Welcome to Post-Constitutional America


What a great week I’m having, my good friends.  I know you all heard that the United States Supreme Court recently ruled that the US’s “ObamaCare” is constitutional.  Right?  Did you celebrate?  So did I, my friends, so did I.  This was one time that I really thought my Supreme Reliables would let me down.  After a long history of finalegalitification of my kingdom goals, I knew (as did most others) this law to be so blatantly unconstitutional as to cause a losing setback.  But, by moi, if those trisksterific tricksters didn’t come through after all!

All is progressing well in my earthly kingdom, my servants.

I thought I would use the afterglow of this great victory to briefly let you in on how I got the Americans to a place where they let “limited government” become just “government.”  It is an exciting story, not only because it stars moi, but also because it was so easily preventable.  And this is not primarily about the wisdom, prudence, or tragedy (take your pick) of ObamaCare.  It is ultimately a story about sovereignty squandered.


Do you know what it means to be “sovereign” my friends?  Yes, you probably have a good idea.  It means the ultimate “who sez” in any sphere of human involvement and interaction.  Everyone obeys an ultimate “who sez;” humans will always be subject to (and subjected to) a “who” whether they like it or not.  Families, for example, were created with a definite “who” as the ultimate “sezer.”  The sphere of employment, the military, the church, and every other social structure functions properly only when there is a definite and proper “who” behind any “sezes.”

And what about government, my friends?  Well, let me key you in on some kingdom truths that have worked for me, my servants.

Listen up.

Remember, my friends, I started out that very first social structure by putting into that little pretty’s head one simple question: “who sez?”

And ever since my initial success under that fruit tree I have tried to ensure that every family, every church, every government, indeed, even every individual becomes divided over the issue of “who sez?”

Somebody will always rule over man’s life.

The question of government presents a particularly tricky problem for God and me (mostly God), because, of course, God and I both want to rule over man.

Yes, government (meaning the “state” or other municipal or national leaders to order society) has a proper place in the affairs of men.   But I know that the “proper place” is extremely difficult in a world of passionate human beings who love to lord over other human beings.  And I manipulate this difficulty to my advantage.

In fact, as you know from history, I actually experience little difficulty in eventually devolving every form of human government into some form of tyranny.

Kings, princes, rulers.  All eventually succumb to a sinful world’s demands to enforce tyranny, even if for supposedly noble purposes.

But tyranny nonetheless.

It’s a beautiful thing.

That’s why, my servants, I must confess that the American Experiment scared the . . . , well, the heck out of moi.

Yes, the living heck.

Do you know why?

If you are an American, you should.  But I bet you don’t.

I’ll tell you, even though even now it makes me shiver.

Those Americans served up a double whammy.  First, their Experiment was founded on a Biblical worldview.  That is to say, America was founded by and  among a people that largely believed in a true, transcendent, living God.  In time this foundation upheld what could be fairly described as a Christian nation.


Now, that first whammyfier is an undeniable truth that is often denied today.  But there can be no question that America was, at one time, a “Christian nation” in the sense that its traditions and culture, including its laws and government, were informed by a Biblical worldview.

Let the deniers deny.  I’ll soon set them down.

But it’s the second whammyfier that sent my kingdom into spasms of anguish.  You see, the American Founding Fathers knew that sovereignty must rest in someone.  Someone must be the ultimate “who sez?”

And do you know who America’s Founding Fathers made the ultimate “who sez?”


No, it was not God.

But in the case of the Americans it was the next most destructive thing, though.

Here it is.  This is key to understanding both the early success of America, and its now-sure demise:  the Founding Fathers structured their new government such that sovereignty rested with the people.

A free people!

Yes, the American Constitution set the governing law for a nation of free men living under a very limited federal government.  The American Constitution sets forth specific things the federal government was permitted to do.  Outside of these few enumerated powers, the federal government was to let a free people live free.

Government officials were to be servants of the people.

Even today, government officials are still called civil servants.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, that one always makes me chuckle.

Now, pay attention.  I see some of you only half paying attention.  Listen up.

