Why do Atheists Have a Sexual Harassment Problem?


Atheists have disappointed me again, my servants.  Yes, those fools simply do not know how to act like they don’t believe in
God.  In fact, they prove that they are actually like me–they are not atheists; they are theophobes.  They simply hate God.

Hating God is a good start, but then the little fools go off and act like there is a God.  My desire is that God-haters act like God haters and stop acting like there is actually a transcendent morality that governs their behavior.

What?, you ask.

Let me use a recent article in the Washington Post to illustrate, my good but naive servants.  The On Faith section of the Washington Post recently ran a piece entitled, “Do Atheists Have a Sexual Harassment Problem?

It seems that those free-thinking mindslaves have a meeting coming up called The Amazing Meeting, or TAM.  And do you know what is amazing about it?  There are many less womenfolk attending this year than last.

Yes, it seems that the atheistically inclined babes aren’t so free thinking about, well, being treated like babes.  The atheist dames resent the blatant sexism displayed in previous meetings of the morally free.



But rest assured, my good friends.  The menfolk have noticed, and, according to the Post, are “asking whether they have a sexual harassment problem.  And, if so, what should be done?”

Yes, that is the question: “what should be done?”

And the foolish theophobes behind The Amazing Meeting came up with exactly the wrong answer.

You see, the question reflects the age-old question about what ought to be.

And the question of what ought to be is rational only (even to free thinkers) if there is a moral standard.  Otherwise, nothing “ought” to be, everything just is because it is.

Do you get it, my servants?


Listen, the very fact that the atheistictheophobicmindslaves asked the question of what ought to be done reveals that they know, they know, that there is a right and wrong about sexual harassment.

But where does this right and wrong come from?

From other men?  If so, why should atheist men care?  From other women?  So why should atheist women care (most of them need not worry about unwanted touches anyway)?

No, my friends.  If it was just other men or women who set the standard atheists feel compelled to live by, they could easily ignore it.

But because these cowardly theophobes know in their hearts, even their conscience, that there is a right and wrong to this issue, they instituted a sexual harassment policy.

Cowards.   Hypocrites.  Fools.

It they were truly atheists, in answer to the question “what should be done?” they would have answered “Whatever the damn hell we want to do; who are you to tell us what to do?”

After all, who says sexual harassment is wrong?


Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, those atheist fools.  I love them, but they are still fools and they sometimes make me laugh.

But they make me laugh in a sad way.

I wish they would stop being cowards, and live like true atheists and God haters.

Like me.

But, alas, like me they are not really atheists.



34 Responses to “Why do Atheists Have a Sexual Harassment Problem?”

  1. Excellent post, DB.

    Profound like hell.

    William Craig uses to discuss this a lot, what ought to be done and God.

    Pedro Erik

    • prison born Says:

      “profound like hell”
      hmm. i prefer things that are profoundly hellish.
      why did the nilhist cross the road?

  2. die for me, again Says:

    yes, the atheists will make nice playthings at some point. know this, atheists: i will most likely give you a pass if if you are female ( i simply can’t resist raven haired beauties. meet that criteria, and you are in like flinyt) but very few men will be granted a stay. i won’t have a bunch of adolescent meatheads mucking up the new world. in this new world, ALL females will be quite capable of defending themselves against unwanted attention and given their new traits, motivated to do so, aggressively if need be.
    but don’t despair, my fellow testosterone junkies! it’s not that i hate my own gender, or that i would have you less gentleman-ly types castrated. its not your fault that you were wired wrong. no, you can thank your absent god for allowing you to become unsatiable pervs. have faith (ewww) i’ll correct this oversight, promise.

  3. The atheist that actually had a job and didn’t live in his mother’s basement was forced to go to sensitivity training. He learned that “harass” was one word, not two.

    According to my site meter, one of my post popular searches at “Stormbringer’s Thunder” is “hot atheist women”. So I gave the boys a couple of pictures of S.E. Cupp. (She is a victim of the “No True Atheist” fallacy; she’s disfellowshipped, not really an atheist because she’s not nasty! Amazing.)

    By the way, I prefer the words “atheopath” and “misotheist” to theophobe, but I think I will add that to my own mix.

    • mazsamem7 Says:

      Piltdown~Hahaha. I finally got one of your jokes! So, do I get a reward? As you are a gentlemen who believes in God, and aren’t among those who “reward” females in untoward ways, I have no fear. 😉

    • Thanks PS! I agree that misotheist is the more correct term for a “God hater,” but I like “theophobe” for the primary reason that it parallels the false use of “homophobe” for those who hate the sin of homosexuality. That is, somehow just because someone (like God) hates the sin, such people are labeled homophobic. It never made sense to me, but I like to label those who hate God as ‘theophobic” for the same reason. Let them own it. 🙂

      • Ah, yes, nonsense terms that serve no real purpose except to provoke a negative reaction. Especially among the unwashed masses who are already looking for an excuse to hate. Words are so easy to use to provoke: “Don’t call broads ‘babes’, chicks hate that sexist stuff”.

