Coming Soon: A New Author to Satan’s Blog


Soon, my friends, you will see something never before seen on earth: a new author to Satan’s Blog.  Yes, it’s true, my servants; after years of solo blogging I’ve decided to let one of my most trusted associates have author privileges.

Let me explain.  You must know that my work is never done, after all, I’m in all the details.  I have a limited time to wreak havoc in all the details on earth, and although I’m succeeding beyond my wildest nightmares, I need to do more.  I need to make sure that the economies of Europe continue to fail by embracing my pathologies, that my beelzebud gets reelected in the United States, that those dang home churches would be persecuted to oblivion in China, and that massacring thugs (and famine) would stop the lightning speed spread of Christianity (Blechhh!) in Africa.

And there is no shortage of demons willing to write.  But, just between you and me, trust is in short supply down here.  I suspect that most of my demons, if they could, would use this blog to beg God for mercy, ask for a drop of water on their tongues, and generally embarrass me and my kingdom.

But there is one demon I trust to blog, and she goes by the name “temptress”.  Temptress will be posting soon and often to Satan’s Blog for your enjoyment.

Oh, and I’m not going anywhere.

As long as I can type and get my hotmail I will faithfully deliver my thoughts, opinions, and general assessment of my kingdom activities on earth.

But now you will get an additional viewpoint from Hell.

Temptress, my friends.




11 Responses to “Coming Soon: A New Author to Satan’s Blog”

  1. mazsamem Says:

    Welcome, Temptress. I have felt your pull-temptation-ALL my life. I’m sure we will “argue in harmony” (quoting marina). Happens here a lot, and will no doubt be furthered with your addition. Woman, battle O-N.

  2. Another point of view from the Hell?
    Yes, it seems important these day on Earth.

    See what is going on in India:

    In my blog (, I remembered the dog Cerberus, when I read this news.

    Welcome Temptress.

    Pedro Erik

  3. mazsamem Says:

    Pedro Erik~Thank you for yet another example of how the evil one “devours”. I’ll be sure to check out your blog. Appreciate you mentioning it. Regarding Cerberus-one couldn’t find a more apt comparison than yours!

  4. mazsamem Says:

    ^^^Yes. I noticed that. 🙂 That’s what I get for being solo English.

    • But . . . you can use Google translate or the translate feature of your browser to read Pedro’s blog in English. Don’t tell Pedro, but that’s what I do often. 🙂

  5. mazsamem Says:

    DB, you should know I would’ve figured that out for myself. NOT! hahaha Thank you for the advice. 🙂

  6. shalimamma Says:

    Uh oh… just what we need… an addition to devilbloggger! I am barely keeping up on “Ask Satan”!

  7. This is going to be fun! Now if I can find Temptress on Facebook…

  8. pointydexter Says:

    watch out devilblogger! im loyal to the kingdom and all, but i’ll be even more fiercely devoted to a “temptress”. tread carefully friend, as the waters grow ever darker. have you no clue the power a woman could command in your kingdom? if only god had sent his only living daughter instead… i’d be mr mega -christian, and have no trouble doing my part to dismantle your kingdom. you just unleashed the beast!

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