American liberals today fail to understand a fundamental truth that their Founding Fathers knew: a government where sovereignty rests in the people only works where the people can govern themselves under an inner morality and virtue.

Yes, my liberals predictably deny that religion and virtue (the two only go together for Biblical-based religions, which is the case in early America) are a necessary ingredient for freedom and liberty.  But both experience and the Founding Fathers (many of whom were not flaming fundamentalist Christians) weigh in (as usual) against present-day liberals:

Consider George Washington: “Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.”

Consider Benjamin Franklin: “[O]nly a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

Consider Thomas Jefferson: “No government can continue good but under the control of the people; and . . . . their minds are to be informed by education what is right and what wrong; to be encouraged in habits of virtue and to be deterred from those of vice . . . . These are the inculcations necessary to render the people a sure basis for the structure and order of government.”

Religion? Virtue? Right and wrong?


Now to the fun part, my servants.

I knew that to destroy America I had to undermine both of the whammyfications: the moral base of a Christian nation, and the sovereignty of a free people.

It was not easy, but we are almost there.

And, as you probably know, I used the one check and balance of limited government that was best suited to manipulation: the judiciary.

Over time I ensured that the very Constitution that was originally formed to order a free, moral people, was used to shackle and demoralize (in the truest sense of the word).

Prayer in schools, gone.  Teaching the scientific evidence of true creation in public schools, gone.  Dignity of life, liberty and happiness itself at the most vulnerable point of all three, gone–snipped as easily as the snip, snip, snip of a doctor-like person’s legally protected immoral, un-virtuous, corrupted practice permitted not by the people, but by the Court.

Oh, how I love the US court system.

Demoralizing people to render them largely without transcendent, meaningful moral compasses was the first step in destroying America.

But I did it; I nullified the first whammification and in less than two generations transformed America into a “post-Christian” nation.

Thank you.

Now for the second whammification.

Remember, everyone will be ruled by someone.  Either a man will be ruled by the mandates of a conscience informed by God, or he will be ruled by the mandates of another man.

Mandates?  Did I day mandates?

How convenient!

Yes, my servants, every living man (which includes those on earth and elsewhere) lives by mandates.  The mandates are either internally imposed from a free man’s heart to live in peace and tranquilly according to God’s law, or they will be externally imposed from another man on earth.

To get free Americans to bow under the mandates of other men outside the constitutionally enumerated powers of government was a little more difficult and time-consuming.  But I did it by slowly changing society’s notions of “fairness” and “justice.”  You see, the American constitution was originally based on a notion of fairness that sees outcomes based on individual achievement of individuals playing on a level playing field of laws designed to provide the justice of equal opportunity.

Some individuals succeed.  Some fail.  Equal application of laws protect them all.  That is, the laws of the land protect the life, liberty and property (the actual meaning of happiness; look it up) of the individual against all those who would seek to take it/them.

Of course, liberals cannot have this kind of equality.  For liberals, who imagine themselves compassionate, it is equality of outcome that matters.

And equality of outcomes requires that the life, liberty or property be taken one for the good of another.

I had to transform America into a nation of makers and takers.  I had to realign the thinking of sovereign people to believe it is just that government originally formed to protect property instead confiscate property so that envious others can shamelessly mooch in the name of fairness.

Just and fair, right?

Yes, if you have my sense of justice and fairness (as well as envy, jealousy, laziness, etc.), i.e., theft from one for blissful dependence of another!

So I had to slowly transform the Constitution’s foundational premise of equal opportunity to all into a premise of guaranteeing equal results to all.

And I’ve been almost completely successful.

Don’t believe me?


Ha ha ha ha ha.

But I’m ahead of myself.

ObamaCare did not happen overnight.  ObamaCare is the result of years of my effort to remove sovereignty from the people and put it into the hands of an ideologically driven ruling elite.

And I did this within the American system by slowly over time transforming an electorate that has become ignorant of the Constitution’s noble ideals of free men under God, to an electorate, a large part of which has succumbed to the post-constitutional ignoble ideas of dependent men under a ruling elite.

The siren call of a ruling elite fashioning “fairness” in the name of “justice” is too much for some to resist.

