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Santorum out to out me; someone help me out?

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Wow oh wow, but how things can get out of hand when I’m having fun!  Just as I’m seeing my kingdom flourish in the United States faster than even I ever imagined, along comes a knuckle-dragging, backwoods, bitter clinger of a wet blanket by the name of Rick Santorum!  Wow oh wow, how things change.

For my non-US readers, please bear with me.  The United States is going through an election year right now, and little do, er … I mean did, the boiling-frog Americans know that this election was, more than any other, a choice between policies that please moi and policies that please God.

I almost had them completely, happily, ignorantly, boiled.

But just as I thought I cold stop chopping the wood of liberal, politically correct, ungodly policies (see my last post where I was contemplating retirement!), here comes this Santorum cat saying things that have never been said by a major politician in America.  Not even in the good Christian days of the U.S. of A. did a politician so explicitly state truth to the American people.

Just today the internet’s most popular news aggregator, The Drudge Report, ran the headline: “Santorum’s Satan Warning.”


Why bring moi into this?

Well, I suppose I was already in this.  But who does Santorum think he is, blowing my cover by pointing out to all the happy frogs the great fire licking the sides of their freedom pot?  According to the Drudge Report, Santorum is quoted as saying, “Satan has his sights on the United States of America!”  And,

“Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those great vices of pride, vanity, and sensuality as the root to attack all of the strong plants that has so deeply rooted in the American tradition.”

Wow oh wow.

Of course he’s right on all counts.  Pride, vanity, and sensuality–that just about covers it. But who would have ever thought a politician would bring me into the fray like this?

And the media?  They eat this stuff up.  According to the media Santorum is a nut job.  A religious fanatic.  A dangerous fundamentalist.

Never mind that Obama can claim that Jesus told him his tax structure was just right.  The media yawn when Obama acts like a Christian.

And do you know why?


Yes, that’s right!  You are very perceptive!  It’s because everyone in the media knows Obama doesn’t mean it.

I’ve often said that it’s not those who say they believe in God that worry me.  Everyone believes in God, even atheists believe in God; atheists are just arrogant cowards.  Hey, even I believe in God.

But what worries me are people who say they believe in God and act like it.  It’s those who take God seriously and believe his Word to be truth to live by.

Those folks scare me.

And the media.

And some are noticing.  Note the Wall Street Journal article today addressing this issue.  In the article entitled, “Sex, Lies and Rick Santorum“, author William McGurn looks at “the double standard on social issues” in the US.

McGurn provides the example of veiws on marriage:

When Barack Obama was campaigning for president in 2008, he declared that marriage is between a man and a woman. For the most part, his position was treated as a nonissue.

That’s right. But,

Now Rick Santorum is campaigning for president. He too says that marriage is between a man and a woman. What a different reaction he gets.

Right again.  And why?  McGurn explains:

There’s no mystery why. Mr. Santorum is attacked because everyone understands that he means what he says.

He means what he says!  Yes, he says he’s a Christian and acts like it!

And then McGurn dangerously exposes one of my greatest secrets:

President Obama, by contrast, gets a pass because everyone understands—nudge nudge, wink wink—that he’s not telling the truth. The press understands that this is just one of those things a Democratic candidate has to say so he doesn’t rile up the great unwashed.

Wow oh wow!

You see, my friends, the plain fact is that Santorum is a Christian, a God-believer, one who takes God seriously.

And Obama?

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh, sometimes I crack myself up.

But it’s not a laughing matter, my good servants.  Santorum recently called out Obama’s “radical Islamic” policies and questioned Obama’s biblical world view, for example.  And Santorum is not the only one questioning Obama’s Christianity.   Even Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, is out today saying he

“was not sure if Obama was a true Christian and that he could not definitively say that the president was not a Muslim.”

And even worse, Mr. Graham is smacking the nail of truth in one great swing by further stating with respect to Obama’s self-identification as a Christian:

“He’s come out saying that he’s a Christian,” Mr. Graham said of Mr. Obama in an interview on the MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”  “The question is, what is a Christian?”

Wow oh wow!

What is a Christian?

My friends, let me share how it appears from my vantage point.

Mr. Santorum?  He’s a Christian.

Mr. Obama?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, if there wasn’t a good chance he might be defeated in his bid to continue ruling the United States and my kingdom on earth, it would be funny.

As it is, it’s just terrible.

Wow oh wow!

