Packing it in, my friends

Dear faithful readers, email subscribers, RSS-feeders, Twitter followers, the Temptress, and anyone else reading this–THANK YOU!

Thank you for two great years of “devilbloggging” but I’ve decided to move on to other things.  As I mentioned last year at the 1-year anniversary, Satan’s Blog was something of an experiment for me, and I committed from the beginning to one year.  Last year I decided to continue, but two years is enough.  It’s been fun.  I hope it’s been both entertaining and seriously thought-provoking.  All in all it was not a bad run.  I am pushing up against 90,000 page views, with over 2000 comments.  I have 106 subscribers (thank you to each of you!) and 102 Twitter followers (yee-hah!).

But, alas, all good things must come to an end.  I will give up the “bloggingsatan” URL, but this blog will continue to live at for your reading enjoyment.  I will keep my gmail account, which is devilbloggger (at)  gmail.  (note there are 3 g’s!)

One last gasp of possibility: if any of my wonderful readers have connections in the publishing industry, and could convince a “real” publisher (as opposed to self-publishing, POD, etc.) to publish and distribute into bookstores “The Best of Satan’s Blog” I can compile a book-length collection of the best posts.  And I might reconsider blogging.   Let me know.  Have the publisher contact me.

So long.

Ha ha ha ha ha.


50 Responses to “Packing it in, my friends”

  1. You did good. You have tremendous insight and the guts to put the truth out there. I can see how this could weigh you down though.
    I share your pain about trying to find a publisher. Keep writing and praying…you used the platform God gave you very well…He may have other platforms for you that you would never expect…

  2. Says:

    awww sorry to hear this. Enjoyed very much reading your blogs and forwarding them to friends. Well, I guess I’ll have to read “Screwtape Letters” again while I wait for your book to be published. Thank you. Nancy Stone

  3. Not gonna lie, this depressed me a little. However, I know how much time blogging can take, especially if you have other full-time “gigs” (in my case, that would be mommy and wifehood, which is why I haven’t written a new post since February!). I wish you the best of luck in all you do, and I hope you know how much we all enjoyed and were challenged by your wise, sardonic words over the last two years.

  4. thank you for you awesome posts, and especially for your very awesome book. I’ve enjoyed readinf it and sometims still do 😉 good luck; I hope you find a publisher!

  5. mazsamem7 Says:

    Oh, DB…I’m going to miss you very very much! We all will. You’ve helped me to more or less define where I stand. You provoked me into thinking, and it’s been fun. I value the somewhat strange
    camaraderie among the regulars. For you and any who might wish to “keep the home fires burning” 😉 my email is: mazsamem7(at)gmaildotcom DB, I hope you find a publisher. You put a refreshing spin on your topics and deserve a much larger audience! I’ll keep you and your intentions in my prayers. Please do the same for me. Hope to see you back blogging some day. God bless you, my friend!

    • Mazsamem7 — folks like you make blogging a pleasure! Yes, you helped bring a certain camaraderie, and I appreciated it much! You continue following hard after truth. And I’ll drop you a line sometime!

  6. Thanks for the challenge to see that our battle is not against flesh and blood. All the best to you as you move on.

  7. king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

    who am i going to haunt now? ghouls need sustenance to survive!
    i don’t like to admit it, but i have a softer side. good luck on your path, pilgrim.

    p.s. maybe our paths will converge again one day. maybe….

    • Ahhh, my multi-named friend. I believe you, and I trust that if you haven’t found it already, you will find truth. And, if that’s the case, then our paths WILL cross someday!

  8. Thank you, DB.

    You are a fantastic writer and know a lot about the truth (Christ). I pray you continue this work any way. If Obama win, we are going to need the most.

    The best for you and your family.

    Your reader,
    Pedro Erik

  9. Oh man the master leaves the room leaving them wanting more!

  10. Godspeed my friend. I thoroughly enjoyed your insight and wit. I’ll miss checking in for Satan’s take on things.

  11. Last wish?

    Maybe, we, regular readers, deserve a last post. Suggestion:


    I mentined both in my last post in my blog (

    But, I am quite sure that you will do a much better job.

    Pedro Erik

  12. I was wondering just last week, what happened to you!

    I have been a relative newcomer to your blog, but have enjoyed it tremendously. It has been kind of refreshing to view Christianity from a different angle.

