About Satan’s Blog

Satan’s Blog and on Facebook L. D. Ablo (author), are Satan’s official web presence, and a place to communicate his will on earth, as it is in Hell. You will find Satan’s views on various topics of the day, including politics, religion, culture, and any other newsworthy topic that catches his fancy.

Satan’s Blog is a response to the ever-waning belief in his existence. He was tired of everyone being preoccupied with “religion” but forgetting him. After all, he is behind more religions than God himself, but no one even pays him lip service anymore. He gets portrayed as an imaginary red-horned, pointy-tailed devil, when in fact he is a roaming spirit wreaking havoc on earth. This blog seeks to end the nonsense, show Satan for who he is, and help everyone to know, for any given subject, not only “what would Satan do” but “what does Satan think?”

L. D. Ablo (author), on Facebook, is a new site for news, discussion and interaction with Satan himself about his book, My Will be Done in Heaven as it is in Hell.  The book is new; the Facebook site is new, but feel free to stop over and start a discussion.  Questions, criticisms, and general conversation are welcome.

Comments on this blog are welcome, but understand that blogging is a side activity for Satan, and he will not be able to approve comments right away, there may be a delay of as much as 4 hours before a comment is approved for posting.

Welcome. Enjoy. Go in fear.


41 Responses to “About Satan’s Blog”

  1. This blog is a hoot, but plenty of reversed truth in it. If you like CS Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters,” you’ll like this blog even more.

    No thanks, Satan, and may St. Michael the Archangel drive you to the depths of hell.

  2. shalimamma Says:

    I apologize, oh warlord, but I know you hate to be mocked. Unfortunately, I just can’t stop laughing with sincere admiration for the cleverness of this blog. I would love to link to you, however my blog is all about ‘victory’ which I know you won’t have in the end… and I would hate to rub it in… Anyway, keep up the…er… bad work.

  3. Screwtape speaks!

  4. Monk Ciaran Says:

    Oh Satan, your such a funny dude. What will you do with Hitchens when he shows up at your front door?

  5. Actually, Christmas has never been God’s day. It has been Satan’s day all along. The more christians believe in/worship on or celebrate Christmas and Easter, the happier Satan will be for having humans worship him through his dark angels, the Pagan gods. The satanic level of is blog is beginning to be in question.

    God’s people are supposed to sing, “No Cjristmas tree, no christms tree.”

    • Uh… What? Maybe for you, Martha, but in my family, celebrating Christmas and Easter brings us closer to God, not satan, Christmas tree or not. It’s not about the trimmings. We celebrate at Mass, where satan has NO hold over.

      Or, are you joking? This blog is confusing to me at times, because I can’t figure out who’s side everyone is on.

      Jingle all the way 😉

  6. Anonymous Says:

    you are messed up

  7. I agree with Martha…Christians even need to check the history and the bible. Go straight to christian scholars ..google it and u will see that Jesus pbuh was not born on dec 25th. Muslim and Christian scholars agree on that. Celebrating christmas/easter is going against God’s Word……Like “satan” says on this blog , he knows no one inquires these days….Go inquire ppl..research, step out of ur boxes and see things for what they really are. God bless everyone 🙂

  8. Nice Blog you have. I did a post on it at my Stupid “Christian” site.


  9. Fascinating, erudite, tongue-in-cheeky blog. But, on principle, I don’t toy with ‘satan’ any more than I do with a loaded gun. Humbly, I advise extreme caution.

    @shalimamma – I agree with you. However, not being as knowledgeable and enlightened as some of the posters immediately preceding me must be, I cannot opine on the Will of God, as they do. But, I do know that any Creator worth His salt will not frown upon people of good will celebrating THE most momentous event in history, not even if they don’t count so well. October or December? Who cares and what does it matter, except for historical purposes? The ‘birth certificate’ got misplaced or lost. So what? The MAN lived and lives on. Whether is His name or any other, if people find or even invent an excuse or a reason to do good and to feel truly good, either join them or be silent.