PS: For those who care, read here what I have to say in answer to “Is Obama a Christian?”  And here I write about “Obama: My Political Christian.  Enjoy!


Things Fall Apart: How American Voters Gave Up on Democrats (for now)

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American Democrats have religion too!

Why don’t religious people flock to the Democrat Party in the United States?  This question seems to befuddle American political operatives, to the point where they silly themselves all over the internet.  The latest spill of DemoSillyThink comes from the pages of The New Republic, in a piece by Tiffany Stanley entitled, “Things fall apart, how the Democrats gave up on religious voters.”

Ha ha ha ha ha. 

Now, my servants, I did not use the term “Democrat;” that is Stanley’s.  I prefer to look at the world through more general categories of (1) those who take God and his word seriously; and, (2) those who don’t.  In Hell we refer to these as (1) those we hate; and, (2) those we love, respectively.

Of course, it is true, as Tiffany sees but does not understand, that Democrats in the United States almost to a person please me by choosing to populate my Category 2.

And Tiffany’s article is subtitled “How the Democrats gave up on religious voters”?

Ha ha ha ha ha .

Try “How religious voters saw right through godless Democrat religotalk.”

Tiffany details the history of the Democrat’s exercises in “faith outreach” to reach “religious people.”  Barack Obama, of course, was the “shining hope for the religious left,” one who was not afraid of the “language of faith,” and “a liberal who gave the impression that his religiosity was heartfelt, genuine, and important to his politics.”

News bulletin to all the Tiffany’s of the world.  The “religious left” was, and is, already speaking their “language of faith” loud and clear, it’s just a different faith.  You only confuse people when you try to “give the impression” of genuine religiosity to those I hate in Category 1.

You see, they see you.  They see your words in action, as Rush Limbaugh observes today.  It’s hard to improve on Rush, but I’ll try:  We see you delighting in snubbing Christmas at every chance, and apologizing at every other.  We see you promoting the killing of babies, both born and unborn.  We see you trying to gut the military, marriages, and churches, turning them over to a homosexual political agenda.  We see you openly supporting a mosque at Ground Zero.  We see you trying to get rid of organizations rooted in God, like the Boy Scouts.  We see religious people mocked by your “shining hope” as religious clingers.  And at every turn we see you trying to replace God with government, which is to say, you.

Not true! We believe in God!  We believe in God!

Blah blah blah. 

So do I!

Tiffany even quotes sociologist Rebecca Sager, who with no understanding whatsoever blurts:

“Ninety percent of people believe in some sort of God. It’s mind-boggling why you would cede those voters to the Republican Party.”

Tiffany, Rebecca,  listen:  Category 2 is full of believers in God (mostly the “some sort” kind).  Stated belief in God is not the basis for my categories, and it’s not the way the American public categorizes. 

And that’s why the American Left will never win with American religious people.  Because in the land of the free and the home of the brave a huge majority still takes God and his word seriously, putting them squarely in Category 1.

I know, my servants, I know.  I am trying to change that as fast as I can.  But having Democrats like Barack Obama go around pretending like they are Christians does not help.  Like using a light to hide darkness, “giving the impression of faith” only highlights the liberal’s true faith.

My advice to liberals: Stop acting like Christians that you are not.  Both your base and your opponents resent such duplicity.  Your best bet, and I have centuries of experience in this area, is to stop the platitudes and cop the attitudes of your true self: a self that desires to make God in its own image, and lord it over others to make them in your likeness.

Remember, I am Liberal One.

Admit it. Live it.

The Mourning After the U.S. Elections

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 My servants.  My servants.  My servants.

What can I say?  Did you fail me?  Was it too much to ask to simply vote for the greater of two evils?  As I’ve said before, in any contest there is always a candidate I prefer.  And I can select ’em, but I can’t elect ’em.  But, alas, too many of my candidates lost last night.  Yes, I believe you failed me, my servants.

And what is it with guys named Daniel Webster and me?  Really!  Why am I always getting whipped by someone named Daniel Webster?  Was it too much to ask that at least Daniel Webster could be defeated in Florida?  My man, my MAIN man, Alan Grayson was defeated, and not by just anyone, but by some guy named Daniel Webster!  It’s enough to make me lose heart, if I had one.  Recall this post, where I gushed on Alan Grayson.

