I’m Gaga Over You

Lady Gaga…

I LOVE this woman.

My dear ones, she is doing an even better job than Madonna did in the 80’s at mocking the Christians.  Down here, we absolutely adore mocking truth and disrespecting people of so-called faith.  Well, I should clarify: we like to mock Christians, but preach tolerance for any other ‘faith’. But I digress…

So about Lady Gaga.   She pushes the line.

Actually, she just about got rid of ‘the line’.  I HATE the line!  And it has been so glorious to watch as the world slowly has become numb to what used to be ‘the line’ when it came to what is considered vulgar and what is considered acceptable.  Now?  Anything goes!  Her music performances are seen as just that: performances.  But they are really porn.

Ha!!!  And little kids like her, too!

Like I said, anything goes…

…except in Indonesia.  I was horrified to read in the news that Lady Gaga’s ‘performance’ had been cancelled due to security concerns because of her risque dances and revealing costumes.

I bet you’re thinking that the Christians were behind this and weren’t OK with her assault on biblical principles.


I quote: “Islamists and conservative Muslims have decried Lady Gaga’s upcoming concert, saying her revealing costumes and sensual dance moves are forbidden by Islamic law.” 

I must admit, at first I was quite disappointed that these Muslims were standing up for their faith in regards to Lady Gaga.  However, I didn’t notice any news article decrying the ‘intolerance’ shown by the Muslims for freedom of speech (what I like to call Lady Gaga’s performances).  Perhaps the Muslims are stronger in their willingness to live their beliefs than the Christians?  Maybe I am NOT all that disappointed…

In fact, I am consoled at this victory wherein the Christians who believe in the true God are quite lukewarm for the most part, whereas the Muslims show fire for what they believe!  Ahem… sorry, I get verrrrry excited about fire….

Never fear, my dear ones, Lady Gaga shows her ‘love’, just like I do, by saying: “I will try to put together something special for you. My love for Indonesia has only grown,” the performer said.” (Note: she really means thisssssss… this has nothing at all to do with money or fame….  Hm hm hm hm hmmmmm!)

But, she does leave a bit of uncomfortable (for me) advice in her Twitter account: “There is nothing Holy about hatred.”

My dear Lady Gaga, why must you speak truth?

Ahhhhh… because you mean to twist it.

Afterall, you were Born That Way, right?

Hm hm hm hm hm


27 Responses to “I’m Gaga Over You”

  1. mazsamem Says:

    My Temptress~and I’m sure Lady Gaga is gaga over you as well. 😉 She calls her fans “Little Monsters”. Don’t you just love that? Oops…must confess…I KNOW there were times I called my own children that. And did it just as lovingly as Lady Gaga, no doubt. Laugh, Temptress, laugh. Ironically and shockingly, we’re on the same page. Our (formerly) Christian nation can’t (or won’t) stifle affronts to your Enemy’s followers, yet Muslims consistently do so for their faith. And I applaud this: THEY stand up for their beliefs!

  2. Well, tempress. Christian are do standing up for their belief !!

    But I think the media in the US did not notice too much:


    You and the DB are doing a very good job using the media to hide this.

    Could you explain why sometimes being disobedient is against your kingdom?

    Pedro Erik

    • mazsamem Says:

      Pedro Erik, thank you for your ALWAYS helpful & informative links! 🙂 To think I’d find out here (of all places 😉 ) that the Catholic bishops are going to encourage civil disobedience is wonderful. It negates my previous comment on our nation’s lack of response to those who offend Christian morals.

      • Thank you very much, mazsamen.
        You are always welcome. God bless you.

        • Pedro and Mazsamem, this may need a devilblogggeralert level 4. Please kindly refrain from showing that Christians are standing up for their faith.

          And Pedro… what a question! Allow me to ansssssswer… Disobedience is a wonderful thing!!! As long as you are disobeying God! But disobeying myself or my Master? Oh, the horror! I am extremely disgusted that these bishops are starting to become bold about truth. Apparently, the infiltration which I worked so hard to accomplish has not been strong enough… However, I am consoled at the fact that many of the so-called ‘faithful’ are quite complacent and lukewarm. Maybe they are ignoring the bishops. ONe can only hope… I am working on this…

          At least I can click on your helpful links and think of ways to further my Master’s kingdom… thank you 😉

  3. pet of temptress Says:

    lady google ? how droll. stop referring to her as a woman. you know lady google is really a man in drag right? pop music, like most churches, often find it prudent to alter rules and appearances in order to keep patrons and customers happy. metal, on the other hand,NEVER changes to suit the needs of its followers. you either appreciate its beauty, or you don’t.