  10. kalica.caballo@gmail.com Says:

    stupid satan

  11. stupid satan

  12. I, uh, recommend the blogger takes several vacations. Thinking like Satan surely most take a toll.

    Other than that, may the Lord richly bless you.


  13. Love your blog…. found it via Creative Minority Report….. never thought “following” Satan would be such fun!

    • I concur

  14. Grace Best Says:

    My dear Satan, you’re my great friend. Never thought someone so evil good be so kind to those able to truly love such a monster like you. I know that you love sincerity and that you hate hypocrisy. At least at this matters you’re similar to God. It’s such a good pleasure to have you with me. Love, yours, Grace Best.

  15. killingsteve Says:

    “He helped Joshua fight the battle of Jericho, he helped Daniel get out the lion’s den, he helped Gilligan get off the island.”

    “If lovin’ the lord is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” Rev. Brown

  16. Listen if u cant make me rich and famous jst say so! And stop lyin to pipo tht u own their souls coz u dnt!

    • Please accept this hug & kiss (xo) and sincere apology for what follows:

      My dear Natasha,

      Based on the number of times I’ve seen your name and phone number when visiting several men’s rooms, you ARE famous (popular?) already. And, if you would only adjust that $5.00 upwards a bit, given your current “workload”, you’ll be rich in no time!

      Regarding the souls-owning bit: What is there to own? You hocked that ages ago!

      Okay, I’m ready and know I’ve got it coming. So, I await your re-reply. But, kind, forgiving Natasha, as you write it, remember to ask yourself: What would the Lord do?

      • shalimamma Says:

        Ok, I don’t know who’s funnier… JMJ, or Satan… Absolutely hilarious!!!!

        • Thanks, Shalimamma. (May I call you “Mamma”?)

          And, after reading how you are living a “Life Victorious”, I can honestly say, You are remarkable and inspiring! So much so, you’ll notice I’m your list’s Sweet Sixteenth !

          P.S.: You’re so awesome, I see below, that even tho’ your Life is giving ol’ satan a whipping, even he can’t help but smile!

        • shalimamma Says:

          Wow, I am honored, JMJ! I was hoping Jesus, Mary, and Joseph liked me 😉 Seriously, you are extremely witty and I look forward to seeing more of your comments. You may call me Mamma, although that makes me feel old… Still, I am honored with the vocation of mamma, so I suppose that is the BEST compliment! Keep writing… and let me know if you have a blog, because I will surely follow it!

          Many blessings,
          shalimamma… er. mamma 😉

        • Many blessings to YOU, Mamma!

        • Shalimamma. thank you for the kind words.

          Yes, I did try blogging for about three days. But, when every s-i-n-g-l-e commenter told me to “Shut up and go to hell”, I knocked it off and came here.

          Peace & Blessings to You and Yours, especially during this Season of Victory.

          Yeah, and to you too, Devilblogger.

    • Natasha — “rich” can come in many forms. For example, if what you wish for is to gain the whole world but lose your soul, you may be in luck because you are half way there; you have already lost your soul. But if you want to profit more with true riches, then you are asking the wrong person to start with. As for the money kind of riches, I’ll see what I can do.

      Now, written so you can understand: I du own da souls o pipo like u coz u be a sinner, so dnt tel me I lyin about u. Unls u soul redemed by da blud, u r mine.

      • shalimamma Says:

        I am hearting the txting. Satan, you are too funny for words.

        • 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Wow Wow Wow! Terrific writing! Found this site because I was wondering if the USAF Academy burning had anything to do with its Satanism.

    • Many, many thanks, Cagey!

  18. Die for me. Again. And again. And Again. Says:

    obamacare passed today, right? no outbursts? your subjects are becoming more and more de-sensitized, D.B. this pleases the legion greatly , my “master”.

