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I love homosexuals

Posted in GOP, homosexuality, Morality on September 26, 2010 by devilbloggger

Actually I hate homosexuals.  But don’t take it personally; I hate just about everybody.  But I do love the sin even if I hate the sinner, so maybe it’s best to say I love homosexuality.

I’m always glad to see homosexuality make inroads into culture.  I know that once lodged as an integral part of a culture it is very difficult, if not impossible, to dislodge.  Although it’s a slow road in the United States, my servants never tire, and today I was warmed more than usual to see two stories about my successes.

The first, in Politico, entitled “Right sees law group tilting left” made me smile.  The story detailed how the American Bar Association (ABA), at its annual meeting last month, passed a formal resolution urging every state in the United States to permit same-sex marriages.  And at Politico, they think those on the right will see this as “tilting” left.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Tilting?  How about falling over, right into my arms?

You see, I’m all for homosexuality, and “same-sex” marriages, because God is totally, 100% against homosexuality, and because I’m totally, 100% against opposite-sex marriages.  So homosexuals want to marry?  I get a double blessing. 

Double blessing, maybe a triple blessing, because the same-sex “marriage” invariable ends up destroying lives with many society-harming pathologies.  I try to keep this information and this information and this information hidden, so you should too.   Go ahead ABA, do my bidding.

Also in Politico (no, I do not directly control any news organization, including Politico), was a lovely little story entitled “They’re gay, conservative and proud.”  It seems the conservative right in the United States is courting, so to speak, gays.
Now I have mixed feelings on this one.  While I want gays to proliferate (a natural problem in itself, you know), I do not want the conservative right in the United States to prosper.  So I’m watching this one closely.  The best I can do is to have the rise of gays in the GOP bring about some kind of destruction of the GOP.  But it’s tricky.
The worst thing that could happen is for the GOP to love the sinners and hate the sin.  If that happens, I’m toast.
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