And when the moochers vote for more and more moochies, my job is done: America has become post-constitutional because sovereignty gets de-facto transferred to a ruling elite in spite of the people.

Don’t believe me?


I’m not the first to use the term “post-constitutional” but I’m the one responsible for it.  Mark Levin, for example, explains “post-constitutional”: It means that much of what the federal government does is not authorized by the Constitution.

Another writer uses the term to enlighten his proposition that “the U.S. Constitution poses no serious threat to our form of government.”

Get it?

I’ve successfully brought the American people to a place where the Constitution has little to do with America’s current form of governance.

As Michael Gerson put it, over time I’ve arranged that “conservatives” who usually do not like to lurch about as liberals do, tend to let liberal lurching go unchecked:

If the conservative response following every period of liberal activism is humility and continuity, then the ideological ratchet only turns leftward.

I am the racheter, my friends.

Paradoxically, because a large voting bloc votes their sovereignty to a ruling elite, this leftward racheting ensures that political power no longer resides in the hands of the American-by-idealogy electorate.

Welcome, my friends, to post-constitutional America, where a small band of un-American idealogues, lead by me and my chief beelzebud Obama, lead a large population of American idealogues who no longer have the votes for constitutional governance of free people by a limited government.


Proof of my success.  Again, as Mr. Gerson put it with respect to Chief Justice Robert’s ObamaCare opinion:

What initially seemed wise now smacks of mere cleverness — less a judge’s prudence than a lawyer’s trick. To find the health care law constitutional, Roberts reimagined it.

Judicial cleverness. Re-imagining the ruling elite’s oppression as liberty and freedom for all.

It’s what I do.

And I’m good.

I’m very good.

I’m ObamaCare good.

Welcome to post-constitutional America, my friends.  Where nothing is beyond the reach of the federal government’s mandate.  And where the federal government’s mandate can and will crush the mandates of conscience every time.

Where what theirs is theirs and what’s yours is theirs.

Where life, liberty, and property are no longer inalienable rights.

They have been alienated.

And I’ve succeeded in once again dividing into the Divided States of America.  This time the division is between those who believe the fundamental role of government is to apply just laws to protect life, liberty and property in the name of fairness, and those who believe the fundamental role of government is to redistribute life, liberty and property, also in the name of fairness.

In short, my Divided States of America are divided over the fundamental role of government: is government’s proper role to enforce a level playing field? Or is it to tilt the playing field?

The tilters are winning because now the ruling elite believes in redistributive fairness, and the “who sez” is “government sez” on everything whether or not the people like it, want it, or asked for it.




28 Responses to “Welcome to Post-Constitutional America”

  1. Only virtuous people (Ben Franklin)?

    Oh God, we need help down here in South America.

    But, it seems also in the US.

    Because, American children forgot:


    But, Muslims remember:


  2. Die for me. Again. Says:

    dry your eyes d.b. all this crying and suffering is turning me on. i’m trying to concentrate, so chin up, ok?
    as Mr. Erik astutely points out, franklin was not very virtuous. no. he was, in fact, a satanist. thats right, a blackmass attending, orgy-having, god-hating hedonist. i’m actually a fan of his. go figure!
    lay down your sword D.B. and join ussss.

    • My point in using Franklin was to show that even non-Christians understood that America’s consitutional form of government would not work without virtuous people. The point does not depend on the virtue of the speaker for its truth, although were Franklin a Christian he might have more credibility for doubters.

      • Sorry, DB, i did not mean to disturb your excellent post on who we are suppose to obey.

        Ben Franklin satanist? i did not know that, but as you said the truh does not depend on the speaker.

      • Die for me. Again. Says:

        there aren’t enough virtuous people in this world to birth a country, let alone author a declaration of independence. our country, which seems to enrage you and break your heart on a daily basis was founded by crooks, and is largley run by crooks, and is very much if not moreso than ever inhabited by crooks. according to that book, we are all born with original sin, and corrupted from the very first moment we draw breath. hey, lots of us don’t even make it far enough to draw a breath!
        we are the plague upon the earth;we are the evil. trust me(!) this planet would get on fine without our poison and destructive presence. we like to pretend that we’re good, and that our lifes have meaning (some of them do! but not nearly enough) but if we were wiped from the face of the earth tommorrow, it wouldn’t be tragic. no, that would be a miracle.
        to sum up: i don’t give a good goddamn whether obamacare violated the constitution or not. there is no sense in picking nits when there is no hope.


