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I’m slowly turning the world incest out.

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Do you like that word?  I do.  But mostly I like the act.  Do you know why?  Because, as one writer said:

“[T]he fundamental problem with incest [and other extra-marital sexual sins] is that it strikes at the soundness of the family. And since the family is central to God’s purposes and work on earth, his judgment on this practice is fierce”

And I oppose everything that is central to God’s purposes, and this includes the delightful activity of all the little mommies and son’s smootching and especially daddies doing it with their daughters.  And apparently I’m not alone.

This week incest was in the news twice, which provides a teaching opportunity for you, my servants, on this important kingdom issue.

First, let me express my dismay at the tone of articles reporting the recent discovery that a popular Columbia University professor has had a three-year sexual relationship with his daughter.  My buds at Slate titled their coverage as “Incest is Cancer.”  Even my friends at the Huffington Post used the descriptor SHOCK to lead into a story entitled, “David Epstein Incest Charges: Columbia Professor Charged With Sleeping With Daughter.” 

Do you see the problem, my friends?

Shock?  Why, HuffPo do you insist on describing behavior you consider perverted as shocking?  Who are you to judge? Just because you are a bunch of incestaphobes doesn’t mean you can pass judgment on your fellow servants of my kingdom.

At least Slate started out on the right track, asking the exact right question: “If homosexuality is OK, why is incest wrong?” 

Yee haw, I thought, finally I have a spokesman on earth expressing my will.  Slate even sent a tingle up my leg by exclaiming the obvious:

Incest may seem icky, but that’s what people said about homosexuality, too. It’s all private conduct.

And then, you know what?  Slate author William Saletan exposes himself as an incestaphobe by slamming incest for stupid reasons that don’t hold up under any honest scrutiny.  Slate falsely states that homosexuality has no negative impact on families, but incest does.  It even ends with this factually challenged, judgmental, hateful, incestaphobic statement:

Homosexuality is an orientation. Incest isn’t. If the law bans gay sex, a lesbian can’t have a sex life. But if you’re hot for your sister, and the law says you can’t sleep with her, you have billions of other options. . . . And don’t tell me you’re just adding a second kind of love to your relationship. That’s like adding a second kind of life to your body. When a second kind of life grows in your body, we call it cancer. That’s what incest is: cancer of the family.

This must end, my servants.  This is a perfect example of the bigoted, judgmental attitudes of some against others of those practicing behavior that I love.  Yes, Slate, homosexuality is a behaviour I love, and it’s still considered icky by most people.  But we have overcome that attitude through activist judicial rulings, public browbeating, forced social acceptance, legal recourse against criticism, speech codes, and generally in-your-face disrespect of all things traditional, all things clean, and best of all, all things Godly.

Why deny your successes to people of a different perversion? 

Fortunately I have some faithful allies on earth.  The tingle returned when I read today’s UK Telegraph, which ran an article entitled “Switzerland considers repealing incest laws.” 

Yee haw for real, I shouted.  Now we’re getting somewhere.

Those Swiss have it right, I thought.  One Swiss MP said that he saw nothing wrong with two consenting adults having sex, even if they were related. 

I don’t either.  I don’t even care if they are adults, or consenting, but, hey, let’s start somewhere.

But even the Swiss show they can’t be completely consistent on this issue.  They claim that even if incest is legalized, they will ensure that “children within families will continue to be protected by laws governing abuse and paedophilia.”

To that I ask a simple question: why?

Why, if homosexuality is OK is not paedophilia OK? Or even abuse?

And before you answer, please tell me first: Who are you to judge?

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