    todays listening includes

    1. reign in blood-slayer
    2.disavow your god-gorod
    3. malenchantments of the necrosphere- the black dhalia murder
    4. swim to the moon- between the buried and me (my favorite)
    5. devastate- born of osiris
    6. anarchy in the uk- sex pistols
    7. zodiac- stapping young lad ( so epic. this is poetry)

    • mazsamem Says:

      pet, don’t know about #7 there. Epic? Poetry? Ah well…to each his own. 🙂

      • tragedy Says:

        listen first. then judge. on second thought, if you’ve got 20ish minutes to listen to a single song, peek swim to the moon instead. utter and complete beauty. that song is the soundtrack of my mind

        • mazsamem Says:

          pet/tragedy~I wasn’t trying to be flippant. I just didn’t care for #7.
          I find Between the Buried & Me-Swim to the Moon more to my liking, though metal with growling leads isn’t my all-time favorite genre. As a sort of poet…I go for the words over HOW those words are sung, anyway. Did you know the title is from a song by The Doors? BB&M tributed various influences on one of their album covers…escapes memory which one. 😦 Anyway, I DO remember a few: Mettalica, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins & Pink Floyd. I agree: Listen first. Then judge. I did, mi amigo. 😉 Betcha you’d faint dead if you heard MY Jango stations. “No accounting for taste” he sez, sadly shaking his head… 🙂

      • pet of temptress Says:

        did you actually listen to this song? i’m impressed! as far as my “poetry comment is concerned, i wasn’t refering to the vocals, or the lyrics. its the music. its so…so… by the gods! its beautiful! vocals will always be an aquired taste, and many people disconnect quickly when the vocals aren’t to their taste. your ears will adapt! you must subject them over and over. eventually, they will unlock the beauty buried beneath the chaos. this one is working on being more persuasive. this one will be watching temptress and devilbloggger, to see how they “persuade”. not with actions; any fool can act. its their words that will unwillingly polish this ones skills.

    • Pet of temptress, allow me to say that I LOVE your name. I know you may have 20 personalities on this blog, but I simply cannot resist answering you when you use such a flattering name. Mmmmmm…..

      And you are absolutely right about Lady Gaga… I can’t even listen to her myself, even though I whisper in her ear all the time. The whole lack of talent thing, which even a she-demon can recognize… but since the misled sheeple seem mesmorized by her, I use her as an easy instrument. You are wise beyond your years, as I didn’t know that anyone else knew she was a man in drag… hm hm hm hm!!!!

      As for metal, again, you mirror my taste in music. Deep, dark, death metal is ‘music’ to my ears, especially the blasphemous kind. Mosh pits are ecstatic places for me as well…

      You have excellent taste in music… but allow me to suggest one of my favorite bands and songs: Alice in Chains “Man in Box”… “Jesus Christ… deny your maker….” Mmmmmmmm…

      Yes, Lady Gaga is droll, but since I am new here, I am starting off gently with my ‘friends’…

      Happy you are my pet…

      • pet of temptress Says:

        GOOD CHRISTIANS: AVERT YOUR EYES! FILTH ALERT! your pet has an offer you can’t refuse. well, you can, but you will be “tempted”. your suggestion of alice in chains and their fine song got this one to thinking. and this one likes to think, ‘specially about things of this nature. alice in chains were bourne from the “grunge” scene. you remember who was responsible for the popularity of the “grunge” scene? want a clue? i’ll give you 2! 1. heroin addict 2. he stuck a shotgun in his mouth and “took the piss” i’m speaking of the esteemed and beloved kurt cobain, of course! so heres my offer: release cobain’s soul to the other side, and in return you get 1. cuntney love (did i mispell that? DID I?) 2.mel gibson 3. justin bieber. all delivered to you, well before their expiration date. you could argue that they will be yours anyhow, and you could be right… but you shouldn’t take such unnecessary risks, my queen! you’re only losing one soul. this is a hot deal, MAKE IT! i’ll even throw in lady google for free. i’ll also include a bonus incentive: you previously alluded to pornography being one of your “areas”. with that in mind, see to it that miley cyrus makes a “home video” of her own ala kim kardashian (minus the cankles, and with better production values!) and i’ll throw her in as well. what say you, spirit?