  3. It’s about darn time! I have been waiting for a post from you and I had to resort to reading some old posts from that “other” devil’s blog, Devil’s Ink. Ol’ Jeffy is good, but after April he just pooped out. Please keep cranking out such goodies as this.
    Eternally Grateful,

  4. This one is a home run, DB.

  5. Mike N. Says:

    Yes, “the ideological ratchet only turns leftward”. This is the Hegelian dialectic that has destroyed Western culture after all but destroying the Church. The Church is dying because the pulpits are compromised. We’re all community organizers now.

  6. die for me. again Says:

    so men of god have let their pulpits and their houses of worship be compromised? color me a cynic, but this comes as no suprise. we are such a waste of flesh. god doesn’t love me, and he doesn’t love you either. the only reason he allows our pitiful existence to continue is he feels quite sorry for us. he loathes us, but not enough to eradicate us. he knows we will accomplish this on our own.*

    *the devil made me write this. in fact, i blame all my shortcomings/evil on him. he also ate my homework, and he made me vote for obama! GASP!

  7. die for me. again Says:

    B.S. if he was truly wise, he wouldn’t have sent his only living son into a viper pit to be brutally murdered. he does love the world, just not its inhabitants. except for animals. animals are innocent, and worthy of love.

    i do so enjoy when you try in vain to be comforted by lies. keep hiding in your bible-deep down you know the truth.

  8. walker of the wastes Says:

    you know, D.B., i was about to vacate your digital space until you announced that there would be a new blogger joining us, and that she would be a demon, and female! imagine my excitement and unpure thoughts at playing and sharing with this dark mistress!
    you see, when i first appealed to you as halfbreed, i was looking for satan. to my delight, you replied to me, in the guise of the serpent no less! while i never truly believed you were him, i did believe you were affiliated with him. well, holy man, once you revealed your true nature i decided to call it a career on satans blog. until temptress appeared. now she appears to have vacated this digital space. so tell me faithful one, where has she gone?
    since i appreciate your sincere attempt to placate my desires in our first exchange, i will stay my jealously and anger, but your treachery has been noted. if she has truly left, then i will too. but i will be watching. the moment she returns, her pet will return as well.

    enjoy the silence- a random bastard

  9. Not B.S.; God so loved the world that he have His only begotten Son…….

    • i'm ready to die Says:

      LIES ! change that son to a daughter, and i’ll give mind, body, AND spirit
      also: to hell with the world. give in to your darkside johnny. i know you have one.

      • Of course I have one, thus the need for Christ to redeem me. For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son……

        • walker of the wastes Says:

          ok, broken-record man. i don’t understand how a supposed savior being murdered opens up the possibility of providing salvation for his whoreson murderers. i see you exercising your darkside johhny. repeating the same tired line over and over is slight of hand backhanded snobbery. or is that the only line you know?

  10. Well, Walker; think of it like this. You owe $10,000,000 to the bank. You, in all your strength work hard to pay down your debt with what you can afford to pay, say $300 per month. You pay and pay and pay, but what you do doesn’t even keep up with the interest. You’ll never get out from under the debt. Now imagine that you meet say, Bill Gates, and that he empathizes with your plight. He walks into your bank and offers to pay off your debt. Will the bank accept this? Yes, of course they will. All that is necessary is for you to accept his offer to do this on your behalf. Would you? That is what Christ has done for you. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. Your sin has earned you death. That is the debt you owe. Death. But Christ has stepped in to offer up his death to satisfy your debt. Accept it, and your account is clear, and life eternal is your reward. That’s it. Just that simple. For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Your eternity is resting solely in your hands, my friend. He loves you enough to respect your sovereign will, even if it pierces His heart. What’s it gonna be?