    What ever happened to Marina (back in May?)

    • mazsamem7 Says:

      Hi, jeanelane~Marina is still over at the Ask Satan part of the blog. I just came from there to see what’s been going on.

  13. I can’t shake this nagging feeling that certain entities will now feel they have successfully hounded you out of the public square. That was obviously what their incessant nonsensical babbling was about. I see these people sitting on top of good web sites all the time, especially the ones that expose the “gay” agenda, just waiting to innundate with the usual hypocrtical finger-pointing. Just sayin’. They wear me out with their B.S. too.

  14. shalimamma Says:

    DB, or my warlord as I have called you from the beginning 😉 this is INDEED depressing to me. I have seldom found the wit and wisdom you possess (pun intended) in the blogosphere. However, I can see God is leading you down the path that He intends… everything has a time and season! Thank you for getting the truth out there in such a clever and page-turning manner!

    Just so happens, I do know a publisher, and she published my first book (we are working on a second one)… I’ll contact you privately about that!

    Thank you again…
    shalimamma at LifeVictorious

  15. shalimamma Says:

    For those of you sweethearts keeping track of Marina, she visits frequently. Please continue to reach out to her! 😉

  16. My worshipful master,

    I am not able to quite grasp the magnitude of your leaving the blogosphere. It has been a PLEASURE to work with you here, and indeed, an honor.

    Hm hm hm…. boo hoo boo hoo! 😦

    Ahem. I apologize. I lost my composure. But I am sobbing in my chamber.


    • king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

      well, well, look who slithered in. punctual much? in the short time youve been gone, i’ve become a prince AND a king. how? tsk, tsk. you, of all beings should know better than to ponder the how of all things, and indeed the why of all things. i was going to make a point of it to wear a collar and leash when we finally met. you know, for YOUR convenience and all. but i’m no longer a pet, as my new title clearly illustrates!

      farewell, temptress! i was going to devise some crafty laywer-speak to sidestep telling you i’ll miss you. but what the hell, right?

      p.s. every royal court has a place for a temptress, right? just saying…

      • Ah, my dear… er… buzzard. I am grieved that you are no longer my pet, and that this blog is discontinuing. I am further grieved that because of the flames in which I reside, my gmail decided to act up and stop forwarding me notifications. Such is the disadvantage of not being… omnipotent.

        That being said, I am surprisingly happy for you that you have gained a new title of prince and king. Of what, I am not sure… Prince and king of name creations and personality identities?

        If you do have a ‘royal court’, do invite me. But only because I can only picture you with that leash and collar 😉

        Hm hm.

        Yours still,
        The Temptress

        • king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

          how i do love to be sassed…question not the how or the why, remember? sass all you like, however, as i quite enjoy it.

    • Temptress, my friend. My God’s grace and blessing follow you all the days of your life. 🙂

  17. Dawwwwww – best wishes to you and thank you for the fond, fond memories! 🙂

    And yeah – someone get Satan a deal! I hear there’s souls… or toasters… or something in it for you!


  18. Well that just stinks! I’m really gonna miss reading your blog posts and everyone’s comments, such an interesting perspective. After C. S. Lewis, no one can compare. And I was really looking forward to what your take on this years election was going to be. Well you take care and good luck to you in your new venture.

  19. king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

    parting is such sweet sorrow…off i go then.

  20. Sam Waterburry Says:

    Foolish Satan was driven from here by such glory as THIS video

  21. Sam~You (or rather Tor) managed to offend almost all major faiths. Except Islam. Or did I miss a symbol in the mishmash? If not, why not? And thanks. The song was SO hideous, my hearing had no other recourse but to shut down in self-defense. Sad that this video may be the last memory I have of this blog. Nah…I’m not serious. Too much good happened here to let it be ruined by the freak show I just watched. Sorry, Sam. I vote: FAIL. G’day. And peace to all of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting here. I’m going to miss you! And devilblogger, hope all goes well for you! Goodbye, all.

  22. sgdjjueyg Says:

    Il Vangelo che è in mano è un dono stupenda per il mondo.

  23. Ahh, I am sad to see I missed it. Oh well..I have a lot of great reading ahead of me.

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