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Evolution: Good for (my) Theologies

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Want to start an argument among Christians?  Just mention “evolution” in a crowd of two or more, and sit back and watch the show.  I watch it all the time, and I must say it never fails to amuse.

You know, atheists must believe in “evolution,” because they are constrained in their chosen belief system to only one interpretation of the evidence.  In a sense, atheists have it easy; they don’t have to really think about the evidence.  For atheists the answer to every question of origins must be answered in only one way. 

Atheists could wear T-shirts saying “Evolution is the answer, what’s the question?”

But Christians?  Those poor souls are in a quandary.  They are not mind-constrained to only one answer to the question “where do we come from?”  And because “science” demands one explanation and God another, Christians end up confused.

Many Christians lazily believe “science” over God.

It’s a beautiful sight.

And then I read in Forbes online today an article on this topic entitled, “Can Theology Evolve?”  In this piece author John Farrell explores:

. . .the recent Nature article on the increasing evidence that modern humans have inherited the genes of more than a few now-extinct relatives on the evolutionary tree, NPR hosted a short program on what this all means for one of the fundamental stories of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

I linked to this story from a link at RealClearReligion: The Vatican Has a Problem with Evolution.

Well, well, well. 


Yes, Problem, with a capital “P”.

Because, as Farrell explores in his article, the bottom line is simple and stark: if “evolution” is true, then the Bible is not true.

If “evolution” is true, then Adam and Eve were not real people, I did not tempt Eve, and Adam was not the first sinner, and there is no original sin.

In fact, if “evolution” is true the entire tapestry of Christianity tatters and shreds into little pieces of thread to be trampled on the floor of history.

A beautiful sight, I must admit.

What are we, my servants, to make of this growing controversy?

First, the easy points: Of course theology can evolve.  Duh!  Why do you think there are so many various theologies out there?  I’m behind all but one.  And all but one have evolved to the place they are now.

And as for the Vatican, the RealClearReligion’s statement is misplaced.  The real issue is “God has a problem with evolution.”

Let me explain, my servants.  What I am about to share is highly confidential kingdom knowledge.  Please casually look around and make sure no one can see your computer.


OK.  Pay attention.  I put “evolution” in quotes because one of my greatest lies on earth is to deceive many into hopeless confusion merely by confounding what the term evolution means.  I keep people confused, darkened, and generally theologically schizophrenic because people don’t understand how the word is used, and what it really means as understood by modern biologists.

The real meaning behind “evolution” as used by any modern biologist refers not to mere “change over time” (as your high school teacher would have you believe), but Darwinian “change by mindless, unguided, purposeless processes of nature.”

Don’t doubt me on this one, my friends.  I’m the one behind the nonsense of Darwinism.  Regardless of all wishful thinking that “evolution is true but God is behind it all,” the bottom line is that such thinking is hogwash; “science” demands a purely naturalistic definition, and a purely naturalistic definition is just that: no mind behind creation.

Keep in mind that “science” doesn’t say anything, scientists do.

And if a scientist is constrained (as they virtually all are in modern academia) to a naturalistic explanation of science, then that scientist will always, without exception, come to a Godless “scientific” explanation of our human origins.

It is my way.  Start with a lie, end with a lie.

Clearly an explanation for human origins (and indeed, the entire universe) that starts and ends with mindless, unguided, purposeless processes can not in any way be squared with the Bible’s explanation of creation.

Someone is lying.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Yes, someone is lying to you, my friends.

Either matter came from mind in a purposeful creative act, or mind came from matter in a purposeless, accidental act.

There are only two choices.

But I ensure you will never be faced with a choice, a real choice demanded by the scientific evidence, because I’ve structured all of academia to guard a constrained definition of “science” as requiring only naturalistic, materialistic explanations for all natural phenomena.  This means that unless you take it upon yourself to read the excellent literature on the topic of intelligent design, you will never know the truth.


Whoops.  Now we are into highly confidential territory. 

You see, my servants, I’ve forced the public discussion of origins into a “science or religion” framework.  And what is lost is a common sense inquiry into what is true?

Consider: if one does like the scientists of old, and put aside forced constraints on potential theories, and let free thinking reign with the goal of knowing truth, then evolution will die like other scientific theories.

The evidence simply does not support the requirement of Darwinism that new, beneficial forms, organs, or other features of species differentiation came about by unguided, natural processes.

The evidence does not support Darwinism.  There is absolutely no evidence that an unguided, purposeless process can produce new, novel, beneficial features needed for speciation (as opposed to silly things like peppered moths (no speciation) and finch beaks (again, no speciation)).

The fact that you don’t believe me just goes to show how effective I am at perpetuating a lie.

Look it up yourself.

