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Friends and Servants,

From time to time a reader asks Satan a question.  As you might guess, Satan finds himself occupied most of the time by putting out . . . well, by starting fires all over the globe.  But I, devilbloggger, do my best to sit him down from time to time and answer reader questions. 

Below enjoy reader Q&A, faithfully transmitted by me, devilbloggger.  You will find the following questions answered, in this order from top to bottom:

  1. Dear Satan I have been worshiping you for about 17 years now, now the internet is here there are other websites letting you sell your soul online, I want to know is are any of them true? If not how do I go about selling my soul to you? Can you manifeast in front of me or in my bedroom, I am not asking for much for my soul anyhow could you answer me.
  2. Is Obama a Christian?
  3. Hey, Satan…I have a question (btw, am enjoying your blog). I can’t find this info anywhere in your blog so would like a clarification. There is creatonism that = literal interpretation of scripture, i.e. God created all as it is now, that the earth/world is approx. 6000 yrs old, etc., etc. (I’m sure, in your eternal-ness, you know about this version). There is also the creationism that = the belief that God created all that exists, period, and doesn’t go the route of the former definition. Which are you referring to in your blog posts?
  4. hey satan when i die will you suck my dick for me in hell?


Question: Here is a question, exactly as it came into my office today:

Simon Says:
February 22, 2011 at 8:40 am  
Dear Satan I have been worshiping you for about 17 years now, now the internet is here there are other websites letting you sell your soul online, I want to know is are any of them true? If not how do I go about selling my soul to you? Can you manifeast in front of me or in my bedroom, I am not asking for much for my soul anyhow could you answer me.
Thanks S


Simon . . . Simon . . . that name rings a bell . . .

Ah! Now I remember–different Simon, I’m sure.

But to work: thank you Simon, my servant, for your email; I’m delighted to answer your question because I have good news.

No, not that Good News, silly Simon; my good news.  You are right, my friend that there are online sites purporting to provide an opportunity to sell your soul to me.  See, here and here, for example. 

Now here’s my good news: save your money, Simon.  I appreciate your interest, but no sale of your soul to me is necessary because unless you have escaped my captivity by the blood of Christ I already own your soul.

Do you see how easy that is, Simon?  You are already mine by virtue of being an unregenerated human being!  You see, my friend, sin entered the world through one man, and death though sin, and in this way death came to all men.  You were born a sinner in my kingdom, Simon.  And, unless you yield to Christ, you will die a sinner in my kingdom.

So relax!  There is no need for me to manifest myself to you any differently than I already do; just resist the pull of that unconditional compassion that manifests itself before you as hints to your soul of a better way.   Besides, I already manifest myself to the world through lies, distortions, deceit and destruction.  Look around you, Simon, I am manifested in a fallen world that loves a lie and hates God’s righteousness.

If you insist, here is one thing you can do.  Turn on your television to prime-time network or popular cable programming.  There I manifest myself in TV shows full of sexual innuendo, irreverent humor, and general crass and crude story lines.  And on most nighttime television you are sure to get an eyeful of my court-sanctioned artwork.  You know the kind of art I’m talking about, right Simon?


If you get bored with art world of soft porn on television, do what over half the men in the world secretly (they think) do and take a peek at some masterpieces of hard porn on the internet. 

You see, Simon, I take advantage of every opportunity to manifest myself to you through what you put before your eyes and ears.  All you see and hear goes straight to your heart to make you into a big strong tree bearing my fruit. 

Now, Simon, on the off-chance that you are very serious, please listen to me.  Whatever you do, do not stop worshipping me by believing in Jesus Christ as crucified and raised from the dead.  Whatever you do, do not listen to the gospel of Christ who is the image of God, and in whose blood lies victory over my complete control in your life.  If you wish to continue to worship me, you must not yield one eye or ear to the Bible such that the eyes of your heart would be enlightened that you might know the hope to which Christ has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power to those who believe.

Got it, Simon?  In short, stay away from the Gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

Yes, Simon, stick with me, my friend.  Make sure your eyes and ears yield to my delights, and not the Bible, such as in John 3:16, John 8:32, or John 14:6

Now with the money you save by not selling your soul to me go and do what most Christians do with their money:  spend it on some little diversion, some selfish desire, or some other thing for their own pleasure.

Ah, life is good.



Submitted via email 31 December 2010.

Is Obama a Christian?


You asked Satan.  In fact, everyone wants to know.  Two news articles recently raised the question, and, in fact, answered it.  First was an AP article entitled, “Obama makes rare trip to church while in Hawaii,” and a Politics Daily article entitled, “Obama Tries to Reassert His Christian Bona Fides, With Words and Deeds.”

Hmmmm. . .

Question:  If you have to wonder if someone is a Christian, guess what is the likely answer?   

Ha ha ha ha ha.  And you are probably right!

But since you asked, here is my short answer: I don’t know (for sure).

Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  Unlike God (Blechhh!) I am not omniscient.  I don’t know everything, and I cannot see into people’s hearts and minds and determine the state of their spiritual health.  In this respect I am no different than you: I can only infer from what I see and hear.

Of course, I have much more experience judging inner conviction by outward evidence, so here is my longer answer:

For the most part I judge a man’s heart the same way God does and you should: by the fruit of his life on earth. 

But I have been known to be wrong. On more than one occasion someone I felt sure I would welcome through the gates of Hell went the other way, never to be seen by me again.  But more often than not I see those who appear to be religious on earth, going through all the right motions and acting the saint, only to find them come tumbling into my eternal domain, moaning and groaning and acting surprised.

Often I hear the earthly self-righteous screaming pitifully: “But Jesus, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?”  It seems there are many fools who do not believe in God, and many fooled who do!

Of course, I have helped make both the fools and the fooled. 

Ha ha ha ha ha. 

I have spread many lies on earth about how to get to heaven.  I have spread the lie that one need not be a Christian at all; there are many paths to God as long as one is good and believes in love.  I have spread the lie that one “need not go to church” to be a good Christian.  I have spread the lie that going to church makes one a good Christian.  I have spread the lie that good works alone will get one to heaven, and calling oneself a Christian is a mere label and nothing else.  I have spread the lie that belief systems that deny the deity of Christ are Christian. 

Lies, lies, lies.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  And so many believe my lies and believe themselves to be Christians.

But the biggest lie of all is that man can make God in his own image, so that becoming a “Christian” is an exercise in semantics, where one’s self-identification as a Christian is deemed sufficient for the actual fact of being a Christian, and God otherwise is molded to be what man wishes him to be.

In fact, a Christian is a very unique being on earth.  A Christian is one who has been reborn spiritually, becoming alive and free, having escaped by God’s grace from my death, sin, and destruction.  That is why I hate Christians.  They have experienced a supernatural work of God in their hearts, a work that I am powerless to stop and which bears fruit in one’s actions that I am equally at pains to stop. 

One can fake the actions, but one can’t fake the rebirth.

Sometimes the fakers fool even me.  So that is why I hesitate to declare definitively on Obama’s Christianity.  But let me tell you what it looks like from my view.

I have many hundreds of years watching human beings, and watching Christians.  I almost always know a true Christian.  A true Christian has a humble dependence on God that is expressed unambiguously in word and deed, in public and in private.  A true Christian has experienced a life-changing encounter with a living God that results in the Christian’s trading slavery to sin for slavery to righteousness; that is, a true Christian seeks to live every moment of every day in regenerated righteous obedience to God as revealed in his word, the Bible. 

A true Christian is not one who merely self-identifies as one.  An unregenerate self-identifier is merely a lying sinner.

A true Christian seeks to destroy my kingdom.  And his words and actions make his intentions clear.  I oppose true Christians at ever turn, seeking to thwart their every effort at advancing God’s kingdom on earth.

Now, answer me this: would a true Christian cover up Christian symbols while speaking at a Christian university?  Obama did.

Would a true Christian vote unambiguously and without apology for laws that make killing an innocent human being legal?  Obama didMore than once.

Would a true Christian refer to people in communities as bitter, and as clinging to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them”? Obama did.

Would a true Christian support the homosexual political agenda, in clear opposition to Biblical Christianity?  Obama does.

Would a true Christian support same-sex marriage, for example by using tax dollars to fund same-sex lifestyles?  Obama did.

Would a true Christian “forget” to include the reference to a “creator” when quoting his nation’s founding document’s most famous line?  Obama does.  Repeatedly.

Would a true Christian “forget” his nation’s own motto of “In God We Trust” and quote a different motto instead in a major speech to Muslims?  Obama did.

I could go on forever (literally!).

But think for yourself, my servants.  You can see the same behavior I see.  What you may lack is a clear understanding of what a Christian is.

But if you rationally juxtapose what a true Christian looks like with what Obama looks like, there is only one reasonable answer to the question “Is Obama a Christian.”

From my viewpoint, the answer is clearly no.  And I back my words up with actions; I rarely find myself needing to oppose a speech, a vote, a policy, or any other action of President Obama’s.

But I have been known to be wrong.



Submitted on 2010/12/21 at 7:55 am

Hey, Satan…I have a question (btw, am enjoying your blog). I can’t find this info anywhere in your blog so would like a clarification. There is creatonism that = literal interpretation of scripture, i.e. God created all as it is now, that the earth/world is approx. 6000 yrs old, etc., etc. (I’m sure, in your eternal-ness, you know about this version). There is also the creationism that = the belief that God created all that exists, period, and doesn’t go the route of the former definition. Which are you referring to in your blog posts? thank you / M


Dear M, I will answer you, but I trust you will keep my answer strictly confidential.  My kingdom thrives on the heresies of false teachers, and the best false teachers are those who profess a belief in God but deny him nonetheless on the issue of creation.  You see, M, creation is the lynch pin of God’s story; if he didn’t create, then history is not his story.  So it is precisely on the issue of creation that I work my greatest deception.  I wish to keep deceiving the minds of men on earth, so please, I insist, keep this kingdom knowledge to yourself. 

If God didn’t create the heavens and the earth, and all the people on earth, then all is for naught.  I wish for humans to live in a world where all is for naught, of course.  So I want all humans to believe they are accidents of nature, and the fact that so many people believe that on such flimsy evidence as they have–well, just call me a genius.

To perpetuate the deception, I invented something called Theistic Evolution.  Theistic Evolution is the idea that evolution is true, but God is behind it all.  Of course, any thoughtful analysis will show this is a semantic trick, a lie, and an impossibility.  But it gives Churchboys “cover” to remain respectable among their atheist friends, so I use it effectively to neutralize potential enemies of my kingdom. 

Back to your question then, let me tell you plainly: by creation I refer to that awesome, spine-tingling event a relatively short time ago when God spoke and everything you see came into existence, just as it’s recorded in the Bible.  I was there; I witnessed it first hand with a mix of awe and jealousy that boiled within me.  I had no idea of God’s plans.  But I knew he embodied relationship in his own being, and heard him say something about creating a being “in our image.” 

For a moment I was blind with rage.  I wanted to be in God’s image.  Of course, I wanted him to conform to mine, to submit to me, but nevertheless, these “humans” who apparently had a special place in all creation practically drove me out of my wits.  I wanted the creation to be about me, and here it was going to be about someone else!

After some time I gathered my wits and realized that these new creations had a free will and could decide to obey me instead.  I realized that the way to gain this obedience would be to have them desire the same thing I desired, i.e., to have God in their image, and to have the world be about them.

You can read the rest of the story for yourself.  I, of course, was wildly successful in alienating hearts of men from their creator, and to this day, not only do men on earth deny their creator’s work of creation, but they follow me in attempting to make God in their image (to their liking) and see the world in selfish terms (what’s in it for me!).

The difference, of course, is that I know it’s a deception.  They don’t.  And as long as they never know that they were created by God for relationship with him, I have a good chance of keeping the deception alive.

You must help me, M.  Spread the word: evolution is true, there is no design or purpose in creation, and in the end, all is for naught.


Question:  (Submitted April 13, 2011)

hey satan when i die will you suck my dick for me in hell?


You, my servant friend, have no idea what Hell is like, do you?  You are clearly ignorant.  But be glad, at least, because your ignorance is my bliss.

I must admit that it hurts my pride when I realize there are people like you on earth, people who refuse to use their brains and find out what Hell is really like.  But paradoxically (look it up), people like you delight me.  Because you show that my lies on earth are working, that my deception runs deep, and that I have many, many captives who are hopelessly lost and are likely to never see a rescuing hand of grace.

Ahhh…you make me glad my perverted friend.  Whatever you do, do not ever, ever, read the Bible lest your darkened mind become enlightened with truth that can set you free.  Continue in your sophomoric sophistication about spiritual things, and rest assured, I will see you soon.

But to answer your question — no.  I only pretend to like you while you are on earth.  But once here you are one of millions lost to my darkness and of whom I care nothing.  Sorry if that disappoints you.


415 Responses to “Ask Satan”

  1. S: very interesting – thank you for the clarification. I will let this ride and not question or argue with you, one way or the other. I am advanced in age now and, so far, have emerged the victor in all our ‘contests’ (of any import), thanks to the benificent grace of Him whom you detest. Sorry, old fiend…just consider it a ‘foretaste’ (smile….)


  2. Dear Satan I have been worshiping you for about 17years now, now the internet is here there are other websites letting you sell your soul online, I want to know is are any of them true? If not how do I go about selling my soul to you? Can you manifeast in front of me or in my bedroom, I am not asking for much for my soul anyhow could you answer me.
    Thanks S

  3. Dear Satan I have question for you.
    I do believe that you propably know more than God, so my first question is:
    1, Do you know who I am?
    2, Do you know why I’m here on this website?
    If you do know me and why I’m asking, What do you think?
    I have more questions but can’t remember at this time.

    • satan's little helper Says:

      Satan is roaming at the moment. I caught him between “to” and “fro” a minute ago and he had this answer:

      First, you are mistaken if you think I know more than God. If I knew more than God I would be God. But I appreciate your misguided praise.

      Second, I do know who you are, and I do know why you are on this website. And I think if you spend more time here you will also know why you are here.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Dear Satan
      i have a question for you
      1.can i use a white candle to give my soul to you
      2.can I use one drip of blood to sign the contract

      • Ah, my deluded one. You clearly have no understanding. You need do NOTHING to give your soul to me. No blood. No contracts. No candles. You see, I already own your soul. The only escape is through the blood of another that sealed a contract for your salvation. You should read this: where I answered a similar question with this:

        Now here’s my good news: While I appreciate your interest, Simon, in fact no sale of your soul to me is necessary because unless you have escaped my captivity by the blood of Christ I already own your soul.

        Do you see how easy that is, Simon? You are already mine by virtue of being an unregenerated human being! You see, my friend, sin entered the world through one man, and death though sin, and in this way death came to all men. You were born a sinner in my kingdom, Simon. And, unless you yield to Christ, you will die a sinner in my kingdom.

        You see? You’re in, my friend. Now blow out that candle.

  4. Hi,

    Can you make volcanoes erupt as well as earthquakes, and thereby increase human suffering and pain?

    If so, can you make the entire mideast fall into hell?


    • satan's little helper Says:

      Dieter — please be patient. I’ve been trying to get this question in front of Satan for days now. Of course, he’s been busy trying to increase human suffering in Japan the last few days. So it may be a few more days before he swings through here again.

  5. Satan ok you say you know who I am, so the question is:
    Who am I then?
    I heard something about this.
    What is all this 22nd Demember 2012, what is going to happen?
    What is my favourite deadly sin?

  6. satan's little helper Says:

    Dear ?

    From Satan: You are a female college student in the UK who needs to learn to write and use correct grammar. I know you will deny this, but otherwise I do not know the future (I am not God), so you are on your own regarding what happens in 2012. And your favorite deadly sin is your favorite sin; they are all deadly.

    Thank you for your interest.

  7. Satan What is wrong with my grammar?
    You got my Country right because of my email address, you got the gender wrong. When I asked you if you know who I am I wanted you tell me my real name because I was reading what other’s ask you and someone wanted to sell his soul but you said you already have it…..So you should know who I am if you have my soul.
    Is there anything so evil that even you believe is wrong to do?
    I have been evil I have sex with both men and women and when I was younger I used to indecently exposed myself to the female gender and a couple of men!
    I know murder is a good one but I don’t think I could do it…
    Satan I know you are very busy but could you answer me personly instead of your right hand man please.

  8. hey satan when i die will you suck my dick for me in hell?

    • Answered, my good servant on earth, azreal. See my answer above on this page.


  9. Satan why haven’t you asked me yet? Have you have been ignoring me?
    I know you are busy with Japan and everyone else but I’m only asking for ten minutes of your time!!!!

  10. Satan why haven’t you(sorry) answered me yet? Have you have been ignoring me?
    I know you are busy with Japan and everyone else but I’m only asking for ten minutes of your time!!!!

    • Asked, answered, no problem, I gotcha. I have not forgotten you — but as you noticed, I’ve had my hands full lately with death and destruction. But I will get to you before long, my patient friend.

  11. why did i get myself kicked out of all the shelters.

  12. hay satan will i have that rich and buisiness producing life like i want? and you know i found out music was a gift from you and i thank you a hell of alot for it. and i know you know i have plans to go to college for music promoting i ask that you be with me on this one big time i want that fame so bad so i can have followers to bring them to our side before time runs out i want to rack them up. i also want to know if ill get that power i want?
    and i ask that you give me the power to decieve people to our side.

  13. Dear Satan I asked earlier but you must have removed my request from here!!!
    As azreal Says:hey satan when i die will you [deleted] for me in hell?
    You told him no, I’m asking if I can [deleted] or that of a demons instead of yours for exchange of my life?
    I am serious can you answer me please?

    • I’ll get to you; don’t worry.

    • My dear Simon. I know you are serious. You delight me with your fervent desire to be with me. But there is only one way to save your life, and it is not the way you suggest. Fortunately for me, seeing that you are ignorant and perhaps slightly unhinged, you are not likely to find the Way to save your life. For sure you will not find it if you do not read the Bible, say, for example, the Gospel of John. See you soon, my foolish friend.

      • You keep telling us not to read the bible, then telling me to read it…! Make your mind up!!
        If there is only one way to save my life what is it?

        • My friend, I’m afraid you know what it is, but it takes courage. Do you have courage? I think not, as you are captive to my way, which is the broad, easy way. If you had courage you would escape my clutches by obeying the tug on your heart as you read the Bible such as John 3:16, John 1:12, and John 14:6. Those who believe are the only ones who slip my captivity of slavery to sin. But, like I said, it takes courage to believe. I don’t think you have it in you to lose your life in order to gain it. Doh! I just gave away to secret to gaining true life! Never mind. Forget it all. Go back to sinning for my kingdom. Please.

  14. Satan I’m offering my life just to suck a c**k anyones c**k and you try to save my life WHY?
    How do I get to suck a c**k in exchange of my life?

  15. satan's little helper Says:

    Satan left this on a Post-It note for “Simon”. Here it is:

    Sorry, bud. Can’t help you there. Maybe if you had ears instead of a mouth you might be saved. But I’ve seen millions like you. You must be predestined to spend eternity as a Big Sucker.

    There’s only one way to save your life, BS. But you’re so far from it only an infinite love could ever hope to break through to you.

    Bye. See you soon, my captive fool. I hope you never find the one way to life. Let me know before you do, will you?

    Satan’s little helper PS: (not sure if this is intended to be part of the message): on the side of the Post-It was scribbled “blind BS from ever reading John 14:6.”

  16. If I am predestined to spend eternity as a Big Sucker let it happen Satan
    I hope I really do see you soon…….How soon?

  17. Knock Knock Are going to reply Satan?

  18. I am thinking now you are not Satan but just a wanker who thinks he’s Satan!!!!!

    • Sorry Satan I was out of order please come and punish me now for it.

  19. Satan let me s*@k Satan’s little helper’s d$^k just for five mintues then he can drag to hell for pain and punishment for eternity.
    I swear I accept all responseabillty of my actions.
    Could I have it today or tomorrow the sooner the better this would mean I wouldn’t able to post anything else on here.
    Are you going to respond to my request this time Satan?

    • You are a persistent little devil, that’s for sure. Here’s what I ask you to do: buy my book. It’s only $2.99 for the ebook that can be downloaded to your computer if you don’t have a Kindle or Nook. If you don’t have $2.99 get someone else to buy it for you. Read my book. Post a positive review on The review must include details that show you read the entire book, and it must be a positive 5-star review. If you don’t want to give it 5 stars, then don’t. Come back to me and tell me why you could not give it 5 stars. Tell me why you did not like my book. Do this, and I will see what I can do for you. No promises.

      • Why has no one left a review yet? Or even you leaving one to encouage others to buy it?
        I have been offline and didn’t remember what it was called, can I buy it in a bookstore?

        • Review? Of my excellent book? There is one on Amazon. Not you, I take it? Thanks, Simon. I’ll let you know when it’s in a bookstore.

        • That’s not much of a review on is it
          , it didn’t inspire me to buy and read it(don’t get me wrong I will buy and read it at some point, hopely sooner than later).
          If I had written it Satan would that have been good enough for you?

  20. Hello Satan once again, I have been reading all my replies and your answers, I have a couple of questions because I’m a little dumb and can’t remember.
    Going back to your first reply:Simon . . . Simon . . . that name rings a bell . . .

    Ah! Now I remember–different Simon, I’m sure.

    Who was this Simon you was thinking about?

    Also you called me a Big Sucker-Why am I a BS? Is it because of what I want?

  21. Has the cat got your tonuge Satan?

  22. Satan how do I get to have sex with INCUBUS AND SUCCUBUS?

    • Buy 100 copies of my book through Read them. Leave reviews of my book on at least 10 blogs/websites. The reviews must show that you have read my book and understand the difference between my will and God’s will, including God’s plan of salvation. And I’ll see what I can do. No promises.

  23. Bloody hell!! You sound like a child or a broken record…!
    Get it published in print so I can but it….
    The Internet is new books have been round for centuries!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    O Glorious Archangel St. Michael, Prince of the heavenly host, be our defense in the terrible warfare which we carry on against principalities and Powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, spirits of evil. Come to the aid of man, whom God created immortal, made in his own image and likeness, and redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil.
    Fight this day the battle of the Lord, together with the holy angels, as already thou hast fought the leader of the proud angels, Lucifer, and his apostate host, who were powerless to resist thee, nor was there place for them any longer in Heaven. That cruel, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil or Satan, who seduces the whole world, was cast into the abyss with his angels. Behold, this primeval enemy and slayer of men has taken courage. Transformed into an angel of light, he wanders about with all the multitude of wicked spirits, invading the earth in order to blot out the name of God and of his Christ, to seize upon, slay and cast into eternal perdition souls destined for the crown of eternal glory. This wicked dragon pours out, as a most impure flood, the venom of his malice on men of depraved mind and corrupt heart, the spirit of lying, of impiety, of blasphemy, and the pestilent breath of impurity, and of every vice and iniquity.
    These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.
    Arise then, O invincible Prince, bring help against the attacks of the lost spirits to the people of God, and give them the victory. They venerate thee as their protector and Patron; in thee holy Church glories as her defense against the malicious power of hell; to thee has God entrusted the souls of men to be established in heavenly beatitude. Oh, pray to the God of peace that He may put Satan under our feet, so far conquered that he may no longer be able to hold men in captivity and harm the Church. Offer our prayers in the sight of the most High, so that they may quickly conciliate the mercies of the Lord; and beating down the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, do thou again make him captive in the abyss, that he may no longer seduce the nations. Amen.
    Behold the Cross of the Lord; be scattered ye hostile powers.
    The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered, the root of David.
    Let thy mercies be upon us, O Lord.
    As we have hoped in thee.
    O Lord, hear my prayer.
    And let my cry come unto thee.
    Let us pray.
    O God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon thy holy name, and as suppliants we implore thy clemency, that by the intercession of Mary, ever Virgin immaculate and our Mother, and of the glorious Archangel St. Michael, thou wouldst deign to help us against Satan and all other unclean spirits, who wander about the world for the injury of the human race and the ruin of souls.

  25. Satan I’ve found a spell on how to open the gates to hell….
    Will you be there when i cast this spell?
    Also is there any true images of you online anywhere?
    I will show you mine if you show me your’s!

    • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • So many wrong thought are going through my mi

    • So many wrong thought are going through my mind right now XD XD XD

      • My iPhone glitched…sorry

  26. Lil Biz 7th Says:

    Answer me this? why is it you continue to blaspheme Yahweh? why is it that you whoever this may be continue to believe you are Satan, I Love Yahweh and I will continue to serve him and if need be die for Christ’s transition to this earth in the last day’s but Satan’s power is great, too great to be inhabited by a man on this blog, Noone seem’s to realize that yes you can be inhabited by his angel’s because their power is stemmed from Satan because they all are apart of him but are not him, Satan is the lawless one and he is filled with nothing but greed, lie’s, and hate and the human flesh cannot contain this corruption for their own, they can call on him but to be inhabited by him you will very quickly be driven to madness very quickly and those who use logic to describe or destroy what I have said need’s to realize when it come’s to the other realms…Logic is nothing

  27. Satan who the Hell are you really???????

    • Ha ha ha ha ha.

      • Go on spill the beans, who are you really?
        If you were really Satan I wouldn’t be here now talking to you.

        • You have my email address…Email me the answer so all others who believe you to Satan won’t know the answer you give.

  28. @devilblogger Dude are these guys serious?

  29. comment above is mine btw, just felt stupid beïng anonymous

  30. Óh yeah, now I remember what I came to do here on this page before I was sucked into the thread of ignorance…:D

    Dear Satan, it seems to me that the Bible teaches that all of your servants are completely terrified of the name of Jesus Christ, and that by calling upon Him in faith, demons can be removed from someone. Also, I’ve read that Christians cannot be demon posessed.
    Now then, when people claim to be tortured by demons in their head, and calling upon the name of Jesus does NOT scare the demons away, are there really demons? Is it really possible that some of your servants are able to withstand this mighty (to you without a doubt disgusting) weapon?

    Greetings, Luke.

    • Very good question. Stay tuned . . .

  31. Anonymous Says:


    I have purchased an e-reader, and since it is not a Kindle, and I would really really love to read your book, I was wondering; is there any way I would be able to get your book in ePub format? By the way, I don’t live in America, so when purchasing ebooks from America, is the only solution for me…

    • Thanks for the note! Yes, you can download an ePub format, as well as many others from Smashwords, link here. Let me know if that doesn’t work. I’m not sure if the book can be purchased from Kobobooks. Thanks again!

  32. Satan,

    buying the book worked out great, thank you for pointing me to smashwords. The free sampling is awesome! TY.

    • Thanks, Luke! Let me know if you like it!

  33. Satan,

    I just finished reading your book; not a lot of productivity considering my study on my part today (I noticed while reading your book I had to increase my laziness a bit, so: mission accomplished).

    I was quite pleased to see my score on your questionnaire, since it came awefully close to my non-christian fellow student sitting next to me. I asked her to take the questionnaire (for fun, of course) and the fact that she has some high points in the giving and volunteering areas, and I had some at the Gospel-sharing and Bible-reading ones, made us both turn out lukewarm.

    The book is really good; it is like you took the best parts of your blog, put a lot more time in it and produced an evil, fascinating piece of darkness that intrigued me so I could not put it down. I will write some good reviews later on.

    • Thanks again, Luke. I look forward to the good reviews! (I need them! Only one (but a GOOD one) on Amazon!)

  34. I appears that you already have a review on Amazon. I’ve tried to write one on Amazon for you, but you have to purchase a book before you can write a review, which sucks since I don’t own a Kindle, so no Amazon-review from me…


    “Pater noster in caelis
    sanctificetur nomen tuum.
    Veniat regnum tuum,
    fiat voluntas tua,
    sicut in caelo et in terra.
    Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,
    Et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
    sicut et nos dimisimus debitoribus nostris.
    Et ne nos inducas in tentationem;
    sed líbera nos a malo. “

  36. Anonymous Says:

    To become a satanist can I use a white candle to burn the contract….so I can become a satanist

  37. Devilblogger, you are not Satan or a servant of him, you just want to sell your crappy book.
    If you were really Satan our a servant of his, the book would be free, because Satan doesn’t need any money and because he doesn’t want to discourage people reading the book by selling it.

  38. People, turn away from him, this liar. Think of the consequences of this behavior which is eternal suffering (just imagine the worst moment of your live eternally!).

  39. By the way Simon, deamons can’t do you anything good, sex was designed by God and it doesn’t exist in hell, only on earth.

  40. God loves you so much that he created you and saved you. He is so much more powerful than Satan. He is the key to fulfillment and attachment to earthly money and power make you unhappy, because your always fear losing it (by death or other people) and because it destroys relationships.

  41. devilblogger, you are a satanist deceived by satan for money for your book. It doesn’t lead to fullfillement and satisfaction. it leads to hell.

  42. To satan:
    You are so unwise to decide yourself against God just for the taste of self coronation. It is not worth to do so, you are going to be tortured after GOG and MAGOG for eternity!

  43. Do other creatures exist with a soul apart from humans and angels?
    Do aliens exist?

  44. How is the situation of the war of angels? How far is Micheal from winning and Satan from loosing? When approximately (because Satan is not omniscient, he is submitted by time) will you lose the angel war?

    • Satan already lost it

  45. Tell me everything about angels and their creation

    • When angels were created:

      If you look at the bottom of the page, you will find more articles that will be of interest to you.

      • I must say I disagree personally with the article, since the Bible clearly states God created everything in 6 days, and since angels are created beings, they must have been created within 6 days.

        Other than that, the articles are very helpful to me.

  46. Satan,

    don’t you feel bad, or compelled to show the people who are trying to find you so badly on this page the truth? I mean really just plainly tell them the truth? Apparently they are unable to grasp it the way you speak to them now.

  47. hi there,u knw Im not a religious and church going person,but I do believe that you guys are empty from inside and have no idea wachu duin,jus bunch of fags who are bored from their existence, bechu douchbags can pull up yer pants on yer own asses.God has the master plan not u worthless creatures.I can see u begging god for mercy,see ya in judgment day downers

    • donju worry yo pretty lil head, sis tah! We be cool wichoutja. Peace out.

  48. by the way asshole,can u heal a dying person?I bet you are nuttin but a loser who has been pushed away in every place

    • by the way, no. only one person can. bet you nuttin you cant guess who.

  49. Satan,

    Why don’t you have a comment on Madonna’s rituals to you at the Super Bowl halftime show? Were you pleased with her adoration of you, or not?

    • Chuck — I hate to admit it, but I didn’t see Madonna’s show. I saw some still shots which lead me to believe it was a show of adoration toward me. Maybe I can catch a YouTube video or something.

  50. How come every time I try to download your book my Kindle bursts into flames? I’m on my fourth one now. Glad I wasn’t investing in iPads.

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. Honestly i feel ashamed and embarrassed! Am very touched,am just from reading your reply,and my eyes are filled with tears,God made me in his own image and i almost left him behind,lord am sorry! I really want to be a big star,but i’ll wait cause God’s time is the best! Thank you very much for openning my eyes,am forever grateful! Thank you.

    • Hello again, Natasha. The Spirit of God is the One who opened your eyes, dear one. Credit where credit is due, right? 🙂 If you don’t mind my asking–What is your talent, the one that you wish will make you a big star? God does bless us with so much. He gives some of us great talent…and some of us (this is where I fit in) can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t paint. But we surely can enjoy those who DO. Yes, God’s time is the only time to go with. Desperation=degradation=damnation. I’m just so touched that the Lord is REALLY the One whose help you were seeking all along.

      • Well said (agian!).

    • Natasha — don’t tell anyone I said this. This is between you and me. But you ARE a star in God’s eyes. He loves you and he does operate in his sovereign timing on earth. You will be blessed if you put your heart in his. (Now remember, you must not tell anyone I said that.)

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well said to you, DB… You the man. 🙂

        • 🙂 Thanks!

  52. halfbreedplease Says:

    dearest little horn, everything in my heart and soul tells me i belong in your kingdom. i wish to serve and do your bidding. when i come ( or am sent,as it were) i wish to ascend from my pitiful human condition and furthur your agenda – I WANT TO WIN GODDAMMIT! will i be granted the means to do so, or be given the opportunity to earn my stripes ( horns)? are souls who wish to be by your side given considerations that regretful souls arent?

    • Dearest halfbreed, your earnest desires chill my hearless being. Believe me, it is easy to further my agenda, and you are probably doing so already. But win? Well, “winning” is not in my future, unfortunately. If you want to win you need to petition someone else who already earned your stripes. Sorry.

      • halfbreedplease Says:

        i do not seek a petion or bargain as you say , iam already yours. upon further reflection what i was really asking is what is my place in hell? to be punished for all eternity for defying god such as you? or to serve? i truly understand why you revile my species you were clearly more worthy than mankind upon our entrance to the world.and yes you deserve to be exalted by us. i think of you as a senior being, a leader of those who can think for themselves. seing as how i never asked to be made, now that i am here you are my chosen leader (iknow i know already own me,sinner so on,so forth) christ’s blood would turn to poison in my mouth! yes perhaps we will lose (perish the thought) but i would rather be wiped from existence fighting for something i belive in than be a nobody being punished in hell for what “christians” belive is just.

  53. halfbreedplease Says:

    dearest son of perdition, i wish to make a few humble inquiries as to some of your favorite earthly delights. do you enjoy films? if so what genre? how about music? anything specific? surely you enjoy a good book (not that book!) any videogames tickle your fickle? while i have suckled wisdom from your teet my entire life, there are times when i need your guidance .the magnitude of your knowledge dwarfs mine.iam neither the most intelligent or ambitious man, nor am i the most accomplished specimen in your kingdom but there is somthing within me, something that if properly stoked and guided by a knowing hand, icould become a champion of darkness . not the champion of darkness mind, but a loyal subject nonetheless. p.s. your earth is ever so much more delightful than that fussy old man’s! perhaps we were made in your image after all seing as how we have so much more in common. who can relate to a perfect being anyway?

  54. bastardsonofadam Says:

    i have a few questions regarding the hierarchy of hell. firtsly, is there even one? or are you where it ends and begins, with no other powerful fallen residing in hell, perhaps governing different circles, tending to various miscellane? assuming you have underlings, do you ever have to quell a rebellion (irony) or deal with a traitor who has aspirations to the throne? how would you punish said crimes ? do you keep mistresses or maybe have one very powerful mistress, akin to a queen of hell? any heir apparent to take your place ?

  55. pet of belial Says:

    is satan in? is no one tending this blog? would love to pick satans brains for a few or his thinkbox whatever higher beings have that is the equivalent to the mind

    • In and tending. Just busy. Hard to keep up with the downward slide worldwide.

      • pet of belial Says:

        i would love to intern for you sire!

  56. bastardsonofadam Says:

    it seems that satan prefers the company of what is commonly known in internet lexicon as “trolls” with such intelligent inquiries as ;satan willyou suck me off in hell, if you are satan then manifest youself to me, ect,ect.the one that really tickles me is when they want to sell their souls. dont despair my most precious vermin! i’ll buy your souls here on earth, and satan can take you when im done! all you must do is worship me and do deeds most foul to recieve the coveted blessing of this bastard son of adam.

  57. halfbreedplease Says:

    well said, chap ! you truly are the patron saint of satans blog. for we are as the wandering samuri without a master, sheep with no shepherd, digital ashes in an digital urn. i find satans abscence as appalling as those souls in hell who are separated from god eternally. perhaps cthullu has a blog. wait! i think i hear him calling! im coming oh great old one! be gentle though, im very small!

    • Gentle? Ha ha ha ha ha.

  58. halfbreedplease Says:

    relatively gentle? whatevs. put in a bad word for me, eh ?

  59. bastard son of adam Says:

    so you’ve met this jesus? did he show you love, perhaps offer to save you ? did you spit sulfur in his eye? sum him up with one word. tell me how makes you feel. pretty please, rebellious one

  60. nazarene fish guts Says:

    dearest scapegoat, at the time of this writing, iam in league with darkness, a servant of all that is unholy. but wait, theres more ! what if i pull a “romney” and flip flop back to the light? god will forgive me my sins if i just accept that he sent his only living son to die for some ingrates a millenia ago ? of course i must be sincere, be good, refuse all your red delights, yada yada ect. you may not believe me, but mayhap i can do it. i dont have too many vices, certaintly nothing of great consequence. i just might pull off a 4th quarter stunner! i’ll miss you, uncle lucifer. p.s. you’ve been portrayed many times in film, s who is your favorite silver screen interpretation of yourself? xoxo-nfs

  61. lvl 50 wanderer Says:

    since ive been leaving comments no one else has posted. ha! maybe i poisoned the message board…. sorry sire, didnt mean to. good riddance to bad rubbish i say none of them were worthy of your blasphemous presence. thats not to say im so arrogant as to believe iam, oh what am i saying? course i am! your book is only in digtital form right? cos ill buy a copy but i dont have an iphone or a autograph would be most precious sire! i would adore it always

  62. lvl 50 wanderer Says:

    does seem like im the last guest to a party thats already ended. looking at dates on the posts, there was a flurry of activity earlier this year up till a few weeks ago and then….me. wish you were here xoxo

    • Don’t worry, I’m still here. I’ve just been busy, trying to protect Obama in Afganistan and all. Very busy. Very.

  63. lvl 50 wanderer Says:

    ah! youve returned my liege! obama does not need your protection! i do ! you see, de christians, dey want mah soul da man jesus told me so. they shant have it, right? you did remind those naughty afghani boys there are no virgins left for them? nice to have you back youve pleased your humble (JeAlOuS) servant. wish i could help lighten the load sire

  64. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

    • scapegoat Says:

      so says you. ok, ok, you’re right (maybe, im not 100% sure yet) better get your house in order or you’ll join us. i must say, it fills me with joy like no other to find myself in the company of self righteous bible thumpers such as yourself.

  65. “For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” Romans 14:11

  66. scapegoat Says:

    how does someone such as yourself end up on satans blog ? surely communing with the damned is a most egrerious offense? all social media, and i do mean ALL is satans creation. your cellphone, your desktop/laptop, twitter/facebook, iphone/android, all of it desgined to detatch and seperate us from each other and more importantly, god. being all high and mighty, thinking you are going to fight satan is a fools errand. this is his world! clearly you’ve been fooled by him.stick to your bible leave the blogging to us with hellbound hearts

    • i hope you will be saved mr. scapegoat. put your faith on Jesus Christ. There is still power in the blood!

      • scapegoat Says:

        im no narrow minded fool. i believe in a creator. an “author of all existence “. ive also believed, since i was a wee one, that there was something in the darkness, just outside my perception. transitioning to adulthood has not dimmed these beliefs. but in my heart of hearts i dont believe i n jesus. i think its a man made lie; a complete and utter falsification used to amass the largest following this earth has ever known. its no small irony that more savage and evil acts have been comitted in christ’s name than satans.devilbloggger may ridicule me (or applaud me) for saying such a thing, but as i said , im no atheist. atheists are undoubtedly fools. i liken them to sexually frustrated teenagers. they want there to be a god. they want it sooo badly! they ache, they yearn for a god! but they can never,ever tell anyone. what a life!

        • I think you are a thinker. And that’s a good thing. Keep thinking, but keep an open mind.

      • Thanks for the great reply. And I really like the civility. Nice thread going here!

        • scapegoat Says:

          high praise indeed! i always try to be polite, somtimes to a fault. satan is always polite…until he has you of course. i learned that from his malevolent grace always kill em with kindness. until they’re actually dead, then tear their soul to bits . its a waiting game- time is on your side fallen one! im afraid i haven’t the time that you do, your excellency, but this mere mortal, this “thinker” watches the void and waits with intent.

    • mazsamem Says:

      You know scapegoat, I’ve heard/read other sites that say the SAME thing. Gasp! Is this yet another of Satan’s ploys to damn all souls…the internet??? I thought it was a good way for believers to reach non-believers. Well, and for other purposes too. I never knew communication was a sin. Darn devilblogger character! 😉 🙂

      • scapegoat Says:

        you make a valid point. heres my counter: recently i found myself in the company of a member of the female persuasion , on a “date”. im no great charmer, but im servicible enough. this woman was unable to divert her attention for even a minute from her “social networking” so we could actually comunicate person to person, mind to mind. now before any smartasses say ” thats on you bro, you must suck with the ladies” bear in mind i was assured by a mutaul friend she was interested and thought i was very “cute”. i even took the time to ask her if she was doing anything important on her phone, dropping not so subtle hints that she was being rude. no, she said, nothing important, i dont even know why im checking my facebook/twitter feed. do you see? she was interested, yet couldn’t help herself! human interaction, actual communication is a relic, an afterthought! suffice it to say, i cut my losses and moved on

      • scapegoat Says:

        also, satan needs no ploys to damn souls, his job practically does itself! i wasn’t saying communication is a sin,no communication is a treasure (mostly). my generations methods of “communication” miss the point entirely. belive it! social media is, like all men, inherently EVIL!

        • mazsamem Says:

          scapegoat, you ARE a deep thinker. You bring to mind an author, the kind who uses tried and true communication methods. Bet you read real books–not just kindles–and maybe you also write things in longhand (perhaps letters, a journal)? You remind me of my oldest son, a young man who’s searching his way through the tangled wire jungle of today’s world. He doesn’t own a cell, because he says “people can’t even talk face to face anymore”. For you, and for him, I hope you find what you’re seeking. It’s got to be hard in this day and age. You’re deluged with mass media, social media, and there is no room in media for just “me”…let alone “another”. My previous answer wasn’t meant to be flippant. I quote you: “tthis “thinker” watches the void and waits with intent.” Keep watching, dear scapegoat. I think one day you’ll see there IS a Light in the void. A very welcoming Light who has been waiting patiently for you. BTW–Love what you wrote about atheists. Spot on! Since you believe in a Creator, I say with heartfelt meaning, God is with you. Peace.

  67. scapegoat Says:

    as a matter of fact, i do read real books and magazines too. sorry to report that my handwriting is in a sorry state but i do enjoy expressing myself through the medium. nice to see another “old soul” out in the wilderness.

  68. scapegoat Says:

    dear satan, im a curious fellow. so curious that if i met god, id spend every second asking questions. hell, (pun) if i met you id try to ask questions regardless of your disposition or my situation. to this end , i have 2 questions: 1. im interested in the 7 princes of hell. their rank from most powerful down (you’re no. 1, clearly) and their responsibilitys within your kingdom.on a side note i must say that aside from yourself, i find leviathan the most intriguing. he seems like a pure unstopable force who would sooner eat YOU than serve you. please do refrain from telling the others- i wouldn’t want to anger them further! 2. hell has been in my thoughts- not how i’ll suffer there, or any of that hogwash, but HELL.hell not as a place but as a spirit unto itself with no loyalty to those residing within, not bending to any will other than its own. am i onto something? SINNER ALERT! i lied i have a 3rd question regarding evil itself. i know sin is your creation (please take a moment ,and pat yourself on the back! what a triumph that was!) but when you defied god and were cast out, did you tap into a force that already existed? not sure if the bible touches this subject, and you should see the looks i get when i ask people who are devoutly “religious” this question! i know how busy a deity can be, so a response would be treasured

  69. Dear Satan,
    I don’t know if this website is real- i don’t know if you actually come here- it seems kind of silly. lately I’ve felt like you have abandoned me i can still feel you there but i don’t feel you as strongly. If this is actually a real thing that you come to pls know that i miss you so much. i also wanted you to know that i’m getting really tired of christians. i just can’t take it anymore. I have to go to a christian church because of my parents and when i go in i feel like the place is so unholy and dirty and i feel like i am in danger. i want to know if there is a way to block this feeling because i think that it will get stronger until it is unbearable. I also wanted to know how to deal with my parents talking about god all the time it makes me sick to the stomach. I am so tired of christians i feel like they suck out my energy and make me feel sick. I hope you come back soon if this website is real which i hope it is because really the christian situation is getting out of hand. Thank you Father for always being there for me.

    ok bye. pls answer back soon. If you left because i did something to offend you i’m sorry- really.

    • This website is real, and it’s not silly. You should read ALL the posts and pass it along to all your friends. And, yes, you are in danger going to a Christian church. If it is a church that preaches the gospel (blechhhh!), then you are in danger of hearing the gospel and being rescued from my kingdom. I suggest you listen very closely to what is preached and see if you can detect the gospel. Listen with your ears and your heart. If you hear the gospel, let me know. I will give you additional instructions.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m sorry I said it was silly for a second there I thought they were making fun of satan here and I never really thought someone could talk to satan like that. I do think they preach gospel it is an evangelical church if that helps at all. It’s really horrible but it’s not as bad as this other one where the guy would make everyone go to the front and put his hands on peoples heads and then pray for them.

        • mazsamem Says:

          marina~of course Satan comes here, dear. He’s everywhere people are. He’s always looking for converts. He wants your eternal soul…just like the other side (God) wants your eternal soul. Take the good advice of DB, as we affectionately call devilblogger here. Stay in touch. We like to hell-p. hahaha

        • Evangelical churches are some of the worst. Do they preach that Jesus died for YOU? Do they preach that Jesus paid the price for YOUR sin and that if you believe in faith that he was raised from the dead you will be saved? If so, you are in real danger of escaping my captivity. So here is what I want you to do. Tell me in your own words what you believe to be the “gospel”. And tell me if when you understand what Jesus did for you on the cross you feel a tug at your heart that wants to respond in grateful acceptance of his free gift of eternal life. If that happens, you are very close to the precipice of abundant and eternal life. Please report back to me soon.

        • Yes that’s all they every talk about- it’s never ending. And my parents that’s all they ever talk about as well. And no i don’t believe in what they say and my heart really is against all of the things that they believe in. Thanks for your help =]

  70. scapegoat Says:

    oh devilblogger, you do enjoy sowing discontent- this pewling little welp wants to know if they have hurt satans feelings, like HE is susceptible to any sort of attack from a mortal, and you answer them? i asked a much more interesting question about your kingdom and it falls by the wayside. puhpuh pretty puhlease redirect your fiery gaze 6 posts up and “enlighten” me. p.s. marina, your suffering is like a delicious buffet, laid out all nice neat. after satan devours your soul, i’ll be among the rabble fighting for leftovers. ta!

    • whats a pewling little welp?

      I don’t understand why Satan would devour my soul…

      • never mind i know what a pewling little welp is.

  71. mazsamem Says:

    scapegoat~Hello! I’ve a feeling you will get the lion’s share of our marina’s soul…that is if Satan even allows his underlings to partake. My understanding is, he’s a ravenous Hell-lord. Slim pickins for the eternally hungering (and thirsting) damned. Of couse, I could be wrong. Maybe he’d leave our little friend’s soul to one of the lesser demons…and you know what a beautifully horrid mess THEY make of things! To quote your above-mentioned plea for info: “Hell not as a place but as a spirit unto itself with no loyalty to those residing within, not bending to any will other than its own. Am i onto something?” I of couse bow to the wisdom of our beloved devilblogger, but I do think you are indeed “onto somethinking”…as is your wont. Eternal fury, hatred, turmoil–in fact everyting that goes on in the Lost Kingdom almost demands that it be a place of NO loyalty. And don’t we get there by not bending to ANY other will but that of our own corrupt natures? I suggest that Hell IS a place, one of spirits, but an actual place nevertheless. Abode of the damned and all that. I believe that Someone on the opposing team let it come out that the spirit will be reunited with the body. Just trying to clarify my reading of your thoughts. Am I placing too much emphasis on the spirit vs place issue?

    • mazsamem Says:

      Sorry I misquoted you scapegoat. I meant to say: you are indeed “onto something”.

      • Do you really think he will devour my soul? And if so did he devour yours too?

        I’m sorry i just never thought Satan would want to DEVOUR my soul.

        • scapegoat Says:

          i detect a female presence…this pleases me! you don’t think satan is going to coddle you in the afterlife, do you? perhaps people would willingly go to hell if there was a reward. alas, there are NO rewards. rest assured dear marina- there is no pleasure to be had in hell (for humans at least)

      • scapegoat Says:

        the idea of an opposing force to good- evil, is interesting. the bible informs us the one thing in creation not authored by god is sin. sin belongs to satan, . but what force tempted, seduced, and ultimately ruined satan? there were many angels in gods court that could have become the “father of all lies”, so why lucifer? clearly, to me at least, evil ALREADY existed. as an aside, the 7 princes of hell also intrigue me. how ironic, how deliciously funny would it be if satan had to constantly quell rebellions and attempted usurpations from his own?

        • What do you mean you detect female presence? What makes you believe that hell is what the christian bible says it is?

        • mazsamem Says:

          scapegoat~your ideas keep churning in my mind. Food for thought–a good thing indeed! You’ve got me wondering about free-will in angels, whether faithful or fallen. I found a site that can shed more light on your very deep questions & ponderings. It’s from “The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas” and will provide you much more than my quite-limited intellect could ever do. Thank you for the provoking ideas, my friend.