    • walker of the wastes Says:

      there is no saving me, i’m hopelessly lost damaged goods, and i will never bow down to something so many other people follow blindly. i hate, absolutely hate being human, and if i had my way, i wouldn’t even exist. i never asked for life, i was cursed with it. god can have christ murdered a thousand times over, it makes no nevermind to me. i’ve never trespassed against another human life by way of murder or rape. my sins are petty by biblical standards, and are very much owing to my gender, and programmed by nature, or god. some people simply shouldn’t be forgiven. i won’t be forgiven, because i refuse. others just aren’t worth the blood. individuals such as dennis rader (aka BTK) or timothy mcveigh, or even jerry sandusky.
      thats the problem with christianity, you must take the good with the bad, IF they ask forgiveness. some people aren’t worthy of this “free” gift you so pridefully bandy about, as if it can be found in a box of crackerjack.
      all that being said, bear in mind that our lovely society doesn’t know how to rehabilitate a pyschopath. so, why don’t you chose for me? do you really want someone like moi rubbing elbows with you beyond the pearly gates? chosse wisely, pilgrim.

  11. If you oh Satan call these so called ‘christians’ names, slander them, especially some of their leaders, the big hot shots, they will hate you more and you can have more energy to feed off of. Also, they will leave me alone and I can go about my life and eternity in peace.

    • die for me, again Says:

      hello mr. hello! why are you petioning satan to slander christians? don’t you have vocal chords of your own? maybe you are paralyzed from from the waist down, and so are incapable of carrying out your own will sufficiently? why are you so lazy and weak? there was another individual on this very thread just yesterday, asking satan to hold his hand like an incompetent child, and carry out his will. i challenged him to not rely on a deity to accomplish his goals. you could read our exchange, except the moderator must have removed it (whassa matter D.B. don’t like DIY’ers, eh?) you should be petioning god to save your sorry ass instead. when i rule this world, the weak will be the first to be trod underfoot.
      -with true and unadulterated hate, die for me

  12. Walker, you’re wrong. You say that some people aren’t worthy of this free gift I bandy about. The fact is NO ONE is worthy of the free gift God offers. You’re also wrong about not bowing down to something so many people follow blindly. You are bowing down to yourself, and many, many, many people bow down to self and follow it blindly. Also, God did not have Christ murdered. You and I had Christ murdered. And finally, we aren’t talking about society rehabilitating a psychopath. That’s all just a lot of steaming bull crap. It’s the love and power of Almighty God that changes men, not Freudian horse snot. He’s waiting.

    • walker of the wastes Says:

      we can agree on one thing good sir- we both love our fairytails and folklore. l have no problem acknowledging a creator. just not what you believe in. not calling it wrong (arrogant and entitled, maybe).
      how does one bow down to oneself? you must be implying that i have weaknesses i can’t contol without your god. thats where your arrogance rears its ugly head. you claim salvation is but a few hollow words away. thats where your sense of entitlement becomes apparent.
      according to your folklore, christ being murdered was part of gods plan. his knowledge, every scrap of it, is preordained. no death=no salvation. this was christ foremost reason for being sent to us. any action taken against him was expected, and designed. when you make the rules, nothing comes to pass without your (gods) approval.
      try selling your horse snot to someone like the green river killer. a man with absolutely no conscience and no concern for anyone other than himself. plenty of murderers on death row claim to have found your christ. they’re lying. know why? they’ll say anything to be free again. anything to be on the street, plying their gruesome trade. you nor your god will ever fix them. ever. these living demons can never truly feel love. not as you know it. sadism is the closest they come to feeling love.
      in closing, i’ve never assumed i was right about anything. YOU made that assumption. trying to persuade me to accept this “almighty love and power” is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. god would have to personally grab me by the shirtcollar and give me something undeniable. i have a hunch thats not quite his style, however.

  13. Be careful what you ask for.

    • walker of the wastes Says:

      bring it on! anytime, anywhere! no man on earth will ever make my heart pump fear. maybe god will, if he so chooses. i’m curious about him, but i will never fear him. YOU HEAR ME UP THERE? MY DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN! I WILL NEVER HIDE FROM YOU! COME SEE YOUR WAYWARD REBELIOUS CHILD!

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