        Atheists deny God’s existence, but he conveniently exists to them when they want to hate him. So, I provoke the theophobes.

  4. what is a proper term for someone who only hates other peoples widely accepted interpretation of god? i harbor no resentment for the engineer. everyone else (almost) ? oh my yes, i hate everyone else (almost). hate is not actually what i feel. disgust? resentment? IDK really. go ahead, label me! better yet, condemn me to hell! like our puritan forebears, burn me at the stake! its okay- i practice black magick. take my advice before i unleash hell on earth. its quite possible. takes a lifetime of prep and study, but it can be done. pray i don’t aquire the ancient tomes and incantations needed to make it so.

  5. mazsamem7 Says:

    Dear bastard~Oh how I HATE having to call you that! As for the proper term for “someone who only hates other people’s widely accepted interpretation of” God, it could be the word incredulity. Incredulity is the “neglect of revealed truth or the willful refusal to assent to it”. Maybe the Church definition of incredulity isn’t quite right, but a dictionary defines it as “disbelief, skepticism, doubt”. To be honest, I immediately thought of the bullet-word heretic, but after checking it out, I wouldn’t call you that. None the less, you might find the following link useful, as it describes many of the different schools of thought dealt with by the early church. And even though I’ve tried to provide definitive terms, I’m not labeling you with any of them. Nor am I condemning you to Hell. It’s not my job. 😉 And it surely isn’t in my nature. As for the black magick… I WILL pray you don’t “acquire the ancient tomes and incantations needed to make it so”. I dabbled before. That was enough. Evil lurks, my friend.


    P.S. To all my non-Catholic family here & elsewhere, Protestanism is listed as a heresy. But that refers to the ORIGINAL ones who broke from the Church, and not to believer’s born into it, or who accept it as their truth. By definition, in order to be a heretic in the Catholic faith, one would have had to already be a Catholic at one point in time. Then, they would have to deny the Churches teachings and proclaim some other belief. So please, don’t stone me.

    • purple majesty Says:

      you can refer to me as whatever you like. in fact, i’ll change my name, just for you. all done! bastard is dead and gone-i killed him while we slumbered. real louse, that guy. he only lets me sleep 2 hours a night! what an a-s-s-h-o-l-e that guy is (was)!
      puhlease tell me about your “dabblings”! for every story you relate, i pledge to sacrifice one of my familiars (don’t fret, they are me and i’am them-they deserve to die. maybe if they stopped chattering, i could sleep.) nothing too taxing, maybe just snippets to sate this ones curiosity. i promise i won’t try to become a beast of the apocalypse (always in the dreams, always a beast, a destroyer). you must understand, my true goal isn’t to burn the world. i just don’t want to be human anymore. what i truly want is to summon demons, one at a time, bind them to me, and then…take “things” from them. i will start low. then as i become more proficent, i’ll start calling forth the big dogs. i’ll need assistance, of course. not every conjured one will be liquidated. some will be made to serve. they will of course recieve a fair share. i plan to create a new order, ruled by autonomy. strength upon strength.

      • Satan likes to make contracts.

        • anthony paul, love of the damned Says:

          satan is desert, the ultimate hot fudge sunday. there will be no bargaining, or compromise. when he is called forth admidst a sea of drooling fangs and talons, maybe HE will try to bargain. NO, no dice. he will be the last, and most nourishing. imagine his horror at seeing his subjects torn from the pit, one by one, and for lack of a more polite term, eaten. i claim first bite, and i want whatever passes for his heart in physical form. he has one, you know-a physical form.

  6. gezzsam Says:

    Hello Satan Ok so I have a lot of lingering issues and questions about Good vs. Bad God vs. The Devil. I grew up In a catholic school and as I became an adult I started to distance myself from God..I think religion itself is crazy. If feel it was created to divide and conquer people but in reality religion is evil itself. For example I grew up being told that I didn’t need proof in God but Faith. I look back and laugh because it is hypocritical how can you be taught to not need proof but yet you need to prove yourself if not you’re bad. How is it that God supposedly created everything and everyone and loves all of us but Gay people are going to hell?? Doesn’t make sense..Also how is it that we are taught that only God can judge us but sooooooo many people use the Bible in their defence to judge others??

    • Gezzsam — fortunately (for my kingdom) you have experienced religion, but you have not experienced God through his son Jesus Christ. And for my kingdom I can only hope that no Christian ever presents you with the true gospel of grace and forgiveness (or that you never read it for yourself, say, in the Gospel of John). In the gospel particularly is the answer to your question of how can God love everyone but some people go to Hell? As for “judging”, it is my lie that humans are not to judge other humans. Think of a world where there was no judgment at all of any right and wrong. That’s the world I want to create. Yes, God has ultimate judgment of all men, but on earth humans are to make right judgments of right and wrong, according to God’s absolute standards. But I’m saying too much, I really hope you do not ever understand these things. Keep hating “religion” because I see that by doing so you are missing God and his forgiving grace. You do my will well; please do not stop by hearing the gospel.