      • pet of temptress Says:

        i love that you love my name…i love that you can’t resist the “temptation” to indulge me when you use it. i see myself as a serpent, coiled ’round your ankle. i will bite any who oppose! you may tell me this is nonsense, i will only suffer in hell yada yada, ect, ect. everyone knows pets live vicariously through their owners. ever seen how a dog reacts when its master is upset? or happy? now that musical tastes are established , how about your taste in cinema? my temptress is perceptive, as her craft demands that she be intuitive towards men ‘s desires. that being said, you should have no issue determining my tastes in cinema. favorites include:

        1. inglorious basterds- i love when shoshanna and marcel “burn it down”
        2.alien-they might be unflinchingly homicidal , but they are life distilled to its purest form!
        3. evil dead 2- the man. the chin. the masterpiece!
        4. troll 2- watch it. just watch it. ’nuff said.
        5. reanimator- do you know of the works of h.p. lovecraft? cthulu? your master would be jealous!

      • pet of temptress Says:

        not that i’m gloating! one must always remember: pride before a (the?) fall.

        • My dear pet, you may gloat away. And your suggessssssstions for music and other ways to mislead those annoying christians… very wise, or should I say, cunning. I am so glad you brought up good ole’ Kurt. I love that guy. Hello hello hello hello hellooooooo… BANG! Hm hm hm hm hm. Might you be from the UK, my pet? I do love snakes…..

          The Kardashians… even The Temptress gets weary when thinking of the booty factor involved there… ahem.


  4. mazsamem Says:

    temptress~as we’re talking music, AND our mutual friend’s “20 personalities on this blog” allow me to quote a line from The Verve. “I’m a million different people from one day to the next. I can’t change my mold, no…” 😉 But perhaps you wouldn’t approve of another line: “Well I’ve never prayed, but tonight I’m on my knees…” They’ve also been caught saying “God bless you” during live concerts. Sit, dear Temptress. Let me get you a boiling cuppa tea and a burnt crumpet.

    • Mazsamem, hm hm hm hm hmmmm… I can see you indeed have humor and wit. But you are far too kind and make me nervousssssss….. That burnt crumpet sounds… tempting….

  5. mazsamem7 Says:

    My Temptress~Everything sounds tempting, everything IS tempting. And please…what is the song you hm hm hm hm hum…at times? “Sympathy for the Devil”? Or another of your personal favorites? I burn more than crumpets…bridges, old photos of X boyfriends, my fingers on the oven. You know…all those “human” things. Or maybe you don’t know? Just please don’t try to live vicariously through THIS creature. Sadly for you, I’m already Occupied by you know Who. Ta ta.

  6. My dear mazsamem, I do like how you say ‘My’ in front of Temptress. It gives me that slightest smallest inkling that I remind you of your past slavery to my master… but my tiny amount of pleasure over your having this memory quickly fades at the knowledge that you are indeed Occupied by you know Who. Your true kindness and attempt at ‘rescuing’ those who find this blog makes me tossssss and turn at night!!! Agghh!!!!

    As far as hm hm humming ;), I most like to hum traditional religious hymns. It reminds me of my enemy and how I plan to slither into those human lives that think they are holy. Those are my favorites… especially those who pretend on Sundays and are their real selves the rest of the week… AH! Yessssssss…..

    As for you, my dear maszamem, you seem lost to me. Sad for me, happy for you. Perhaps my only ‘hope’ is to follow up your truthful comments to others with my own….

    Enjoy your tea… alas… Even a demoness can recognize that tea one of the greatest pleasures…


    • mazsamem7 Says:

      I just never imagined you hymn humming. 😉 No, the angel of light appearance isn’t even needed for the “blind on M-T-W-Th-F-S” ones. Not too surprised. The My before your name–well, you are SO right. Those ties that bind STILL chafe the wrists at times.

  7. most unclean Says:

    the deals off the table, my queen. you dawdled too long! oh well, the forge will eventually relieve my beloved childhood icon of his present disposition. shame about that cyrus sextape, though i’ll wager she’ll make one with or without your whispering, mistress of mine. see? all “good” things in time! i need not engineer anything-i can be a lazy little rapscallion and my job does itself!

  8. Keenan k marak Says:

    Hey can u (satan )come in my dreams n I can sell my soul even I want to become like lady gaga u know make u proud n people think I’m true berliner in christ but I used to mock him every time n people think it’s just style …….

  9. Keenan k marak Says:

    Dear satan can u please come in my dreams for selling my soul because even I want to become like lady gaga I wana be like her I wana mock the christian teachers in my school because oooo… I hate them n secretly I want to be evil like cutting a priests peanise n frying it in a pan n making the eat it…………..

  10. hærlêüs déütëüs Says:

    i have a gift for you. you must kill yourself first to claim it, however.

  11. Lady Gaga is a lovely lady and her breasts always look beautiful when she is showing it without brassieres being worn and covering her nipples. Eva Chaloupkova is a beautiful woman who has beautiful breasts and cleavage.

  12. Alfredo Bueno Says:

    There are so many ladies on the internet which is a machine that most menfolk forget to compliment their bosoms and cleavage.

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