          Sorry it’s a copy & paste link. My lazy fallen nature prefers click ons. 😉

        • Scapegoat, the idea of evil as “an opposing force to good” is nonsense in any literal sense. When people talk that way, they are simply using a model, a construct to describe how evil APPEARS to function… and frankly, it only appears that way because we are really only sensitive to displays of fairly rigorous evil. Oridnary, common, evil is so common, we hardly notice it.

          This can be demonstrated easily if you attempt to DEFINE evil in literal terms. To save you the trouble, allow me: Evil is simply a failure to follow God’s will. The word is descriptive, and using it as a noun, as if it has substance or energy in and of itself creates the false impression that it is a “force” as you put it.

          So, defining evil as the failure to conform to God’s will, obviously, there WAS no evil, no “failure to conform to God’s will” UNTIL Satan failed to conform to God’s will. Evil did not need to be “created,” It is a description of something that “happened.” And continues to happen. Think of it this way: Darkness does not have to be “created.” It is simply descriptive of the absense of light. You may need to BLOCK OUT light, in order to ACCOMPLISH darkness, but that is not “creating darkness.”

  72. mazsamem Says:

    marina~Maybe “devour” isn’t the very best word to use. After all, when you devour a meal, it implies that you are then finished with that meal. Satan owns our souls and will NEVER be done consuming us. (Well, there IS a Way that Satan would never get to keep a soul.) The soul, once created by God, is eternal. Souls never ever die. So once your heart is set against Christians, church, and so on-you’ve opened yourself even more to Satan. As God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Creator, Savior, and Spokesperson…so to speak) Satan is ALSO a father and a creator (un-creator is perhaps a better name) and has MANY who speak for him. Satan is the Ultimate Hater. To quote him through devilblogger (see way above on this page to the right, under About me…) “I like to kill, steal, and destroy. In my spare time I walk to and fro about the earth seeking out whom I might devour…” Ooo, that d word again! Anyway, marina, to answer your question about did Satan devour my soul also? Not yet, marina. THAT part doesn’t happen until death. Actually, I don’t want Satan to own me anymore-he’s a mean & scary S.O.B. I hate that he makes us think he can give good things in this life and there won’t be any consequences. Then, SLAM I’m dead and have to be in torment, pain, suffering, and tears for eternity. Forever. I do not like that part. It really doesn’t feel good…not good at all. So, devilblogger, can we keep this private? I mean don’t tell Satan how I really feel. I want to hear more about the Way out.

  73. mazsamem Says:

    ^^^When I said “Satan is ALSO a father…” I should have included his proper title: “Father of Lies”.

    • When you were younger did you think differently of Satan and if so what changed your mind.

      I have the belief that the christian god is the evil one and that Satan is good… i hope that doesnt sound silly.

      • mazsamem Says:

        Good question! I always (far back as memory on matters of faith goes) believed in God and Satan. Even as a wee child, I knew there were very good forces, as well as very bad ones. Yeah, when in my teen years, there were times I thought Satan was more fitting for my goth/punk image. But I was still fearful of Satan. I thought I’d go to hell if HE wanted me to. What changed my mind? Hmm…let me think…I was raised Catholic and went to our version of Sunday school/Bible study. It was called CCD class, and I went each week. I had a younger brother who died the day before my birthday in 1993. He was a devout person. In a way, he was kind of like my conscience. I mean he wasn’t afraid to say “Hey sister, what ARE you doing?!” He was so good, so different… He got me and my gf interested in praying, going to Mass, relearning and rethinking about God. Because of my brother, and mainly because of God’s grace, I didn’t totally fall into the abyss of NOT believing. O, I’m a sinner, quite good at sin, a real expert at evil. I’ve done things I hope you’d never even think of…let alone do. I turned my back on God too many days and in too many ways. That’s why I thought Satan would take me. But even though I’ve abandoned God, He never paid me back in kind. God has always been with me. I also realize that Satan can’t KEEP my soul, unless that’s my choice. Jesus paid for my sins. If I end up suffering in Hell for all eternity, it won’t be God who sends me there. And it won’t be Satan either. It will be ME who sends me to Hell, because I will KNOW truly the absolute goodness and awesomness of God. And I will turn my back on Him that one last time. My pride will DEMAND that I carry on as I always chose to: without God, separated from Him finally and forever. Satan: 1 God: 0 Final score. My choice.

      • mazsamem Says:

        marina~You said “I have the belief that the christian god is the evil one and that Satan is good… i hope that doesnt sound silly.”
        Not silly, marina. Talking seriously about beliefs is important. It’s good to express your concerns or ask questions…and you have some very good issues to discuss. So now it’s my turn for a question. Will you please tell me why you think the Chrisian God is evil and that Satan is good? Go into detail so that we’re on the same page, OK?

        • ok- when i was younger i would always try to believe in the Christian God and in Jesus and in the Holy Spirit and I would really try to love them- i really tried. And I just never felt like they loved me. (I don’t really know how to express how i feel). I never felt like that God ever loved me I never felt forgiven for any of the things that i did and i would always feel so evil although i’ve never done anything terrible. Christianity made me feel like a really bad person I never felt loved by that God I always felt like I didn’t belong to him. Also i felt like he was evil- I would just try to convince myself that he was good and i wouldn’t listen to what i really felt- I wanted to believe that he did love me and that he wanted me and that I was his daughter. And I always felt so much fear in my heart because of that God and i always believed that I was going to go to hell. Also I think that that God made me feel really worthless.

          I was empty with that God and I was supposed to feel full because I was taught in the Christian Church that Jesus would fill the emptiness in your heart and Jesus never did that for me. And I was also afraid of questioning that God and I would ask questions in Church to the people that were supposed to lead the youth and they wouldn’t be able to answer me they would say “there are things that will not be revealed in this life they will be revealed in the next life.” i don’t remember the questions or anything but they were simple they were just questions asking “why?” like why would God do that. And then one day I just decided to read about Satan and research and I read a lot from different people and I decided to make him my God and I feel full now and I feel like he wants me and I feel like I can pray to him and not have to ask for forgiveness of my sins in all of my prayers and I feel like he knows me and it’s not the same it’s so much better(that was some time ago it didn’t just happen now). So maybe I’m thinking that I belong to Satan and i think that he isn’t a S.O.B because I feel like he actually cares about me.

          I also think that Christian people are like slaves- they have no freedom all I ever see them do is pray and beg. I see Christian people in constant fear all they ever do is fear. They fear going to hell and they fear disappointing their God. I can’t really give you a good example but I just see so much fear I think that they are ruled by fear. Ok well for example- they fear that any little thing will take them out of the right path and they fear normal people things like dancing- Christians fear dancing. And they are always denying themselves normal people things and they always think that Satan is out to get them and they always blame everything on Satan- every little thing. Christian people fear Satanist and they do that without ever going to like a chat thing on the internet for satanist so that they can ask them questions. It’s like their God has them chained with fear- what kind of God is that? And I know that what I am saying is not convincing about how Christianity is based around fear because I can’t come up with examples but it’s what I have seen in the past from meeting people my parents knew.

          Christianity didn’t make me free it made me feel so oppressed and somewhat depressed and that Christian God was supposed to set me free but I felt chained and when I’m in a Christian Church it feels unholy the air feels plagued with evil and when I pray to Satan it’s calm and I can feel that he is good and I can feel him with me throughout the day and I feel like he actually listens to me. And I didn’t turn to Satan because I wanted to do evil things that were bad like the things that you did that you don’t want me to ever ever try I”m with him because he is good. I’ve noticed that the way Christians feel about their God that is how I feel about Satan and I don’t understand that- how can that be? That is why I think Satan is good.

  74. mazsamem Says:

    Ahh, fooled myself again, scapegoat. As I see now, it IS a click on. Ooo I am so gullible!

  75. mazsamem Says:

    Dear marina~I REALLY need you to come back to this site. Please. My youngest son got in trouble and is in shelter care at his school. I have to go visit him today…I really love & miss him. He just turned 16. I can’t respond to you now, but I am very touched by what you wrote & you deserve answers. So please come back here. I’ll be back this evening. There are other people here who will hopefully see your posts. I’m not going to chew you out–I really want to discuss some things. Thank you for taking the time to do what I asked, about going into detail. Talk with you later, marina. Peace.

    • Ok talk to you later =)

  76. mazsamem Says:

    Hi, marina. 🙂 Sorry I’m late getting back to you. I do that (being late) a lot. You gave me plenty to do: research, chat rooms, and most of all THINKING…which I’m not really good at. Seriously, I had a rare blood platelet disease which left me unable to make connections-at times my brain misfires and I’m like “what was I just saying/thinking???” So please be patient with me. 🙂 OK, you said we Christians never go to chat rooms to talk to Satanists. Well, this Christian tried. I went to Venus Satanas, but couldn’t get the chat thing to work. I went to Yahoo groups: JoyofSatan666. Before I went in, the rules told me I wasn’t allowed. “2. People who sympathise with and/or support the enemies of Satan- [The Jews, Christians and Muslims]- WILL BE BANNED!” So as a Catholic, I didn’t try to “sneak” in. (I’m glad devilblogger allows ALL of us in even when we might be the enemy.) I see there are quite a number of different types of Satanists: theistic, non-theistic, spitualist Satanists, those who are more like New Age, and even one group worshipping Satan under titles such as “Lord of Dung”. (eeewwwww, to quote a wonderful lady here by the name of shalimamma. 😉 ) And no, marina, I don’t think you’re a member of that last group mentioned. I know Christian believers are divided also…so let’s not make division the issue. (It’s important, but not exactly what we’re talking about. Let’s just agree that dissent is one thing people are good at.) marina, I’m really trying to understand you. Let me know where I get it wrong, OK? It seems you were raised in one of the very oppressive Christian groups. As a Catholic, I can dance! Not well, but I am allowed…it’s not a sin. 😉 As for Christians living in fear, some groups DO preach/teach in a way that causes followers to see bad in EVERYTHING. (Like the mother in the movie “Carrie”.) But let’s go back to your first post. “lately I’ve felt like you have abandoned me i can still feel you there but i don’t feel you as strongly.” And, you end by saying to Satan, “If you left because i did something to offend you i’m sorry- really.” Dear, is that a type of fear or not? It seems to me you’re pretty much abandoned by the Christians you’ve been around: your parents’ friends & the youth leaders at your church. And now by your chosen god, Satan himself. We ALL feel left out in the cold at times…no matter what our beliefs. But one thing my church teaches about faith is that it’s not a “feeling”. Rather, it’s an act of will. Some days God seems a million miles away. Other days, I know right where He is. Either way, my faith doesn’t stop due to how I FEEL. I became very sad when you said how you really tried “to believe in the Christian God and in Jesus and in the Holy Spirit and I would really try to love them- i really tried. And I just never felt like they loved me.” (I don’t really know how to express how i feel)…Also i felt like he was evil- I would just try to convince myself that he was good and i wouldn’t listen to what i really felt- I wanted to believe that he did love me and that he wanted me and that I was his daughter.” See how many times you mention how you “feel”? This is NOT meant as a put down. I’m just trying to make the point that when it comes to faith, “feelings”, though perfectly natural, can cause us to walk away. You said “I wanted to believe that he did love me and that he wanted me and that I was his daughter. And I always felt so much fear in my heart because of that God and i always believed that I was going to go to hell. Also I think that that God made me feel really worthless.” marina, I don’t KNOW this, but from what you’ve said, it seems obvious you’ve been in a religion that was based on too much fear and not enough love & forgiveness. Not a good kind of fear that means “respect” or “reverence to God”, but one that filled you with guilt, and didn’t provide a way to be free of those guilts. And as you said, you weren’t even doing bad things. You know, marina, if you were in a different Christian environment, I believe you’d be a really good Christian. I mean it sure sounds like you WERE…and could be again. One who could share her very deepest thoughts, and still know that SHE IS LOVED! And that no matter how she feels, she (you, dear marina) ARE God’s daughter. He does love you, no matter WHO made you feel that He didn’t. You WERE forgiven, so long as you were sincere-and you sound sincere to me. You said “I’ve noticed that the way Christians feel about their God that is how I feel about Satan and I don’t understand that- how can that be? That is why I think Satan is good.” God isn’t evil, marina. People are. They do so many stupidly evil things-to themselves, to others. So I apologize to you for the way other Christians made you feel about yourself. John 13:34-35: Jesus said, “I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you should also love one another. This is how all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another”. I wish you knew that love from the Christians you’ve been around. God does NOT create “worthless” people. Maybe someone got their jollies by putting you down to lift themselves up. If that’s how it’s been for you…what a shame! I really enjoy the time spent here with you, marina. You’re helping me learn. Maybe I’m helping you some way. I truly hope you decide to stay. Peace.

    • I’m sorry I gave you the impression of Satan being oppressive. From time to time he just leaves but he always comes back I just wonder why he leaves sometimes. but I can still pray and stuff I just don’t know why he would leave like I can’t say he’s in the room or anything. Thank you for responding by the way. What you said about there being fear because of Satan leaving it wasn’t like you put it or like I made it sound- it isn’t something oppressive (I probably shouldn’t have used the word abandoned or said I was sorry like that)

      Also I don’t understand why the Christian God would allow for people to follow the wrong path. Why would he have allowed me to be around people that were so stupid it just makes no sense. So it wasn’t his fault that I they made me feel worthless there I was just in the wrong Christian environment.

      you have pointed out something that is true; I do base everything on too much feeling. ur right things aren’t supposed to be on how I feel (maybe just maybe it’s that way I still have to do some serious thinking on it). And u r right I have grown up in a very oppressive Christian environment where they have told me that if I ever leave the Christian God my whole family was going to die (said by my parents). I’ve been told that if I ever listened to non Christian music that I was to become possessed. In my old church they used to tell people that if they left that church that they would lose their jobs and their homes. Everything was based on suffocating fear and the Christian God allowed that.

  77. mazsamem Says:

    marina~me again. 🙂 First, I didn’t get an impression that Satan was making you feel oppressed. It was a misguided Christian upbringing that caused your suffocating feelings. It’s sad that your parents would blame loved ones deaths on whatever you do. We all know that the Lord said “It is given unto man to die once. And after death comes the judgment.” So if you remained in their church…your family would never die? Kind of silly, huh? As for music, some of it does SEEM 🙂 like it could make a person possessed, but I’ve listened to a lot of really weird music in my life. I still believe in God and I’m not possessed. As for someone telling people “If you leave this church, you’ll be jobless and homeless”…they sound worried only about their OWN cash flow. But are those false beliefs really God’s fault? Or are they the fault of the person who said or taught them…and maybe the faults of the ones who fell for their lies? You said before that Christians put the blame for everything wrong on Satan. That’s true in so far as we believe Satan caused rebellion against God. But if I smoke and get lung cancer, it’s MY fault. I can’t really say “the devil made me do it” can I? He puts temptation before us, but we have free will. We can avoid wrong, or we can embrace it. That’s why I disagree with what you said about the Christian God allowing people to follow the wrong path, or allowing that suffocating fear you’ve experienced. My learning of God is that He is a kind, loving, forgiving God–like the very best Father ever. I go to Him in respect and with love…not fear. If God MADE us always do right, we would be little more than perfect robots. Instead, He gives us freedom. And at the end of our days, we’ll have to stand or fall for how we used that gift. God understands we would have failures (sins) and that’s why He became the Man who is “like us in every way except sin”. Jesus is true God and true Man. He became one of us, so He KNOWS what we go through. He KNOWS how terribly sad we can get. “Jesus wept” when His friend died. He KNOWS how it feels to be physically and emotionally abused. He KNOWS how it feels to be tortured and murdered. He KNOWS how it feels to suffer and die. Can Satan claim the same? It’s so sad that because of how you were mistreated by people professing to truly follow Christ, you’ve given yourself over to your Savior’s adversary. Satan was the “Morning Star”, the “Son of Light”, a Heavenly prince. He CHOSE to become a mere earthly prince who delights in deceiving those who put their fate in his hands. He’ll be your friend. Till the end. You’re a very intelligent young woman. My understanding is that matter never becomes “un-matter”. Once something (or someone) has been created, it can never cease to exist in some form. So, marina, what do you believe about eternity? You have the freedom to decide. Please don’t just throw your forever away because foolish people hurt you & filled you with fear. Heaven is only one word away. Just your yes. He’s the One who truly does love you, marina. Please think of all we’ve talked about. I really do care about you. I hope what I said doesn’t turn you away, and you see that I’m not doing this out of fear. Nor in any way do I feel strange about you. I think you needed someone to be there for you in the past, and your feelings were neglected. I don’t want to do that to you. Peace

    • Hello.
      About eternity… I hope that reincarnation is real that would be great… (I’m not making a joke it would be nice if it was like that). but about eternity I do believe that we do have souls and that the souls that we have don’t vanish once we die.

      About what you said about people choosing to fall for false paths- regardless of where I was- what denomination of Christianity I was in I was praying to the God that you believe in I reached to him and I reached out to his son. Regardless of where I was or what false path I was in I was still reaching out the same God that you reach out to and he did nothing for me. I tried to come to him with respect and with love and he did not treat me like he treats you. Regardless of where I chose to fall into I was still trying to reach out to your God it was the same God- as a small child where you’re told that God is your best friend and that he will help you I never felt that way(as a child when i was pure). So I don’t know what to think of your God.

      and what do you think of this theory?

      Do you think there is any sense in it or that a person has to be senseless to believe it?

      • mazsamem Says:

        Marina my dear~Did you know you’ve now become a person of note here? Kind of famous? That’s thanks to devilblogger. He DOES NOT LIKE how we’ve responded to you.
        Check it out. I’ll be back later. No matter what DB thinks, I do want to reply to your post and somethings regarding your link. I’ve been at that site in the past. Off to fight with the Social Security people. I don’t foresee a pleasant time with them 🙂 See you later. Peace.

        • shalimamma Says:

          I agree with Mazsamem! I am amazed that devilbloggger let’s us remain on here… but maybe he finds our thoughts intriguing… who knows?

          Mazsamem, hope your visit with the SS people goes well… eeeeek!


        • Ok- I hope you were able to win the fight with the social security people. If he were to block you- you would get a different email or something (i think) and well to me it I think it’s just more interesting if there different people with different views that way we could all just argue in harmony if we wanted to.

  78. shalimamma Says:

    Why, hello, there, Marina and all! 😉

    I just thought I’d weigh in on this fascinating discussion. First of all, Marina, I commend you for coming onto a group with a bunch of freakish Christians. 😉

    Mazsamem, wow, what beautiful insights…

    I would like to address Marina… I have to admit, I didn’t study every word of the above discussion all the way up, but I did catch enough of your explanation of satan appearing loving and God appearing oppressive, etc (sorry if that’s an unfair paraphrase, but it kind of sums up what I felt you felt…)

    I want to agree with you in that satan DOES seem loving at times. I have danced with him myself. He is very charming, attractive, witty, seductive, and… addictive. He set out a red carpet lined with beautiful roses at first for me. Oh yes, it felt GOOD. AMAZING. Better than those Christians around me who weren’t treating me with love and who weren’t even acting “Christian”. He may be doing this for you right now. But he won’t remain like this forever, but rather wait until he has you completely under his wing to reveal his ‘ugly’ side. ‘Ugly’ is an understatement. After the carpet with roses he set before me (that I began to walk down), he gradually removed the roses after I became so addicted to his idea for my life… and the path started leading to the dumpster.

    And then I experienced something you mentioned you felt about God… FEAR. Fear, like you wouldn’t believe unless you experienced it. Knowledge of what satan really has in store for me, and how much I have broken the heart of God. Fear of the eternal fire, which we can’t even imagine. Only when I came back to God, did I lose that fear.

    I do not live in fear, as a Christian (and as you implied Christians do)… but I have a question for you… what religious group related this fear to you? I have encountered some cult-like groups (claiming to be Christian) that enslaved and instilled fear. It is possible that you haven’t encountered true Christianity yet, where there is no fear, even of death for one’s Lord, the closer to Him we become.

    You brought up an interesting point which really made me think… that many Christians live in fear and feel like they have to grovel before an unforgiving God that won’t let you dance. Well, those Christians are just plain wrong, and obviously haven’t read the New Testament which is about ‘having life and having it in abundance.’ Jesus also kept saying “be not afraid.’ So obviously, part of our human nature is to gravitate toward fear…

    The other interesting point you made was that ‘satan cares for you’… well, I would say, where does satan live? In heaven? Or hell? I think we all kind of know the answer to that. I would say, yes, satan does care for you, that you gratify yourself and lose your soul, and perhaps he will make it so that life will be peachy for you here on earth. But life passes quickly. It could pass for anyone of us tomorrow (or today). Do you have a sense of your own coming death? Are you ok with where you are going (or think you are going?) The thing is, God cares for you in this life AND the next. I’ll admit, the cross and the whole suffering thing is mysterious… but it is the pathway to ultimate freedom.

    I won’t go into more because this discussion could take up volumes 😉 But I just wanted you to know that satan wants you in a dumpster. He wants you dead, both body and soul. God wants your life, both here and in eternity… But all of this is a matter of faith. I can’t really prove this scientifically.

    I commend you for having faith in satan. He dupes most people because they don’t believe in him. They are easy prey for him if they don’t even think he exists… So I would say, there is much hope for your life. I pray that you can experience the ultimate freedom of God’s kiss upon you, in all love and forgiveness and mercy… There are several of us praying for you, and it is not because we are afraid of satan. He is only a deceptive fallen angel (sorry devilbloggger, but I gave away your identity ;)) but God is infinite. Satan has you infatuated. He had me infatuated once too. But real love cannot be faked. Real love is sacrifice for the good of the other… not touchy feely stuff which comes and goes.

    I can tell you one thing, he does NOT want you to pick up a bible. But I ask… no, I DARE you, to read the book of John in the new testament. It is my favorite book. Just read through it, and see if you can find any ‘care’ or ‘love’ coming from ‘anyone’ 😉

    I wish you peace beyond understanding!

    • Tell me what happened. How did you begin with Satan? What got you interested in it? How was your first experience with him? What did you feel? Did you feel him with you? What was the first bad experience like? When was it that you realized that he didn’t actually love you? What made you convinced that he didn’t actually care for you in the first place? I want to know because I want to see if your experience is anything like mine.

      What is your definition of AMAZING- I want to know what amazing was to you because I want to see if your amazing was anything like my amazing. How did he seem loving at times to you? What made him seem loving? What did he do? When you say you’ve danced with him did you actually dance with him? How ugly was his ugly side what do you mean by his being ugly? What made everything ugly what changed? What idea of life did you think he had? what do you mean by dumpster? Where did you end up at?

      I am so happy that you posted this because you can explain to me what you went through (if you want to) and that would be great I would love to know if we have a similar experience it would be great to know if you were like me and if Satan treated you like he treats me. I would be so happy if you answered my questions.

      Before I entered into any of this I was sure to understand the consequences- I made it very clear to myself. I was aware of hell I was aware of heaven I was aware of the Christian beliefs. i wasn’t afraid- I’m not afraid now. I was so unhappy with Christianity and Christians who really made me feel disgusted that I decided that I was not going to be afraid. I don’t know if what you said about him wanting me in the dumpster really is true.

      Also there are other questions about religion and such I would like to ask.. I don’t know how to ask them… I really don’t. Theres this website it called and it was what I started reading or used to read- I don’t do it much now. But they have the belief that Satan is actually the creator of humanity and that God is evil and they have this whole theory that is pretty intriguing but it’s really complex and I don’t really know where I’m going with this you will think that I am crazy. You would really have to read from the beginning to understand the theory. I’m trying to look for it but I can’t find it. this is what i believe (maybe it’s immature and in my next years of life I might change my mind) This led me to believe that maybe Christianity was wrong and maybe you are familiar with it already. How do you know that really didn’t happen- what makes you so sure? What if it was real what if all these centuries we have been wrong? How do you know? How do you know that your God didn’t do this.

      By the way who are they? The ones that are praying for me? “there are several of us praying for you.” Is devilblogger a Christian or a Satanist?

      • shalimamma Says:

        Hi Marina… thank you for replying!