Why, oh why did it have to be Daniel Webster who defeated Alan Grayson?  Ever since that myth of Daniel Webster and the Devil, where the first Webster claims that the Devil cannot take the soul because he cannot claim American citizenship, I’ve carried a grudge.  Webster (the first) orated passionately of how wonderful it is to be an American. He admitted the wrongs done in America, but argued that something new and good had grown from it, “and everybody had played a part in it, even the traitors.” Mankind “got tricked and trapped and bamboozled, but it was a great journey,” something “no demon that was ever foaled” could ever understand.

Stop! Stop!  The first Webster humiliated me, and my fear is that this new Webster has the same ideas as the old.  This new Webster is said to be “pro-family,” which is code language for “religious” in the bad way (not my humanistic way) and patriotic.  This second Webster probably also believes that America is exceptional, and that it is wonderful to be an American.  Webster Two is even a longtime member of First Baptist Central Florida whose pastor, Clayton Cloer, had this to say about Daniel Webster (the second):

Daniel Webster is a man of honor. A man of respect. A man of character. A man who will bring great honor to a race to serve the people he’s been serving now faithfully for nearly 30 years.

Oh, gag me. 

I’m going to miss the wit and eloquence of Alan Grayson, who, speaking of his opponents said they are “foot-dragging, knuckle-dragging neanderthals who know nothing but ‘no’.”  Now that’s my kind of talk, my servants, and we must work hard to ensure people like Alan Grayson get elected the next time around.  Bear with Webster (the second) and all his newly minted cohorts for a couple of years, and then vote them out.

Yes, we must have the long view, my servants.  Elections come and go, candidates will come and go, but my principles of oppression via government intrusion on freedom, immorality with the force of law, tolerance of every evil and perverted behavior, and forced conformance to state-approved conduct shall prevail.  Trust me, I know human nature. 

It will happen, my servants.  But I will need your help.  Please, oh please, do not let any more Daniel Websters win.


Satan’s 2010 U.S. Voter Issue Guide

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Dear servants, the time is almost here.  Election time in the United States.

Elections offer my servants the opportunity to further my kingdom, and put in control of governmental affairs those who please me most.   And, my servants, you have greatly pleased me in the last few decades, please don’t fail me now.  We are so close.

I know that it can be daunting, picking a candidate based only upon what they say in campaign mode.  That is why my Voter Guide is based not on campaign positions, but on life positions.  I wish for you to observe the life of a candidate, and consider his or her worldview.  And then pick the one whose beliefs as evidenced by words and actions most closely match those I desire.

Let me make it simple for you, my servants.  I know that in the United States it is not politically correct to mix God and politics, but I’ve learned over the centuries that it’s precisely one’s belief in God (or not) that frames his or her entire worldview.  And it is one’s worldview that trickles down into every detail of interest: economic policy, social justice, social structures, tax policy, foreign affairs, cultural norms, and on and on.   

Satan’s Law of Politics:

Therefore, my law of politics is as follows:  The effectiveness of a politician in thwarting my kingdom goals is directly proportional to the politician’s expressed belief in God.

There is a corollary to my law: The effectiveness against my kingdom by elected officials who state a belief in God is directly proportional to their tendency to take God seriously. 

If an elected politician both believes in God and takes that belief seriously, I and my kingdom, are in trouble.  Vote against these people in every circumstance.  However, if a politician does not take God seriously, that politician is probably harmless, regardless of his or her belief in God.

Now, to be clear, I’m not talking just any “God” here.  It is the God of the Bible that storms my gates regularly, and whom I hate.  And when I say “takes God seriously” what I mean is taking his word, the Bible, seriously.  That combination is deadly to my kingdom, as it tends to set in motion liberty, freedom, and justice for all.

The cultural enjoyments of freedom, liberty and justice for all stem from the fundamental understanding of citizens being created equal by a transcendent creator, who holds all men and women responsible.  This worldview promotes individual responsibility for widows and orphans, the helpless and the infirm.  This worldview understands a limited role of government in protecting the private property of citizens and in regulating civil affairs by a rule of law that is not biased against rich or poor, black or white, male or female.  This worldview places a premium on life, except in strictly bounded conditions when the state is authorized to take the life of those who take life. 

A different worldview holds that citizens are a product of mindless, unguided evolution, rights are granted by a government, and social justice is code language for redistribution of private property from an unfavored class of citizens to a state-favored class.

