your soul. Life is short on average it is only 80 years, but eternity is forever. Would you rather live for eighty years or burn forever. Your choice. The bible says even the demons know and are afraid of God. Get to a church, Get saved, and dont burn in hell. Also if you dont believe in God, but you believe in Satan you havent reached your so-called highest human potential, because how can you believe in evil without good. Without good we would have no definition of evil, and without evil we have no definition of good.

    Whosoever calls upon the name of the lord shall be saved.

    Romans 10:13

  7. Haerleus Deuteus Says:

    i’ll take the assuming part to heart, if you dont mind. after all, does a truly “good” person need the threat of eternal torment hanging over their head to behave? i certaintly dont. nor do i require the promise of a “paradise” at the end of my road.
    i can say with with complete conviction that i would never punish my children for all enternity for a transgession as (relatively) simple as disobedience. that seems to be infinitely more evil and black-hearted to me, to condemn your children for all eternity, than to simply collect them, as your satan does.
    thats one very influential reason for me to reject christianity and any other guilt-based dogmas. i need no outward motivation to behave (much less the promise of punishment for failure to conform). so-called “goodness” comes from inside. if i had let others shape my character, i would be a complete monster.

    • Mohammed Ali Says:

      That looks like a name you made up. What you are forgetting is the demons including their leader Lucifer are eternally separated from God in hell and will be cast into the lake of fire which is spoken of in the book of Revelation. And threats that is what our wicked and demonic government in North America and throughout the world does. They use their hell on earth prisons as a form of intimidation to coerce people into doing what they are told like subservient slaves. The devils have told people in Lebanon and in certain middle eastern countries to misuse the bible where it says in the book of Deuteronomy that God forced women to marry the men that sexually forced themselves on them. Banishing young men forever till they are dead and caging them if they return to supermarkets and malls is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If its indefinite than its infinite punishment for a finite crime. Coercing a man into apologizing for a compliment of breasts and cleavage in a mall is not a even a real way to resolve the issue if it is not even a insult that did not need to be criminalized in nineteen seventy six in the first place. The demons told everyone to believe that lie by misquoting Isaiah 29:21. That is also being used as a excuse to hogtie and cage people for yelling swear words, calling others names and making threats.

  8. Our government is what is wrong in North America who are listening to the devils all the time when they force people against their will to profane the Sabbath day and they also force people against their will to pay a mortgage or get kicked out of their homes so they become bums. What they do to the people they rule over is a sin against God.

  9. If I had a daughter, she would look like Julia | Satan

    […]Construct a picture of belief and reliability.[…]

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