        Well, I’ve heard of the Spanish Inquisition, but not the satanic one! Lol! 😉 Sorry… you are going to have to get used to my sense of humor…

        Speaking of humor… I’ve noticed that real humor seems to come from those who have real joy (from God)… satanists as well as people who subscribe to satan’s ideas or belong to cults (even so-called Christian ones) seem to lose their sense of humor. How often do you laugh? I mean, really laugh, deep from your heart? Just a thought 😉

        You’ve asked a lot of excellent questions… You seem to me to be young and hungering for love. I completely relate… My family raised me in what felt like a ‘strict religion.’ Interestingly, I loved Jesus and even my religion, but as I became an older teen, the real problems surfaced… the harshness of my father and the lack of love I felt from him. I find that most people that are attracted to cults (and even gangs) are lacking this key ingredient: feeling loved by the ones that matter most to them. And then after we have left ‘whatever religion’ we were in, we find some fancy way of disagreeing with doctrine as our reason for leaving God. When really? It comes down to something simple: Our daddy (or mommy) abused or neglected us in some way.

        So there I was hungering for love. I related much of my ‘story’ on my own blog ( in the “Relentless Pursuit” category), so I won’t go into all that here. But you asked what I meant by AMAZING… have you ever felt amazing? How can I describe it… leaving a home that felt oppressive, I was adored by others and enveloped in popularity and even wealth. And PLEASURE. Oh yeah, baby. The thing about pleasure and popularity and fame and fortune? You can never get enough. Satan knows that. So as you continue down the road of ‘warm, caring, wonderful feelings’, and it’s different for each of us because we get tempted by different things, we start to close in on ourselves. We start to need more… and more… and we start to become ugly in our pursuit for more… but we don’t realize it. I was given a ‘grace’ (gift) to realize how far down the ugly road I got. Maybe in a future post I could describe ugly… but really, I would implore you to stop reading if you really want answers. Maybe the Book of John is a bit much right now… well, at least go to my blog and check out my story!

        Satan treated me ‘nicely’ because that was the way to get me. The most horrible treatment I have received has been from fellow Christians. Doesn’t that intrigue you? Why would I want to be Christian when there are UGLY Christians? The answer is… I am not a Christian because of the people. I am a Christian because God has shown His love to me. If you really, really ask God (not satan) to show you His love, He will. He will come for you, He will rescue you. But satan doesn’t want you do do that.

        The thing is, would satan die for you? That’s the test of love… do you know anyone who would die for you? That’s what it came down to for me. It makes NO SENSE what Jesus did, that He loved me and died for me. It’s ridiculous. But that attracts the HECK out of me. That is the most passionate thing ever. Satan wouldn’t die for me. He only wants to use me for his own mission. He uses and discards.

        I will make one more point… and that is if you are really truly curious, look at the fruits of true Christianity and the fruits of satanism. This may be hard to see, since you think God orchestrates evil. True Christians (not everyone who claims to be Christian!) feed the poor, love the unlovable, forgive horrendous wrongs… none of these things make sense, but they cause peace and joy. I have never ever met a satanist who was concerned with serving others. Maybe you are different… but that is my experience. Do you desire to serve and LOVE others? Ultimately, what brought me out of the slavery of satan was my wish to serve others because I felt compassion that I couldn’t explain. I wanted to reach out to those who are suffering. Satanism didn’t offer that.

        I have this funny feeling that you are beautiful and have a deep heart… which is why you didn’t take the foolish atheist route. Satan IS making you feel good. But he won’t keep that up… and then you will find that your ‘freedom to choose’ him will be gone. The flame seems harmless at first, and incredibly attractive, like to a moth. But it draws you in further and further until you get burned. I beg you to step away from the fire for just a little bit… Do you have a choice still to read ONE line from the bible? If you are unable to pick up a bible, I would say you are not as free as you think you are 😉

        Love in the Real God,

        • mazsamem Says:

          Wonderful, Shalimamma…just wonderful! I wrote to you before that I kind of suspected you knew a bit more about the path Marina is walking…;) Guess us “bad girls” (or formerly bg’s) have a sixth sense about another. Anyway, I’m impressed, dear wise Shalimamma! 🙂

        • Dear Shalimamma,
          I can pick up a bible- I can read a bible. If I were to not know anything about Christianity that would make me ignorant to a whole side of a story- that would mean that I would not have the whole truth. I can’t say that your religion is bad if I don’t look at the things that you believe in. Which is why if I were a Christian I would not be afraid of reading the things in why would I be afraid? It has things in it that people believe to be true- people follow those words. What is wrong with reading them if you are a Christian? Would they somehow change your faith that is suppose to be set in stone and in-destructive to any flood? It would give you the viewpoints of other people and then you would be able to see why some people choose to believe in that and then you would see why it is not true and then when those people ask you questions you would have answers.

          I would also like to point out that sometimes Christians feed the poor and love the unlovable not because they want to but because they are afraid that if they don’t that their God will be angry with them- it is not true in your situation but it happens to other people. I do care for other people- deeply. I hope that someday peace comes to this world. Have you met many Satanist? How many have you met? When you were a Satanist did you care for no one other than yourself can you say that you cared for nothing? How does Christianity allow you to help others? Does helping others have to do anything with religion? I think that if I were to help the homeless and the broken I wouldn’t care about what religion I was in.

          There was this one time I did feel joy from your God. It was somewhere in the woods with this youth group- I really had to beg to your God to let me feel him and well I felt him a little. Afterwards I was happy and everything was clear and I cried a lot because I felt happy but then it just went away. And now these days I am happy and I do laugh- after I left Christianity I was very happy.

          In my life I do not seek fame or fortune or emptiness. I seek to find something more to this life than what I know. I want to find something beautiful in this life. Some meaning.

          Please tell me what you know of Satan (I will read from your blog if you already have the experience written there). What made you think that he would never die from you? Did you ever think that he loved you? And what was the turning point that made you realize that this God was not what you thought he was?

          You know the Christians I’ve met don’t have your sense of humor. If I were to somehow give them that website and tell them oh read this and tell me what you think they would probably burn me on a stake. Why would God allow people that are not like you, people that are UGLY, people that follow him and to hurt people that are not UGLY who have hearts and feeling- why would he not protect them. Why would he allow these people to be hurt and to run to the one who he hates?

  79. shalimamma Says:

    Marina, I forgot to mention… devilbloggger is quite a mystery, isn’t he or she? 😉

    • Yes quite mysterious… it almost sounds like he’s telling people to not follow Satan (maybe i could be wrong)

  80. shalimamma Says:

    Hi Marina… Here’s the thing. God doesn’t stop people from being ugly, or you from being a satan worshipper, because He gave you free will. How do you even know satan exists? It was the Bible and Jesus that mainly started naming him and casting him out of people. You are exercising your free will because God loves you and doesn’t force you to believe or love Him. It’s your choice, heaven or hell…

    You asked a question that is mysterious to many, including me… why does God allow evil in the world? Good question… and I think it mainly comes down to free will, but also (if you have faith) you will see that He always brings about a greater good from it. Still, it is painful living on this earth, and evil still has mystery to it, and I don’t pretend to understand it.

    I will ask YOU a question… why doesn’t SATAN stop the evil from happening in the world if he’s so great and powerful? Hmmmm… What’s HIS reason? Isn’t he caring and loving? 😉

    We could go on and on for years over this… but the truth is, your heart is convinced of something that only a greater force can change, just like my heart is. Reading joyofsatan is a waste of my time because I have already seen his deception and feel like reading that about as much as I feel like licking the toilet seat. No offense. But seriously. Look into history… those that believed in satan and worshipped him bore fruits such as rape, murder, oppression, … does the KKK come to mind? But still, no matter how much you look into facts and history and debates, if your heart and mind are taken over by him, you will be blind to it.

    That happiness you found in the forest? That was real. But satan is powerful and has a hold of you. I am sad and afraid for you. I do not believe you have joy… you may have happiness, but not true joy. I am sorry to say, but one day he will reveal himself to you, and you will sob like never before. I honestly don’t want to keep going back and forth, as I don’t want to hurt you further. Plus, we are talking about forces or spirits outside of human beings. I have never met anyone who came to any faith of anyone because of simply intellect. There is always an emotional aspect and a faith aspect.

    I could turn the question back to you… how do you know satan is real? How do you know he is good? But I think we are asking rhetorical questions… I don’t need to prove all my experiences to you to make my point, and it wouldn’t make too much of a difference anyway… the fact is, ALL of us have encountered satan at one time or another, and even every day. I know who he is because he always tries to disturb my peace. God gives me peace, even when things don’t always match up. I think this is a universal experience for most people.

    You never answered my question about which religion your parents were/are. That is key, as well as their treatment of you. If you don’t wish to share this, I respect that, but then I am missing a huge piece of this puzzle, and we will both end up with an empty conversation.

    You don’t need to share anything of course… but I think I have said about all I can at this point 😉

    I will pray for you, Marina… and I wish you the best 😉


    • Christian- Pentecostal. i didn’t realize you had asked- sorry.

      I like writing to you and I read some of your blog which I will continue doing later. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me and care. =]

      By the way- do you think that you grew with your experience with Satan?

  81. shalimamma Says:

    Hi Marina…

    I like writing to you, too 😉 … mainly because you remind me of me somehow. I think we may have suffered some of the same things in our hearts. Thank you for letting me know about the Christian/Pentacostal… that is interesting, as that doesn’t sound like a cult-type group. I am honored that you are reading my website! If you keep reading, you will discover a little of my past (when I flirted with satan, although I use a life of atheism to describe it, when really I was never an atheist, but at the time was more following satan… I should clarify that on my blog… thank you!) and also my run ins with cults withIN Christianity, believe it or not. My reactions to hurt started out as turning to satan and the world when I was younger, and then later in life, even last year, I almost lost my faith in God because of cruelty from Christians that I deeply loved. I felt no fear to leave, interestingly. If I really got to the bottom of my feelings at that time, I felt anger, even at God, for abandoning me like this. I didn’t feel God or anyone was forcing me into any church. Keep in mind, this is just last year when I have been well-formed in my faith and am an adult raising my 8 kids in Christianity! I was ready to walk, seriously, one Sunday, as I felt the whole thing was a big hypocricy.

    Key word: FELT. Feelings can be extremely deceptive, especially mine since I am hormonal and super emotional 😉 One minute I love being married with kids, the next minute I want to go sky diving and chill afterwards in a quite non-Christian way. I don’t do that last option, but it certainly crosses my mind. But the next morning after a particularly hard day? I am always glad I chose the objectively GOOD thing to do.

    Back to when I was ready to walk, recently… I made up my mind to go to our place of worship, grudgingly, out of love for my kids. I didn’t want to go at all. But I made the decision out of love… and there, I said NO prayers except “Lord, I don’t even know what to believe right now, but I’m here. So there.” Not much happened except a tiny little bit of joy growing in my heart… then the same thing happened the next Sunday. I said the same prayer, almost rolling my eyes while I said it, and I added ‘Why does this all seem like a big joke?’ But interestingly, I felt overwhelming peace… and then I felt His love again. It took me a little while to heal from my bad experience, but in the end, I was and am SO GLAD I didn’t walk away. The people who treated me cruelly (and it was much worse than what I indicate on my blog because I am protecting those people out of love, and with full knowledge that God will ‘take care’ of them)… but it was not GOD who was cruel to me. My belief is that satan was talking to me through some of those people, and in the end GOD rescued me from that dreadful group of people.

    Sometimes, we make the right decision objectively… Do we always FEEL like stopping at that red light? Do we always FEEL like brushing our teeth, or putting on our seat belt, or doing our job? No, but we step outside of ourselves out of love for others and even love for ourself. If we are only guided by feelings, we can end up jumping off a cliff at any moment. Sometimes we need to rely on objective truth to get through a day…

    I know all this, because my feelings are STRONG and I wouldn’t even be alive right now if I had listened to all of them 😉 So I had to search for a truth outside myself and my feelings…

    Anyway, thank YOU for having this conversation. I am truly impressed by your willingness to even talk about all this. You have much more maturity and intelligence than I did when I was younger, for sure!

    As far as satan, you know, I DID grow through my time with him. But not because of him, but because God brought good out of that situation. God used that time and experience to contrast love and lust to me… selfishness and selflessness… light and darkness…

    I am hoping you have a beautiful day today!

    😉 shalimamma

    • It is true- we cannot be guided by feelings. And it was an honor to speak to you and I like your website a lot and I do think we might have gone through similar experiences. I hope you had a beautiful day too.

  82. mazsamem Says:

    Hi to marina and shalimamma! Thank you, ladies, for wishing me well with the Social Security people. They were kind and helpful… or maybe…kinda helpful. Subtle but important difference. 😉 I think (trust, hope, pray) they REALLY got it right this time. I think I told you, marina, about my youngest son getting in trouble…that he was being kept in “shelter care” at his school for a week & a half now. Yesterday, I had a visitor with WONDERFUL news. My boy will be coming home really soon. Ahhh…I’m so relieved. It’s been stressful for sure! I’m impressed at the dialogue you’ve got going here, marina & shalimamma. And I read about Victory Ranch. Horses, chickens, sheep & goats…now I WANT a goat. But I live in the cityburbs with a yard big enough to walk a lizard on a leash…a very teeny tiny lizard. So we have an indoor cat. So no goats. Anyway, thank you both. 🙂 Your good wishes towards me yesterday sure helped. O marina, I loved what you said about being here at devilblogger…”different people with different views that way we could all just argue in harmony if we wanted to.” Argue in harmony is EXACTLY what we do here. 🙂 I really really like how you put that! 🙂 Gotta vac the carpet and start supper. I’ll be back. God’s Peace.

    • I’m hope everything turns out alright and that it was helpful. i never knew you could have shelter care in a school- I hope he leaves there soon. I’m glad you liked what I said and wait for you then.

      • mazsamem Says:

        Hi, marina. Yeah, we have probably one of the few places where a student goes to school. But if they then get in trouble, which he did, they can then get “locked up” at that same school. I visited him again yesterday…he’s changing. He NEEDED to change. He’s saying he will never go back to how he was. I can tell he’s sincere. So even though he hates being deprived of freedom, now he values what was taken from him. Good lesson, but hard. He’ll be home soon. I’ll write to you later as I’d promised…about some things I grew up with. I’m making SURE I have time this afternoon. I did write yesterday morning before I left to see my son, but my post disappeared. I’m blaming consult (salt) the blood…his inner beast. 😉 See you later, marina. May you enjoy a lovely day!

  83. consult (salt) the blood Says:

    mayhap someone needs to inject some deviltry into the procedings-all this nice, helpful banter is making my inner beast feel so… so …argh… goshdarn nihlistic!

    • Yes, you are right. I just hope that folks do not inadvertenly find the truth of the gospel here. It is here, but I’m doing my best to block eyes and ears to the truth. I don’t want anyone to know how to escape my captivity through faith in someone else. As long as they don’t hear that “someone” died for their sins and offers the free gift of eternal life, I’m fine. But I’ve seen too many inquiring minds go one inquiry too far and fall in love with “someone”, believe in their heart that “someone” was raised for the dead for their sins, and from that moment on my hold is broken. Fortunately I see most of them again along the road of life, but many I rarely see again.

      • shalimamma Says:

        Good point, ‘consult (salt) the blood’! I guess I didn’t realize how cordial and respectful all this has been, and that I have been one of the ‘hijackers’ on satan’s blog comments. I almost wanted to apologize to you, devilbloggger, for letting me hijack for so long… but then I realized I am not sorry in the least. I think you are rather enjoying some pesky Christians writing comments on your blog in hopes that you can ensnare us… Beware, my friends! Satan is more cunning than you think! 😉

        • blood consulted- salting ze blood capitan Says:

          dear shalimamma, i think you’re right about the patron saint of satans blog…i was able to divine his/her TRUE nature some time ago. sorry kiddies, satan is not on this blog (if he is, then he’s weakened and in pain.the only kind of pain he can feel-rejection!) GOOD NEWS! keep spreading the word of the christ. as soon as everyone in this world is enlightened the rapture will begin and life as we understand it will end. in the end my friends, will YOU be ready? 😦

  84. consult (salt) the blood Says:

    i can hardly contain him any longer. im going to release him. watch out world! he’s breathing down your neck right now, can you feel him? he’ll be with you very soon!

    • Really?

    • mazsamem Says:

      So, consult (salt) the blood…was it your inner beast yesterday AM? Was THAT what wiped out my response to marina? Arrgh.
      It was all ready to post…then G-O-N-E. O well, no matter. It was my story, from my heart, so I’ll just have to rewrite & repost it. So take THAT, inner beast!

      • sympathy for the huh? Says:

        no my dear mazsamem, i would not endeavor to harm you in anyway. you’ve shown me kindness and civility. be forewarned however;this one doesn’t “turn the other cheek”. no sir, this one bites!

        • mazsamem Says:

          Thank you, sympathy for the huh? As for not turning the other cheek, I trust that doesn’t mean BOTH sides get bitten…;)

  85. shalimamma Says:

    Patron saint? Do tell, Salt…er… I’ve lost track of your name 😉 Your name is curious to me! I would disagree about satan not being on this blog… he trolls everywhere… As far as the rapture? It sure would solve a lot of problems, huh? Thanks for joining in on this discussion!

    • mazsamem Says:

      I agree, shalimmama. I’ve always thought Satan is here, as well as God. Where one is…wouldn’t the other be? So blood consulted- salting ze blood capitan, I have to disagree with you for that very reason. (And might I call you “capitan” for short?) The fight for our souls goes on and on…

      • scapegoat Says:

        you know what really irks me? even if i did accept christ (i wont) god sent his only living son to die for our sins. we promptly totured and brutally murdered this so called savior for his trouble. where in the hell does anybody come off believing we are still worthy of redemption? just imagine the reception jesus would have from our “wonderful” goverment. nuke him! he’s kidnapping people! he’s a threat to our national security! okay, okay i’m going a little off the rails., but do you see my point? we deserve satan, and he deserves us. humanity has been nothing but a slap to the face of its creator-a failure. satan wants my soul, you say? he already has it thanks to the incredible stupidity (adam and eve) and wickedness (the romans who brutalized jesus) of my forebears i was born in captivity. is our current society any better than sodom and gommorah? is our leadership and military any less brutal than the romans were? my personal integrity allows me to answer these questions honestly. ask any true christian how they really feel about living in a society that legalized gay marriage and sanctioned their heart of hearts they know the truth even though self deception is so very powerful, they know the truth. jesus is never coming for us. the true hell that we are sentenced to is the one we made for ourselves,right here on earth. don’t trot out that old scapegoat, the “father of all lies” either-mankind needs no help being evil. we were given free will, and look at what we did with it. im getting properly pissed off as i write this. i hate myself, i hate my own species. theres no saving us

        • mazsamem Says:

          scapegoat, my friend~The problem with hate is that 99% of the people it’s directed at don’t know it, or if they do know, they don’t care. The one most hurt by hate is the hater. Wasn’t your blood boiling while writing this? It’s good to vent…we don’t want you to blow up. But other than (maybe, hopefully) making you feel better sometime later, did it do anything else for you? You’ve asked deep questions here. So why does “anybody come off believing we are still worthy of redemption?” You’re right, after the fall, humankind WAS no longer worthy of God’s love. Yeah, we really are a sorry load of scat. We’ve poisoned His creation, murdered his innocent babies, broken every commandment and rule trillions of times over. Still, we were created in His image. He thinks we’re so worthy that He gave us His only begotten Son. You won’t accept Christ, and that’s where our difference lies. I can’t sugar coat anything you’ve said. Why would I, when you spoke truth? But because I do accept that Christ is the promised Savior, I have hope. I know that sounds like a pat answer, all neat & tidy, with maybe a ribbon wrapped round it for good measure. For every brutal, horrific soul on this Earth, there are the souls we usually never hear about. The kind ones who selflessly DO good instead of destroying goodness. The ones who act on their beliefs instead of thinking “someone else will handle that”. Who am I to think that Christ died in vain? That would be a terrible waste, so why would He do it if there were no hope for us? Why would an almighty Creator make us IN HIS IMAGE if, in the end, we were all worthless wastes of His time? I think we spend too much time staring in the mirror, getting back only the reflection of our ugly side. You think there’s no saving us. I think God sent His Son, who did a perfect job of saving us. The problem lies within us…our spirits grow weak and neglected, so the problem of sin becomes insurmountable. We have to shake off the weariness, the ennui, and make our stand. There may not be a Mother Theresa for every Pol Pot. But I bet their are thousands and thousands of “little” Theresas (or Thomases) breaking the chains of sin in every nation on Earth. I refuse to believe Christ died in vain. And I continue to hope, laughable as that may seem. God’s peace be with you, and with us all.

        • scapegoat Says:

          i actually think love is the greedy, unquenchable one-hate exhausts itself and husks you out. love on the other hand, never stops its assault on your soul. your family, your friends, indeed everthing you hold dear can be destroyed in an instant, and your left with what? faith? to quote devilblogger “bleech”! dont worry about me blowing up either; im quite resolved in my place on earth. why, theres not a sadistic bone in my body! i wouldn’t hurt a fly! 1 exception: those soldiers and leaders that desecrated and crucified christ? give me a time machine and consider them “whacked”. as for christ? he’ll live out his natural life far away from that viper pit. his disciples? well, judas betrayed him, and peter abandoned him. im not sure what disgusts me more between the two. off with their heads, says i ! no mercy ! no prisoners ! no redemption.

    • today im "that guy" yes that guy Says:

      oh i go by many names. i change them frequently due to my fractured state. you must do something for me shalimamma, dont fret as its nothing extravagant. pat yourself on the back. seriously, do it! why, you ask? if satan is indeed here, he’s likely suffering as his kingdom is opposed by good,strong souls such as yours. why are you still reading? pat yourself on the back already! don’t be a sore winner goshdarnit! (yes im being wholesome and kind, beaver da cleaver in da house,ya dig?)

  86. La Quester Says:

    1’ve been checking this out for a couple days. 1 like what 1’ve been reading. how do 1 get an avatar? not the stamp thingy but a pic? thank u sats 🙂 1 like u getting a she devil here 2. sounds fun.

  87. Scapegoat, I really realllllly like you…. Mmmmmm… you have such a spirit of despair. I love how you don’t accept Christ’s forgiveness and believe there is no hope for humanity. In fact, you mentioned Judas (he is one of our favorites down here)… he didn’t accept Christ’s forgiveness either, and listened to my Master… and it led him right to the noose where we wanted him… Mmmmm… it makes me feel so good to think of that day! (Not 2 days later, but THAT day.) I hope you stay here and continue to spread this message of despair and hopelessness.

    A word of caution: please beware of mazsamem. I read her response to you (and have been following her around a bit) and she is saying a little too much truth. All this stuff about love and good people still in the world, and then even mentioning Mother Teresa?! Terrible! So what if she fed many poor etc etc… and impacted the world. We had no hold on her, so I don’t even want to think about her. 😦 Think about people like Hitler, Hussein, Herod… oh yeah, baby, these guys are OUR type. And forget about all the ‘good’ people that still have hope and joy in life. People that know they are detined for heaven. Down here, we revel in pain, loneliness, and despair, so we really like your message.

    Glad you have joined ussssssss…..

    • iam become YOUR 1 true scapegoat Says:

      so busy tonight! if you like scapegoat perhaps you’ll enjoy some of my other musings. i’ve counted 11 different handles i’ve used. if i’m not mistaken the most recent posting on the welcome message is mine, under scipture ignorant. that question particularly piques my interest. alas, no response from father. i’ve asked similar questions on ask satan, which have been responded to by maszamen, which i appreciated but, seeing as how dear maszamen is a christian,my curiosity is still quite unsated. almost forgot! silly me, nothing but cobwebbies in my head! if you like my message so much, hows bout’ a promotion, eh? also you mentioned hitler. don’t know much about king herrod or ole sadam, but i know a fair bit about the “goblins in gray uniforms” that were the nazis. heres a bit of delicous irony for you temptress: hitler and the nazis believed, TRULY believed they were doing gods work! imagine that! well, you know what they say about the road to hell, right?