As you can see, the worldview I hate is the worldview that originally predominated in the United States, but which I have successfully eroded over time to be almost the opposite in every respect.  Please help me keep my kingdom on a roll.

And remember, it’s not what a candidate says, it’s how he or she acts.

Therefore, when you go to the polls Tuesday, vote for the candidate that comes closest to sharing the following worldview:

  1. God does not exist, or at least he doesn’t matter.
    1. Look for a disdain for those of the Christian faith, a lack of worship attendance, or possibly a hostility to the Christian faith community.
  2. Religion and spirituality should be kept a private matter.
    1. Look for those who seem hesitant to acknowledge belief in the Bible, believe faith should be a private matter, or believe one’s religious beliefs are irrelevant to politics.
  3. Morals are relative, and are based on current cultural norms or whatever a federal judge can change.
    1. Look for those who show disdain for traditional values, believe Christian ideals are harmful, or believe all viewpoints are valid and should be embraced.
  4. Rights come from the state, and are dictated based on the state’s prerogative for the better good.
    1. Look for one show shows disdain for Constitutional limits, or who believes that government holds the solution for virtually any problem.

 Here is a 2×2 matrix to help visualize which canditates I support, and which I oppose.

               Believes God exits
    Yes   No
Takes Existence of God Seriously         Yes 1.Strongly Oppose as dangerous to my kingdom    2.Oppose as dangerous to my kingdom
        No 3.Support as valuable to my kingdom   4.Strongly Support as valuable to my kingdom

As shown in the 2×2 matrix, the candidate you must strongly oppose is in Quadrant 1, he or she who not only believes in God, but takes that belief seriously.  Do everything you can, even to the point of character assassination in the media if you have to, to oppose this candidate.  I do.

Note that I do not necessarily oppose a candidate who believes in God, such as Quadrant 3 candidates who believe in God but do not take him or his word seriously.  These people are no threat to me.  But note that I oppose the opposite viewpoint, shown in Quadrant 2.  These people are tricky; even though they don’t personally believe in God, they know that Biblical principles produce a well-ordered society, and support such principles.  I oppose these people.

Of course, I strongly support, and ask you my servants, to vote for those who deny a belief in God and who act like it.

Voting Guide Shortcut: Abortion Rights

Now, my servants, let me make voting even simpler, because I know it is difficult for you to look into the lives of every candidate for every office.  Over the years I’ve looked for shortcuts to voting patterns.  I look for markers that indicate which way a politician is likely to vote on any given issue.  And I’ve found one that is accurate to 96% reliability, and I give you permission to use it. 


That’s it.  One’s position on abortion, with a 96% reliability, indicates one’s position on virtually every other issue important to me in the world of politics.  Virtually no politician who falls in Quadrant 1 above (believe in God and act like it) supports abortion rights.  And virtually every candidate in Quadrants 3 and 4 (do not take God seriously) supports abortion rights.   Abortion supporters are my best servants in every area of law and society.

The reason one’s position on abortion rights is such an accurate barometer of voting for my entire agenda is simple.  It’s a reliable “trickle down” issue based on one’s worldview starting point.  If one believes in God and takes him seriously, he or she knows that God is the creator of life, and therefore life has inherently a God-given sanctity.  And it is that belief in God, shown in a position supporting abortion rights, that is detrimental to my kingdom.

Go, my servants.  Find the candidates who support abortion rights, they are your fellow servants of mine, helping to do my will on earth as it is in Hell.

Alert: Ignore the Manhattan Declaration

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This is an alert.  It is not a drill.

My servants, you must know about a rising threat to my kingdom, particularly in the United States political realm.  I’ve had my eye on this group since a year ago when they first started.  I knew they had sinister designs on my kingdom, but I really did not expect them to gain any significant political traction. 

But now this anti-Satan group of busy-bodies has manipulated almost 500,000 people to sign their stinkin’ Declaration, and quite frankly, I’m worried.  The group is called the Manhattan Declaration and it has the support of Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christians, and practically every big name in the Christian world.  Started in 2009, by a group including Chuck Colson (oh, how I regret letting grace steal that sinner from my slimy grip!), the movement “was born out of an urgent concern about growing efforts to marginalize the Christian voice in the public square, to redefine marriage, and to move away from the biblical view of the sanctity of life.”

They say they stand for three simple propositions: the sanctity of life, the dignity of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and religious liberty. Blechhh!  Gag me with a pitchfork!  Will someone please turn them off!

