Picture This: My Rights Over Yours


Mmmmmmm…. I absolutely adore pictures, my dear ones.

Well, most of them.

So many of my friends and servants to my Master are seduced by single photographs, even addicted to them, to the point where some of them act out in our favor in real life… just because of a picture or two.  It’s so easy!

I have the pleasure of using many photographers for my work.  I want to let you in on some of my personal favorites as far as photos go:  anorexic models (aka clothes hangers) to convince young girls that they need to starve themselves to be beautiful, Hollywood stars with fake everything to convince women that they need to have certain perfect measurements to measure up, and child porn, hetero porn, gay porn… I love porn!  (Can you tell?)  Just with the click of a button, so many can experience pleasure…

But there is one photographer I am not happy with today.

In a story found here, this photographer refused to provide her services to a lesbian couple, and is now, thankfully, being sued.  I quote: “According to the court’s verdict, the trouble began for Elane Photography when the company was contacted by lesbian Vanessa Willock asking if they could photograph a ‘commitment ceremony’ for a Willock and her ‘partner.’ The company, owned by Christian couple Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin, responded stating that they only shoot traditional weddings, and do not do ‘same-sex weddings,’ but thanked Willock for her interest.”

Excuse me… where does this Christian (bleeecccchhhh!) get off trying to exert her First Amendment rights to photograph whom SHE wants to?

I completely support the lesbian couple for their lawsuit to take away the rights of Christians and their businesses to do business according to their beliefs.  I like the fact that they are bullying the Christians.  Good for them!  In fact, I think they should bully other religious persuasions as well.  You go, girls!

I hate the stupid First Amendment.  After all, what matters is that whoever has the loudest mouth, the biggest guns, the most power, and the most money, is the one who gets to rule.

That way, I and my Master get to rule, too.

Hm hm hm hm hm…. 😉

Always yours,



7 Responses to “Picture This: My Rights Over Yours”

  1. pied piper of hell Says:

    temptress, you vex me. i hate pictures. i hate being in pictures. i despise most human/worldly endeavors, like you and your master. i grow impatient, mistress. you and father have had 2000+ years of human history to accomplish something significant, and yet… your biggest achievement led to your biggest failure. once my plan for the demon forge is realised, this world will have been cleansed in fire, and ours for the taking. the christ-man can have the ones that earned him, and we shall claim the rest ( thats gonna be a LOT) master can finally see his vision of beings and a world made in his image come to fruition. i wish to be a part of this, and will labor to make it happen. i don’t seek to replace master (how many kings have you ever known that actually made it to retirement?) but i grow tired of monkey-shines. you do have loftier ambitions than meddling with humans, don’t you? i’ll need backers, you see. and if thats not to your taste, i ‘ll be looking to establish a harem of accomplished demoness’s…

    • My dear Pied Piper,

      It is indeed a pleasure to have another demon on here…

      I can tell you are a demon because of your hopeless (and wonderful) pride. I do not believe you know who I am. You seem to imply that my plans and opinions are ‘monkey shines’ and that I am meddling with humans. Loftier ambitions? Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!! There is no loftier ambition than devouring a human soul, you idiot! Ahem… I mean, my dear little demon.

      How dare you point out the fact that we lost to the Christ-man?!?! Like I don’t realize that every second, every millisecond. Well, I have news for you. We didn’t lose EVERYthing… yet. There is still TIME, my friend… time to gain human souls who will be damned for eternity. Ha ha ha ha… they still have a choice, as long as there is time left on this pathetic planet. So we CAN still win, at least some souls… don’t you see?

      So, my lowly little demon who dares to challenge me… tell me YOUR plans that are loftier. Tell me about your so-called demon forge. And I will SEE if you are even slightly worthy to have a conversation with THIS mistress.

      Hm hm hm hm…


      • pied piper of the inferno Says:

        its a demon forge- a tool of creation. every soul that goes to hell will be placed into the demon forge and become a soldier of satan, and an accomplice to the apocalypse, rather than a damned soul, imprisoned for all eternity. how wasteful, to ignore resources. i’m no demon either. perhaps i didn’t adequately express my desire to use the demon forge. what a compliment that you thought me a demon (however lowly doesn’t matter- i’d rather be the weakest demon than the strongest human)! sure, you are gathering souls, but they are wasted. you will need help mistress, you and father both.
        also you referenced my “hopless pride”. first off, i’m no creature of pride- easist way to fail in this ones HUMBLE opinion. creature of ambition, creature of chaos, thats a more apt description of my make-up. i dare to challenge you mistress, because where you feel you have hopeless pride, i see a beautiful and powerful being, and most damning of all, where you see defeat i see victory.
        this is no request for power- i will take whats mine.
        i’am not in the habit of making threats ( threats are for proud fools). but i do like to point out the obvious- join me or…suffer. not at my hands! no, you know who will mete out your suffering, don’t you, mistress of mine?

  2. pied piper of the inferno Says:

    i wasn’t picking on your opinions either, temptress. i very much respect and value your opinions. its your ambitions, however, that i…uh..find… inadequate.

  3. My Infernious Pied Piper,

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Ahem. You know, I like you. I even like your bold challenges to someone such as my proud self. And I chuckle, because it appears you are trying to outwit a ‘woman,’ when in fact, you have a masculine spirit.

    Not a demon, eh? I do like how cunning you are to our readers. If you are indeed a man, then you would have no interest in a demon forge but would want something stupid like power or fortune, kind of like my Master tempted the Christ-man with. He didn’t tempt him with a demon forge. Yeah, I read that stupid book of truth. And I know how to twist it, or at least use it to our own advantage.

    Of course I am speaking to a demon, who of course possessed some pathetic man. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I love it.

    But enough of trivialities. I like your ideas… pray tell… er… I mean do NOT pray, but tell… what are these ambitions you seek from me? What is a greater ambition than misleading… I mean LEADING souls to hell?


    PS Judging by your many names on this blog, you are indeed a confusing creature. Evil tends to be pretty united, even if we hate each other. And good is sickeningly united if it is true and void of pride. You, my peter piper picked a pickled pepper are quite a puzzle. Take that as a compliment and with a devlish grin.

  4. What the devils never want to mention is that they are tempting Christians to commit the iniquity of fornication and having it recorded, filmed and photographed pornographically by other Christians. Why do Christians love the immoral and evil porno so much for anyway? Don’t they know they are going to hell if they pose in pornographic magazines like Playboy and Penthouse?

  5. Those two atrocities called world wars one and two would have never happened if more Christians would have both questioned and challenged authority. But they never did. Their tyrannical rulers got them to murder millions of Christians while having others commit the sin of murdering them in return for sinning against them. And they committed this crime against humanity for their love of money. There must be many mass murderers in hell from those two wars.

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