Aurora, Colorado. Testing my long term plan for America.


Surely by now, my friends, you have had time to reflect on what, but for God’s (blechhh!) grace to the graceless left (in both senses of the word) in America, would be normal: the killing of innocent big people.  Yes, those twelve (or thirteen, or fourteen) big people were in the wrong place at the wrong time; and, yes, they did not deserve to die; and, yes, their killer acted with the full intention of killing as many as he could.  And yes, my servants, I am ultimately to blame.

Some of you fret–even my Temptress dared to question my judgment on this.  But fear much, my servants, I may not be the smartest being in the universe, but I do have a plan.  At the risk of divulging kingdom secrets, I’ll tell you what it is.

You must promise to keep this confidential.  Look around.  Is anyone we can’t trust in the room?  If so, casually switch back to email or something until they leave.


OK.  My faithful readers know that I have particular designs on America.  America was truly the land of the free and the home of the brave for generations.

America was founded on a Biblical ethos that produced the most solid, grounded, morally upright people on the planet.  Even the millions who claimed to not believe in God grew up in a cultural sea of moral right and wrong.  Traditional, cultural institutions of the land continually reinforced inner moral compasses by instilling Biblically grounded values.

Of course, we cannot have that, can we, Temptress and friends?


So what was I to do?

I had to systematically remove the collective conscience of a moral people.  I had to slowly transform a generally moral society into a society that values “toleration” and hates “judgment.”  I had to remove from America what made America great: its underlying sense of a transcendent right and wrong based in a person to whom somehow and in some way everyone was ultimately responsible.

And this is just what I did.

Consider: do you think James Holmes ever prayed in a public school?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes ever heard the name of God in public except to be ridiculed or treated as a throw back believed only by the morally weak and naive?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes was ever in a Christmas play?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes ever heard the name of Jesus Christ in public except to be used as in vain?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes was ever taught anything in public school except that he was an accidental product of blind nature?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes ever saw a TV show or a movie where the subject of religion and/or God was treated with reverence?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes ever saw a court of law uphold God’s law in the area of sexual expression?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you get it, my servants?

James Holmes is the natural, predictable product of a post-modern, post-Christian, and post-Constitutional America!

The only wonder (and I do wonder) is why there are not innumerably more James Holmses!

James Holmes kills twelve big people and it’s treated as a tragedyTwelve big people in the wrong place at the wrong time; twelve big people who did not deserve to die; killed by a killer acting with the full intention of killing as many as he could.

Hmmm . . . sounds a lot like abortion when I put it that way.

But in that theater it was only big people.

But twelve is considered a big number because it’s still considered wrong to kill big people.

I’ll fix that soon, my friends.  But let me illustrate my genius.

I use killings like those in Aurora, Colorado to test my system, to check if my plan is working out.

And it is.

In all the hand wringing and soul-searching in the media, did you hear one person suggest that America needs to get back on the right moral track?

Did you hear one person suggest that we, as a society, need to get back to moral basics so that we can grow better men?

Grow better men???

Fundamentally different men, with a proper understanding of God’s moral law?

A generation of men who are taught that they are created equal and live under a God who sees all and holds all men responsible?

A land of men who know right from wrong, with toleration and judgment excercised in proper balance?

Such notions sound foreign, don’t they?

That’s my genius, my friends.  Give me credit.

Instead of considering the true reasons for the James Holmses of the land, the Americans started immediately crying about “gun control.”

My friends, let the Americans focus on gun control.  What they are blind to is that guns are merely a tool in the hands of a man raised to do my will on earth because he knows no better.

What Americans should be focusing on is growing better men.

But that’s impossible without God.

So I win, my friends.

I win.

Don’t I?


13 Responses to “Aurora, Colorado. Testing my long term plan for America.”

  1. anthony paul-love of the damned Says:

    d.b. – when you are in moods like the one you must’ve been in when you penned this, i feel you frustration. hell, i SHARE it. humanity is going further down the rabbit hole everday. i have a disdain for humanity that borders on hatred, i think i’ve made this clear.the solutions you hint at (being closer to god, the country having a clearly defined and uniform moral code) are impossible. freewill guarantees this outcome. the only way to correct this, in THIS day and age, is to excise the freewill. some people will make sound and virtuous choices with little or no guidance. but the vast majority of people won’t. you’ll tell me salvation can be found through gods forgiving grace. no MAN will ever lead me to god,like a dog on a leash. god exisits, yes he does. and i don’t need a “man of god” (so many of which have demonstrated that they aren’t really men of god) to find him. he and i have business to attend to, and we’ll address it soon enough.

  2. anthony paul-love of the damned Says:

    don’t worry your horned head D.B. ! i may have been the first to comment, but more people will be along to comment shortly. perhaps they will be more pliant than yours truly.

    whats the young man in questions’ name? holmes? there is a dearth of info availible at the moment, but my first impression was i thought i saw shades of the unabomber in the young holmes. you know, the young, recklessly idealistic genius who slowly loses his faith in humanity (and his mind)? well, after observing photos of holmes in court, slouching, bugging his eyes, and generally looking like a nut, i’ve formed a more solid opinion. something about those pictures…its hard to define, but i feel as if they are an elaborate attempt to pass off the appearance of insanity. likley to prevent the death penaltly. if thats the case, he won’t be able to sustain that performance for long. no jury worth their salt are going to buy it. his ruse will be exposed. it is quite possible that he was psychotic. but insane? no. the months of planning and the death traps he left in his apartment attest to his sanity. as far as his how he came to be? its like that crazy-ass minister said:chickens come home to roost. this is the world we live in;this is how much society has rotted.
    its not like this is a new phenomena. shortly after the stock market crashed, a wagon full of sheet metal and dynamite was left on wallstreet, and detonated at the height of the day, when the most people could be killed. another incident comes to mind, from the 1940’s, i believe. a man was forced off his farm by the building of a school. imminent domain, i think. welll he blamed school officials for his personal ruination. in retaliation he placed 1000 lbs or so of dynamite in the schools basement, and detonated it, killing upwards of 80-90 children and adults instantly. while i don’t sympathise with these murderers, at least their motives are clear. do you see how much farther we have fallen? holmes doesn’t have a motive, and thats what truly frightens people.

  3. DB,

    I loved the comparison with abortion. Splendid text.

    I also remembered all your names in this killing of twelve “big people”.

    Pedro Erik

    • Anonymous Says:

      He was a presbyterian, active in his church.

      • Source? The only “source” for this nonsense I found was a quote from a “neighbor.” No matter, however. I have many, many servants in the Presbyterian church, primarliy due to my work on earth as detailed in this post.

  4. Ah, you HAVE comforted me, DB. Only it took this long for me to write and let you know. I think it must be too hot in here for my computer, since my blogging software wasn’t working for the past few weeks. 😦

    But I digress…

    You have COMFORTED me in your pointing out that the plan IS working… that as long as humans are fine with killing small people (unborn), then humans are going to be killing more and more big people… I am nervous, though, that if they stumbled across your writing, that some sheeple will start making connections between the preborn human and those already born…

    But since I challenged you once before, I will cease to do so, and thank you profusely for comforting me and our evil minions. At least this temporary comfort is something we can enjoy… for a moment…


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  6. Haerleus Deuteus Says:

    brain-dead ? woe is me. luckily, my other ahem, “faculties” appear to be functioning, and so i’ll continue on. Douglas, Douglas, my precious Douglas, how would i be able to continue without men of your (apparent) character, wisely pointing out my mental deficiencies ? christ-man, oh christ-man, where art thou?

  7. Queste storie sono sempre con la stessa penna.

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