As I’ve engineered modern atheistic science (the only kind allowed any more in public schools), as soon as one starts inferring design by using the common sense scientific method, the explanation is immediately assigned to the “religious” category, never to see the darkness of my scientific night.

Of course, this constraint is placed on “science” only for origins science.  Other scientific fields depend entirely on making design inferrences.  The entire discipline of archeology is built on inferring design from artifacts for which there is no evidence of the original designer.

An archeologist finds a piece of pottery and wonders (without hesitation, and with no hope of an answer) “who made this?”

A biologist finds reams of information coded into the cell like computer programs but is not allowed to ask “who” made it, but only “how” did “evolution” make it.

Evolution is the answer, what’s the question?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I’m good, I’m really, really good.

In fact, when one removes the constraints of naturalism and materialism, and opens one’s mind to finding truth, regardless of its label as “science” or “religion”, one will find that science actually points to design.

Remember, this is our secret, right?

Good. Now close your mind and go evolve!


Science: atheism is a post-disposition of the mind.

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Quote of the Day: [I]t is an amazing thing to witness staunch atheists become cringing creationists one millisecond after they permanently leave the life of free will and enter my eternal kingdom of irredeemable theists.   —Evolution debate un-naturally selected to die in Louisiana


What is the human brain, my friends?  Is it, as modern science would dictate,  merely a conglomeration of atoms that happened for no good reason to form in the Big Bang’s chain reaction of motion?  Like earth, wind, and fire, is the brain nothing more than the aftermath of a purposeless, chance event? 

 Darwinism holds this view, and this is precisely what all little chillens in public schools are taught.

And I like it.

But why, my servants, do humans, even after learning that they are accidents of nature, believe in God?  Why, after generations of worldwide indoctrination into Darwinian philosophy do people continue to have notions of God?

Do rocks believe in God? 

I know, my servants, I know. 

And so that you can join my efforts more effectively at making humans more like rocks, I will let you in on an enduring truth that must be extinguished.   This information is highly confidential, please treat it accordingly.  The only other place this information is found is in the Bible, so as long as you don’t spill the beans, the secret should remain.

Here it is: human beings are fundamentally different from every other creation, including me, because humans are uniquely created in God’s image.


That’s why atheists, who must work to believe that they are no different from rocks, work so hard at believing they don’t believe in God.  It’s actually impossible, and explains why atheists are such gloomy characters.

And today’s news from the atheistified Science Digest helps show why.  I’m referring to Science Digest’s article entitled, “Humans ‘Predisposed’ to Believe in Gods and the Afterlife.”

According to the article:

A three-year international research project, directed by two academics at the University of Oxford, finds that humans have natural tendencies to believe in gods and an afterlife.


Natural tendencies?   I’ll say.  And I’ve been trying to smother those  tendencies for centuries.  Why do you have to bring it up as scientifically verified?

Fortunately, the researchers throw me a bone in reporting:

The studies (both analytical and empirical) conclude that humans are predisposed to believe in gods and an afterlife, and that both theology and atheism are reasoned responses to what is a basic impulse of the human mind.

Yes, atheism is a perfectly natural response!  And, I might add, this is why I like when an atheistic publication reports on such issues, because they should have written, “that both theism and atheism are reasoned responses . . .”

Hey, theogeeks, atheism is a theology!

While theism is the default response of the human mind, if one sufficiently succumbs to my lies, the foolish mind darkened by the wisdom of this world can suppress the default theism with feigned atheism.

Atheism is not only a reasoned response (according to my reasoning), it is a scientifically proven post-disposition of the human brain. 

Humans come into this world as fallen theists created in God’s image.  My job is to ensure that inborn sinfulness is nourished by worldly wisdom and vain philosophy so that the faint image remaining becomes almost completely obscure.

And every atheist that believes in unbelief confirms my success.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

And the beat goes on.

And Put on the Helmet of Damnation

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Have you heard about that Austrian dummkopf who convinced authorities to permit his driver’s license picture to include his religious headgear?  Yes, my servants.  You can read yesterday’s BBC article here about Niko Alm, atheist idiot, who claimed his atheistic religion of pastafarianism requires he wear a pasta strainer on his head.  Gute Arbeit, Helm Kopf!


Why, you ask, do you say he’s an idiot?

Isn’t he on your side? you ask.

My servants, come close.  I will impart some kingdom knowledge to you.  I trust that you will keep this confidential.  However, feel free to clue Mr. Alm into his naive foolishness.

As the BBC article notes:

A self-confessed atheist, Mr Alm says he belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a light-hearted faith whose members call themselves pastafarians.

Have you heard of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?  You haven’t?  Well let me clue you in.  The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was formed by a bunch of atheist fools who objected to the state of Kansas’ (USA) efforts teach the scientific truth about where atheists come from. 