    • iam become YOUR 1 true scapegoat Says:

      your arrival has been most pleasing to me.why, you ask? i’ve been waiting for an opportunity (always waiting,wondering,slithering) to share something particularly special, but i couldn’t find a proper instance to do so. shortly after i discovered satans blog i had a dream. a dream that touched my TRUE desires. it was late, after midnight. i was driving home from the midnight release of mass effect 3. whilst navigating i became distracted, reaching for something on the passenger side. this caused me to lose control and flip my car several times, mortally wounding me and causing irreversible brain damage. somehow i survived and for the rest of the dream i was “out of body”but aware. cut to the hospital and a doctor telling my mother there was no hope for yours truly. in the dream and in real life my mother is a nurse,so she decided to care for me at home. much time passed, years i think. then one day i woke up.and what did i find upon waking? only the most beautiful woman i had ever seen, with clearly defined demonic features sat upon my chest indian style. what a sight for starved eyes she was! she told me she was a”messenger”. she then told me i had demonic heritage, and that although my body would heal, it would take time. she then told me my sister, who died from complications while my mother was in labor, had the same gift, but was too young and weak to overcome her injuries. in that moment, i knew peace. i knew what i would do wity my other gift-from my other father. i’m speaking of life, of course. i’m a seeker of knowledge. i know there is precedent for what i speak, as several of the first fallen mated with humans,creating “mighty men”. i believe those bloodlines still exist, however diluted by time. this is why i chuckle when christian’s tell me “there is still power in the blood”. indeed there is! beautiful power! and my my dearest temptress, that is the only power that whets my appetite!

      • Mmmmmm… scapegoat… I am glad you are sharing this experience with the other readers. Dreams are a nice tool that I (and my Master) like to use to tempt… Most of them are lower-level types, like doing whatever thou willest with whomever thou willest… hm hm hm hm hm… but you are in the upper ranks. You have been invited to let your human blood as opposed to Jesus’ blood (which is infinitely more powerful than your bloodline) determine your destiny. I like that.

        However, something about your dream troubles me… are you sure she was a demon? Or could she have been one of those angels that works for God? They interfere with dreams, too…

        Yours truly,

        PS Are you a real ‘mighty man’? Whoa there… Do tell…

        • tragedy Says:

          she was a demon. perhaps you are troubled because you don’t like competition? i notice that you are bowing to christ, still fearing (secretly missing?) him. the roadblock i often smash into concerning the “christ” is mankind’s knowledge of him, which, conveniently enough, is the only source of info on him. you think i follow my own will, exclusively ? the thrill of the hunt excites me, but i don’t hunt cos’ i’m hungry, i hunt cos’ i’m bored. perhaps your christ will see fit to use some of that legendary love/compassion, and personally visit yours truly? something tells me he won’t make a house call…

      • My dear schizophrenic scapegoat… I like you. I really do. You are right, I don’t like competition. Ever. Demons are eternally jealous of each other, even our Master (shhhh, don’t tell), as evil is never content until it has conquered all (even though we can never conquer ALL) and we don’t rest with a small amount of evil, but slowly inspire more and more until sheeple go where they never thought they would.

        Bowing down to Christ? Hm hm hm hm… me thinks you are craving my true nature, full of blashpemies and hate. However, we demons do not unusally give our true opinions about Christ or good or God because that is an instant turn off to those we might seduce. Sheeple recognize blanant evil (usually) or write it off as silly or insane. We are much more cunning than that… I am gentle and sly, and you are welcome to hunt all you wish out of boredom… however, you are the one being hunted, by both myself, my Master, and the Christ (as you call Him). And we are not bored.

        I also can see that you yourself are cunning, and I am not sure you are a true follower of evil. If you did have an encounter with a true beautiful demon, I will tell you something… you do not have demonic heritage. There are angels, fallen angels, and humans. You are a human, whatever your blood type. It is possible that a demon is speaking (typing) through you… but I highly doubt it, as you wouldn’t be tossing around the word “christ” 😉 If she wasn’t an angel, then she is one of us and she wants you to sell your soul… like I said, we APPEAR as beauty…

        And as far as ‘missing Christ’? Why should I confess my true feelings to a mere mortal? As far as fear of him? Of course I fear him. He is more powerful. But shhhhhhhhh… I have revealed a bit too much truth in this posting and my talons are aching from all this typing.

        I hope He doesn’t visit you, because you will then be outside my grasp. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about me ‘praying’ for you. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! (to quote my Master)

        • mazsamem Says:

          Behold, Temptress, He stands at the door and knocks. Sounds like a house call to me…or SOME type of visit…if the dweller listens and answers.

        • tragedy Says:

          do not sell your self short; it is distastful and un-becoming for a queen. we are in league , you and i. mortal i may be, victim i may be. if you think you are anything other than a victim yourself, then you are using a very powerful human coping mechanism: self deception. like a zebra being stalked by a lion, part of you wants to be taken down. the zebra doesn’t know this of course. its merely following its instincts. “evil”, as you call it, is the apex predator here on earth. you say you serve, i say you are made to serve. sure satan would strike me dead and drag me to hell to spend eternity with him, in torment. he thinks this is his will. it is not. satan never had his own will, satan had only what was given to him; gods will. until it was taken from him, of course. as i’ve previously stated, there is a force in direct opposition to god, with power to rival god’s, and as infinite as god. this force is so powerful that it was able to corrupt the most glorious angel, lucifer the light bearer (micheal may have a claim as well) and 2/3 of the angel’s in god’s court. this force will never fear god, or christ. corrupting humans is but a triviality, that is why your kind is tasked with it. slave labor for slaves. i want, truly want to see you restored, to see what was taken given back. this doesn’t mean i’m about to start hurling gospel at you. ha! imagine that! this “gospel” is poison , crafted by mankind to exert control over “sheeple”, as you refer to them (been watching southpark? i’m a venture brothers man). as far as you playing coy about confessing whether or not you miss light and love? whats to confess? you answered my question!

  88. mazsamem Says:

    scapegoat… 1 true scapegoat~are you one and the same AND the one who spoke of being fractured? It/they surely sounded like you… Forgive my confusion. There’s been an awful lot going on lately. What a creative dream you spoke of. Was what you wrote about your mother and baby sister real, or part of your dream? If that really happened, I’m sorry you and your mom lost her. She would have really loved her big brother! And do I understand you correctly…you believe you’re descended from the Human-Nephilim matings, the “men of renown” spoken of in Genesis? O, I have GOT to rewrite Marina! I’ve stalled due to things beyond mytrol (as in most everthing is beyond my control). Anyway, I wrote Marina a longish story (true) of my mother’s beliefs, but as I went to hit Post, my eletter popped off the screen. Strange, but true, the unusual beliefs my mom held & how that affected me. No boo hoos, just the way it was. You might be interested in it as well, scapegoat. As for your demoness dream, what the mind weaves as we slumber! Now, I’ve got to sleep. Not doing much of that lately…so my mind owes me a real epic! 😉 Maybe it will pay me now.

    • iam become YOUR 1 true scapegoat Says:

      no embellishments there, no ma’m. my mother was a nurse(retired) and i did have a sister who died.not meaning to sound cold but i was only 2-i didn’t even know what was happening. i do wonder how having siblings would alter things. when you are an only child, you must keep yourself company. not that i’m boo-hooing! if there was any truth to that dream, i have LOTS of siblings. guess i better get used to sharing. and getting picked on. if only i could make that dream a reality…

  89. Javon Johnston Says:

    This is a nice blog. How much does it cost to run it? And is it fake?!

    • It is not fake. And the only cost is in souls I neglect to torment while I’m tending to this blog. That’s one reason I (reluctantly) invited Temptress to help out. It leaves me more time to run amok in the the world.

  90. Javon Johnston Says:

    Hey, Satan, how active are you?

    • Hi, my dear Javon…

      Oh, he’s active, alright… but far be it from me to explain all the details.

      But I will explain one. The com box for this posting has gotten so long that I am wondering if my Master has time to scroll all the way down, what with all the soul devouring he’s doing. And considering we are in hell, our laptops have even less of a chance of cooling off in time to get to the bottom of this darn, or should I say, damned post 😉

      • On that note, perhaps it would be appropriate if we all had “Apples” down here. Maybe they don’t freeze up every time this page loads 😉

      • Yes, my Temptress. I’m wondering if we should put someone on a detail to make this discussion a separate page. Maybe a public bulletin board? If only we had a good IT person down here! We have plenty of attorneys and politicians. But very few IT people (except for the ones that used to man the help lines, but they don’t know anything and they are hard to understand).

  91. mazsamem Says:

    Satan~didn’t think I’d be seeking your help these days. But I must ask, where in the world is MARINA? I understand me losing touch with her, but you??? Maybe she’s veered away from your grasp? If so, let me quote you: “ha ha ha ha ha”. Will you help by putting the word out? Even though we aren’t the best of friends anymore… 🙂

    • I’m still here =]. We still need to discuss the joyofsatan theory and still need to tell me about your experience with that website.

      • tragedy Says:

        the joy of satan theory is just a simple role reversal, right? god=bad, satan= good. the fact that you’ve likley been bullied into a belief such as this one, by your own church(!) no less is the real crux of the matter. i try not to let popular beliefs or other people influence my relationship with the to the matter of satan being good? yes, actually he was, when he was lucifer! i believe that like so many people who fall prey to satan everyday, satan himself was a victim. god did not place evil in satans heart, nor did satan create evil. i submit to you, marina, that there is an ultimate violator, beyond satans knowledge, and with power to rival god’s.this, dear friends, is mankind’s, and indeed god’s true has always been here, in direct opposition to god. christians like to pick on ‘ole scapegoat/big red, but the truth is much worse.satan is merely a puppet! but who is pulling the strings? call this force what you will-but it is anhiliation, total ruination! the “saved” believe their place in god’s kingdom is secure, just as people on earth go to bed everynight, safe in the knowledge that the sun will rise again tomorrow. no! nothing is safe! so long as we remain divided everything is up for grabs. satan has the wool pulled so far over his eyes, he will never see the truth. but god will show him, and forgive him! if god created everything in existence, where did evil spew forth from? please don’t attempt a “copout” or what i refer to as a “the dog ate my homework answer” by quoting the book of lies (SOME truths, MORE lies) or defer to your god , who simply won’t answer. but i’ll try MY hand at an answer! evil already existed. thers is no “god works in mysterious ways” answer to your “why do bad things happen to good people” question. satan, and humanity’s sorry state are merely casualties of war between this eternal force and the engineer of everything that WE understand.

        • mazsamem Says:

          I’m aware of your theory. Alas, WHERE is a theologian when you need one?! 😦 This mystery is beyond, W-A-Y beyond, my quite limited grasp. Yet it’s one that was probably discussed by the early church fathers. I just have no idea what the name of your theory is. Goggle this:
          Your search did not match any documents.
          •Try different keywords.

          Sooo…does anyone know what keyword we’re looking for here?

      • Whew! I thought I lost you for good!

        • tragedy Says:

          you mean to say that i seemed close to redemtpion, then blew it, right? don’t play coy

        • Um- I don’t know Mazsamem there’s so many theories. In every website there’s a different story. In every book of religion there are different things- there are so many theories I don’t know which one’s the right one.
          try this (i have no idea but it seems helpful- a little)

          You go on a witchcraft site and it tells you that the law of three (i think) is true which means (you probably already know) that if you try to do something bad to someone that it will come three times back to you and the Satanic Bible by LaVey says that it’s not true -the rule of three- it says that we are free(I think). Then you go on something else and it doesn’t even talk about that- it talks about herbs and it says that herbs are what make things happen. I think that it’s like this with everything. If something is true then it has to be true everywhere that truth can’t change. Everybody has different opinions and I wonder where the truth is. I don’t know if I make any sense.

          And all the theories sound true. I’m sorry this has nothing to do with your question- what I’m saying but I just have to say that I’m very confused. In this website the Christian God is good (from what I have read) and Satan doesn’t love us but then you go into another website and it tells us that Satan cares deeply for us and that we are his children( in this website that belief would get a big “hahaha”). Then Tragedy-(hello =]) is saying a whole different theory which also makes sense. This all makes me go … I don’t know. No one can prove anything really. In Christianity the same exact thing is happening- some people are being taught that God is a big scary beast that damns you and others are being taught that God loves us and that we are not damned and some are being taught that wearing earings and shaving your legs will send you to hell.

          I believe in this theory- I may not believe in it in the future but it makes sense to me now. I don’t know how to answer your question I wish I did.

          It’s really nice to write to you again.

      • mazsamem Says:

        Marina~sigh of relief! I’m happy to realize you’ve been waiting in the shadows. I owe you a DEEP apology for not making more of an effort to reply. I have excuses-my son being in trouble, my income being terribly messed up, yada yada yada. “Excuses” or no…I promised that discussion, and haven’t come through yet. Mea culpa. I mentioned once that due to an illness awhile back, I needed you to be patient with me…some days my brain just isn’t awake when my body is. That’s simplifying things, but that’s kinda how it feels. (No, not as bad as “The Walking Dead” but a leee-tle bit similar.) 😉 I will get my part of our discussion on the chopping block, prep the ingredients, and start cooking. 🙂 I should warn you, it’s being cooked in a crock pot…so it’ll be slow. That’s how I roll these days. 😦 I don’t want to break my promise to you (AGAIN!!!) so let’s say we dine this weekend? And thank you so much for not chewing me out for my poor behavior…I mean that. It will be good to talk again. Peace.

      • Hi Marina… I am so glad you are still here!

        I myself have read the joyofsatan blog… What a delightful website! It is quite bold, saying so boldly that Satan does exist. Most sheeple are misled by not even believing in Satan… what foolishness! And yes, he is powerful!

        I am concerned about the website, however, as it seems to have been written by lower-level satanists and inspired by lower-level demons. I noticed that they always use the word “Nazarene” instead of the Nazarene’s true name, and that is because their power is weak and they are unable to say the name “Jesus” outloud or in writing. Because I am a more advanced demon, in the upper ranks with Satan himself, I am not afraid to say the name Jesus, all day long, if I need to. What is there to be afraid of? Try it, even 10 times slowly, and that will be a good test to see if you are one of the higher ranking Satan worshippers.

        I also wanted to ask if you found on the site where people found out about Satan, and in which writing his existence was revealed… that could be helpful to me to let other potential followers know!

        I hope you are well, my dear Marina, and that you are experiencing joy.


        • Thank you =] I am experiencing joy and I hope that you are experiencing joy as well. Joyofsatan is a very delightful website I feel like it has really nice energy (if that makes any sense). I always thought that they used the words “nazarene” and “xians” instead of “Christians” because they hated the names so much but I see now that I was probably wrong.

          I said Jesus out loud ten times and I could do it- I always thought that I didn’t like saying the name because I hated Jesus so much that the name repulsed me but I see that there could be other reasons.

          As for your question “on the site where people found out about Satan.” That would be here (if this is what you mean)

          more on the existence

          I don’t know about writings in which his existence was revealed there are sermons that have that but I don’t know which ones. That’s what they believe (i think) (I don’t know if you would agree with that theory). They believe that there were extra-terrestrials who came to earth and they needed slaves so they made humans and then when they were done Satan cared about them.

          Also- it’s nice to talk to you because you sound pretty amazing. There’s laptops in hell- that’s pretty awesome. Since you’re a demon can you tell me what hell looks like? Is it really really hot like they say? How big is it? Is it pretty? I read somewhere that hell was a place that was blue (I-don’t-know). Take care =].

  92. mazsamem Says:

    Dear scapegoat~I’ve been pondering some things you wrote on May 26. You said “even if i did accept christ (i wont) god sent his only living son to die for our sins. we promptly tortured and brutally murdered this so called savior for his trouble.” Later that day, you also said you “wouldn’t hurt a fly! 1 exception: those soldiers and leaders that desecrated and crucified christ? give me a time machine and consider them “whacked…his disciples? well, judas betrayed him, and peter abandoned him. im not sure what disgusts me more between the two. off with their heads, says i ! no mercy ! no prisoners ! no redemption.” Your words, again/always intrigue me. I’ve been wondering why? Why are you protesting the treatment of Christ by His disciples? If you won’t accept Him, why defend Him? And you do defend Him…strongly! Are you just stirring the cauldron 😉 to see what’s settled to the bottom? No…I really think you’d have attempted such a valiant act. I just don’t understand the “why” of it. Care to enlighten me? I’m ever curious…in more ways than one…bwahaha. 🙂

  93. tragedy Says:

    because, quite simply put, he was wronged. i may not be christian, but i can’t stand for that level of human ignorance. allow me to modify my stance on his disciples: judas. (sighs deeply) what can this one say that hasn’t been said? the epitome of human weakness-he realised what he had done all to late, and wanted to set it right. as we both know, it was entirely too late. judas perhaps wasn’t alone in his decision. interpret that any way you wish. but peter! (now there’s nothing to be heard but growls laced with venom) he KNEW! he knew who and what jesus was (IF you believe the story). TREACHERY! if i was peter, knowing what he knew, i’d say “yes ! i know him, the living god! if you wish to defile him, you will go through my mortal vessel to do so! i will not reject him, as i truly know him!” cowardice-the simple fear of ones own death. its not that he was cowardly that i take issue with, its the fact that the bastard knew the truth, and still denied. my thoughts about god and spirituality are evolving; i’m becoming quite passionate in these pursuits. however my beliefs will not be popular with christans, or any other faith. i will be directed to the book that has filthy human fingerprints smeared on it, and reeks of lies. i will be mocked. this one can live with mockery, as he’s dealt more than his fair share! if you’re still curious, then i direct you to 2 comments i (foolishly) left on the welcome message forum. while they may not be original, they are original to my mind; i just seemed to pull them from nowhere

    • mazsamem Says:

      Thank you. Now I understand. Yeah, Judas blew it. And Simon Peter blew it. Both Judas’ betrayal AND Peter’s denials were human weaknesses. I’ve been guilty of both. At a younger age, I was trying on the cloak of holiness. I failed miserably. Then I became a really horrid sinner. Worse than I’d ever imagined I could be. Talk about betrayal? I was Judas x 10! There were times when I wobbled (as opposed to standing) for what I believed in. But my faith wasn’t fully formed, wasn’t deep or actually part of me, if that makes sense. So I made (still do) a lot of stupidly human, but nevertheless horrible mistakes. Like Peter, I backed down. Sort of saying: well…now that you mention it, I don’t really know the man. Not THAT well. Err…no, not at all! (Guess it all depended on the situation.) Jesus knew Peter would deny Him. Peter even denied his coming denials. For every one (3) of Peter’s denials, Christ asked him, “Simon, do you love Me more than the others do?” And Peter answered: “Of course I do!” At each profession of faith, Peter was given a mission. “Feed my lambs. Feed my sheep. Feed my sheep.” He was being told to tend to the flock. As you read that filthy-with-human-fingerprints book, you’ll notice that it wasn’t till AFTER Christ’s resurrection that the apostles and disciples really & finally understood that Jesus was exactly who He said He was. Their faith became fully real when His reality became REAL to them. If I’m hard to understand, it’s because I’m becoming a “revert”. As in reverting to what I once thought I knew, but now I’m sure I didn’t. It’s like I’m back to the start of the journey. And how’s THAT for confusiing? 😉

      • tragedy Says:

        ever read the dark tower series? roland is doomed to continually repeat his past, simply because he keeps getting it wrong. like i always say, iteration,iteration,iteration. we must strive, seek and evolve.

      • tragedy Says:

        i could care less that they weren’t fully aware of the depth of their betrayals of christ. couldn’t simon peter just defend someone he followed, called a friend, and claimed to love? i feel that judas perhaps never had true faith in christ; he was secretly sceptical. but i don’t believe peter was clueless or a sceptic. no, just a coward.

        • mazsamem Says:

          Cowardly, yes. Peter was definitely shaking in his sandals. Yet like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz, Peter rather quickly found his “roar”. After he “wept bitterly” for denying Christ, and after Pentecost, Peter changed. From a spineless man terrified of what the powers that be might do to him for even being associated with Christ, Peter manned up. (Acts, Chapter 1) I think you WOULD have defended the Christ if you’d known Him back in the day. You are a persuasive and strongly spoken chap, my friend. Strong words, strong opinions…I do get caught up in our debates. I enjoy talking with you, even when you tick me off. Who knows…maybe one day I’ll even win. 😉 Hope springs eternal? Actually, I’m not here for “points”. Rather, for honest & open exchange. We’re pretty good at THAT, at least.

  94. mazsamem Says:

    Marina, hello! 🙂 Hope things are good with you. Right now, I’m so tired I’m seeing double. ::) haha But I promised to get in touch with you this weekend. Just please forgive any typos. As I told you before, I’ve been aware of the 2nd two sites you mentioned in your various posts, but the first one listed was new to me. (Can’t get your link to work now 😦 so put in their main link below)

    I’ve been at the joyofsatan site before, but read it much deeper this time. To me, these sites teach things I learned from my own mother. Also, my niece who died last year was a witch. I have an Atheist cousin and an Agnostic niece. (But I have great hope for her because she actually follows Christ’s examples better than many Christians. She isn’t sure if there is a God. She’s such a good person…I just pray she accepts the truth of God’s existence. I love here very very much! (If you ever decide to pray to the Christian God, marina, would you do me just one favor? Pray for Maggie, that she accepts God.) My ex-brother-in-law was raised Lutheran, then he became an Atheist…until he lay dying. His son asked me to call a priest so his dad could talk about things. Sadly, he died during the night before the priest got my message. I thought of him when you wrote “About eternity… I hope that reincarnation is real that would be great… (I’m not making a joke it would be nice if it was like that). but about eternity I do believe that we do have souls and that the souls that we have don’t vanish once we die.” You’re smart for believing in our eternal souls, marina. Even on his deathbed, Anton LaVey said something like “Oh no, ohh no…everything I believed is wrong!” From age 7 to about 17, I was fascinated with witchcraft…the dark side of it. I didn’t go real far into it, but a friend & I wanted to. Later I also had a friend from work whose mother-in-law was a witch. And my friend kind of leaned that way & taught me some more beliefs. So I guess you can call all of this my street creds. 😉 I understand your curiosity about these things. You had also asked me as regards the beliefs contained in those sites , “Do you think there is any sense in it or that a person has to be senseless to believe it?” Well, I have to go back to my mother. Her early years were messed up. She was raised as her younger sister’s twin. To this day, we’re not sure but we think her mother was actually her aunt & was too young to raise her. Mom had been an Orthodox Christian. She became Catholic when my dad & she married. When my brother and I were very young, my mom was diagnosed bi-polar, but refused to believe it and wouldn’t take medication. Back then (and still sometimes) doctors wanted shock treatments for that mental illness. I do NOT blame her for refusing that! She worked very hard for church bake sales. She made clothing. (And dolls when she was older.) Very creative and very intelligent woman. But when I was real young, she began drinking and sometimes used a form of opium. My mom left home on my fifth birthday, and my little brother was three and a half. I blocked most early childhood memories out. I was terrified my dad would die…even though I had 2 brothers and a sister who were just trying to start their own lives. I heard from Mom once in a long while. I saw her again at age 15. It was like meeting a stranger. The only emotion I felt was “weird”…if you can say that’s even an emotion. 😉 OK. That’s part of my background story. It leads up to how I’m aware of all the sites you asked me to look at. See, at some point after leaving, my mom became an Atheist. But her beliefs were actually those held by Satanists. She HATED Christians (especially Catholics) and Jews. She said the same things about them as on the Satanist pages. Part was her illness, but part was her beliefs…she was filled with anger and hate. Later on, she came back to our town. By then, she was a believer again. Only she believed in “Galactican entities”. Just like what’s on the Satanist pages. I think Piltdown Superman here made a connection between many Atheists actually holding Satanist beliefs. That for sure was my mother’s way. A couple times you mentioned you might change your beliefs. Maybe like learning as you grow? As for your question about these beliefs making sense or being senseless, I’d like you to do for me what I did for you. (I checked out your links, quite deeply.) So please check out these ideas:

    (I got to this site from the abovetopsecret link you provided. This has fascinating ideas about aliens. Many Satanists believe humans were created by the gods and Lucifer improved our DNA. Many other Satanists still attribute this improvement to Lucifer, but say he’s part of the alien theory. They believe aliens are here to help humankind. Tell me how you perceive aliens after you read this, OK?) (I’m not implying that YOU believe this way, but many Satanist pages show very deep hatred of the Jews. Why? If Satan is so good & loving…why? Tell me what you think after you watch this, OK?)

    I actually learned a LOT by reading the sites you asked me to! So thank you 🙂 …and I hope you find my links interesting too. And helpful in your search for truth. They say “the truth will set you free”. So may you always seek (and find!) truth. Have a beautiful day marina! Peace and true joy. Hope we talk again soon.

    • I have seen your video and well the neo satanist guy- he didn’t seem really deep in what he believed in. I don’t know he had all these satanic symbols but in the end he wasn’t able to stand up for what he believed in. I was confused with this guy. Um it didn’t really say anything about aliens- i watched it a couple of days ago so maybe I don’t remember. It did talk about abortion and the Holocaust.

      But it did say that Hitler believed that God was evil.

