It’s a girl! Let’s kill it. (Because we support women’s rights.)


Oh, my servants, you try my . . .my . . .  well, my . . . impatience!  How can you be so stupid!  Please excuse my emotion, but know that those whom I love I discipline as the children of mine that they are.  And discipline is needed now, my friends.  Now.

I’m referring to the potentially kingdom destroying debate going on in the United States over so-called gendercide.

Did you know my good servants that in the United States of America, the land of the free (abortion clinics) and the home of the brave (little mouths that silently scream in protest), people have taken the very natural step of using “health care” to discriminate against women?

Apparently people in the United States have discovered that they can use legal, safe abortion-providing doctor-like people to select the gender of their new-born blob of tissue.  And, since everyone knows that boys are much more valuable than girls, the natural outcome is that girls are being “terminated” so that the good would-be parents could try again to get it right.

Yes, it’s true, and let’s just say that I’m not opposed to that in principle.  I hate women as much as anyone, and if I could kill them all before they scream out loud for all to hear, I would.

After all, if I could kill all the women I would end the human race.

And I do my best, my servants, as you know.  In many places the world over little fingers and toes that started out on little girls are scraped up, bagged, and trashed with the garbage.

And I’m more than happy to continue my efforts in the land of life (for boys), liberty (for boys) and the pursuit of happiness (for boys).

And I can get away with my will on earth as it is in Hell as long as humans are numbed into believing that the “thing” inside a pregnant woman is a “blob” of tissue to be removed like an annoying corn, a threatening tumor, or a troublesome appendix.

But consider, my friends: are there “boy” and “girl” corns?  Do tumors come in “male” and “female”?  Do appendices get removed based upon their gender?

You laugh?

You laugh?

Imagine my horror, my servants, when I read in today when I read that the following headline:  “House debates abortion ban for sex of fetus.” 

Excuse me?

How, my servants, did we let the debate get to this?

Answer me.

Do we have debates in Congress debating a ban on appendectimies based on the sex of an appendix?

Do you see the problem, my servants?

This debate has no good ending for my kingdom.

Of everything that could be removed from a woman’s body, only another human being can be described as “male” or “female.”  So if the debate devolves into the question of banning certain abortions based on gender, it is an explicit admission that the “thing” being “terminated” is a human being.

Listen to the dialog, my servants.  Here is a quote from Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks, the bill’s main sponsor, on the House floor:

I refuse to believe that we cannot find enough humanity in this body to conclude together that it is wrong to knowingly kill unborn children because they are baby girls instead of baby boys.



Stop referring to fetuses as “unborn children”!!!

It gets worse.  Rep. Marsha Blackburn railed on:

It is “hypocrisy to say that one is pro-woman and that it’s OK to end the life of an unborn child just because of its gender. Since when did America subscribe to the idea that males are worth more than females? … It’s sick, it’s discriminatory, it’s sexist and it is blatantly anti-woman and anti-human.


These words must not enter into the debate, my friends.

Fortunately I have powerful servants in the US Congress.  One of my favorites, Rep. Barbara Lee, said, the bill’s backers were “exploiting serious issues like racism and sexism (as part of) a backdoor attempt to make abortion illegal.”

You go, Barbara.  Make sure that gendercide remains a non-issue so that the debate never gets mired down in the question of human-ness.

But other of my servants are not so smart.  For example, in an article fortunately entitled, House rejects bill penalizing doctors for sex-selective abortions,  Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-Ore.) said,

“We can all agree that women should not choose to terminate a pregnancy based solely on gender, but this bill criminalizes a legal procedure.”

NO!  We can’t all agree, you already-born dufessette!

Don’t you see?  As soon as you admit that the “blob” has a gender, you are admitting it is human.

Please, stop!  How are you, Msss. Bonamici, going to defend the proposition that it’s OK to kill humans indiscriminately, but it’s not OK to kill discriminately?

Hmmmm, genius?