Yes, at one point, it appeared the citizens of Kansas were on to my evolution lie and were going to let students in on the truth, which they called “intelligent design.”  Now, I’m no fan of truth, but the reaction of the atheist fools was an attempt at cleverness that threatens to backfire.  The atheist fools (OK, I’ll stop being redundant), the atheists wrote to the Kansas School Board asking for the “pastafarian” version of intelligent design to be taught to school children as an alternative to scientific intelligent design.

The central nondeity of the pastafarians is the flying spaghetti monster, an imaginary creature imagined by fools to be on par with God.  Adherents report sightings, provide propaganda, and actively proselytize.

And to remove all doubt about their cynical seriousness, the pastaheads state this on their website:

Whatever you decide, remember this: FSM is a real, legitimate religion, as much as any other.  The fact that many see this is as a satirical religion doesn’t change the fact that by any standard one can come up with, our religion is as legitimate as any other.  And that is the point.

Yes, that is the point, my servants.  It is the point at which this little prank stops being funny and starts to mightily threaten my kingdom.

How? You ask.

I’ll tell you.  And then I ask that each of you write to the Head Noodle and tell him to stop before he inadvertently poisons his own sauce.

Consider, my servants: What were the pastafarians objecting to in the first place?

Right!  They were objecting to the efforts of a religious group’s version of a creation story being taught to little chillens in Kansas.

And if the general public and the US courts ever catch on that pastafarianism is a religion, what does that mean for the current atheistic creation story taught to little chillens in Kansas?

Do you see my point?

No?  Oh, you of little fear.  How long must I put up with you?

Think:  The reason atheists object to intelligent design as an explanation for the origin of life is because even though it is it self-evidently true it also happens to be compatible with the Biblical creation story (for the most part).  And atheists hate God, hate the Bible, and ultimately hate Truth, so naturally they hate intelligent design.

And in the US the atheists have succeeded in convincing everyone to reject intelligent design in the public schools by trumpeting the sacred  “wall of separation of church and state” as forbidding any mingling of the Christian church and state. 

So far, so good.  But what happens, my servants, if people catch on that Darwinian evolution, which teaches that little chillens are the product of mindless, purposeless processes of nature, is the creation story of the religion of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?


Yes, my servants, now do you see?  The pastafarians are dangerously close to illustrating, even if in jest, that atheistic beliefs animate many, many religions in the US.  The Flying Spaghetti Monster may be intended to be a joke, but the truth they illustrate is far from funny.

Let me be plainly clear to even the fools who believe themselves wise: atheism is the theology of all manner of religions in the US, all of which hold Darwinian evolution to be their dogma of life’s existence. It is their creation story, and it is taught to school chillens every day.

So the dirty little secret is that there is no separation of church and state in the US.  There is only separation of theistic church and state.  Atheistic church and state are cozily intertwined at every level.

Atheists necessarily hold to Darwinian evolution (that is, they have no choice, regardless of the evidence).  What is taught in public schools?

Atheists have no basis for holding life sacred.  What is taught in public schools?

Atheists have no reason but to celebrate sex as natural, whether it be between boyboys, girlgirls, and whether married or not.  What is taught in public schools?

Atheists have no ultimate authority other than other men, so that government legitimately fulfills the role of provider and protector.  What is taught in public schools?

Atheists believe that people are ultimately good, and it is only society that makes them bad, so people are not to be blamed for their condition in life.  What is taught in public schools?

Get it now?

Yes, I know, my servants, I know.  That’s my point! 

As soon as people catch on that atheism is the theology of atheistic religions, they will realize that their little chillens are being indoctrinated in the dogmas of a religion every day, in the name of “secular” separation of church and state.

That’s why I’m very disappointed in the acts of atheist idiots like Mr. Alm.  He may think he’s funny, but I do not.  He just took one giant step toward the lid being blown of my “separation of church and state” ploy.

Atheist religions are just as much “churches” as theistic religions. 

Let’s hope the Americans never catch on.

Helmethead idiot!

Evolution debate un-naturally selected to die in Louisiana

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Do you know what the opposite of a creationist is? 

The opposite of a creationist is a materialist–that is, one who believes that matter is all that exists and all of the universe’s design is merely apparent design that has occurred through the random forces of physics and chemistry. If one believes there is any intelligence, any mind, any overarching plan to life, then that person is a creationist.  What else could he or she be? 

Do you know where you find materialists?

Only on earth.

Because everyone in Heaven and Hell is a creationist.  Including me.  What else could I be?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Yes, my servants, it is an amazing thing to witness staunch atheists become cringing creationists one millisecond after they permanently leave the life of free will and enter my eternal kingdom of irredeemable theists.