      I do believe that the Holocaust happened and I get scared when people deny it because I don’t think something like that can be denied since so many people lost loved ones.

      I think there as to be a reason for people to believe that Hitler was good I don’t think it comes out of nowhere (or maybe it does).

      After I saw the video i thought abortion was bad..

      I will write more in another comment.

      • mazsamem Says:

        Marina~I think the reasons Hitler got people to believe he was good can best be explained using his own words.

        “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
        “It is not truth that matters, but victory.
        “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
        “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make people see heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”
        “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
        “Great liars are also great magicians.”

        Hitler, directly or indirectly, caused the violent deaths of thirty-five million people during World War II.

        • Careful, mazsamen! You are revealing MY secrets!

    • lost boy Says:

      mazsamen- i watched aprox. 4:22 of the “180” video link you posted. that was all the slack-jawed stupidity that this one could stand. if you choose to believe that the makers of the video didn’t pay participants to say those things (this one does- just what are they teaching in history classes these days? how could anyone be unaware of the holocaust?) then maybe my distaste for my own species is quite validated. i see slack-jawed stupidity like that every day, and i wonder how it can be fixed. temptress pegged me as a spirit of despair. this is incorrect. i’m generally a “happy go lucky” fellow. some would say i’m detached; cold-hearted, and anti-social. i suppose they are right. but when i see human filth like mr. neo-nazi in the aforementioned video, my “spirit” becomes one of justice, and vengeance. justice in the sense that i would love the opportunity to show mr . neo-nazi the truth. vengeance in the sense that i want to end his life, take from him what he does not appreciate.evil begets evil, huh? not when its deserved.

      • mazsamem Says:

        lost boy~Seems you ARE a bit lost, regarding some of today’s youth. 🙂 Surprisingly,no, many of them have NEVER heard of Hitler or the Holocaust. Who’s to blame? I don’t know. What I do know is that I had to teach my sons about it. They were never taught it in History, nor in any other class. And I don’t think the views of the youth in “180” was feigned. They were never taught, never told. I don’t believe they were paid to look stupid. Adios, scape. 😉

        • lost boy Says:

          is that screen icon yours? she’s very beautiful. maybe i have some humanity left after all? sure, i look the part, and i’m as mortal as the next guy but… i’am empty.until i see something beautiful , or something that makes me feel sickened like mr. neo-nazi, i’am a golemn. oh well! life marches on! maybe god or satan will see fit to give us something… special this year. something undeniable. unless they are both cowards, of course.

  95. I think I have a lot of maturing to do before I’m able to answer any of your questions. Also I could not get into any of your links either. I’m happy that you are learning.

    What this says contradicts my position which is that Satan was an alien but I’ll put it either way because I thought it was really funny- I’m sorry if you find it insulting.


    •God takes away Adam and Eve’s eternal life, thus commiting the first murder, and holds their descendants responsible and visiting Adam and Eve’s punishment down on their children. In today’s moral standards, the sins of the father die with the father.
    •God destroys all life on Earth in a great flood, except for a drunk (Noah) and his family, for failing to worship him.
    •God’s tenth plague upon the Israelites was the unjustified murder of all firstborn sons in Egypt, which undoubtedly included little children.
    •Before sending the plagues to Egypt, God “hardened Pharaoh’s heart” so that he wouldn’t let the Israelites go, so he could have an excuse to visit horrible plagues upon them, like boils, killing cattle and murdering all firstborn sons. (Exodus 4:21)
    •God orders the Levites to kill their “every man and his neighnor” for worshipping another god. This cost 3000 lives. (Exodus 32:27)
    •God sends a plague to the Israelites, apparently feeling that mass-butchery wasn’t enough of a punishment. (Exodus 32:35)
    •God kills Onan for refusing to impregnate his late brother’s (whom God also slew) wife and instead “spilling his seed on the ground.” (Genesis 38:8-10)
    •God kills the entire populations of Soddom and Gammorah (again, including women, children and infants) for practicing certain sexual techniques.
    •God gives all Philistines hemorrhoids in their pubic areas. (1 Samuel 5:9)
    •God kills over 50,000 people for looking at an ark. (1 Samuel 6:19)
    •God kills 70,000 people because King David decided to have a census. (1 Chronicles 21:7-14)
    •God approves of slavery, and instructs owners to beat their slaves. (Proverbs 29:19)
    •And, finally, God makes sure that if you are guilty of even the smallest transgression, you shall suffer endlessly for all eternity, following a dramatic homecoming for Jesus, who will be extremely pissed off at everyone for putting him to death, even though it was just the Romans and even though he knew what was going to happen beforehand, and he could have easily avoided it by using his power as God to perform a miracle and prove who he was. (See the entire book of Revelation)


    •Satan, like Prometheus, gave knowledge to humanity by giving Eve the fruit from the forbidden tree. Because of Satan, humanity gained knowledge of good and evil, according to Genesis. Since we couldn’t have possessed knowledge of good and evil before eating the fruit, Adam and Eve couldn’t have known that eating the fruit was evil, so it seems a little harsh to punish them as severely as God did. Satan gave humans true capacity for moral judgment, unlike God, who simply expected everyone to mindlessly obey his orders.
    •There is no biblical record of Satan engaging in the murder of torture of any human being, unlike God, who is guilty (and proudly guilty) of commiting genocide.
    •There is no biblical record of Satan ever ordering someone to kill someone else, unlike God, who has repeatedly demanded the deaths of those who commit even the smallest of offenses.
    •Satan will not be holding a massively dramatic ceremony full of blood and death for the return of his son to Earth. God apparently will.

    Their is not much known about Satan and his side of the story. Why was God trying to keep knowledge from us? The knowledge of good and evil? With out it we have no choices. No opposites just one path. Maybe God is the deceiver and Satan was trying to expose him. Kind of like how we are trying to expose the powers that be and they are calling us terrorist.

    33million deaths attributed to God.

    How would you answer back to that? It’s from the link that you couldn’t open.

    I really have to think to about your video and I have to do a lot of thinking because theres so much to take in and analyze.

    • bastard son of adam Says:

      i’ve often wondered about the cruelty of the old testament god. i’ve asked a coworker of mine, who is a devout christian (real lamb of god, that one) why god was so cruel. he tells me god established a new covenant after christ died. this does not answer my question, however, about god’s cruelty, which is clearly documented in that book that christians love to run and hide in. they can never deny something that was written in that book! not if they are true christians, at least. i test his patience with some of my questions, you see. sometimes, when i ask a particularly crafty question, i can see a look on his face-doubt. its like inside of him something is about to break. not that i torment him! he’s eager to spead the word of the christ, i merely indulge him! whoops! got off track! mea culpa, mea culpa. how could god, supposedly knowing everything, allow lucifer to become satan and tempt eve? how could he sit idly by and let his creation be corrupted if he knew? ” god wanted humans to have freewill. he doesn’t want robots”- ever time i hear that, it fills me with disgust. what happens when you tell a young child or teenager not to do something? the very instant you turn your back, it’s over. they done went and did it. god, being all-knowing and all-caring should have protected his ignorant children. unless he DIDN’T know, of course…

      • mazsamem7 Says:

        Yeah, it’s me. Similar but different. Ahem…anyway. So, HOW can I answer marina AND you? I’m actually quite new to studying the Bible. I see what you see. But maybe we LOOK at it differently. I don’t come from a background that interprets every word in the Bible as L-I-T-E-R-A-L. There are proverbs, poetry, horror stories, name it…and I’m sure someone can whip out a “chapter and verse” applying to whatever questions we come upon. Did the ancient Jews “see” God as the one doing all the bad things? Was it the way they explained things? aka: “God IS all powerful, so I’ll have to assign EVERYTHING BAD THAT EVER HAPPENED as coming FROM Him, His FAULT. Even if years from now, someone’s going to ascribe all this evil to the One I’m trying to describe, the One who I love.” I hope you both get what I mean. The Old Covenant was fulfilled…or perhaps I should say overshadowed by the New. Come on, think in “cultural” terms. “Remember that there was no separation of church and state in those days–religious law was also the law of the land. In the case of crimes or deliberate acts, the law dealt directly with the offender, imposing real punishments and trying to prevent recurrences.” Quoted from link:
        The LAW dealt with the bad guys, and they looked at God as the law-giver. Therefore–in their CULTURE and in THEIR time, it seems they believed He was the reason for all the bad stuff. (And sorry if I’m wrong on this. I just don’y agree with a 100% literal interpretation.) But when Jesus called Father “Abba, Father”, which is Aramaic for trusting so completely (like you trust your daddy)…it kinda blows the OT vengeful-out-for-blood-God out of the water. So, if my explanation fails, I leave it to others, much wiser, to offer their explanations. Have at it, folks. 🙂

        • step into adventure with a t. venture Says:

          name-changing/altering? copping my style, eh? all kidding aside, i hope my admiring of your screen icon didn’t upset you. the old one showed a beautiful woman, as does the new one. when you’re pretty, you’re pretty. just calls ’em like i sees ’em.
          as far as some of what you wrote, about the ancient jews ascribing bad events to god (no shortage of people who think that now), clearly, if god had the power to prevent evil, i think he would’ve. this only fuels my belief in a power outside of god (i call him the engineer, god i mean, not this mysterious force). a power that destroys or corrupts or attempt’s to at least everything he’s ever made. this power/force is NOT satan, satan also was a victim. that’s not to say he’s not still a threat, he still is very dangerous to us, but god could destroy him if he wished. i believe god will absolve satan, who is still one of his children, wayward or not. why he waits i do not know. but as i said before, nothing is safe, not earth, nor heaven. god will need ALL his children to win this war.

  96. mazsamem Says:

    marina~I’m done going through the satanist beliefs. As I said, I learned it already from my own mother. People can twist the Bible for their own benefit. The athesists/satanists I’ve known have said those words over and over…the words you posted above, which are exact quotes from certain satanist sites. I’m not going to respond chapter and verse from the Bible to refute your beliefs. You are young, you are seeking. But you’re looking in dark places, marina. Very, very dark places. If you think what I wrote was funny…well, I really don’t get your sense of humor. You’re way deeper into satanism than I previously thought. And you are blissfully unaware of all the deaths brought about by the “peace-loving” satanists from whom you seek truth. So, you couldn’t get my link about aliens to work? It works on my computer. Care to look at different ones?

    I hope we get a chance to talk again. Till then, take care. God’s Peace be upon you.

    • I didn’t think what you posted was funny- i thought what i posted was funny about the Christian God. I didn’t mean to insult you in any way.

      • No prob. Maybe some others have an opinion? If so, be sure and state what you mean by “sexist”.

      • mazsamem7 Says:

        Hi, Marina. I’m glad I get email notifications when there are new comments. Otherwise, I’d be unaware of your response. I opened a Face Book account and with that and Google+, I’ve neglected other internet places. (Our friend–he who walks with many names–can take me to task on that.) I feel especially bad for neglecting Satan’s Blog. After all, his hot-spot 🙂 is my home away from home. Anyway, I’m sorry I misunderstood you. I was in a crabby mood and responded to you from that frame of mind. I apologize. As for God being a mass-murderer, I would say we use Him to cover our own (humankind) evil acts. As God is blamed, the same goes for Satan. Here’s one man’s story that I found totally heart-breaking.
        I wouldn’t say ANY acts of mass murder are funny, but I realize you didn’t use “funny” in the hahaha way, rather in the ironic sense. At least I hope I’m right about that. 😉 So, will you accept my olive branch/peace offering for my being mean-spirited in my previous comment? As always, I wish you peace and joy.

        • ofcourse i accept your olive branch- sorry for replying so late by the way.

  97. mazsamem7 Says:

    step into adventure~No, I didn’t get upset when you complimented my Gravatar. I recently changed my e mail and my photo, so in that way…guess I did cop your style. 😉 BTW, I compliment YOUR creativity with handles. Good use of the mother tongue. With me, just kinda got tired of my “Face-Off” pic…looks like I l-o-v-e myself and no one else. That’s not what I was trying to convey with my previous avatar. Oh, the torture we go through for Art! haha And I thank you for the very sweet comments, you heart of gold. But I have to confess–one of my creative hobbies is digital manipulation of photos. Egads! You should see what I’ve done to myself with digital enhancement. I show many facets, both lovely…and not-so-much. 😮 After my stuff is done, I’ll share it with you. I do plan to make my status public. Just remember, not every pretty face is God-given. Look at our Temptress. The artist in me analyzes thus: Under HER mask is a feral thing: untamed, unrestrained, ugly…she knows her eternity isn’t perhaps quite the exciting and beautiful forever she sought, after all. And I KNOW she’s gonna read this and probably bust my chops…or try to get me to “break on thru to the other side”. Her motherly voice…so much like my own mother’s voice. 😦 But I digress… When you wrote of God absolving Satan, you saw my heart. Yeah, in past times, I have asked God to forgive the adversary. May be wrong, but I don’t want Christ’s sacrifice, nor His immense love, to be in vain…not even for ONE single creature. Yet I now believe Satan’s fall is irreversible. You wondered why God waits to absolve Satan. My guess is because Satan won’t SEEK absolution. I think he is so far gone, so prideful, so chained to evil, he would NEVER humble himself to ask forgiveness. He’s lost, he chose that…and he tirelessly works to bring about the loss of so many souls! Pitiful. He had me in thrall for so long. I’m STILL fighting to break away from his captivity. That’s one reason I come here. The thoughts of others help me learn (thank you, marina) and think (thank you, friend) and grow (thank you shalimamma, JMJ, Piltdown Superman, Mike, et al.) I live, I learn, I seek. I’m finding the Truth. Like a jigsaw puzzle: Sometimes little piece by little piece. Sometimes in huge sections.

    • most unclean Says:

      perhaps my wickedness will “shine” through, but i think i have a way to give the old serpent peace, while giving temptress peace or oblivion, whichever she chooses (me thinks the former). i need to think more deeply on it before i reveal the true nature of my vision for their kind, and our kind, and how we will be inextricably entwined, not in punishment (perhaps to them, not us) but in body and spirit, quite to our benifeit. but i’m not selfish! i intend to spread the wealth liberally, so that temptress may come to regret her thinly veiled barbs towards “lesser demons”, and her haughty, pointless posturing.

      • Most unclean, thou soundest much like a christian with the way you write…

        Only one who wishes the opposite of my wishes would dare to call my writings pointless posturing. Pointless? Hahahahahaha!!

        Step aside, lesser demon! You are mine, anyway.

        Hm hm hm hm….

        • tragedy Says:

          temptress, must i beat you about the head with my humanity? this is not the first time i’ve reminded you. this is also not the first time you’ve accused your pied piper of being a christian. perhaps you’ve gleaned, or intuited what i intend to use the demon forge for. can you hear the click-clack of the “lesser one’s” coming for you, and every other highborn demon? i intend to give you much more than your master, or the christ-man ever did, choice will be among my gifts to you, and choice will be the last gift you recieve, if you choose against us. not that we would punish you! that’s the old way, and we waste nothing. be as a god, mistress of mine, or fuel the forge so that the “lesser’s” may may drink deeply, and become.

          now, with that out of the way, i must kiss your wounds. you are an elder and magnificent being. i respect everything you say. surely you don’t lack confidence. why must you labor to find insult where there is none? you see, i’m the interloper. i’m the corrupter. before me (mankind) there was only god and his little angels, and you were among them. it was perfection, pure paradise. much like the newborn that the parents dote upon, neglecting their firstborn, i stole everything from you. i even got you kicked out of the house! i will fix this, mistress. have no doubt. try and remember, when your number is up and we drag you from the pit. remember that you will have a choice. both choices will give you peace; only one will further your existence .

          with humble regard, most

    • awaiting the hour of reprisal Says:

      i understand that if humans seek absolution, they must take action. god or jesus apparently don’t actively seek out souls. not like satan does. you must go to the christ-man if you want him. devilbloggger will tell you that if its satan’s company you wish, then you need not take any other action but to sit and wait, and avoid christianity. satan is no mere mortal violater, like adolf hitler, or timothy mcveigh for example. the world and laws mankind will deal their likes justice, whatsoever happens after their exit nonwithstanding. but satan requires personal attention from god. if he is such a threat, and is apparently no challenge for god, then why let him exist and thrive? he’s taking his children and ravaging his world every day! if it sounds like i’m angry at god for his silence and inaction, don’t take it to heart; i’m mad at mankind for the lies they have weaved and their endless stupidity. always looking for a boogeyman to blame their own perversions and evil on, always searching for a scapegoat.
      care to make a wager? i’ll bet when jerry sandusky is found guilty, he’ll claim innocence till his last breath. i can only hope he’s not placed in solitary confinement and is abused horribly every day for the rest of his mortal life. in fact, i’d love to have a year or 2 with him. i could cook up a few red delights for him. normally i detest torture, but i’m always willing to make exceptions.

  98. becatozz Says:

    i feel a vibration, strong. WHO is it coming from? o & hello evil one.

  99. pied piper of the inferno Says:

    to any learned devils in attendence: do you know of the demon pazuzu? whilst studying arcane lore and demonology, i found some very interesting deets about him. i know he was used as the primary antagonist in the film the exorcist, and as much as i enjoy said film, its a hollywood viewpoint, and thus not suited for my queries. the information i’ve discovered reveals that pazuzu has often been invoked by witches and practicioners of black magic to ward off other demons. this a most mighty and fearsome demon! i’m very impressed that he possesses such an ability, and such knowledge warrants further investigation. tell me temptress, do you know him? maybe he’s shown you his considerable power? maybe he is feared by other demons?
    staying with the topic of powerful demons, leviathan piques my interest like no other. sure, its easy to claim satan is king of the demons. and thusly the must powerful, but i beg to differ. leviathan is in fact the most powerful. how did i come to such a conclusion? it’s well known in demonology that leviathan is the gatekeeper of hell. why should hell need a gatekeeper? certainly no one is escaping, and most certainly NO one is trying to break in. except for one, of course. know who? the venerable christ-man, of course! care to guess why leviathan was chosen to protect hell’s gates from said resurrected jesuit? simply put, he’s the only spirit in hell who answers to no authority, and would prove to be evenly matched for the christ-man. there is another reason why leviathan was chosen to be hell’s guardian, and it’s the most important one; satan FEARS him. given satan’s penchant for deception, thats probably how he positioned leviathan as a guard dog, removing a true threat to his throne. once i have completed my work with the forge, there will be but two demons left: leviathan, and satan. i’m going to pry those gates open, and we shall see who will prevail.

    • becatozz Says:

      o pied piper of the inferno–no mere demon is feared by satan. he is the 1 in charge of the revolution, no?

      • a boy named ruin Says:

        but i beg to differ, becatozz! i’ve decided to throw my lot in my leviathan. hell will have a new king, and i will be general of the new regime! let all who deny leviathans might choke on the ashes of a new world, bourne of fire!

        • a boy named ruin-sorry i was busy with some rituals. this is a blue moon month. u know. do u believe? do u follow? was confused at first till i was shown u go by many names. emulating the master? im questioning stuff. too much weird goin on. haha, then ill be a runaway but i dunno if thats even possible any more. but word to the wize, u shouldnt make light of demons. they are real with real power. trust me on that. they are real. they can, they will take u over. n i dont think they did yet cuz u can still laff cant u? thats 1 reason im thinking. they exist. satan. ive seen him. so maybe the god exist too. and they dont like this. not my thinking. they take my thoughts my thinking is weakening. hard to think. r u a writer. author i mean. seems u could write books. ok talk to u later. watch urself.

  100. Robert Sheldon Says:

    Lucifer, Bearer/Bringer of Light, boy do I have something to say to you. I have hated you for years. I, personally want to be the one to kill your ass, but seeing as how the angels are immortal that seriously sucks for me. f**k it. anyhow, i have another surprise for ya; i aint christian. I personally hate god, but nowhere near as much as i hate you. so i ask you this; why should i serve you? you promise those who serve you a “good” life in your dystopian kingdom. you promise alot of things. but seeing as you are the master of lies and deception you could easily be lying your a$$ off while laughing at the slaves who follow you. me? i dont give a damn whether or not i go to heaven or hell, cause im wiccan(like that means anything) cause either way im gonna fight the head man in charge. and guess who those two are? your right: you and god. answer my question and give me a really good f**king reason why i should serve your fake a$$.

    Yours truly,

    Robert K Sheldon

    • Why should you serve me? That’s the wrong question, as it implies a choice on your part. But short of being rescued by grace, which rescue you have rejected, the question is moot. You DO serve me. Because you must.

    • becatozz Says:

      you don’t sound wiccan. sure you don’t really believe in syncretism?

    • die for me. again Says:

      such an angry young man! and here i thought wiccans were pacifists! forget about satan, and forget about god. serve yourself. why waste your hatred on whispers and air when there is a world full of tangible and fleshy meatsacks, most of whom hate you as well (present company included). only a coward picks a fight with a specter.
      cain rose up, pilgrim, yes he did. not you though. the cowardice and dumb/blind anger you’ve displayed seals your rightful place: maggot, beneath my heel. maggots will burn. i can’t wait to watch you burn, maggot.

  101. Dear Satan,
    Is the Christian God sexist? If so why do people worship him?

    ok bye.

    • It all depends on what you mean by “sexist”.

      • as in he doesn’t ike women

    • marina-hic sunt dracones

      • is this latin? Did you just call me a dragon?

        • marina-im not imaging it, not seeing things. why do you ask this question of me? u r one with satanist beliefs like me. and no. i didnt call you a dragon. i wrote latin for HERE BE DRAGONS because ur question about the xian god being sexist is one that could draw fiery replies. haha. even tho i was atheist before satanist i read some of the bible. for a kind of know your enemy viewpoint. if jesus was the messiah or the saviour their religion says he is then he is their god. i dont think u can say hes sexist. the reason i think that is when i read how he did his first miracle. back then women were really looked down on like we were almost dogs. but their jesus did his first public miracle because a woman asked him to. his mom asked. he told her it wasnt time yet to reveal his power but he did it anyhow. then theres other stuff i read like after he came back to life the first people he revealed himself to were some women followers. just telling u this so u got the right questions before u declare ur war on them. haha. ok?

  102. becatozz Says:

    marina i would like to sharpen my budding skills at reading the vibrations of people. will you answer whether i am right or wrong? i’m getting this from you, that the christian god IS sexist. and since you already believe that-it is why you ask the question. ¿sí o no?

    • you can read the vibrations of people through th internet?
      I ask the question to get counterarguments to my point of view.

      • i didn’t see this till today. maybe im doing something wrong but the answers don’t always go where i expect and i jump around the page a lot. i don’t feel people’s vibrations through the internet. i don’t feel them at all. what happens is this being, this guide, he tells me things about people sometimes. i just say the other thing about feeling the vibrations because it fits in more with people who believe in new age. crystals, vibrations, space brothers. the being said it fits the plan better. and if i go along with it i don’t have as much trouble from him. does the same type of thing happen with you? i mean, something similar?

  103. a boy named ruin Says:

    becatozz- this requires my utmost attention. you find me to be in jest? i seem to not take the unseen but verymuchfelt world as a joke, if i’m understanding you? not true; a misconception, likely due to my sometimes fantastical , fanatic posturing. no sir, i take the unseen world very seriously. for all their parlor tricks, and malevolence, demons are, in truth, quite weak. they desire that which they do not have-LIFE. my heart does indeed beat- i have LIFE , and i’ll not roll over and let some parasitic guttersnipe take it without a nasty fight. i’m ready to die, i could have life eternal (emphasis on could) and yet, what awaits a demon? silence, brother. the void. my ambition is far greater than that of a parasite. if demons had any courage, or anything above ill-gotten and feral intelligence, they would launch a offensive. after all, when you’re on the defensive, you’re protecting something, no?

    love your name, by the way. if i could find a monkier that pleased me, i’d keep it. sorry to report that i don’t know about the blue moon month, or what it is you are following. feeling candid? enlighten me. seen satan, eh? is he suave and handsome? does his reputation precede him?
    you alluded to having your thoughts interferred with. you seemed to be being assailed in some form or fashion as you wrote. fight back! even if defeat is obvious and at hand. ’tis better to die the death of a warrior. spit in the eye of the enemy as they deliver the killing blow. be defiant, even unto death!