I must say, as much as I hate everything the Manhattan Declaration stands for, in a way I’m flattered.  After all, it was ME, and MY efforts in the United States that marginalized the “Christian voice” and took away religious liberties in the first place.  I’m directly responsible for removing the Christian voice from the public square, redefining marriage, and removing every view, biblical or not, of the sanctity of life.  Well done.  Thank you. No, thank you!

Ever since the first day the United States was formed around the idea that a transcendent creator was the author of life, and the creator was acknowledged by all to be the God of the Bible, I’ve been working at marginalization all God-belief.  But it was not until this century that I was able to make such great progress, virtually permanently relegating all God-thoughts to the private sphere (oh, you believe in God?  That’s nice, as long as you keep it to yourself, loser).  I have the United States so politically correct–the only places that God is left is where he’s carved in marble or engraved on money.  And it won’t be long before even those vestiges of Christianity are gone.

And you know what replaces God when he’s gone?

No, not ME (but you’re close).  MAN replaces God, and man without God is mine, so it might as well be me.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

So, my servants, you see why it’s extremely important that the Manhattan Declaration be stopped.  Their mission is against my will on earth.  I ask you to take up the cause for my sake, and do the following:

  1. Ignore the movement.  One of the main difficulties facing any emerging social movement is spreading the very knowledge that it exists.  Therefore, the best way to stifle all knowledge of the Manhattan Project is to help stop the word from getting out.  Do not share its URL with anyone.
  2. Do not pray for the Manhattan Project.  This should go without saying.  Prayer displeases me greatly, but I know that some of my servants are weak and find themselves uttering superstitious words now and then.  But prayer for this movement is true heresy against my kingdom.
  3. Stay ignorant on the issues.  Your ignorance is my bliss.
  4. Do not get any churches involved.  If you happen to be affiliated with a church (some of my servants are weak, and go to church just for show), do not ask your pastor/priest/teacher to get the congregation involved.  The more people get involved, the harder it is for me to stop.
  5. Do not write letters to the editor on the Declaration and on the three issues it speaks to.  Even a letter against the Declaration is a backdoor way of publicizing it.
  6. And whatever you do, do not support the movement with a donation.

Go, my servants, and ignore the Manhattan Declaration.  May my will be done on earth as it is in Hell.

Declaring dependence one person at a time

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NOTE:  It’s less than one week until the BIG election in the United States.  My voter issue guide will publish October 31.  Trick or treat, you decide.

Is it hot down here?  Or is it just me?  I mean, it’s like one of my sweatshops down here; we in Hell have been working overtime to ensure that certain candidates win in the upcoming elections in the United States.  My will on earth can be accomplished best where my servants rule most.  And this election we’ve had to work triple overtime; it’s been a long time since so many of my faithful have been underdogs.

Listen, my servants, you must realize that every time two candidates are running for office one of them will always be my pick.  He or she may not be perfect, and he or she usually leaves a lot for me to desire, but one candidate will always be more prone to think thoughts I like, more likely to do deeds I love, more willing to push legislation that furthers my purposes, and more open to generally doing my will on earth as it is in Hell.

Look for clues, like that witch O’Donnell, who credits prayer for boosting her campaign.  It’s hard even for me to tell sometimes, but I’m pretty sure she is not who I would vote for.  She doesn’t even believe that the words “separation of church and state” are written in the US Constitution’s First Amendment.  What a loser.  And I did get her to back down on her stand on creation by stating for the record “what I believe is irrelevant.”  (Psst. . . she doesn’t believe evolution explains your existence).  But, as I show below, what one believes about the creator is relevant; very much so.

So inform yourself, and be sure to vote for my candidates.  I’ve come way too far in the United States to start losing ground now.  Make sure that there is plenty of separation between church and state (at least the bad, God-believing kind of church; Satan-approved churches are OK).

About this creator business, and how it relates to US politics.  Do you know how long it took me to find anyone who would admit to believing that rights derive from the state, and not from a creator?  And do I not deserve some credit for finding not just anyone, but a president, who believes this?  In the United States of America? 

Whoa!  I’m good.

Over the years I’ve carefully groomed a generation of students to be statists–those who believe sovereignty is vested not in the people but in the national state, and that all individuals and associations exist only to enhance the power, the prestige, and the well-being of the state.

