How would you respond to Marina?

Friends, take a break for a few minutes and consider an interesting thread unfolding over on the “Ask Satan” page (link in right side bar).

A good soul going by the name of “Marina” has asked some honest inquiring questions, and some other good souls have been doing an unfortunately effective job at answering her.

I wonder how others would respond.

Some history:

On May 16, Marina began with lamenting:

“. . . I have to go to a christian church because of my parents and when i go in i feel like the place is so unholy and dirty and i feel like i am in danger.  i want to know if there is a way to block this feeling because i think that it will get stronger until it is unbearable.  I also wanted to know how to deal with my parents talking about god all the time it makes me sick to the stomach.  I am so tired of christians i feel like they suck out my energy and make me feel sick.  I hope you come back soon if this website is real which i hope it is because really the christian situation is getting out of hand.  Thank you Father for always being there for me.”

I (moi) answered her:

This website is real, and it’s not silly (Note: Marina had questioned the reality of this site, and wondered if it was “silly”).  You should read ALL the posts and pass it along to all your friends.  And, yes, you are in danger going to a Christian church.  If it is a church that preaches the gospel (blechhhh!), then you are in danger of hearing the gospel and being rescued from my kingdom.  I suggest you listen very closely to what is preached and see if you can detect the gospel.  Listen with your ears and your heart.  If you hear the gospel, let me know.  I will give you additional instructions.

After Marina informed me that she is forced to attend an “evangelical” church, I responded:

Evangelical churches are some of the worst. Do they preach that Jesus died for YOU? Do they preach that Jesus paid the price for YOUR sin and that if you believe in faith that he was raised from the dead you will be saved? If so, you are in real danger of escaping my captivity. So here is what I want you to do. Tell me in your own words what you believe to be the “gospel”. And tell me if when you understand what Jesus did for you on the cross you feel a tug at your heart that wants to respond in grateful acceptance of his free gift of eternal life. If that happens, you are very close to the precipice of abundant and eternal life. Please report back to me soon.

Others chimed in, including “mazsamen”:

marina~of course Satan comes here, dear.  He’s everywhere people are.  He’s always looking for converts.  He wants your eternal soul…just like the other side (God) wants your eternal soul.  Take the good advice of DB, as we affectionately call devilblogger here.  Stay in touch.  We like to hell-p.  hahaha.

Mazsamen has held an admirable dialog with Marina, treating Marina’s honest inquiries and blunt opinions of Christianity with tender wisdom (which I hate!).

And, indeed, others DID like to hell-p (I like that!).   In particular, Shalimamma left an unfortunately excellent post today.

You can read the entire chain over at “Ask Satan” (you may need to scroll several pages to get to marina’s original post).

As most of you know, I (moi) oppose all true and wise knowledge of God on earth, and continue to roam about the earth seeking whom I might devour through false philosophies and vain deceit.  I often use the “church” turn off young people, and it seems I may be successful with Marina, who has fallen captive to some of my greatest lies.

I’m curious.  How would others respond to Marina, a true, honest seeker who has some real problems with Christianity?  Use the comment section below to respond.  To make your response more effective, consider first copying the specific statement of Marina’s to which you are responding.



3 Responses to “How would you respond to Marina?”

  1. Well there are other lies from the demons that people have readily accepted like the lie about bosom and cleavage compliments being so-called sexual hassling. And there are other lies like driving with a license which is false. We were never supposed to have that and license plates that make all of us look like we are wearing prison uniforms. Every other law that should have never gotten passed in North America may as well be lies. Even caging drug dealers and their customers is another lie. They just use tyrannical, unjust laws to pester people even harlots to by shutting down their spas where they act like sexual intercourse is a commodity for sale. That is another lie from the demons. I think I remember a lady named Joslyn James who was on a show with Dr. Drew. And she mentioned about churches being dirtier than the dens of iniquity called strip joints. But her statement about them sucking energy from her looks like a ridiculous statement to make here. Its too bad the internet has not become obsolete. Otherwise no one would be making such ridiculous statements like this because they do not even want to mention that on television. Why is that?

  2. Jules Verne Says:

    She forgot to mention if she was ever allowed to have friendships with people there. That is something else the devils do really well at is keeping people from having relationships with people even in their own neighborhoods. That means good neighbors and friends become obsolete. Unfortunately the evil internet was invented by Christians who loved the world and all learning has been relegated to this non-primitive mechanism so that people can be silenced and not permitted to have different viewpoints about issues such as finding a better solution for crime such as rehabilitation than caging people in zoos called prisons. Prisons, armies and this computer called the internet should have become obsolete not relationships becoming relics of the past. The internet took away so many peoples freedom to learn things about people and places in books and on television it is incomprehensible to imagine why so many people would want to use this thing to learn things when they should have talked about it on the news and on other channels instead of on this thing.

  3. Coleman McDuff Says:

    North America is a country that should have been reformed. They did not need to invent the internet. They should have stuck to selling things normally in person and not staring at a computer screen. Someone should tell Donald Trump to get rid of all the hellish and boring prisons because it is not making this country great. Just as everyone is listening to the devils when they do not give a damn and keep messing up every state and town with their garbage, junk, cigarettes, etc. by underutilizing garbage cans, junkyards and ashtrays. She never mentioned if men embrace her at church. To pollute every square inch of North America is stupid and immature behavior to constantly ignore other peoples messes as if it is not a problem when it is.

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