    • a boy named ruin-hey. thanx for replying to me. i have been trying to think more for myself. and been reading a lot. i didnt really know they say demons are angels but bad ones. fallen. yeah thats what they are i think. no i dont really think u jest about them but i was thinking the things u write maybe u didnt think they r real. they r and they r parasites but really smart. thats why im thinking about them being angels and satan would be their king then. yes i saw him while i was meditating. then over n over every single time. felt good first but hes changing on me. cant explain that yet. he looks like a man but not like me. he has long blond hair an real blue blue eyes but he doesnt smile from them. he laffs but his smile doesnt go to his eyes. its weird cuz im not nordic or guess aryan is what they r called n guess i thought he would look like me, kinda dark n black hair dark eyes cuz im turk. so haha he fools me. like thinking about what u wrote. i do hafta be strong cuz its getting different. things r changing. its weird. i just dont know yet. oh yeah. they say blue moon is 2 full moons in the same month. but here explains it. i wasnt a believer in anything. atheist. but now satanist. just was wondering if thats what u r or were or if ur wiccan. ok. thanx about the name. haha

      • king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

        tell me becatozz, are you female? not trying to perv it up, just curious. why would satan appear to you whilst meditating? are you reaching out to him? are you certain he is satan?

        i most certaintly believe in demons, as i can feel them in the dark often. they don’t frighten me because i sense that they can neither manifest to me nor physically harm me. sometimes i feel a stronger presence, one that poses clear and present danger, or some manner of ill will. i’ve managed to remain unmolested, however. don’t know why, though.

        i can’t accurately claim to be a satanist. i have a satanic bible though. lavey was quite the charmer, no? i’m leaning toward Mr. crowley, myself. i try not to judge, but i always smirk when wicca is mentioned. forgive me, society implanted that reflex within me, and i will labor to correct it.
        what i want, becatozz, is very ambitious, and extremely dangerous. you may have seen me prattling on about the (demon) forge in previous comments. that is what lies at the center of my heart. i’m trying to rouse some friends of mine to help me produce a short film that will depict what the forge actually is. i’m afraid my ambition outweighs the assests on hand, however.

        • king buzzard, prince vulture-yeah female. maybe meditating was the wrong word. but close enuff. i was trying kundalini so i was more opening myself up and seeking if that’s got any sense to you. im still feeling blocked. my thinking isnt really clear as it use to be. sorry for that. so from my understanding i do seek him. not him specially but dark beings in general for power. and im sure he is satan. or else hes a liar. would a lesser demon be permitted to say its satan? i dunno but i dont think so. but its stronger than any other darkness ive called on and its taking me over. even if i dont want to do some things hes telling me. i want the powers but i want to be me an thats not the way its going. bit off more than i could chew maybe? haha. well i was kinda right about u when i wondered if u were an author. u have the creative side for certain. money is always the problem, hmm? good luck with it. talk again i hope.

      • what if you’re seeing things?

  104. Ron Mensah Says:

    satan i want money and fame will you please accept my soul

    • king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

      i’ll bet you a tidy sum of coin that i know what his response will be! don’t be to downtrodden, as king buzzard, the prince of vultures will offer you what you seek! the price is high, however. are you prepared to “ante up”?

    • he might give it but then he takes it back and even more. u really dont wanna go there mr. mensah. trust me.

  105. king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

    you and i have a bit in common. one difference could be while you seek to be granted powers, i seek to take. and take. and take, until hell is empty. what manner of powers do you desire? i wonder if our interests dovetail? tell you what: if i make it there before you, i will most certaintly free you from your current situation. then i’ll give you whatsoever you seek, sweet becatozz.

    • king buzzard, prince vulture-i was up all night and day reading. no meditating or seeking power. haha. but i actually feel better, more clear headed. im glad because that was starting to worry me. think im going to avoid the power seeking for now as it seemed to have the opposite effect. but now im going to sleep for awhile and see how i feel afterwards. hey, since i feel more free of my current situation, that better not mean you died and got there before me…

      • king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

        neither of us need to die to accomplish our goals. ha! you were thinking in a slightly different direction tham myself. feeling better, eh? thats pleasant news. don’t be so easily dissuaded. the road to power is fraught with peril. were i a demon, i’d likely make my subjects earn every speck of thier earnest (or not so earnest) desires.

        while there are many ways for one to be dead, i can report that my heart still beats, and i still inhabit mine own flesh. say, youre familiar with latin, yes? how do you say “mine” in latin? i looove that word!

        • king buzzard, prince vulture-meus. why do you love it? because it’s mine, all mine? haha. ok, you can have it since you looove the word. just smiled cuz i read your post again. why? how did you do that? back to business. i wouldn’t say i’m easily dissuaded from seeking power. it’s just that it’s getting to be a real burden. but even that’s not the bad part. what’s bad is the feeling of being suffocated, oppressed. hard to describe, but the dark only seems empty. it’s not empty though. there are things in it that could crush you with a whisper. i don’t know the words to describe how the beings feel. all good at first, more peaceful and warm fuzzies than you could imagine. then the power. like im made of electric and no one can say no to me. now lately if i even think no to one of the lesser ones, i can still stand my ground. but if father lucifer suggests something but i don’t really like it, that doesn’t matter. i thought i’d be more free but im not. that’s the burden im feeling now. that’s why im thinking get out while i still can before i do something i really really don’t want to do. i know some other people who have been in this belief a long time and two of them know what im saying. but i dont know where to find anyone who left the belief. any ideas? it’s nice talking-writing i mean. hmmm, im smiliing again. that’s your fault meus. haha

  106. king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

    if youve lost your desire to pursue, and pursuing is hurting you, then by all means, stop. unless your assailant’s wont stop pursuing YOU, of course. then you may have to make a stand. but hey, if youre feeling better/happy, then let it be. as for me? “hey now, hey now, don’t dream its over, the world is between us, the world is ending”. i like to improv, so that last bit was mine. those are the words i hear when that song runs through my mind anyhow.

    i enjoy our exchange’s, but our time is nearly gone, what with d.b. shutting down this blog. and soon i reckon. as i’ve lived nearly the whole of my life as a solitary man, i’ve grown accustomed to isolation, of many kinds. but recently my heart, blood, soul, and other less civilized parts of my being cry out for fellowship, or companionship. i usually reject these pleas. but i feel as if having at least one of those two could provide enriching buffers, and fill my soul with much needed nourishment. as i’m re-reading the satanic bible, i’m feeling a pull towards satanism. youre familiar with this also?

    the only suggestion i can seem to offer you would be for you to immerse yourself in hobbies you enjoy. if you enjoy movies, (and like horror/scifi) then i have 100’s of suggestions. books? plenty of those to suggest also. if your musical tastes align with mine(primarily progressive death metal/black metal/experimental metal/ notice a theme emerging?) then i have plenty of suggestions there as well.

    ok. now i’m off to claim what is rightfully (or not) meus.

    • oh yeah, i’m familiar with the satanic bible. several of them. that’s what got me or led me to my current situation. ha, sounds like a job when i put it like that. thank you for the advice on filling my time. i’ve got loads of books. movies aren’t so fun when you watch them alone. and i’ve been known to get in a bit of a panic while watching some of the darker ones. they are a bit too true to life in my case. now music, i LOVE music. but i’m staying away from death metal for now. i feel a touch suicidal from what i got myself into. so i think it’s best to put certain cd’s up for now. might i offer my advice to you? as you’re re-reading one of the satanic bibles please don’t let it do to you what i’ve allowed to happen to me. you are alone and the evils like that. that’s often who they take under wing so to speak. just please don’t give yourself to them. from whatever good might be left in me, i really plea with you to not seek fellowship or companionship from the pull you feel towards satanism. i was an only child from a broken family. not boo hooing. just what it was. at 13, i met a boy. oh boy. haha. puppy love? he got me interested in the path i followed for the past 11 years. 11. ironic if you consider that number’s association or significance to satanism. he killed himself 6 years ago. the note said he had run out of hope and the only freedom was through the rope. hung himself. silly me just got more into what drove him to die. damn! what a fool. wish i’d have walked away then. back to now. this breaking away is the hardest thing i have ever done and i only just started. but my resolve is firm. i got an answer from someone who put her email on the goodbye from devilblogger part. mazsamem? she said nice things about you. guess you are pretty well liked round here. im taking her advice and yours as two heads are better than one. right now my head is not my own, not yet, not completely. and deep as i’ve gone, i will take any sound advice on getting out. if i don’t like the songs i’m hearing then i need to stop the dance-that’s how she put it. it’s not going to be the easiest thing i’ll ever do but i feel it’s the best. and best isn’t guaranteed easy, is it? i almost forgot this ride is coming to an end. i’ll miss our brief friendship. but you were kind in reaching out to me. thank you for that. i was looking back on the conversations. meus (hope you don’t mind but it’s short and rather sweet) i don’t know why you even answered me. i was literally deteriorating mentally from giving my all to satan. he was taking my mind too. but reach out you did. maybe that’s what i don’t like about my last several years of satanism. it’s like he-lucifer-wanted me to be alone. and like you i’m tired of that. but it worries me that in your aloneness, you’re feeling the pull to him. if you ever want to talk, email, click on my picture and you can see my full profile which has an email address on it. just in case. i might not be becat on the spot, but i will slink through the alley and respond. all the best to you.

      • king buzzard, prince vulture Says:

        allow me to be specific. the only satanic bible i own is laveys. that specific type of satanist doesn’t actually believe in satan. he is simply used as a model for rebellion and the left hand path, if i’m reading it correctly. i also own the necronomicon, and am quite attracted to the world it portrays. the whole judeo-christian dogma is a real turn off for me. i don’t believe in one god/savior. thst was an idea bourne of men who wished to control, nay DOMINATE others, which was quite easy to do in the stoopid ages, when all people had was their church, and it was all “fire and brimstone” this, and “eternal damnation” that.
        oh, how i profoundly reject that! i would glady watch the accusers and witchhunters of old have THEIR keisters put on the slab, and as their final judgement is cast, put to the flame.

        i’m not speaking of devil worship either. when i expressed a desire for fellowship, i only meant that i wished the company of like minded individuals. cos, you know, birds of a feather flock together, after all. when i said i was alone, i didn’t mean lonely, just alone. i can carry on as such, if needed.

        sorry you lost a loved one; thats quite tragic. you said you have been feeling suicidal. i feel that might be your assailants talking, in a last ditch effort to claim you. youre still here, however, clearly you are stronger! hold on!

        ok, maybe this is goodbye, i sincerely wish you good fortune. may the gods smile upon your battles, friend.

        p.s. i have a hard time believing i was well liked ’round here. i think i was generally viewed as a nuisance! maybe thats just my persecution complex itching for a fight. aye dios mio !

        • king buzzard, prince vulture, if you are still flying over, hope your sharp eyes catch this. yes, you really were or are liked round here. at least from what i have been told. o, and sorry about my misunderstanding regarding lavey. i just never think of that group as satanists, but more like atheists. snobby little (mostly) former satan worshipper, amn’t i? and yes, i think you are 100% right about the suicidal thoughts. i have been holding on to being strong and that has helped a lot. hope you catch this thank you, kind sir, because i really mean it. you are the nicest non believer (or what term should i use?) that i can recall.

  107. Dear satan,
    I hate you and as i christian i shouldn’t hate anyone but after i have seen bible i will never forget what God our Savior has done for us. You don’t release that when the world comes to an end God will destroy Satan with all his will and Satan just wants humanity to die with him. The only reason i am here is because i have a homework on how terrible the devil is. You have been warn !! read Gods word and you shall’ understand. Satan didn’t understand why he was included in the making of the Human kind and it was because he was created not a creator ! he is just JEALOUS in the bad way. Please read the Bible or see videos in youtube like ‘I sold my soul to the Devil, Then God’ or ‘The young boy who went to heaven’ HEAVEN IS FOR REAL!!!

    • lilith's familiar Says:

      stay in school, my child. and read more. hopefully reading more will tidy up your gramar…

    • melissa, you said: jealous in the bad way. i’m not a christian but i really thought all jealousy was bad. maybe i misunderstand things because i’m just not used to the things i’m starting to learn. and doesn’t lucifer really already know his end? if not, why is he still trying to take me out? i’m really trying to understand. ignorance is not bliss. not for me. thanx for any answers, anybody.

      • child of belial Says:

        my curiosity is a ravenous beast. will you sate him? are you going to reach out to the christ-man? whatever you need to do, do it. it pleases me to see you “upright and sniffing the air”. soon your strength will multiply, my comrade. were i able, i would personally see to it. alas, iam only a mortal man. a damned mortal man. is being human a blessing, or a curse? we are beset upon on all sides by various afflictions.

        lord! i kneel before you! now bathe me bloody red!

        i love that expression. love? over-rated, clap,clap,clap,clap,clap,clap!

  108. lilith's familiar Says:

    ahem, GRAMMAR. sinning and servings keeps me busy, and little details sometimes slip.

    • lilith’s familiar, haha, i like your style.

      • child of belial Says:

        ahh! ms. (mrs?)becatoz has returned! of course i’m still lurking. i’m even unshackled! freedom! freedom! noticed my liliths familiar tag, eh? i recently aquired a “dictionary of demons” and have been a busy boy trying to find a desireable lord to serve. lilith would be a foolish choice, however. she likes sex. lots and lots of it. sign me up, right? ‘ cept coupling with her is fatal to mortal males. damn! i will gladly and obediently serve a mistress, as i desire a feminine presence in my world. the aforementioned dictionary is positively brimming with male demons, which is unsurprising. female demons are rare..and quite prized to me.
        paimon calls to me. astaroth as well. paimon is a demon of the order of dominions, and one of the four who preside over the four cardinal directions. astaroth, meanwhile, governs meus amerikas, and seems more logisitically sound. choices, choices, huh?
        it would seem the power of flight is my most coveted gift. my dreams are so heavily based upon flight…conference of this gift is essential.

        given our previous exchanges, its likely that you will be disturbed by my recent inclinations. you must refrain! i’ve not a malevolent bone in my body. i’m no creator, nor am i a destroyer. my path is not set. but i need more than this world can give me. comprende’?

        • sí ya comprender, child of belial. i understand your desire for companionship. you understand my fears. just a suggestion,mi amigo? stick with the human variety. it’s not your non-malevolent bones (or flesh even) that your inclinations for demonic love might/will damage, but your mind. soul too of course. i know you have one. it’s ms, btw. we all need more than this world can give. it gives me some peace to know your path isn’t set. run fast and lightly thru the regions you’ve chosen. just concern from 1 who ‘been there done that.’ espero oír de usted otra vez.

  109. anthony dearn Says:

    How do you sell your soul for wealth power glory fame? I want do it straight away I mc need erge. To get starting I’ll be loyal 666 I’ll ride it high I’m all ready suffering as it is have done for ages deal a deal. Need help please I’ll fire your gender make you proad don’t want dirty blood of his name we won’t say the tramp who never has a shave go suck his mom deal a deal I’ve got no relgion either

    • watched by watchers Says:

      i give you the gift of nothingness. learn to write better, and i may upgrade you to slave.


  110. hærlêüs déütëüs Says:

    so, i should abandon my quest, mrs. becatoz? where should i go, and what will be my purpose? i must refute the notion that i’am seeking love, or that i’am desperately lonely. yes, i’m human. but i’m no ordinary man. my desires and aims are decidedly otherwordly.
    i will relate two recent occurrences to you, both relating to me, which both happened while i was dozing like the lazy boy i can be.
    whilst sleeping, something said my name, directly into my ear. aaanthonyyyy- i awoke, and spun around only to find nothing but air.
    the next incident occurred in my dreams- MY REALM! and apparently, i don’t take kindly to tresspassers. in this dream, i was with a woman, and we were both poverty stricken, and starving. the woman begged me to find her food, which i accomplished by stealing it from a store. while making my getaway, i was pursued by a mysterious figure. as i so often do in my dreams, i took to the skies, and much to my chagrin, my pursuer followed. i used all my abilitys to shake him. i flew higher, he flew higher. i flew faster, and he matched my speed. finally tiring of fleeing, and with it being obvious that i couldn’t shake this antagonizer, i turned to fight. he was no match- i savaged him. then, as i was preparing to deliver the killing blow, he seized my arm with tremendous force. i could not remove his hand- ’twas a deathgrip. sorry becatoz. perhaps i will reveal a part of my true nature that you will find disturbing- it gets very bloody from here. unable to remove his hand, i began to bite, then hack, then i tore him to pieces, and reveled in the vicsera, having finally rid myself of a most damnable pest.
    do these occurrences have any significance that you can see? do you get any vibrations from them?

    • hærlêüs déütëüs, i’m stumped by your name. drat. haha. so if you don’t mind, i’ll use your dream name anthony. the voice speaking into your ear, that’s making me shake. that bone chill that makes even your stomach feel cold. ice in the veins feeling? ms. becatozz has heard them before. that’s why im shaking, i think who it was for me. first happened after my boyfriend hung himself. i thought it was him. i wanted it to be him. it wasn’t. it was a demon. it called me in a drawn out kinda whispery almost like a human voice. i’m rambling. sorry but i still hear it saying beeezhaaat. i wasn’t dozing but i was reading then let my mind wander. so i guess both of us were in the same state pretty much. it wasn’t the first time they called me by name. it’s just i remember that time so clearly because that’s when i talked back. that’s when i really began to know satan on a personal level. not rituals, not all the things my friends and i did to honor him. but to hear him in my head, telling me things. it’s not good to think of those times. i wasn’t crazy, at least i don’t think i was. he wanted me to become crazy though. i was being a puppet. you have gore. so do i. i kept seeing myself sliced open and he would climb into my skin, he would wear me. that sounds so whack but that’s how it felt. i would say what he told me to say, do what he wanted to do. he used my body to feel. that’s the only way i can explain it. he is a demon but he wanted to feel through a human. and not in a good way like you’d pet a dog or talk to your dad or anything normal. i hate what i did for him. i hate him. enough. now about your dreams. umm, i love flying in dreams. haven’t dreamed of that for awhile though. first, i must tell the truth. i never really felt vibrations. it was the evils telling me things about people, but i couldn’t come out and say that. i just said like newage things about vibrations so i could tell people what the demons told me to say. so it seemed to people that i knew things but i didn’t. there are some people who have that for real but i never saw it in the newage people. i did see it once in a woman who believed in the christian god. she was very good. holy is the right word. she did have a gift but she never faked like i did. no demons controlled her. they even told me that she was off limits to them. one evil was so mad about her all the time. that one would want me to do things to her but for some reason i didn’t want to do her harm so i refused. that’s when i started pulling away from satan. that started me being where i am now. sorry, i ramble on so much. your dream. sounds like you have a vampire in you. starving woman, you stole food for her, but you flew away. you waited to feed. you only thought your persuer was weak. the truth is, he is very strong. yet he allowed you to take his flesh and blood. i don’t understand that. a strong one chases after you then allows himself to be a meal for you. even as an innocent child, i could understand what the mind was trying to tell a person through dreams. but this one is tough. you enjoyed tearing him apart, so you see him as an enemy. he was very much stronger than you. but for some reason, he allows you to best him. you tear him up and rid yourself of the “damnable pest”. now anthony, who has been coming after you in waking time? who seems weak, maybe someone kind or gentle and you think he’s weak? who in your life seems that way, yet deep inside you know he has great power over you? even with the power he has, this person is one who you destroyed. it seems he allowed that, he became weak for you. i don’t think this is just a vampire/werewolf dream, even though the blood and the eating makes it seem that way. i think it means much more but i don’t know you so i can’t know who he is. maybe we will talk again. it’s been good. oh yeah, what does hærlêüs déütëüs mean and what is the language? adios, from ms. becatozz, haha.

      • hærlêüs déütëüs Says:

        the voice did not frighten. perhaps just momentarily, as it was so unexpected. i can be very grouchy upon waking, and that was my primary reaction. my dreams don’t cause me any distress. occasionally i do wicked things in them, however. this leads me to feel that i’am not the only “one who dwells here” (my body/mind). i say that out loud sometimes. sometimes as a announcement, and sometimes as a warning to parasites.
        there is no one in my life who controls me, or manipulates me. of course i have a job and a boss (es) , but they are even tempered and i have much freedom in that area.
        i dont feel put upon or abused in life. perhaps i’am just a bad person? i’am as i was made, this is the truth. i can lie easily, and i’am capable of violence when nessescary. maybe i belong with demons?
        the dictionary of demons i referred to earlier was written by a Michelle Bellanger. many of the demons detailed within its pages are possesers of great knowledge, and they are NOT malevolent. of the few things in this world that greatly anger me, stereotypes are one of them. according to ms. bellangers bibliography, she has written several books on vampires, and is considered an expert on the subject. you referred to my dream as vampiric in nature. this is most interesting ! what a way to cheat life and death! i would gladly pursue this majestic way of life. “but anthony, you must kill to live!” so? why couldn’t oneself simply prey on criminals and the like? if one finds oneself in the distasteful situation of only having “innocents” to feed on, why not just take what what you need to survive without any casualties ?
        that being said vampies have been given a poor treatment by hollowood, what with the likes of all the twilight nonsense. shameful ! i must confess to liking true blood however, despite the decline of quality i began to notice in its 3rd season.

        haerleus deuteus is a name i got stuck in my head, and i liked the sound of it. it could be jibberish, or it could be signfigant…

  111. Dear Sir,

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    • Haerleus Deuteus Says:

      who is your god?

  112. hi

  113. May i ask something please Satan:’)

  114. Vaas Dothraak Says:

    ask. maybe you’ll get an answer


    • dear guess me. sorry, no full names came to mind. but do these initials mean anything to you? when i read your question they instantly came to me. hope my reply is helpful. the initials are A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. let me know if you find them meaningful.

      • Vaas Dothraak Says:

        becatozz?! you’ve returned! and now your fangs have venom! careful now, i do fall for fiery women, and you don’t want that! i’m too jealous and territorial. best be nice to that poor idiot WHO TYPES IN ALL CAPS. you must suppress me. it would be better if i was left in my cell, to rot , alone.

        • hello! lol at your initials in light of my previous response. suppress you? not when you linger and *gasp* rot. just wouldn’t be fair to the downtrodden portrait you just painted. venom…i thought maybe the hummingbird would throw people off. but territorial and jealous you has seen through my disguise. good to see you here. i must check my ymail way more often. we shall snicker here on occasion, yes? your fiery and faithful unknown- becat

  116. Vaas Dothraak Says:

    oh no. i didn’t mean to portray a fellow who was miserable. i’m no ray of sunshine. but i do fine in the happiness category (being a sociopath has its perks. yay!)
    tell me, are those little birdies still whispering in your ear? i hope they aren’t causing you distress if so.

    • dearest Vass! good to know you’re happy. not so sure about being a happy sociopath. lol. that worry would be the leftover cheep-cheeps from my past birdies. i found an inner falcon to chase them away. even shred them if necessary. they weren’t so innocent. not a Tweety Bird among the lot. no distress anymore. i’d thank god if i was closer to total belief…alas, not even halfway yet. but i feel that’s where i will find what i’m looking for. really, thanks for your concern. by the way-you crack me up. in a good way.

      • anonymous loser who can't get laid Says:

        inner falcon? what does that feel like? empowerment? i’ve recently found a way to empower myself. feels good, doesn’t it? i’m no longer in decay; i’m building something new. very intoxicating!

        • Vaas Dothraak Says:

          couldn’t have said it better myself, anonymous loser who can’t get laid

  117. Hello Satan. I belive u have the power to look into the heart of others. so plz tell in my college which all girls like to have me. Do Nivya likes to have sex with me? plz tell me.

  118. he told me to tell you that none of the women you know want to have sex with you. he did mention some men on campus are attracted to you, however.
    have at it, sex machine!

  119. hello saitan am sorry to disturb u again., but this i am asking u for last time. plz help me. if u help me plz. i want nivya my class mate to have sex with me. please full fill her heart with lust. she is a christian but not true christian. sho do all sins.. but except sex with me. please full fill her heart with HARD LUST ON ME. if u help me i can move her from coming back to christianity. please help. please reply

    • dear HE WHO LUSTS 4 NIVYA–she commits all sins except sexin u up? welllll, maybe that should tell you something. or maybe not. think i’ll bow out of this particular conversation and let the experts handle it/you. said experts being Vaas Dothraak and Jjjackoff. if their names weren’t so very different, i’d almost think they were twins.

    • anonymous loser who can't get laid Says:

      have you tried masturbation? i’ll bet you have! satan said you should just stick with that. god forbid you manage to breed more lower types like yourself.

  120. hello frnds i dnt need masterbation.. its jus boring, i did maximum. but i need her in my bed. can satan have power to do that?can satan help me in this case or not?