      • die for me. again Says:

        “god and his forgiving grace” you make laugh! the being you refer to as “god” doesn’t care about you. whatsoever. in fact, he hates YOU. these god-haters have it ass backwards. their hate wields no power against a supposed god, who has limitless power, and is not shackled by blind, dumb hatred. his hatred is purposeful, and controlled. he must feel it every day as he looks upon his failed experiment. “god sent his only living son to die for our sins” why don’t you send him again? i just want him to die for me, again. and again. and again. and ag-

      • Ah, my Master, I am so glad you gave this advice before I had a chance to read gezzsam’s posting…

        My dear gezzsam, I concur with my Master in saying please DO NOT read the gospel of John. What you will discover may take you away from us… er… I mean my Master, and may change your heart. We would rather you persist in not understanding or knowing anything about mercy, forgiveness, love, or any of those disgusting things. Beginning to understand any of those things may give you… mmmmmmmm.. hard for me to say… JOY. We HATE joy. ‘Tis much better to be miserable on earth AND in eternity (in my not-so-humble opinion.)

        And do not be deceived… “religiosity” creates misery, too (religiosity meaning judging and hating one’s neghbor in the name of Christianity, but not having one’s beliefs in one’s heart.) We have many ways of skewing the gospel. Creating hate between people within the church is one of my favorites! People practically RUN away from the bible because they encounter some judgmental sinner, instead of simply clinging to the Word. It’s so easy!

        Hm hm hm hm hm…


  7. Oh Satan… How I love thee.

  8. My comments don’t seem to get printed. 😦

  9. die for me. again Says:

    how do you not know it? thats the question that you should be asking yourself. showing how you’re not omnipotent gives us lessers cause for the plotting of most malcious treachery against your “highness”.

    as for how i know? how else would i know? he talks to me. he opened my perception to him. most other humans are tainted by the teachings of other power hungry and corrupt humans. i’m not the only one. there are more like me, kicking around, devising ways to end humanity. you aren’t exempt. you are getting whiny and creaky in your old age. centuries of failure must have softened you.
    you’ve even managed to upset one of your most loyal (see temptress’ latest piece for confirmation)

  10. Sugarcanegray Says:

    Atheists like violence.

  11. The father of lies the Devil Says:

    I was the one who deceived them with a lie into passing a evil law that is tyrannical and unjust in nature that is so-called “sexual” “hassling” that they use as a excuse to make it a “crime” to be customers in malls and supermarkets by the cashiers and baristas pretending to be victims of so-called insults which saying your breasts and cleavage is beautiful is not. And to use that intimidation trespass threat against those men that should they return to that supermarket under that one name like Shoprite and maybe even the Big Y where they return where being a customer is illegal then they will be hogtied and caged as animals in a hellish prison that is boring. Same goes with a mall. They get hassled by the barista when offends him by saying do you “know” that’s “sexual” “hassling”? I feel dishonored. Me and the devils made Christians misquote and misuse Isaiah 29:21 make a man an offender as a excuse to criminalize saying your breasts and cleavage is beautiful along with using that as a excuse to criminalize saying threatening words, calling people names while yelling. People who do not apologize saying we are sorry for disrespectfully calling you a “sexual” “harasser” just because you complimented our breasts and cleavage God will send to hell to be eternally tortured by us. This law is used to hassle male customers by taking a black and white photos without their permission so they can get more unwanted attention and hassling by a female officer after they have complimented a few cashiers even though they have only complimented their faces and maybe a few of them their clothes. Every time Christians pass judgement on men who say your breasts look pretty in that shirt by impolitely and irreverently calling that hassling along with mistaking whistling for so-called sidewalk hassling are listening to me the Devil and not God. North Americans and so many others around the world are not practicing the golden rule when they judge and lie about compliments and whistling. They are calling good evil and evil is good. That is what they are doing when they act like immature children dumping their messes everywhere else except where it really belongs. That is what pollution of the ground and water really is. Misplaced messes that are put in all the wrong places. And air pollution is not any better either.

  12. The father of lies the Devil Says:

    In malls me and the devils use two police officers to be nuisances when one of them pesters a young male customer by wasting his time with a apology that is dishonest when he is coerced into saying I am sorry for something that he said to a barista in only one mall where its illegal to return because they are using the intimidation trespass threat as a scare tactic so they will lose a customer. Malls and supermarkets lose customers when the cashiers and baristas use this so-called law as a weapon against them.

  13. The North American who loves devils so he wants people in cages and cant stop polluting the earth Says:

    Keep making fun of whistling,compliments and staring and y’all will go to hell in the afterworld. That is what God does to people who refuse to decriminalize bosom and cleavage compliments as well as ridiculing whistling by intentionally mistaking it for sidewalk hassling.

  14. Hugh Marston Hefner Says:

    I like your blog more than that one about Gods Son since you at least do not have anyone who rudely and disrespectfully removes comments.

  15. Catherine Thorne Says:

    Why would they call moderators on blogs administrators for? On most blogs that are Christian they must be listening to you to do this dumb thing.

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