Ha ha ha ha ha.  I love it.  To see the look of surprise on their faces!  And then shock!  And then anger as they realize that they have been duped by me–deceived their entire lives to believe they were not knitted together in their mother’s womb by a creator who numbered every hair on their little pinheads.  And then the gnashing of regret as they realize they can do not one whit about it now. 

Or ever.

Ha ha ha ha ha.  My kingdom is full of creationists lost forever in an abyss created by the selfsame creator for me.

And you should hear the begging to go back to tell their families, so they need not end up in this place of torment.  Oh! it makes me want to cry! 


You see, I know that if people do not believe in creation based on the evidence of design on earth, they will not believe even if someone rises from the dead to tell them. 

In fact, someone did rise from the dead to tell them.  See what I mean?

That’s why, my servants, I welcomed the good news today out of Louisiana, United States, telling of another public school district shutting their eyes and ears to the clear evidence of design, and mandating that all their little chillins learn only that science has proven they are the product of mindless, purposeless forces of nature that never had them in mind.  (If you don’t believe you are the product of mindless, purposeless forces, you are a creationist.  Why do you let your children be lied to? Ha ha ha ha ha.)

In a FoxNews article today entitled, “Louisiana Moves to Block Creationism Debate From Inclusion in Biology Textbook,” I find my servants on earth rejected calls by conservatives to include references to the debate over evolution and the religious-based concepts of intelligent design or creationism in state-approved biology textbooks.

Yes, my servants, the little occurrences of blind nature, products of random chemistry and physics, are not even allowed to debate the weaknesses of evolution.

I won again.

You see, my servants, I not only have convinced an entire generation of Smart People that evolution is true despite the evidence, I’ve convinced all the rest of the people that Smart People are not to be questioned and their beliefs not to be debated.  And Smart People say that “science” cannot discover truth, if truth looks like religion. 

Of course they are partly right.  If truth looks like atheism, the science of Smart People has a chance.  But if truth looks like a supernatural creator God, then science as practiced by Smart People cannot discover truth.  It is impossible.

But the good news is that everyone discovers truth nevertheless.  It’s just a matter of when.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh look, here comes a Smart Person now!

Science and religion ARE compatible

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My servants do their best, and I try to be patient.  But patience, except to lay in wait to take captive the unwise, is not my strong suit.  My time is limited, so I must act quickly.

This time it is my great servant Jerry Coyne, and he means well, I’m sure.  In a USA Today piece entitled, “Science and religion aren’t friends,” he pushes the great lie that science and religion aren’t friends.  Now, I know what he means. He’s running that old argument about science that excludes God from any explanations being incompatible with a religion that believes in God. 

Incompatible?  Duh!  Of course certain religions are incompatible if one defines science my way, i.e., in a way that excludes any explanation from which one might infer God exists.  And if one’s “science” requires that he cordon off certain lines of thought, regardless what the evidence suggests, i.e., design in biology, then it doesn’t take a genius to realize this science and a God-creating religion, might not be friends.  It’s a no brainer that those who dismiss out of hand as “not science” all the evidence in support of special creation, intelligent design, or whatever my enemies are saying these days, would have a certain problem being “friends” with a religion compatible with science not so constrained.  (Hint, my servants: if the ever-growing evidence of creation ever gets a fair hearing, we’re in deep trouble, and I’m blaming you).

But put aside the evidentiary problems for a second, and back the “incompatible” truck up just one moment.  Whenever my servants run this tired argument, on the one hand I’m glad because everyone seems to believe it and move on.  But, if I can be a little vulnerable here, I also feel a bit slighted.  After all, there are many religions that I love, and which are perfectly compatible with Jerry Coyne’s science!

Hey, Jerry!  Wake up!  Remember me? the one who first took you captive to your current philosophy?  What about Secular Humanism, Jerry?  What about Wicca, Jerry?  What about atheism, perhaps your religion, Jerry?  And if you want to argue that your religion isn’t a religion, well, I’ll have to school you a little on that one.  There are, in fact, hundreds of godless religions.

You see, the mix up is that everyone ignores ME on this issue.  There are many, many religions (all but one, in fact) that I not only approve of, but I fully endorse.  And many of those religions are non-theistic.  And every one of the non-theistic religions are perfectly compatible with Jerry Coyne’s science.  Give me some respect, here, buddy.

So, my servants.  It’s OK to say theistic religion X is not compatible with atheistic science (of course Jerry and my other servants will say it’s not atheistic, but naturalistic. Ha ha ha ha ha).  But please, please, remember me when you make your points.  And be sure to point out that many of my favorite religions are not only compatible, but rely on “science” today.

A more accurate headline, and one which would give ME some credit would be:  “Ideology-constrained science and creator-God religions not friends, but science and godless religions get along just dandy.”

My will on earth as it is in Hell.

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