After all, apparently even Rep. Franks and Blackburn are OK with abortion as long as it is gender-neutral.  Apparently it only becomes “wrong” (Franks) or “anti-human” (Blackburn) if gender is considered.

Gender neutral killing is OK.

At least it’s OK with me.

So please, my servants, take Rep. Lee’s advice, and resist getting bogged down into the merits of gender-specific abortions.

There is no good end to such discussions.

For my kingdom, I mean.


23 Responses to “It’s a girl! Let’s kill it. (Because we support women’s rights.)”

  1. Some Bro Says:

    I prefer verbs like execute or murder over kill because it more accurately describes the abortion.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “This bill criminalizes a legal procedure.” No, it criminalizes the motivation for a legal procedure. Firing someone is a legal procedure. Firing someone just because they are a black is not legal, so does she also support the repealing of civil rights?

  3. pointy dexter Says:

    the abortion issue. damn! i was having a good morning. i ‘ve done a bit of thinking on this matter, and i’ve come to the conclusion that we simply need to alter the way we reproduce. please allow me to explain: ” accidental” or “unwanted” pregnancies were never part of gods plan. men and women were never meant to have casual or promiscuous sex; this is a result of sin (i can at least have casual sex when i’m married, right?). so i propose that god, working through science devises a strategy to end this scourge. its to late for god to “redesign” how we reproduce, those blueprints were made long ago. but with science, we can alter the reproductive process. when a couple wants a child, they will have to be the appropriate age 21-up at least, and they will have to pass a barrage of tests including:
    1. i.q. test
    2. drug test
    3 criminal background check

    • shalimamma Says:

      IQ test… Hmmmm… That may not be fair, pointy dexter (LOL! with the name!). After all , many of us may not be here if our parents were to have had an IQ test… and some of us might not have kids. I would suggest a ‘conservative’ test… but then again, the liberals are extincting themselves anyway, as are the pro-abortion people, the satanists, and gay couples. Look out world, those crazy reproducing Christians like yours truly may be taking over with shear numbers 😉

      Drug test: would this include a nice little night cap? 😉

      • pointy dexter Says:

        the standards should be even more stringent than my first proposals. a vetting process of no less than 2 years will also be used. no one- no one will have children unless they deserve to. as far as our parents maybe failing an i.q. test? so what? you and i , along with a lot of other folks are ALREADY here, dumb parents or not, aren’t we? we can’t alter the past (yet at least. be afraid, be VERY afraid of that possibility!) but we can affect the future. and about that night cap? everything in moderation, right? alcohol is not quite as insidious as other “harder” drugs, provided it’s not abused, of course.

    • pointy dexter Says:

      was almost late to work this morning because i tried to peck out that damn post in 2 minutes, and i must’ve been tired, ’cause its full of contradictions. what i meant to say goes more like so: people are almost exclusively born with the capability to reproduce. people are also born with the inherent right to reproduce. but not all people are worthy of becoming parents. look no further than what casey anthony did to her daughter, and countless other horror stories of babies left in the trash, or bound and wrapped in a sleeping bag, then left in a closet to suffocate slowly. in my eyes, if you want to have children, you will have to prove that you are not only worthy of being a parent, but you are also capable of being one. considering the fact that science can create life in a test tube, and that we are capable of cloning human dna, i’d say were’re only a stones throw away from being able to permanently alter how we reproduce, by way of an implant administered at birth that will render us sterile. it will be reversible of course, once the prospective parents have proven that they truly want, and are worthy of being parents.and passed a vetting process, which should last at least 2 years.there will be no more “unwanted” pregnancies to terminate, nor will anyone who is undeserving be allowed to have children to treat as trash. i dare say that human filth that would endeavor to do such a thing will eventually be filtered out, by way of what i refer to as “genetic purification”. i understand this is a sensitive issue to many, and i understand that this idea won’t be popular, but simply picketing abortion clinics and taking to blogs/forums to complain serves no purpose; they don’t solve the problem. outlawing abortion is not the answer either, as you are still left with “backroom/basement abortions” AND people who just abuse or kill their children anyway. the right to choose to have children will no longer be a choice, it will be a privilege.