  121. satan, can i ask? what lotto numbers will appear tonight. i need the 6 digits. please send to my email. thanks

  122. If you are really satan then tell me whats my age!

  123. Vaas Dothraak Says:


    • becatozz Says:

      just flitting by to see whats up. last what, Vaas? hope it’s not your last rapier wit remark. say that 3x fast. yeah, inner power is intoxicating. when it comes from the right source. otherwise, it left me punch drunk. thank god my past is past. i’m still flying steady. land ho! and a bottle o rum…lol

      • Vaas Dothraak Says:

        nice to chat with you again. you noticed that the moderator removed the “recent comments” right? you can thank our overly promiscuous and rather dumb commenter for that. he spammed a bunch of gibberish and dead links. me, being the fatalist and overall saddoe that i’am, reasoned that the end was nigh. you must also take into consideration my ego-maniacal nature, and realise i simply wanted the final comment to be meus!
        guess i’ll keep checking in, but probably only on ask satan. see you around?

  124. Vaas Dothraak Says:

    had a dream about the end of the world saturday night. kinda reminded me of stephen kings the mist, except there were no monsters in this mist. wasn’t quite mist either. more of a thick smoke. it rolled all across the earth, obliterating everthing. i watched it destroy buildings, cars, trees, and people. they tried to run, of course, but running nor hiding were an option. the smoke claimed everything.
    i tried to hide, like everyone else. ended up in some damn warehouse, with other hopeless people. a few of us were watching for the smoke from the rooftop. we saw it coming over the horizon, knocking down buildings and silencing whole masses of screaming people. i retreated to an office deep within the warehouse, and waited for my turn. didn’t hurt, suprisingly. not physically, at least. the real pain came from knowing it was inescapable, and unavoidable.
    sweet dreams, huh?

  125. Hehe…as far as I can see,this is a very nice way of preaching God’s it

    • Vaas Dothraak Says:

      god is here, god is there. what of it? i would very much like to hear the word of god (s) (?) . unfortunately, all i have are the treacherous lies of power hungry and decidedly un-pious men. when god truly speaks, i will listen.

  126. Hail Satan .
    I just have one question: If I sell my soul to satan Will I get anything That I want to Have?

    • Vaas Dothraak Says:

      he told me to tell you he hates answering that question. if you dust off your brain and employ basic logic, why the hell should he give you anything once he has your only possession of true value?

    • Your soul is with satan .already buddy get over it go get drunk to sort it out . Live your life pray to your pathetic god Jesus .what who is this Jesus you talk o I forgot he’s not listening .heres some advice from me . Have I good day sire .

  127. Vaas Dothraak Says:


  128. Haerleus Deutus Says:

    ‘fraid so dothraak, my brother in darkness. this dwelling, the so named “satans blog”, is officially dead. i should know- WEshould both know, seeing as we are so intimately aquainted with death.

  129. Dear Satan, if you could make this one wish come true, I will dedicate my whole life to you and will sell my soul to you! If you make this one wish come true RIGHT NOW , THIS SECOND!!!! Please because I really need it! I promise if you make this wish come true I will never ever turn to Jesus Christ ever again in my whole entire life!

    My wish is:

    I wish I don’t have to go back to school on the 17th of April 2013, or ever again in my whole life, instead I wish dedicate my whole life to you!

    If you do not do this than I have no choice but to go back to having hopeless faith in that loser JESUS CHRIST, or whatever you call him! p.s Jesus never does anything for you!

    • Haerleus Deutus Says:

      satan doesn’t beg favors, sarah. false-father is no genie in a lamp, ready to make you happy at a moments notice. don’t want to attend school anymore (you need further education, trust us) ? then stop going. take what you want from the world. everything else will follow.

  130. I woul like to make a pact with satan, email me

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  132. say buddy, i've seen you here before Says:

    ever heard of chris benoit? i think you should model yourself after him. end your suffering. as painfully as possible. your mom can’t punsih you if your dead, right?

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    This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the
    good works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to our blogroll.

  134. I’m feel sorry for my horniness, I must have self-control issues…You are pretty hot though…

    • we are the world Says:

      who is this meant for? the name faithe, or anything faith-related is a tur off for my companions. still though, the old serpent is always listening…..

      • Who the Hades is still commenting on this site? Come ON, my minions, and get a life! There must be some real evil you can do instead of hiding in your mother’s basement surfing on last year’s blogs. Hm hm hm hm…. Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

        • 🙂

        • vaas dothraak Says:

          surely a demoness doesn’t have much of a life. stay awhile… i knew one of you would wonder back eventually, out of curiosity if nothing else.

  135. Let me guess… Vaas… might you be the ‘man’ with many names? If so, I am soooooo happy (ooooh, it just makes me tingle inside!) that you are successfully an addict to a blog about Satan. Hm hm hm. Niiiiice. Kind of a stupid weak addiction (I would much prefer you were addicted to something REAL as opposed to a fantasy), but an addiction nonetheless.

    Wander back, eh? Well, if you must know, I keep getting these annoying comments in my hellmail box that seem to be conversations between schizophrenics, or at least people who smoked just a wee too much pot (or something better), and who think they make any logical sense, although they do make me chuckle that they are wasting so much precious time. In fact, I suspect this is one person having a conversation with himSELF. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    Ahem. I would ‘join in’, but alas, my hot red laptop can barely load in time to reach the bottom of this blogroll, what with the heat I live in and all… and besides, I do have quite a life, if you must know. As for you, my sad minion(s), I think you should start your own blog. Yessssssssss…… And make it so one doesn’t have to scroll down for more miles than one has to on Facebook.

    Ha ha ha!!! Fare thee well, my dear…

    the Temptress

  136. har dee har Says:

    bad day at the office? you do know you have my deepest sympathies, right? if i was a nice man i would advise you against teasing individuals who you feel might be mentally ill (and dangerous?) but you’re a smart woman, and can thus see the folly in doing so, yeah?

  137. Okay, so I’m at a sleep-over with my friend Kaylee and she told this story about her best friend’s little sister who killed herself. She said her little sister killed herself after doing a Bloody Mary ritual in front of the mirror with her older sister (Kaylee’s friend) and apparently her older sister dissed her when she closed her eyes in the dark and after she did the ritual she saw blood and rotten flesh on everyone and so she went insane and killed herself because she couldn’t handle it anymore. True story, Im not joking you guys…

    • har dee har Says:

      and the point of sharing this?

      • I like telling scary stories

        • vaes dothraak Says:

          who decides if they are scary? the teller or the listener?

    • Some might have a different opinion. And I may be the teller now but I was a listener at one point (I’m passing this story down) and personally I think it’s scary. The teller gets to have an opinion as well.

  138. vaes dothraak Says:

    true dat. no offense intended. just curious.

    • I’m afraid to ask a question because what if Satan just ignores it. But what the hell, I’m gonna go for it anyways…Satan, are you a virgin?

  139. vaes dothraak Says:

    “go for it” “virgin” “what the hell” oh, i like where this is heading! perhaps you should clarify what virgin means, specifically, to you. be as graphic as you can in your description. detail-orientated folks are our favorite kind of folks!

    • Ahem, gettin your shlinker into her shlunker…if ya catch my drift gentlemen…

  140. Samhain Says:

    being a man, and a particularly feisty one, i’d say there are at least 3 eligible places to stick my whatchamacallit. and that’s not even taking into account any fetishes i may or may not have aquired over the years. can’t speak for satan, but this one is certaintly “active” when the prper requirements are met.

    • Milking the old goat? Lol

      • Samhain Says:

        i think some self pleasure might be good for you. in fact, i have a sneaking suspicion that you’ve never came before. virgin smirgin! your fingers will bring you more pleasure than any man and his “old goat” ever could.

        • I finger myself quite often. I know how good it feels, yes. Too bad it gets messy though.
          But yeah, I’d like that…ALOT!

  141. Samhain Says:

    p.s. i do love my serpent dearly, but he will never make a woman scream like my tongue does. perhaps you should consider “switching teams” for maximum pleasure, of course, satan would have to be a fan of that!

    • The last sentence up there was meant for this paragraph btw

      • Ps. Milking the old goat was meant to be a metaphor, meaning to have sex with Satan. Ya know “milking”,… “goat”…

  142. Samhain Says:

    sex with satan…perhaps. i realised milking the goat was a metaphor, i just had the wrong one! speaking of messy masteurbation, perhaps you’ll appreciate this. junkmail. we all get it, we all hate it. except me. guess hat i do with mine! go on, guess!

    • Uuummm…Youuu, delete it from your inbox?

      • Youuu…hmm…post it somewhere?
        Uuuhhh??? Print it? Idk wtf omg lol

        • Mark it as spam!!?? Damnit, I can’t figure out what you’re trying to tell me…

        • Samhain Says:

          duh! i bust on it. the thought of some slimy identity thief picking through my trash and finding crunchy credit card applications covered with my seed gives me the giggles. i know women have multiple orgasms, but being a man and having the ability to “bust” on things (or other people) is waaay better. plus, i’ve heard childbirth is a real bummer. comprende

      • Samhain Says:

        p.s. i meant literal mail, not email. busting on my computer screen would be messy. and immature. gosh! grow up already, faithe!

        • “Crunchy credit card” Hahaha!

  143. Anodraake Says:

    CALLED IT ! i totally called it! oh satan, i know thee so well. had to delete those comments, eh? nothing wrong with sexing it up occasionally. i would like to point out that comment asking satan to s@ck my di@ck in hell has remained all this time. why? does that question touch a nerve (a hidden and deeply repressed nerve)? satan, if you want to “come out of the closet”, i surely won’t judge.

  144. Anodraake Says:

    our sexually suggestive commetnts have been removed like i said they would, faithe. just out of curiosity, are you a game of thrones fan?

    • Nope. Never even watched it :/

      • Anodraake Says:

        best show on tv. i’ve read the books too. seriously, watch that sh-t! was hoping you liked it, wanted to b.s. about it.

  145. Not to offend…What race are you and is Beyonce your wife or something? If not then what do you know about her and who is she personal? I dont want to see what the media got to say about her. JS

  146. I wanted to know what race are you and is Beyonce your queen/wife or something? If not then what do you truely know about her and what is she to you? Cause otherwise I do not want to hear it from the media..Oh and uh just because Im on here dont mean I want to follow you and yes I know you are the dark prince of the world and that we are all living in sins into your world…I rather be with the Lord and his son Jesus. I just hope I dont mess it up on my life js. comment ASAP

  147. If it seem that I insulted you with the named “Jesus” I just dont like how you are trying to fool them by saying dont follow Jesus and stay away from the bible and stuff…anyway you have a really interested blogs on here…i have laughed at few comments that people made about selling soul and stuff over ridiculous things of what they want…I know you was serious with most of it and still I guess I enjoy reading over this site. The thing is tell me more about you I have already learn about Jesus but tell me more about interested

    • Anodraake Says:

      dear C.B, not trying to be rude or mean, but seriously, dude, are you LD? your writing is kindergarten level. it reads like something a stroke victim wrote with their bad arm. if you were a smart boy, you’d see the folly in asking satan anything. i know you’ve been here before, asking similar questions. stay on your meds!!

      • Lol

        • Satkvvss Says:

          lol indeed. people tell me my frequent lol’ing for no apparent reason is indicative of my insanity. i say bugger them all! they’re the crazy ones! i’am the perfect model for sanity. in fact, i’m so sane, i’m ULTRASANE!

  148. Dear Satan, do you have a church in Swaziland so i can go to and worship you?…May you show me you light tonight…666….

  149. Satkvvss Says:

    he said to kill yourself. then you can worship him in person. also, where in the seven hells is swaziland? if its even a real place, it sounds very 3rd world and trashy. yep! you’re better off dead. it feels so good to help people. this is how that crooked B.I.T.C.H. mother theresa must feel. can’t wait to get her down here, with us…

  150. Looking for answers in getting the woman of my dreams which is a woman named Svetlana on a Russian dating site. Only problem is I am in Florida and she is still in Russia and rumor has it. Our communications go well only problem is money, distance and dating agency she is on which might be more interested in making money than bringing people together. What type of deal I need to make with Satan to make sure I not only have Svetlana with me in person and in the flesh (also she will be sweet, loving and submissive to me) but to have an upper middle class lifestyle to go with her and she won’t get pregnant. I am open to all options within reason as long as it does not involve her getting hurt. I would love to have her and possess her as my own and have financial security too.

  151. Why doesnt America and Europe with the exception of Canada repent of the sin of cailing compliments of bosoms,cleavage and rears,whistling,etc. a crime of socalled sexual pestering? Why dont they have a stronger will to resist you? Why are so many of them so gullible that if some man says your breasts are beautiful your devils deceive them with lying words so they think thats supposed sexual “hassling”? Why dont they know that they are using the bible in a profane way to justify banishment and jailing of innocent Christian men who compliment women? Why do women insult men by calling whistling “street” hassling for, when it does no happen on a street but a sidewalk instead? Why dont women repent of calling compliments harassment which is a direct insult and save themselves an eternity of pain and anguish and no longer call this imaginary crime a “crime” by confessing this is a trespass against God that needs to be apologized for, to Him and men?

    • Satan I need your help i have no one else to ask will you please answer

      • Satkvvss Says:

        what exactly do you expect satan to help you with? why not ask this christ fellow instead? why the desperation? why, why, and why?

  152. Satkvvss Says:

    i see a lot of outrageously pathetic questions like the previous two. not qutie sure what’s wrong with you lot. inbreeding? brain damage? what a spectacular waste of flesh, mind, and soul. oh well. nature is like to pick you off eventually, and evolution hopefully rejects any stunted offspring john and dunric are fortunate enough to prematurely ejaculate into some even dumber strumpets belly.

  153. Well I have no one else to turn too I pray to a god who doesn’t even listen my dad loves my step mother more than me i barely have friends . I have no one to love .my dreams I wish aren’t happening .i pray to god and what I get in return is nothing .so I ask for your help for me to be popular I wanna be a singer i know I can sing and I want someone to love me for who I am . I wanna be rich famous I wanna get revenge on the haters .im forgotten i wanna prove them wrong i summon to help me with this .your the only one I can turn to.thanks

    • What’s your name kid? Do you have Youtube account?

    • Satkvvss Says:

      is this truly what you desire? how boring and typical. no one loves me. im not popular. no one knows how im secretly so awesome. boo-hoo. waaaaaah. seriously, dude, GROW A PAIR! heres a tip for ya, mr. moe: if you WERE awesome and talented and loveable, you wouldn’t need anyone to confirm it. what a sad, weak-minded waste of flesh.

  154. Mohammed saleh I don’t have a YouTube though

  155. I know i am listen to me no one wants to talk to me a mentor of mine got me a record deal opportunity and decides to block me .i know what I am I will show just give me another opportunity .this is all I need and I promise I wanna spit on all there faces and leave the school with confidence you understand . Give me a shot .so I could make the people feel the guilt of not wanting me as a friend.the girl I wanted blocked me to I did so much to let her know .i wanna get revenge on them to realize it was a mistake .i desire what I say and also money that’s right what more 300 more years after life .so many fans that all of them have pictures of me on there wall .weak minds become strong if you let them be-Mohammed .sometimes wastes of flesh can be reused again.

  156. My number is 6146267314

    • Satkvvss Says:

      satan grows weary of beggars, ser, and your number does not interest his excellency. what are you willing to give in return for this divine assistance? answer carefully. put some brain power to use.

  157. I will give him what ever he desires from me with negotiations a meeting you know

  158. Satkvvss Says:

    parrots can be trained to repeat phrases. dumb people, like parrots, can learn over time to say what they think others want to hear. not good enough, serrah. now bugger off. father and i have a world to annhilhate, in case you’ve forgotten. we will accept you as a slave (we will have you soon enough as is, parrot) but you will recieve absolutely nothing in return. sound good? i approve! been a pleasure dealing. ta for now, parrot.

  159. How about I will give him love. Subliminal messages in my songs I will give hate to people once I’m famous I will get people to kill there self by my words .i will make the world hate there self .ill be your puppet if you give me what I want .youll have me and I’ll have the dumb fans .i will have fans world wide that are dumb.i will give my life too.heres more .when I die you can take me to the darkest pit of hell.when I’m dead you can have the demons eat at me . One more thing is death of the ones who never cared about me

  160. I meant what I said before I will give what he desires yes all what he wants .im not just saying that ok you will get what you’ll desire from me and .give what I want .im saying this with all I stand for .you will get what you want from

  161. You are all I got left .sir .the pathetic god does not care . People pray to god to justify the way they live a lie

  162. All my earnings will go to the satanic church of satan when I’m dead sound good

  163. Satkvvss Says:

    you have nothing we desire, or that we won’t have in good time. i, however, have given you something: advice. satan has no love for you. nor do i. i told you to try this christ-man instead. have you? how about this: it would please satan if you bought the legendary edition of skyrim and it’s accompanying guide, and clock 300+ hours of gameplay (whichever platform you prefer) next, buy the black dhalia murders’ new album “EVERBLACK”. listen to it every day. finally, buy seasons one and two of game of thrones, as well all five volumes of george rr. martins “A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE”series of novels. . watch all the episodes, read all the books. do this, and offer proof that you have done so (by way of information relation) and you will earn my favor, in turn earning my masters favor. are you capable of doing this?

  164. I’m going to get his help .i give all my earnings when I’m famous to the church of satan when I’m dead .satan loves all of his servants .i summon him to my home .im not like the other humans I’m different this ain’t a game brother. I don’t play sky rim . How about while I’m famous ill do that when I have free time .that sounds good .i promise and if I don’t .all you have have me will be thrown in the gutter .give me what I want and I’ll do what you want .ill spilt some of my fame with you too .

  165. I’m not going to be used by you .i would like to talk to satan alone .christ does not care . Buddy I had a tough life .it’s time to give it back to the ones who didn’t I taste revenge .you smell the feces yes the hate i have . Is there another way

  166. Weak minds get stronger .my master and I thank you . I’ve tried god . And why be god if you can’t give your servants what they want .so I choose you .god can only make me a good singer in Christian rock if that . Take place in my scheme to control the human minds my brethren your hate is my strength and your love is my pride

  167. Satkvvss Says:

    so all that gibberish equates to a firm “NO”, right? “Buddy i had a tough life” heres hoping it gets even tougher! (sometimes, the strongest blades are forged in the hottest flames. it seems you melted instead) you will never know my master in any positive way-this i promise.

  168. You see in the future small minded idiot .youve been set up haha .loser haha .the jokes on you

    • Satkvvss Says:

      could you clarify what joke is on me, exactly? could it possibly be that i’ve had several exchanges with a mentally handicapped individual referring to themselves as moe? i’ll bet that’s the joke! enjoy yourself whist you can. just remember, you will be my slave before too long.

  169. Listen sir I’ve asked for help and I can’t get any help so I will go now .i will never be your slave only his if i get what I want

    • Satkvvss Says:

      you’re going to leave?! woe is me! how shall i go on without “boil on the arse of humanity” moe to pose gibberish laced questions, and levy pathetic plea’s for help on a daily basis (im a loser, help me get laid, daddy hates me, ect.ect)? well done ser. you’re very boring. you make me bored. kinda like watching grass grow. or paint dry. speaking of paint, did you eat paint chips as a kid? don’t answer that! who am i kidding? i already KNOW the answer! okay. off you go then. your master commands you to go forth. GO FORTH AND DIE!

  170. Ok I’ll leave you no more talking with you

    • my name is michael i really want to share my testimony on how i became an Illuminati member, through my friend. i was moving with my friend for more than 10 years and he have been getting rich everyday and even giving me money but he never told me the secret of his success until a day i was frustrated to let him know that he should help me also that was when he open up to me and tell me that he was a member of the Illuminati that he have been in the court for more than 10 years that his riches and protection came from this i told him to let me be into the court but it not an easy task to be a member but i was finally initiated into the devil church of the Illuminati and i was confirm in there church. after a month of being a member of Illuminati i got promotion that same month in my working place and within a year i was promoted thrice in my working place to the extend of being a managing Director i never know how to thank this church of Illuminati and today am rich as my friend also, and also the one that surprise me most was that i got an accident with my new car and the car was right off but i still survive the accident and nothing happen to me i really thank you people Illuminati. so i just want to share to the world that this is real and it have help me and work for me so if you want to become a member i can lead you into the court of richness and you will never be poor again, know that it only a member in the Illuminati that can initiate you into the church of illumination they do not contact directly because they are fake Illuminati all over the world, this is my email they will tell you how to join,

      • Anonymous Says:

        Michael, besides money and power can the Illuminati can help in getting/enjoying beautiful women especially if there is one woman in particular you would want, Check out my previous posting in this site and see if joining the Illuminati will help in this case.

      • Satkvvss Says:

        ewww. you aren’t fooling anyone, moe. i thought you were leaving. instead, you’ve cooked up this illuminati garbage. why don’t you just take out an ad on graigslist that reads: WANTED: “loser looking for other losers to help my damaged sense of self worth. also, someone who can teach me how to write.” might as well leave out any invitations for the ladies. i’m sure you’ll deny this, but its pretty obvious that you’re, ahem…in the closet. why havent you thrown yourself off a bridge yet? CLARIFICATION: im not disparaging you for being a homosexual. just for being pathetic trash. i wanted to make that distinction. not that you understand the meaning of the word distinction. whew! glad thats out of the way! now, seriously, go kill yourself.

  171. I love playing along its fun I’m bored I got nothing to do except what you say die .be good or be good at it 😉 . I like your way of view . I welcome you to my way of viewing things now bugger off and kill yourself I should say . You should not talk gibberish we will have you soon you say. Well you don’t . satan does when I see satan . Illumaniti hell I think it was a hoex already . You should drown In your own blood . 2 can play at that game . If you really could talk to satan why would he talk to you . Satan is not evil at all he loves who loves him . Satan has souls to sell . And yes brethren souls are real and you can sell them. Satan has no love for you . He talks to me . Yes he does recommends the best for his servent .satan has no time for blogs he has businesses and helps people who are downsome something’s god can’t do .

  172. two can play at that game. indeed! you’re quite dreadful at it, however. i like competion, not woefully inferior dregs such as you. the point you seem to be continually missing, moe, is that i worship only myself. you WANT to be a slave. you need a god to worship. your life sucks (or maybe you suck at life?) so you want some magical being to fix it. no effort made on your part. its true. our world is drowning in mediocre scum, like you. whining about how miserable you are, desperate for a quick fix, completely oblivious to the fact that you control your own destiny. killing yourself Would make this mediocrity-laced world better, if only by a small measure. go on, kill yourself. FOR THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND!!

  173. I’m dead as you can be 😉

  174. Satkvvss Says:

    how are you able to use a computer? dead is dead, son. emoticons are strictly the province of tween girls. and effeminate men. just sayin’.

  175. Hey satan could u manifest unto me in someway where we could talk I have to ask u a favor

    • one tyrant falls, another rises Says:

      no. piss off

  176. Question can u tell me all u know about melisande thank u

    • she’ s f-cking sexy! what more do you need to know, homeskillet? and its MELISANDRE, not MELISANDE. get it wrong again, and there will be dire consequences, my illiterate “friend”.

  177. sell my soul to the devil for three wishes

  178. satan just informed me not to accept souls anymore. you must offer something of true value. the soul of someone who would willingly enslave themselves is quite worthless. what else ya got?

    • Yes does it with you so quickly contacted and immediately answered…or when you do not believe that Satan didn’t need the souls of men… probably just you around at all have no any relationship, especially to the devil.

  179. how eloquent. is that you, moe? really? pretending to be a girl? a new low ser, a new low indeed . what happened to literacy in america ? we should be embarrassed as a nation.

  180. Be a member of Illuminati today and become rich and famous, this is just brief summary to apply now and join thousands of satisfied citizens contact us at or call …+2348165028579

  181. The one thing I can really respect and appreciate here unlike a blog about someone else that Satan believes in is that my comments are not removed here. Someone here must be more Christian than someone elsewhere.

  182. Thor the bore who God send to be eternally damned and tormented in hell Says:

    Maybe if God did not create people who had other religions including ones where they are gullible enough to think demons are gods there would not be so many people in hell when more of them should be in heaven.

  183. I am sorry that I let the devils live when I drowned earthlings in the world. I should have forgiven all of them instead of letting human suffering go on for a indefinite period of time that did not need to happen.

  184. Hellivision Says:

    Are the inventions of men the devices of the devils? Yes those things are. I am a television and I am used of the devils and Beelzebub to consign people to eternal damnation in hell if they do not repent of the evil of using me.

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