And the pinnacle of my achievement to date, more than I could ever ask or think, is the statist of statists, Barack Obama.  A man after my own heart; he can’t even bring himself to say the word “creator” unless it is conspicuously politically expedient.

Obama is Modern America.  Modern America, thanks to me, has forgotten the creator and looks to government to endow rights, in a slowly unfolding declaration of dependence. And with no thought about a creator, there can be no thought in Modern America about the unalienable rights that form an integral component of independence, as in the Declaration of Independence.  No creator = no unalienable rights.

Do any Americans even know what an unalienable right is? 

Well, I declare!  Ha ha ha ha ha.  I’m good.  I am GOOD!

Alert: legal, constitutional right of abortion under attack!

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ABC’s The Note is reporting something that really disturbs me.  Please bear with me a moment while I get my wits about me.

OK.  Let me explain.

Abortion.  That treasured Constitutionally enshrined (in the United States) freedom and right of almost every woman (at least every woman able to defend herself), is once again under attack. 

And this time it’s literally gruesome.  Now, ordinarily I like gruesome.   And I love lying, killing and destroying, and abortion is a three-in-one for me.  But I like gruesome on my terms, when it’s effectively hidden by euphemisms and confounded by legal jargon.   I don’t like gruesomeness used against me, and that’s what is happening now.

And I want it stopped.

It seems some do-gooder candidate for Congress from Washington DC, named Missy Smith doesn’t like abortion.  Hey, Missy!  Join the losing crowd.  It doesn’t matter what you like–it’s the law!  Ha ha ha ha ha.  I love saying that: It’s the LAW!  It’s in the Constitution!  Ha ha ha ha ha.

But just because abortion is chiseled into the Constitution, and it’s legal in every state, and it’s taught in every public school, and it’s every woman’s right (as well as her sorry partner’s), and it’s (almost) every woman’s choice, and state officials eagerly ensure  little girls can do it without their mother’s knowledge, doesn’t mean you can show it on TV! 

What if we went around graphically showing the illegal kind of murder, complete with pictures of deliberate dismemberment and the bloody aftermath.  Huh, Missy?

But that’s what Missy’s doing (I mean the legal kind).  You can see her ads yourself by going to her website.  Tell me they aren’t disgusting, and that she’s crossed the politically correct line by ignoring debate about “choice” and showing the raw truth about abortion.  Tell me, please.  I’m about to lose it here.

For years I’ve been able to convince people that abortion was merely a “procedure.”  And the political issue was about “choice”.  I’ve convinced people that women big enough to say so could shout “hands off my body!”  And women too small to say so?  Well, believe it or not, I convinced an entire planet of people that they don’t count.  They are either an “inconvenience,” an “intruder,” a “lifeless blob,” maybe a “product of conception,” and perhaps even a “potential human being.”  And as long as no one could see the lifeless blob’s eyes, or hold the intruder’s hand, or see the potential human being’s very potential severed limbs (placed back in close proximity on a table to resemble the original “thing” to make sure the doctor “got it all”), these euphemisms enabled easy “choices.”

But, here’s the dirty truth that I’ve been able to suppress for 40 years in the United States.  It’s grisly whether you see it or not.  But as long as you can’t see it, you don’t know it.  Out of sight, out of mind, as I like to say.

Missy is trying to expose that truth, and in the worst way.  She says she had two abortions but has turned against the practice.   She continues:

“I was told it’s not a baby. They lied to me. They exploited me. Then I learned the truth and I’ve suffered for years,” she says. “And believe me I am angry. My heart has been ripped out. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Norton – they all support the murder of babies and the abuse of women by abortion. It’s time to make child killing illegal again.”

Well, cry me a river.  Just because you are angry, and just because Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Norton all support doing my will on earth, is no reason for you to impose your unconstitutional beliefs on others.  And you have absolutely no business interfering with my business by putting up those vile videos of legal, safe, abortions.

So, my servants, whatever you do, don’t watch her videos.  I can’t stop Missy from posting them, but I can ask you to not watch them.  They are so bad even YouTube yanked them as being too “grisly.”  And, while you are at it, don’t watch this.

But mostly, my servants, please ensure that Missy Smith does not get elected.  Her kind are bad news for me and my kingdom.  Do not give to her campaign.  For sure do not vote for her.  And make sure that she and all others who oppose my will with respect to legal, Constitutional “termination” of an unwanted “it” in a woman of choice do not get into power.

My will be done on earth as it is in Hell.

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