    • Sorry, the celebrations down here just came to a slight lull, so I got the post up. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  19. I always feel the sensation there have someone with me who wish me who want for him and sometimes that someone take me urs at nights and i feel pleasure never feel before and when i heard some relative to Satan i swar i feel that feelling of pleasure sometimes i think im crazy but i believe not simply since today i want to find him, please help me to found him,

    • At first, when I saw the clickthrough was to soteihmng called “Shawn the Baptist,” I imagined/hoped it would be a satirical site. Not so much. The guy is a religious extremist/bigot, not quite at the level of Westboro Baptist, but still peddling filth.

    • n5cvUd oekddkwzijwt

    • 9iAc3g laqvkqnsydgs

  20. SNOT (e) Says:

    jumpin jesus christ christmas! where did you learn how to write (you did learn, didn’t you?) no one, save for yours truly, is going to respond to that load of tat you vomited up! and i only respond cause i sense weakness. i do looove weakness. ‘specialy “pleasure” related weakness. clean up that hodge-podge of haberdash you call “writing” and mayhap we’ll deal.

    i watched the world end last night.
    i died last night
    everyone died last night
    i did look upon armageddon, and saw that it was good
    enjoy the last of your snot. snot is good. i like snot.

  21. jennifer Says:

    Hi, i have been doing alot of reading since march 2012, i have known since a very young age that. Something was differant with me, and around my 13 bday, and then after things began to change. But even into adulthood i just thought weird, , seein things , talkin to dead, ect…. And more. I kept it to my self. Let little out to my now husband and he simular, but last march i was in a pegan booth and one of your followers stopped and we connected ,and he began mentoring me for about 5 months and then he just was gone..
    My problem is i know where i am supose to be and i know my place, but i have done reading and i feel lost and dont know anything, my brain is like a sponge i wanna learn, everything about my new founded love for the religion.if i have questions who. Can i ask , what should i be reading what should i stay away from.. i do know this as far as the christian religion , every since i was a small child if i was taken into a church of that religion i would get very sick, or throw one hell of a temper taterm, one church i got thrown out of , my grandma drug me up front to get me prayed for thinkin it would change me from getting sick in c,hurches, the preecher but his hand on my head , and my grandma said my blue eyes turned dark and i talked forein and the preacher threw me out , to this day if i go in any type c,hurch i turn red get real hot and get bad head ache. And when i was 13 me and my sis was playing with a ouijie board and it was my turn to ask question , out of all questions i asked can i see what hell looks like and the wall opened up and i saw just how beautifull it was. And there has been alot i mean alot of things happen to me like that .sorry for such long blog, but i just want some help. I dont want to be doing this blindly , and my lil sis and my husband are following me , and that honestly. Has me lil worried , because what if i ,cant find the answer to there question then what i dont wanna leave them hangin like i have been..
    Please hopefully you have a lil time to give me some insigh
    Thank you

  22. Why did the Sinister Six in 1976 love Lucifer so much that they had to complain immaturely that men were saying their breasts,cleavage and rears are beautiful that it had to become a “crime”? Why is this law still in effect for, whats the purpose of jailing innocent men over trivial,inoffensive compliments about? Sexual socalled vexation law is a demon that needs to be exorcised.

  23. Lucifer Says:

    I deceived the world with lies about compliments and whistling being harassing insults and telling them its okay to be friendless along with messing up the planet earth with their garbage, junk, etc. as well as destroying woods and forests in places like North America and Canada. This is me and my demonic homeboys making them commit the sins of immaturity and stupidity.

  24. Mohammed Ali Says:

    Lucifer and Gods Son do not have blogs. They are both spirits and do not have physical bodies as we do. So it would be impossible for them to live in modern times and use this non-primitive mechanism known as the internet right now to speak to us the way we do each other right now since we are physical beings.

  25. Angelou Paxino Says:

    Strip joints are evil because the menfolk and womenfolk drop their drawers for the devils and Belial. That means strippers are the evil seed of the devils doing their bidding.

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