      • I love that idea =] children are very valuable and they should be cherished and given the best. If we do this there would probably be an end to some human suffering, a reduction of amounts of suicides per year, a world that appreciates life. So I hope it happens.

        • lost boy Says:

          rights will be taken. but i like this idea also. i’ll lay down my right to reproduce if i can’t be a great father.

  4. DB, you take great pride in your work, which you do so well. But I think you have a problem with pride.

  5. shalimamma Says:

    It seems, oh warlord, that you are attempting to ‘reproduce’ the same evil that exists in China… forgive the pun… it is not intended. The days of baby murder (I like your point about words, Some Bro) are numbered. You are LOSING, Satan!!!!!!

    And might I add, heh heh heh heh heh 😉

  6. mazsamem Says:

    For anyone who WANTS to try to stop “gendercide” consider going to this site. Here, you can sign a petition. Live Action has a lot of info & undercover videos, too. Very interesting.

  7. There was a time really far back when there weren’t any ultrasounds or anything to check for the baby’s gender- In countries like China I think or maybe Japan or maybe anywhere in Asia or anywhere in this world girls would be born and they would be killed right after they were born(so the baby would be born and then they would kill it- the baby was crying in the mother’s arms and it would be killed because back then they wanted a firstborne male and males were more valued). So I’m just saying this has been going on for a very long time- since the beginning of time perhaps.

    So yea.. I just wanted to say (although it may be irrelevant to the topic). This sexual discrimination has been going on for a really long time and yes it’s cruel and it was even more horrible before and yes it should be stopped.

    • mazsamem Says:

      marina~You’re correct about the killing of already born females (we’re less valued) especially in many Asian cultures. I just read an article stating that as of now, there are 160 million “missing” Asian women. 160 million! Why so many missing? They were aborted. Isn’t “man’s inhumanity to man” terrible? Even more terrible: modern man’s & woman’s inhumanity to our unborn sisters. I hope you go to the link in my post (right above your post) and sign the petition to protect our girls. Only takes a minute to make your beliefs count. Who knows? If enough of us stand up for our unborn sisters…someone might notice. We can’t change all the evil in the world. But we can try to change people–one mind at a time. Peace, sister! 🙂

  8. bill long Says:

    Just wait until there is a in-utero DNA test that can tell if a baby is going to be a homosexual or not, and people start aborting their babies based on THAT. Hahaha. The sparks will fly. Bwahahahaha.

    • Interesting thought. Do you really think that would dissuade people not already inclined to abortion?

      • bill long Says:

        Yes. I believe there are lots of people who would abort on that basis. And if they do, the homosexual lobby will scream bloody murder. Literally. Mark my words.

  9. embrace me Says:

    did you really think evil wouldn’t come looking for you? you will never be safe from us. we are legion, and we are watching you.

  10. jibber jabber fool Says:

    no! stop trying to pre-emptively get rid of the womenfolk. men already grossly overpopulate this world. quite the sausagefest, it is.

  11. pied piper of the inferno Says:

    could be that this one is drawing inspiration from the idea of gender specific abortion, albeit demonic/evil inspiration. well, loosely related to gender specific abortion. kinda sorta in the same realm. it’s in the ballpark, i’ll put it that way. must think deeper on it first.

  12. i can haz demon Says:

    temptress…where hast thou gone? roaming to and fro with master? on holiday(?)? this one needs a wise and diabolical mind to pick for a bit. gots a couple ideas i does.

    • Looking for me, my man of many titles and accents? Of course I am roaming about with my master. And in other places, too, like the deep recesses of London where they still use your accent, they does. 😉 Do tell, govna, wha’ your ideas aawww, me ole’ chap.


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